#instantbird log on 10 26 2019

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08:21:15 <freaktechnik> clokep: btw. whenever the matrix stuff lands in TB, you should tell them in #twim:matrix.org
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11:33:52 <clokep-M> That’s a good idea!
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12:07:40 <freaktechnik> clokep: that cap v3.2 patch would be in TB 72.0+, right?
12:09:11 <freaktechnik> I also wonder if with cap v3.2 TB now technically also supports sasl 3.2: https://ircv3.net/specs/extensions/sasl-3.2
12:14:39 <clokep-M> Yeah it would be in 72, we don’t support other sasl flows but idk if that’s required
12:18:10 <freaktechnik> from that spec not, it's mostly about authing at a later point once sasl gets available with cap-notify
12:18:10 <freaktechnik> which I think my patch does?
12:18:24 <freaktechnik> (and also bailing early if you see that you don't have any common auth mechanisms)
12:20:15 <freaktechnik> also, I just found my list of ircv3 things I wanted to do back when I cared about it: account-notify, account-tag, away-notifiy, extended-join, invite-notify, chghost
12:20:39 <freaktechnik> (I guess userhost-in.-names is also interesting)
12:30:33 <freaktechnik> oh, I didn't even remember https://deploy-preview-280--ircv3.netlify.com/specs/extensions/batch/netsplit-3.2
12:31:25 <freaktechnik> https://deploy-preview-280--ircv3.netlify.com/specs/extensions/setname :O
13:01:16 <clokep-M> I think that patch handles negotiating at any point yes
13:38:50 <clokep-M> A few of those are interesting, small incremental improvements. I was planning to abstract the SASL code from XMPP and implement the other mechanisms for IRC.
13:42:50 <freaktechnik> Yeah, that's mostly why I was wanting to implement them. Because they seemed like small improvements that would make irc a bit nicer on servers that supported these things
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