#instantbird log on 10 08 2019

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12:54:06 <florian> TB's extreme slowness is driving me insane
12:54:19 <florian> I should really finish these patches. Or just disable gloda in my profile :-S
12:54:58 <florian> do you think I could get away with just completely removing that forced garbage collection?
12:56:33 <clokep> florian: Maybe! I think we should at least land what we have.
12:56:46 <clokep> (Unrelated, but related to perf) Did you see that comment from jorg on that patch that was approved and never landed?
12:57:29 <florian> that's the one about not blocking while indexing IM messages?
12:59:00 <clokep> There's two I'm thinking of:
12:59:00 <clokep> 1. Don't block while indexing IM messages ( / index IM messages in chunks).
12:59:00 <clokep> 2. Batch update the title of the conversation window.
12:59:40 <clokep> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1535119
12:59:43 <clokep> That's the second one.
12:59:43 <instantbot> Bug 1535119 nor, --, ---, florian, NEW, updateTitle called too often when selecting a conversation that has not been displayed yet and has u
13:01:40 <florian> yeah, ok
13:02:08 <florian> what's currently infuriating me is that I can't type in the input field of the chat tab, and see what I'm typing, because the characters are sometimes displayed several seconds later
13:02:25 <florian> unrelated. Is there any way we could make a Telegram prpl?
13:03:26 <clokep> nhnt11 did some looking into it years ago.
13:03:29 <clokep> I don't remember his conclusions.
13:03:37 <clokep> There's one for Pidgin, so that likely means "maybe" :P
13:03:49 <clokep> Not seeing what you're typing sounds bad.
13:07:36 <florian> This is my typical typing experience: https://perfht.ml/2Vq1VAs
13:08:16 <florian> it's a profile lasting 15s. The main thread is blocked for at least 7s during that time
13:08:40 <florian> the poor indexing is responsive for 1 to 1.5s
13:08:51 <florian> the rest is the forced GC
13:11:26 <clokep> I wonder why it is that bad...
13:11:32 <clokep> I have a lot more stuff "enabled" in Thunderbird and I don't usually run into issues like that.
13:12:41 <florian> my TB process uses 3.4GB of ram
13:12:49 <florian> and I'm building Firefox in the background
13:13:29 <florian> I don't think using 3.4GB of ram is very reasonable (and certainly makes forced GCs take much longer), but it's not an immediate problem to me
13:19:01 <clokep> I agree.
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13:25:32 <clokep> The compiling while using Thunderbird for me always seems to interact poorly though.
13:25:42 <clokep> I always assumed it was struggilng with CPU.
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13:40:16 <nhnt11> instantbot: poke
13:40:19 <instantbot> nhnt11: Sorry, I've no idea what 'poke' might be.
13:40:20 <instantbot> nhnt11: meep! don't poke me there!
13:40:25 <nhnt11> instantbot: logs
13:40:26 <instantbot> nhnt11: Logs are back.
13:50:32 <clokep> 9:01:09 AM - florian: unrelated. Is there any way we could make a Telegram prpl?
13:50:33 <clokep> nhnt11: ^
13:50:46 <nhnt11> heh
13:50:52 <nhnt11> florian: the Telegram API is pretty open!
13:50:57 <nhnt11> I'd say the answer is almost certainly "yes"
13:51:05 <nhnt11> but I'm not 100% sure
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14:09:35 <clokep> nhnt11: Neat! I didn't even know they had an API...
14:09:42 <clokep> I wonder if I'm thinking of one of those other apps...
14:09:46 <clokep> WhatsApp maybe.
14:10:11 <nhnt11> yeah WhatsApp is pretty closed
14:10:27 <nhnt11> clokep: https://core.telegram.org/#tdlib-build-your-own-telegram
14:10:44 <nhnt11> I know at least one really popular third-party telegram client on android
14:11:25 <clokep> Neat. :)
14:11:54 <nhnt11> yup! I'm quite a fan of telegram
14:11:59 <clokep> The server / network is propriteary though, right?
14:12:34 <clokep> Ah, yeah checks out on Wikipedia.
14:12:37 <nhnt11> yeah, but I think it's open source
14:12:53 <nhnt11> oh nvm
14:12:55 <nhnt11> it's closed
14:13:14 <nhnt11> I feel like it's been audited a few times so I thought maybe it's open
14:13:34 <clokep> The client side stuff is open.
14:13:38 <nhnt11> yes
14:13:42 <clokep> nhnt11: Want to do a stupid simple review? :P https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1427205
14:13:44 <instantbot> Bug 1427205 nor, --, ---, clokep, ASSI, Can't Remove Matrix Accounts
14:16:40 <nhnt11> clokep: what would it take to make it clean up after itself?
14:17:01 <clokep> nhnt11: I'm not sure, but that code is insanely broken right now.
14:17:05 <nhnt11> alright
14:17:05 <clokep> You can't log into Matrix with it as is.
14:17:08 <nhnt11> r+ then
14:18:21 <clokep> Yeah sorry should have written a comment: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1427205#c6
14:18:23 <instantbot> Bug 1427205 nor, --, ---, clokep, ASSI, Can't Remove Matrix Accounts
14:18:35 <clokep> Pretty much the tl;dr is that the changes there at least let you remove the account and not throw errors on shutdown.
14:21:30 <clokep> Oops. I pushed before I saw your comment about adding comments.
14:21:31 <clokep> Oh well. :P
14:21:50 <nhnt11> lol
14:22:07 * clokep saw the "review granted" email and pushed.
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14:52:15 <florian> oh, I didn't know instantbot was still alive
15:06:31 <clokep> Me neither.
15:08:10 <nhnt11> ahhh! log.bezut.info
15:08:16 <nhnt11> I finally found the URL
15:11:59 <clokep> Looks like it isn't in the topic anymore.
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