#instantbird log on 09 24 2019

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19:58:26 <florian> clokep: I just realized that this patch is much shorter than it looks
19:58:55 <clokep> florian: Cause the whitespace?
19:58:59 <florian> a diff -w (or putting it on phabricator which would show this automatically) would be helpful
19:59:43 <clokep> I noted in my comment when adding the patch that diff -w makes it readable.
19:59:51 <clokep> I can upload one with that though.
19:59:55 <clokep> I don't know how to use phabricator.
20:00:54 <florian> yes, you said that. It was weeks ago (sorry for the delay) so I forgot
20:04:11 <clokep> florian: I uploaded another patch without whitespace.
20:04:29 <florian> I saw, thanks
20:04:35 <florian> looking at it now
20:08:31 <florian> r+, and sorry.
20:08:33 <clokep> :)
20:08:35 <clokep> No problem!
20:08:45 <clokep> Sorry I didn't clearly articulate that it was pretty straightforward!
20:09:07 <clokep> FYI I'm going to put up a patch at some point to remove both the Yahoo and facebook code.
20:09:16 <clokep> So those should just appear as "Unknown" if you have an old account.
20:09:24 <clokep> (I'll test beforehand and make sure that happens properly.)
20:09:32 <clokep> Does that make sense on the face of it?
20:09:42 <florian> Yes
20:10:17 <clokep> Cool. We had talked about yahoo and I didn't see any reason not to do it with Facebook too.
20:10:17 <florian> What I'm more interested in is... Are we expecting to be able to support Mozilla's IRC replacement soon enough that we'll still have mozillians using TB for chat?
20:10:26 <clokep> I'm not sure Facebook ever worked in TB to be honest!
20:10:38 <florian> clokep: well, Facebook still exists as a network.
20:10:44 <florian> clokep: I'm 100% sure Facebook worked in TB.
20:10:47 <clokep> I'd like that! But it isn't clear what the replacement will be. :(
20:11:06 <florian> I remember debugging the password encoding to support unicode password on XMPP for the sake of facebook while I was adding chat support to TB
20:15:50 <clokep> Ah, good call.
20:16:24 <clokep> So...I'd love if our Matrix support was finished, but I get really frustrated every time I look at it.
20:16:35 <clokep> Cause their SDK is all node-y and it only like half works in Gecko.
20:21:05 <florian> :(
20:21:27 <clokep> And you can use babel on it, but then you end up with loads of crap you don't want.
20:21:36 <clokep> So I don't really know what to do there.
20:24:51 <clokep> florian: So...once we know what it is, I think we could probably knock out a protocol in a few days (at least an initial version) if we tried hard.
20:25:01 <clokep> But getting uninterrupted time to work on something is...not happening for me. :)
20:25:38 <florian> I don't think it's happening for any of us
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