#instantbird log on 09 12 2019

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15:42:21 <florian> clokep: why do we have disabled yahoo code?
15:42:28 <florian> does that protocol still exist in any way?
15:44:51 <florian> clokep: will this patch disable twitter for existing users with existing accounts?
16:02:24 <clokep> florian: Sorry if it wasn't clear it only disable *new* accounts being created.
16:02:33 <clokep> florian: The Yahoo code just says "this stuff doesn't work anymore"
16:02:47 <clokep> We could likely drop that, I don't think we ever fully supported it.
16:02:51 <florian> it's what the text in the bug comment suggests, but I don't remember how .disable works :(
16:03:10 <florian> it seems to me that we could just remove the whole yahoo folder at this point :-/
16:03:33 <clokep> Probably. The network doesn't exist at all anymore.
16:03:37 <clokep> I'll file a separate bug for that?
16:04:29 <clokep> florian: An alternative would be to review freaktechnik's patch to get Twitter working again. ;)
16:04:48 <florian> are you volunteering to do that? :)
16:05:50 <clokep> florian: I already did, but you said you didn't like the way it was interacting with the UI.
16:08:51 <clokep> I believe an interface between the two was provided, but was waiting for some sort of feedback
16:30:14 <florian> sorry :(
16:43:07 <clokep> I'm tired of seeing it broken in the release notes though. :(
16:43:19 <clokep> I figured a better user experience would be people not even trying to make it.
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