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17:27:45 <instantbot> New Chat Core - General bug 1448933 filed by bzbarsky@mit.edu.
17:27:46 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1448933 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, convbrowser.xml should stop getting the docshell from the boxobject
17:32:23 <freaktechnik> what an honor, bz filed a chat core bug
17:32:38 <florian> indeed
17:32:41 <florian> want to fix it? :)
17:32:46 <freaktechnik> not sure
17:32:57 <freaktechnik> never really understood how browser stuff worked since e10s
17:33:16 <freaktechnik> like, I understand how they're separated but I never really understood the boundaries between CPOW and not CPOW
17:35:45 <florian> I think it's safe to do just whatever bz says
17:35:57 <florian> and he says "copy what the toolkit browser.xml file does" ;)
17:36:13 <freaktechnik> I guess I'd have the time to do that tonight, so sure.
17:36:42 <freaktechnik> (I'm sitting on the twitter polling patch a bit, thinking about how exactly to poll the best)
17:45:36 <freaktechnik> ugh, a clobber. Time sto start icecc
17:46:05 <freaktechnik> hm, in nightly the flickering logs panel blocks the conversation view from updating
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19:39:26 <bgmCoder> Hi, all; I am finally tired of my windows instantbird crashing, and want to compile it myself
19:39:52 <freaktechnik> uh, good luck with that...
19:40:00 <bgmCoder> But when I try to get to the wiki, the page is blank: https://wiki.instantbird.org/Main_Page
19:40:08 <bgmCoder> where can I get the latest source?
19:40:17 <freaktechnik> yeah, Instantbird isn't really a thing anymore. As in, it won't work in "the latest source"
19:40:27 <freaktechnik> see the post in the topic, if you haven't seen that yet.
19:40:28 <bgmCoder> Hi, freaktechnik
19:41:01 <bgmCoder> ah
19:41:39 <bgmCoder> so, okay...
19:42:00 <bgmCoder> moving to thunderbird...
19:42:23 <bgmCoder> I use thunderbird and love it; but instantbird is so much handier in it's own little window
19:43:11 <bgmCoder> that's why I never used chat in thunderbird - because I love instantbird's interface
19:44:13 <bgmCoder> I can use all my irc channels together with my google chat in a nice tabbed little window
19:44:32 <freaktechnik> in nightly the chat UI looks a little more tabbed in Thunderbird, too.
19:44:45 <bgmCoder> I want to cry
19:44:59 <bgmCoder> I've tried all sorts of chat programs and this is the only one I like
19:45:41 <bgmCoder> I run thunderbird in full screen.  If I could detach the chat into a little window or even a docking panel, I would use it in TB
19:46:16 <freaktechnik> I wonder if https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1412710 will support having another TB window open without chat in it.
19:46:19 <instantbot> Bug 1412710 nor, --, ---, nhnt11, ASSI, Implement a chat-only-mode for users that primarily use Thunderbird for chat
19:46:38 <freaktechnik> (you can already have two windows of tb open if you want to)
19:46:53 <bgmCoder> yeah, but it's the full TB interface in the second window
19:47:02 <bgmCoder> not a nice, consice window like instantbird
19:47:03 <freaktechnik> that's why I mentioned that bug.
19:48:39 <bgmCoder> what are you using for chat, freaktechnik?
19:48:47 <freaktechnik> Thunderbird Daily
19:49:00 <freaktechnik> because I can ctrl + shift + arrow key to go to the next unread conv
19:49:11 <bgmCoder> is that just THunderbird?
19:49:20 <bgmCoder> "daily"
19:49:45 <freaktechnik> daily is the nightly
19:49:50 <bgmCoder> okay
19:50:05 <bgmCoder> actually, if chat would dock in a side panel, I would use it in TB
19:50:18 <bgmCoder> right now it goes in a tab
19:51:03 <bgmCoder> and there's hardly any chat addons for TB
19:52:39 <bgmCoder> ha! And none of them up to date for the recent Thunderbird
19:54:37 <freaktechnik> yeah, many extensions wouldn't work in Thunderbird Daily
19:55:26 <bgmCoder> how hard would it be to load chat in a sidebar panel?
19:56:07 <freaktechnik> probably very fun because you'd have to build your own UI.
19:56:17 <bgmCoder> "very fun"
19:56:18 <bgmCoder> haha
19:56:29 <freaktechnik> But I've never tried to write a TB extension that modifies the UI, so ymmv
19:57:05 <freaktechnik> plus, there's a big damokle's sword over add-ons in TB...
19:57:16 <bgmCoder> yeah
19:57:18 <bgmCoder> I hate that
19:57:20 <bgmCoder> a lot
19:57:30 <bgmCoder> I even stopped using Firefox; I use Waterfox now
19:58:24 <freaktechnik> I personally like the new extension API, but it does make a big cut in the eco system.
20:00:13 <bgmCoder> does the chat tab have an address like about:config?
20:00:40 <bgmCoder> what if you could load it in a sidebar like a webpage?  using something like this? https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/addon/miniwebview-sidebar/
20:01:22 <freaktechnik> you may be able to do that, but I'm not sure it's built flexibly enough for that
20:02:02 <bgmCoder> is there a tab address?
20:06:08 <bgmCoder> would it be about:chat  ???
20:06:20 <freaktechnik> I doubt it
20:06:24 <freaktechnik> if anything it's some chrome:// url
20:06:59 <bgmCoder> I can't google the answer - can't figure out what google for
20:07:13 <freaktechnik> there probably wouldn't be any googleable thing out there...
20:07:38 <bgmCoder> another thing I love about instantbird are the logs
20:07:52 <bgmCoder> where can I get latest instantbird source code?
20:08:02 <bgmCoder> and the directions for compiling it in windows?
20:08:13 <bgmCoder> I think it used to be on the wiki, but the page is blanked
20:08:14 <freaktechnik> it's in the comm-central repo
20:08:21 <freaktechnik> (of hg.mozilla.org)
20:08:37 <freaktechnik> tb has logs too... Just not searchable like they are in IB iirc
20:08:54 <freaktechnik> but as I said, the version of the code there won't build for sure
20:09:02 <freaktechnik> it's kept there for reference reasons for now.
20:09:17 <bgmCoder> well, maybe I can just work on the 1.61pre that I am using
20:09:23 <bgmCoder> which was the last beta for windows
20:09:43 <freaktechnik> essentially, you'd want to build Thunderbird, but instead of building the "mail" application you'd build "im" which will surely fail.
20:11:30 <bgmCoder> any chance of the wiki getting back up?
20:11:42 <freaktechnik> nope
20:11:59 <freaktechnik> everything relevant has been moved to mdn afaik
20:12:16 <bgmCoder> okay
20:12:24 <bgmCoder> I'm going to go cry
20:13:46 <clokep_tb> bgmCoder: The wiki isn't coming back.
20:13:54 <clokep_tb> I moved a bunch of the stuff over to MDN, yes.
20:13:59 <clokep_tb> (Or Bugzilla.)
20:14:01 <bgmCoder> okay [is crying]
20:14:10 <clokep_tb> https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Simple_Instantbird_build is the page you want.
20:14:17 <clokep_tb> But as freaktechnik said, I highly doubt it will build.
20:14:32 <clokep_tb> In that I'm 99% sure it *won't* build, there are fixes to the build system that never went into IB.
20:14:35 <bgmCoder> when is the last version that would build for windows?
20:14:43 <freaktechnik> I know for a fact that the one in current c-c will not build based on patches I have made for TB...
20:14:45 <freaktechnik> (but not IB)
20:14:57 <bgmCoder> it's been several years
20:15:12 <clokep_tb> bgmCoder: Umm...I don't have any idea really, probably something from the 52 branch?
20:15:23 <clokep_tb> Maybe even older than that though.
20:15:29 <clokep_tb> I need to head out though.
20:15:52 <bgmCoder> would you all help me if I tried?
20:16:05 <bgmCoder> not now, since you are leaving, clokep_tb, but later?
20:16:15 <clokep_tb> Sure.
20:16:26 <bgmCoder> thanks!
20:16:26 <clokep_tb> I'll probably be online in an hour or so, just ned to drive home and go to the bank. ;)
20:16:38 <bgmCoder> okay; maybe later, then
20:16:42 <clokep_tb> I mean, we can even commit the build updates since I don't care to test them, but if someone says "they work" then that's OK w/ me.
20:16:52 <bgmCoder> okay
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20:17:27 <bgmCoder> thanks for the page address
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20:33:16 <florian> freaktechnik: why is your new implementation of the docShell getter not a straight copy of the m-c browser.xml one?
20:33:25 <freaktechnik> because that throws
20:33:25 <florian> do we really need that QueryInterface call?
20:33:35 <freaktechnik> and if you compare the mm one it syncs up
20:33:48 <freaktechnik> that's how I got the idea of qi-ing to start with...
20:33:49 <florian> yeah, the messageManager one looks broken
20:34:19 * florian would like to add an eslint rule to ban var foo = bar.QueryInterface(Ci.nsIFoo);
20:34:49 <freaktechnik> oh, the proper fix would probably be to add the interface to the xbl definition, huh?
20:35:38 * freaktechnik and xbl have never been true friends...
20:36:23 <freaktechnik> it started long ago with http://wiki.getnightingale.com/doku.php?id=quips >_>
20:39:47 <florian> "we can even commit the build updates since I don't care to test them" but it's likely we'll rm the whole folder soon
20:41:51 <florian> freaktechnik: I don't see any QI for nsIFrameLoaderOwner in JS/xml for m-c code
20:42:04 <freaktechnik> florian: yeah, but the m-c code is an xul:browser
20:42:16 <florian> aren't we?
20:42:32 <freaktechnik> from what I can tell, no
20:42:50 <freaktechnik> though I think adding the interface to the "implements" property may remove the need to QI in the first place
20:42:54 <freaktechnik> let me test that.
20:43:01 <florian> https://searchfox.org/comm-central/source/mail/components/im/content/chat.css#47
20:43:24 <freaktechnik> ah, right, I forget about CSS doing inheritance of logic...
20:44:46 <florian> hmm https://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/annotate/de0c74d43a7c/toolkit/content/widgets/browser.xml#l249
20:45:09 <florian> https://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/rev/eba758f1fba3
20:45:54 <freaktechnik> adding nsIFrameLoaderOwner to implements seems to remove the need for QIing
20:46:00 <freaktechnik> now I wonder what's the bigger evil...
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20:49:08 <florian> freaktechnik: https://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/rev/4b9198e17252
20:50:21 <freaktechnik> hm, I wonder if you have to destructure to get it properly then...
20:50:42 <freaktechnik> hm, no based on this.frameLoader it should just work
20:50:46 <freaktechnik> but I get a NS_NOINTERFACE
20:51:02 <florian> no interface when doing what?
20:51:10 <freaktechnik> when trying to access this.frameLoader
20:53:55 <florian> something else is wrong then
20:54:09 <florian> it should return undefined if you were missing a QI
20:58:03 <freaktechnik> I swapped all the other QIs to direct references too, built twice and now it seems to work...
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20:58:24 <freaktechnik> (Woo magic builds that fail and when you rebuild they heal themselves)
20:58:54 <florian> there's a robot fixing the code for you - it's called a compiler ;)
21:00:14 <freaktechnik> so I'll remove those other QIs too in the same patch, I assume you're fine with that?
21:03:10 <freaktechnik> (also, just make that eslint rule a warning for now and annoy everyone?)
21:06:14 <florian> what's with eslint warnings?
21:06:31 <freaktechnik> "would like to add an eslint rule to ban var foo = bar.QueryInterface(Ci.nsIFoo);"
21:11:58 <florian> why would I make that a warning?
21:12:15 <freaktechnik> because apparently you can't make it an error currently?
21:12:18 <florian> when I ban something, it's because I've rewritten the world away from it using a script, and I don't want the issue to be re-introduced
21:12:24 <freaktechnik> I know
21:12:43 <freaktechnik> so removing that QI potentially improves conversation switching performance^^
21:14:03 <florian> really?
21:14:29 <freaktechnik> I'm pretty sure it's not relevant overhead in that case... As in, I haven't tested nor noticed anything
21:14:38 <florian> or do you mean it improves it by some micro second?
21:14:43 <freaktechnik> pretty sure building the participants list for example is much more expensive...
21:14:51 <freaktechnik> well, it's supposed to...
21:15:04 * florian really wants to be able to use the profiler on TB chat
21:15:27 <florian> freaktechnik: can I r+ without testing the patch myself?
21:16:00 * florian doesn't have an up to date c-c tree
21:16:04 <freaktechnik> I can tell you that I built on the current comm tip and I was able to switch conversations and they got messages appended, which, from what I can tell is a pretty good indicator that it works
21:16:38 <freaktechnik> as in, if the docShell wasn't working the conv switching and convs having contents wouldn't be a thing.
21:17:07 <freaktechnik> though I couldn't find any direct code path using docShell and I know that docShell is black magic...
21:20:11 <florian> I don't think TB does any docshell swapping on chat browsers
21:20:44 <freaktechnik> I know conv switching and convs updating was not a thing when I messed up the docShell getter once, soo
21:20:57 <florian> it looks like the findbar needs the docshell
21:22:20 <freaktechnik> seems to work https://imgur.com/a/0M0re
21:23:04 * freaktechnik will just set checkin-needed and wait for the inevitable jorgk rfcs
21:23:57 <florian> you've got an ugly useless border on the left side of the participant list
21:24:25 <freaktechnik> welcome to linux gtk where stuff looks just a bit ugly
21:24:38 <freaktechnik> the border below the tab bar is also just a bit too dark
21:24:41 <freaktechnik> same in Firefox
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21:25:31 <freaktechnik> oh, and the messaging field spacer looks just great, too... (and has that extra border, too)
21:25:49 <florian> shouldn't -moz-appearance: none; border: none be enough for that border to be gone?
21:26:22 <florian> you mean the splitter above the input field?
21:26:26 <freaktechnik> mhm
21:26:35 <florian> I think that got touched very recently, so it may be a recent regression
21:26:39 <freaktechnik> dunno, never looked into where rogue design elements come from
21:28:44 <freaktechnik> I'm more annoyed by stuff like https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1337042 or the twitter card style breaking in daily
21:28:46 <instantbot> Bug 1337042 nor, --, ---, aleth, ASSI, "Previous conversations" panel sometimes has a flickering scrollbar
21:29:03 <freaktechnik> (consecutive tweets by the same person get the normal message format instead of the tweet format after a "reflow" now)
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22:24:36 * freaktechnik wonders if it's really a crime to have stuff with the TB target milestone in chat core...
22:54:45 * freaktechnik writes down "try using idle timeouts for message and participants list populating"
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