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22:37:51 * freaktechnik notes that reviews would be nice birthday presents ;)
22:41:02 <florian> when's your birthday?
22:41:18 <freaktechnik> today, as in 21st
22:41:28 <freaktechnik> so you only have like 20 mins left technically.
22:41:37 <freaktechnik> but it was more of a friendly bump...
22:41:58 <florian> freaktechnik: a day without having to touch a computer is also a nice birthday present IMO ;)
22:42:17 <freaktechnik> well, downside of working as a developer is that that usually isn't the case...
22:42:38 <florian> freaktechnik: well, at MoCo your birtday is treated as a holiday
22:42:45 <freaktechnik> woah
22:43:05 <florian> so unless you are a geek who works even during evenings and week-ends and holidays, and so work on that day... you can afford a day AFK for your birtday
22:43:29 <florian> the problem is, most MoCo engineers work on week-ends and in the middle of the nights, etc...
22:44:04 <freaktechnik> yeah, was about to say, some of the moco engineers are treading this thin line of making your pass time also your job and not replacing your pass time.
22:55:34 <florian> so... I was going to look at my review queue, and just realized the inbound tree was busted by my push :(
22:55:59 <freaktechnik> so time to be a good moco engineer and work late? ;)
22:56:26 <florian> I pushed a bustage fix on a closed tree already...
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23:11:13 <florian> freaktechnik: if I'm reading the twitter patch correctly, that means we'll not receive new messages anymore, and only update once per minute?
23:11:27 <freaktechnik> we should still get DMs?
23:11:36 <florian> if so, doesn't that make having a conversation impossible?
23:11:39 <freaktechnik> but yeah, only updates once a minute, can't do more due to rate limits?
23:12:00 <florian> and do we really need to send 3 http requests every minute?
23:12:15 <freaktechnik> from all I've found that's how twitter wants this to work if you are not server-side
23:12:26 <freaktechnik> it should be 2, the friends list isn't needed every minute IMO
23:12:36 <freaktechnik> but DMs probably also require polling...
23:12:41 <freaktechnik> since DMs also need to be updated
23:12:47 <florian> https://searchfox.org/comm-central/source/chat/protocols/twitter/twitter.js#701,704,715
23:12:48 <freaktechnik> that API is also being deprecated :(
23:12:58 <florian> the DM API?
23:13:15 <freaktechnik> ah, that third one is needed if you are tracking keywords, yes.
23:13:25 <freaktechnik> alternative is to convert twitter to pull-to-refresh ;)
23:13:45 <florian> so, polling isn't necessarily terrible if it keeps the request pending and returns a response as soon as there's a new message
23:13:56 <freaktechnik> sadly that's not how the API works
23:14:01 <florian> if it turns immediately with an empty payload and then we wait a minute to get new messages, that sucks
23:14:13 <freaktechnik> twitter decided that we need to do full on polling if we decide to run fully client side.
23:14:17 <freaktechnik> and it's stupid, yes.
23:15:00 <freaktechnik> but their migration guide for non-deprecated stuff to use instead of the streaming API is just webhooks, and that's not an option, unless you want to host a twitter streaming service for all thunderbird users...
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23:15:22 <freaktechnik> (see https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1445784 for DMs)
23:18:49 <florian> so should we poll at longer intervals when the user isn't really interacting with the TB UI?
23:20:34 <instantbot> Bug 1445784 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Use new direct_messages API endpoints
23:20:56 <freaktechnik> when away, that sounds like a good idea, or maybe only poll mentions even?
23:21:10 <freaktechnik> and then have some thing that actually tries to manage the API rate limit budget?
23:21:15 <florian> when the chat tab isn't visible, yeah
23:22:29 <freaktechnik> I also think the messenger status could be used here, as in auto away
23:22:40 * freaktechnik often has TB open on the second monitor, not focused, but the chat tab selected.
23:24:00 <florian> when I'm at home I have TB full screen on the third monitor
23:24:13 <florian> and it's the only thing that ever goes on that monitor