#instantbird log on 03 11 2018

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17:26:09 <florian> meh, this is more discussion related to timezone localization than I would have ever expected :(
17:27:22 <freaktechnik> florian: I'll dig into it, but I suspect it's to keep up the old behavior, where it would always use the GMT/UTC relative timezone naming and not localized names
17:27:39 <freaktechnik> (I'm surprised it doesn't call MEZ CET for example)
17:29:36 <florian> freaktechnik: I strongly suspect this isn't used anywhere
17:29:51 <florian> and it's quite unrelated to what you were attempted to fix + you are not regressing this in any way
17:29:57 <freaktechnik> mhm
17:30:08 <florian> so I'm tempted to just push the patch and tell him to file follow-ups if he cares
17:30:23 <florian> the other thing we discussed (related to DownloadTimeUtils) is way more important
17:33:53 <freaktechnik> it not being used refering to the timezone thing?
17:34:47 <florian> yeah
17:34:58 <freaktechnik> in fact, the only ones used are H and M
17:35:05 <freaktechnik> in bubbles/Incoming/Content.html
17:35:29 <freaktechnik> oh, actually logger.js
17:35:39 <florian> yeah, 2 calls in chat/components/src/logger.js
17:36:32 <freaktechnik> though again, neither of them uses the timezone one
17:36:39 <florian> right
17:36:45 <florian> so it really doesn't matter
17:37:06 <florian> and all the stuff that was using the undefined 'locale' was also pretty clearly unused too ;)
17:37:20 <florian> so the main question here is do we still care about compatibility with Adium message themes
17:37:20 <freaktechnik> same with the dayPeriod thing, not used.
17:37:33 <florian> if we decide we don't care at all anymore, then we can rip off a large part of this time formatting code
17:38:06 <freaktechnik> the usage in logger.js surely could be replaced by simpler versions.
17:38:15 <freaktechnik> since it's just used for some kind of logging...
17:38:38 <freaktechnik> though I guess the log file format has been constant forever now
17:39:21 <freaktechnik> but building the file name from a raw date object should be doable...
17:40:58 <florian> looking at that logger code makes me wonder if we should remove the txt logging
17:41:25 <freaktechnik> what are the in-client logs based on?
17:41:30 <florian> json
17:41:35 <freaktechnik> ah, right
17:41:40 <florian> we stopped logging in txt about 5 years ago
17:41:42 <florian> for Instantbird
17:41:48 <florian> and TB never logged in txt
17:42:18 <florian> our txt log format matches exactly the format that pidgin had at the time (not sure if they have changed it since that)
17:52:58 <freaktechnik> so what's the plan for the timestamp fixing patch now?
17:55:06 <florian> do you have a preference?
17:55:55 <freaktechnik> honestly, I am fine with fixing the Dateformat thing, we can even change that timezone thing to undefined and make jörg check it in, but there's little point to fixing dead code.
17:56:20 <florian> ok
17:56:25 <florian> if you want to do it, go for it
17:56:49 <freaktechnik> is that an r-kinda-plus then?
17:56:50 <florian> if not, I can push the current patch myself
17:57:06 <florian> it's more an rs=WTF ;)
17:57:10 <freaktechnik> hehe
17:57:26 <florian> I don't like scope creep
17:57:46 <florian> but if I can make the scope creep, I would be happier if we fixed the DownloadTimeUtils issue :)
17:59:39 <freaktechnik> after thinking about it since friday, I'd honsetly much rather wait for https://github.com/tc39/proposal-intl-relative-time and use that when it comes around (sure, it loses some accuracy) than to resurrect some code.
18:01:38 <florian> is there any timeline for when that is expected to happen?
18:02:46 <freaktechnik> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1407240 essentially, soon, maybe?
18:02:49 <instantbot> Bug 1407240 nor, P3, ---, gandalf, ASSI, Add mozIntl.RelativeTimeFormat
18:02:52 <freaktechnik> (but most likely after 60)
18:03:13 <freaktechnik> mozIntl = Services.intl
18:03:14 <florian> and 60 is an esr, ie. shipped to TB release users
18:03:25 <freaktechnik> which is why I mentioned that...
18:03:52 * florian uses Nightly (well, Daily) and isn't paid by TB release users
18:04:39 <freaktechnik> so can I upload the patch with r+ or should I set an r? on you so you can check it?
18:05:59 <florian> whatever
18:06:08 <florian> there's been enough back and forth already
18:06:18 <florian> I can have a look if that makes you more comfortable
18:06:20 <florian> but it's not required
18:06:48 <freaktechnik> the interdiff is literally just what jörg requested, so I opted for r+
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