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16:01:44 * florian wonders if it's time to have another look at https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/tb-is-the-next-ib and finish what's still missing
16:01:52 <florian> I keep being annoyed by the lack of context menu on nicks
16:02:39 <freaktechnik> is there a bug open to make the timestamps better? GMT+1 is not that useful...
16:02:59 <florian> it's not the way they were supposed to be
16:03:03 <florian> they got broken somehow at some point
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18:58:46 <instantbot> New Chat Core - General bug 1444480 filed by martin@humanoids.be.
18:58:47 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1444480 nor, --, ---, martin, NEW, Omit time zone in timestamps
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19:02:20 <freaktechnik> fixing ALL the things :D
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19:08:15 <florian> freaktechnik: so this patch is still creating 2 formatters
19:08:24 <freaktechnik> how?
19:08:33 <florian> statusMessageReplacements is the base
19:08:37 <freaktechnik> did II forget the !
19:09:00 <florian> when doing "this._timeFormatter" it will add this on the actual objects inheriting from it
19:09:00 <freaktechnik> no, I didn't... Don't follow you then
19:09:12 <florian> freaktechnik: https://searchfox.org/comm-central/search?q=statusMessageReplacements&path=
19:09:15 <freaktechnik> oh, right
19:09:56 <freaktechnik> so have a JSM global singleton formatter instead then, is there a pattern that's common for that?
19:09:58 <florian> freaktechnik: anyway, this would be more readable if it used XPCOMUtils.defineLazyGetter at the top level
19:10:09 <freaktechnik> ah, right, forgot about that one.
19:10:22 <freaktechnik> agreed.
19:10:23 <freaktechnik> thanks
19:10:33 <florian> you can r? me on the next version
19:10:39 <freaktechnik> sure.
19:11:00 <florian> I just made an upgraded tb build, with the intent of fixing some paper cuts like this tonight
19:11:11 <freaktechnik> (I remembered you and patrick talking about it, so I flipped a coin for the r=)
19:11:21 <florian> took 38minutes (<-- clokep_tb not sure how that compares to your 2015 macbook)
19:11:34 <freaktechnik> yeah, my build takes about 30mins these days, too
19:11:45 <freaktechnik> (with debug)
19:11:54 <florian> on linux?
19:11:57 <freaktechnik> mhm
19:12:09 <florian> my 38min was on Mac
19:12:27 <freaktechnik> used to be like 2 hours D:
19:12:29 <clokep_tb> florian: Always seems to be a lot longer.
19:12:38 <clokep_tb> But maybe not if I plug in and kill all my VMs. ;)
19:12:39 <florian> oh yeah, it seems like forever
19:12:47 * florian considered taking a nap while it was building
19:13:25 <florian> (and I ended up driving to the bike store instead...)
19:31:53 <clokep_tb> That sounds more productive.
19:52:23 <florian> freaktechnik: so the other thing that annoys me with these dates is the "8 PM" rather than "20"
19:52:34 <freaktechnik> that's a locale issue
19:52:35 <freaktechnik> sadly
19:52:38 <florian> before the change that showed the timezone, this was formatted using the system locale
19:52:44 <freaktechnik> unless we want to force 24h on everyone
19:52:44 <florian> now it's formatted using the build's locale
19:52:57 <florian> I wonder if there's a way to affect that
19:53:04 <freaktechnik> hm, Intl should use the content locale
19:53:11 <freaktechnik> but we can force it to use a 24h clock
19:53:25 <florian> ah, you think I can change prefs to make TB think I'm using an FR locale for content?
19:53:33 <freaktechnik> probably
19:53:44 <freaktechnik> I am annoyed by the 12h clock too, ftr
19:53:54 <freaktechnik> since my system is set to en-US with de-CH number formats.
19:54:03 <freaktechnik> which doesn't seem to be reflected with Intl :(
19:54:05 <florian> also, what's the difference between "numeric" and "2-digit"?
19:54:11 <florian> in both cases it outputs "8 PM"
19:54:15 <freaktechnik> numeric is shortest, 2 digit should always be 2 digits
19:54:22 <florian> testing with "new Services.intl.DateTimeFormat(undefined, {hour: "numeric"}).format(Date.now())"
19:54:23 <freaktechnik> but it only goes for the closest available format
19:54:31 <florian> well, I wouldn't want it to show "08 PM" :-D
19:54:34 <freaktechnik> and if the locale defaults to a 12h format, there is no 2 digit time, I guess.
19:54:51 * florian finds https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Global_Objects/DateTimeFormat very unhelpful
19:55:26 <freaktechnik> yeah, I wonder how Firefox handles using the proper system locale.
19:56:41 * freaktechnik searchfoxes around a bit
19:56:48 <clokep_tb> I like the 12 hour clock. :P
19:57:15 <freaktechnik> but I assume your system locale is also set to a 12h clock
19:57:17 <florian> clokep_tb: that's the reason why I'm searching for a way to change that depending on the system locale rather than setting it to 24h period ;)
19:57:45 <florian> also, if it starts showing me dates in MM/DD/YYYY format, I'll get confused really quickly
19:57:57 <freaktechnik> ^
20:02:15 <freaktechnik> the fluent integration seems interesting: https://searchfox.org/mozilla-central/source/intl/l10n/fluent.js.patch
20:03:21 <florian> anything to look at in particular?
20:03:37 <freaktechnik> nah, haven't seen anything actually relevant, just that patch alone seems fun.
20:03:53 <freaktechnik> but it doesn't seem to care about the locale not being the formatting locale :(
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20:07:27 <florian> freaktechnik: Cc["@mozilla.org/intl/ospreferences;1"].getService(Ci.mozIOSPreferences).systemLocale
20:07:45 <freaktechnik> yeah, I'm looking into locale negotiation, but it won't solve my case, I think.
20:08:51 <freaktechnik> (I currently have 24h clock timestamps in release, ftr)
20:10:34 <florian> new Services.intl.DateTimeFormat(Cc["@mozilla.org/intl/ospreferences;1"].getService(Ci.mozIOSPreferences).systemLocale, {hour: "2-digit", minute:"2-digit", second: "2-digit"}).format(Date.now()) ?
20:10:54 <freaktechnik> nah, that's still en-US for me.
20:11:01 <freaktechnik> (since my language is set to en-US)
20:11:05 <florian> that's "21:10:06" for me
20:11:20 <florian> well, if your system locale is en-US, there's not much we can do to help you
20:11:37 <freaktechnik> now see, my language locale is set to en-US, my date locale is not...
20:11:50 <florian> aaah!
20:12:18 <freaktechnik> I want english texts, but numbers I can understand...
20:12:32 <florian> I have the OS in French
20:12:59 <florian> because I wanted a French keyboard I guess
20:13:26 <freaktechnik> is that something you have to choose together in Mac OS?
20:13:34 <florian> I don't know :)
20:13:43 <florian> something I'm happy to not think about too much
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20:17:30 <freaktechnik> I think I found it
20:17:37 <freaktechnik> getRegionalPrefsLocales() on LocaleService
20:18:53 <freaktechnik> except that it's an empty array :S
20:19:46 <freaktechnik> ah, negotiating when I shouldn't.
20:19:52 <florian> freaktechnik: Services.locale.getRegionalPrefsLocales(); gives me "en-US" :(
20:20:13 <freaktechnik> yeah, me too :(
20:20:39 * florian wonders how they managed to make this whole thing so confusing :(
20:20:53 <freaktechnik> mostly by localization being confusing to start with, I think.
20:22:28 <freaktechnik> let's try the one on ospreferences
20:23:20 <freaktechnik> \o/
20:23:25 <florian> Cc["@mozilla.org/intl/ospreferences;1"].getService(Ci.mozIOSPreferences).getRegionalPrefsLocales(); is fr-FR for me
20:23:37 <freaktechnik> yeah, doing that but with defineLazyServiceGetter
20:23:54 <freaktechnik> or should I just instatiate it in the lazy getter for time formatter?
20:25:19 <florian> https://pastebin.mozilla.org/9079535 is what I tested locally
20:26:15 <florian> (I could be convinced that putting it in a local variable would be nicer looking)
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20:27:27 <florian> freaktechnik: is an updated patch coming or should I comment in the bug?
20:27:33 <freaktechnik> yeah, patch is incoming
20:28:09 <freaktechnik> (just verifying it actually runs now)
20:28:27 <florian> I wonder if there are edge cases where that can throw
20:29:19 <freaktechnik> based on the usage I've seen I don't think so.
20:29:39 <florian> cool :)
20:30:25 <freaktechnik> oh, there's a pref making locale service not return them
20:30:32 <freaktechnik> intl.regional_prefs.use_os_locales
20:30:36 <freaktechnik> which defaults to false I think
20:30:37 <freaktechnik> >_>
20:30:43 * freaktechnik slaps the intl people
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20:31:07 <freaktechnik> -> https://searchfox.org/mozilla-central/source/intl/locale/LocaleService.cpp#234
20:32:16 <freaktechnik> hm, it may be empty, but I don't think that should be an issue with intl, it should just fallback to the content app language, I think.
20:32:54 <florian> so... should we encourage people to flip intl.regional_prefs.use_os_locales, or go with the patch we had?
20:33:08 * florian isn't really a fan of tinkering in about:config
20:33:19 <florian> but I would like us to get back the /about command!
20:33:35 <freaktechnik> yeah, I think not relying on that pref seems the better move for now to me
20:33:44 <freaktechnik> people who default such a pref to false can't be trusted...
20:33:51 <florian> lol
20:34:13 <florian> apparently you are talking about gandalf ;)
20:34:26 <freaktechnik> welp
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20:35:21 <freaktechnik> I think ToLocaleFormat would also have issues with the locale, since that's just refering to an undefined variable, currently
20:35:25 <florian> while we are playing with date formats, any chance I could get you to care about fixing https://searchfox.org/comm-central/search?q=.convertTimeUnits&case=false&regexp=false&path= ?
20:35:28 <freaktechnik> but not sure when ToLocaleFormat is even used.
20:35:58 <freaktechnik> probably
20:36:02 <florian> ToLocaleFormat is used when aFormat has been specified
20:37:10 <freaktechnik> which is used for tooltips
20:37:13 <freaktechnik> so I'll fix that one too
20:37:20 <florian> which one?
20:37:50 <freaktechnik> ToLocaleFormat not getting a locale
20:38:48 <florian> so how are https://searchfox.org/comm-central/source/chat/modules/ToLocaleFormat.jsm#26,29,32,37 supposed to work?
20:38:54 <freaktechnik> they don't
20:38:56 <florian> I don't see anything defining a 'locale' variable
20:39:02 <freaktechnik> well, they're undefined, so it defaults to en-US
20:39:13 <freaktechnik> thus you still see 12h times when looking at the timestamp tooltips
20:39:25 <florian> undefined, really? I would think reading an undeclared variable would throw
20:39:34 <freaktechnik> it doesn't it seems, but yeah
20:39:52 <freaktechnik> unless the tooltips use the timeFormatter further down
20:39:56 <freaktechnik> which is also a possibilty
20:40:13 <florian> which tooltip?
20:40:18 <freaktechnik> the one on timestamps
20:40:50 <freaktechnik> hm, seems to be a different call site alltogether
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20:42:09 <florian> arg, indeed these tooltips are not fixed by the current patch
20:43:46 <freaktechnik> probably in chat-messenger-overlay, checking now
20:44:07 <florian> there's stuff at https://searchfox.org/comm-central/source/mail/components/im/content/chat-messenger-overlay.js#1257-1267
20:44:15 <florian> that's apparently for the "Previous Conversations" area
20:46:13 <freaktechnik> hm, yeah, but those need fixing too
20:46:20 <freaktechnik> to avoid the MM/DD/YYYY thing...
20:46:24 <florian> right
20:46:32 <florian> bah, https://hg.mozilla.org/comm-central/rev/be2cec383fac was about a year ago
20:46:36 <florian> I miss aleth :(
20:47:01 <florian> freaktechnik: and https://hg.mozilla.org/comm-central/rev/2bc6c38ccf68 likely gives us a good list of broken stuff!
20:47:21 <freaktechnik> imtooltip.xml :O
20:48:38 <florian> looks like imThemes.jsm has 2 more callers
20:49:04 <freaktechnik> ugh, xbl >_>
20:49:18 <florian> and twitter tooltips :(
20:49:31 <freaktechnik> uh, so lazy getters in XBL are a thing, or should I omit that?
20:49:43 <florian> what do you mean?
20:49:48 <freaktechnik> (it's been a while since I've done XBL with XPCOM)
20:49:55 <freaktechnik> for the service.
20:50:03 <florian> <field> is evaluated the first time you access it
20:50:12 <florian> XBL had built-in support for lazy getters ;)
20:50:19 <freaktechnik> I see :)
20:56:27 <freaktechnik> heh, the localized time zone names are silly.
21:00:26 <freaktechnik> hmm, I don't think the twitter created_at is actually ever displayed, instead it should probably be like toISOString()
21:00:34 <florian> it's displayed
21:00:37 <freaktechnik> oh, it's buddy info
21:00:39 <florian> in the tooltip of twitter participants
21:00:54 <freaktechnik> I see
21:00:55 <freaktechnik> yeah
21:01:07 <florian> so are you also looking at https://searchfox.org/comm-central/search?q=.convertTimeUnits&case=false&regexp=false&path= or should I?
21:01:28 <freaktechnik> not yet, though I'd do that in a separate patch
21:01:29 <florian> the problem there is that the strings got changed from "seconds" "minutes" "hours" "day" to s m h d...
21:01:59 <florian> meaning we have shitty strings in our tooltips (eg. for the "last activity" field of the tooltip if you hover my nick)
21:02:22 <freaktechnik> don't see last activity here
21:03:01 <freaktechnik> oh, Connected to
21:03:13 <florian> uh?
21:03:34 <florian> ah
21:03:42 <florian> could be that it only works for people on the same irc server as you
21:03:55 <freaktechnik> yeah, seems like it
21:04:20 <florian> that's also visible in the account manager in the strings saying "Connected for 7 h and 5m."
21:04:26 <florian> and visible in the Bubble message theme
21:04:34 <freaktechnik> ok
21:04:55 <florian> if you are not fixing it, I will, because I'm tired of seeing it ;)
21:05:26 <freaktechnik> that seems worth fixing, I'll look into it, but if you don't see a patch by tomorrow morning you'll probably be faster.
21:05:51 * florian was considering doing it tonight :-P
21:06:10 <florian> I mean, it's just a matter of forking DownloadUtils.jsm to somewhere within chat/
21:06:15 <florian> and bring back the former behavior
21:10:38 <freaktechnik> having Cc and Ci in XBL makes it just a little nicer...
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21:15:23 <florian> was xpcomutils not available in the main TB window yet?
21:15:41 <freaktechnik> hm, actually didn't check that
21:16:46 <freaktechnik> for sure doesn't need to be in both js files
21:17:08 <florian> imAccounts.js is in a separate window
21:17:54 <freaktechnik> yeah, chat-messenger-overlay doesn't need XPCOMUtils
21:18:42 <florian> embarrassing question... is 'Intl' defined in ToLocaleFormat.jsm?
21:18:54 <freaktechnik> Intl is an ecma script global, so it should be
21:19:14 <florian> in windows or also in js modules?
21:19:34 <freaktechnik> afaik it's a language global, but I do not know about JSMs tbh
21:20:18 <freaktechnik> based on https://searchfox.org/mozilla-central/search?q=Intl&case=true&regexp=false&path=*.jsm I'd assume yes.
21:21:09 <florian> ok
21:21:11 <freaktechnik> though it seems to be not very widely used.
21:21:33 <florian> I was confused by the mixed use of Services.intl.DateTimeFormat and Intl.DateTimeFormat
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21:22:09 <freaktechnik> I think DateTimeFormat wasn't always fully compatible with what mozilla was doing, so there was "MozIntl" and Intl, where mozIntl was the one on services.
21:25:17 <freaktechnik> and in fact there are still some properties that the Intl one doesn't support
21:25:25 <freaktechnik> the whole timeFormat and dateFormat shorthands aren't on Intl
21:31:58 <freaktechnik> florian: I'll add a patch with the XPCOMUtils removed for the overlay and then set checkin-needed then?
21:32:16 <florian> I suspect ChromeUtils.import("resource://gre/modules/AppConstants.jsm"); is already imported 3 times
21:32:22 <florian> so I don't really care anymore
21:32:24 <freaktechnik> hehe
21:32:31 <freaktechnik> right
21:32:46 <florian> I tested the patch locally
21:32:57 <florian> except for the twitter bit, as I didn't have a twitter account on the test profile
21:33:33 <freaktechnik> "The certificate expired on March 9, 2018, 5:01 AM. The current time is March 9, 2018, 10:33 PM. " oh gandalf
21:34:20 <florian> uh?
21:34:40 <freaktechnik> wanted to look at https://diary.braniecki.net/2018/01/08/multilingual-gecko-in-2017/ to find https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1270140
21:34:44 <instantbot> Bug 1270140 nor, --, mozilla58, gandalf, RESO FIXED, Add Intl.RelativeTimeFormat
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22:25:44 <freaktechnik> florian: been looking at the DownloadUtils thing for a bit now. Seems that we'd have to add our own strings for that. And I haven't ever dealt with translations and chat.
22:26:32 <florian> yes, we would need a properties file
22:26:50 <freaktechnik> I have to go to bed now, have to get up early tomorrow, but essentially the change to revert would be https://searchfox.org/mozilla-central/diff/e0653aa27c67627c63573f07d5831647383037c5/toolkit/mozapps/downloads/DownloadUtils.jsm#90
22:26:52 <florian> that can just go in https://searchfox.org/comm-central/source/chat/locales/en-US
22:27:16 <florian> right
22:28:00 <florian> good night! :)
22:28:19 <freaktechnik> https://gist.github.com/freaktechnik/1ad6745b24951e6a6a10b04769ae14d7 is the not-working condensed version of DownloadUtils.jsm that I've been trying stuff with
22:29:39 <florian> not working because chrome://mozapps/locale/downloads/downloads.properties needs to be replaced or is there something else?
22:29:48 <freaktechnik> I think that should be all that's needed.
22:30:13 <freaktechnik> (plus the respective strings)