#instantbird log on 01 03 2018

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13:35:02 <Pike> I'm trying to make Daily remember the #moco channel password, but fail. How do I do that? (post-57 chatzilla convert)
13:35:31 <florian> Pike: hello :)
13:36:30 <florian> Pike: click "Show Accounts", then select your IRC account and "Properties". In the "Auto-Joined Channels:" field, the format is actually <channel>[ <channel password>],...
13:38:30 <Pike> so I edit that to: ... #pontoon,#moco wrong_pass ?
13:40:59 <florian> right
13:41:09 <florian> you'll need to disconnect and reconnect the account for that change to take effect
13:42:14 <Pike> thanks. I'll do that a few times now :-)
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15:01:35 <nhnt11> florian: I made new patches for hiding the tabstrip in Tb
15:02:04 <florian> I saw the bugmail :), but haven't opened the patches
15:02:28 <nhnt11> yeah you can wait until I request review
15:02:34 <florian> my TB hacking during the holidays was limited to attempting (and failing) to get the gecko profiler to work there
15:02:41 <nhnt11> happy new year to all
15:02:42 <florian> that was my plan ;)
15:06:24 <clokep_tb> Pike: And yes, that solution is really terrible. Oops! I have some plans (that I haven't worked on in a long time) to make that better.
15:06:30 <clokep_tb> But doing it that way works for now. :)
15:06:36 <clokep_tb> Let us know if you see anything else strange.
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15:18:56 <nhnt11> florian: if you manage to get the profiler working, please let me know
15:19:40 <florian> would you like my WIP patches?
15:19:49 <florian> they don't work :-/
15:20:07 <florian> but get to the point where I can start/stop the profiler, and open the profiler UI when I want to
15:20:12 <florian> the profile shown is garbage though
15:20:37 <florian> I've also managed to get one profile of displaying plenty of messages
15:20:44 <florian> lots of low hanging fruits there
15:20:56 <nhnt11> florian: I don't think I have time to try and get the profiler working, or more specifically, to learn how it works so I can get it working in Tb
15:21:11 <nhnt11> but if you can point me to specific things I can do to help, please do
15:21:38 <florian> the most obvious one is that we spend about 30% of the time in Services.intl.createDateTimeFormat calls
15:21:58 <nhnt11> florian: 30% of time during what?
15:22:30 <florian> this line: https://searchfox.org/comm-central/source/chat/modules/imThemes.jsm#366
15:22:49 <florian> just sharing that timeFormatter const at the top level of the file would be a dramatic perf win
15:23:47 <nhnt11> cool
15:23:55 <nhnt11> you should file a bug and attach a patch if you can!
15:24:04 <nhnt11> currently my #1 priority is to sort out my visa for Germany
15:24:05 <florian> probably make it a lazy getter
15:24:27 <nhnt11> if I spend time on Tb, it will be on the chat-only-mode patch until that lands
15:24:34 <florian> yeah, so currently I'm more interested in getting the tools in place to make it easy to improve perf, than in having a 30% win
15:24:48 <nhnt11> fair enough
15:25:07 * florian would like TB Chat to be Fast For Good too ;)
15:25:23 <nhnt11> I need to get visa stuff going, and also send an email to the Firefox Accounts team tonight
15:25:37 <nhnt11> I've had a shitty day, woke up with a headache and slight flu and was in bed till after 5pm
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16:03:49 <clokep_tb> florian: Boo that was added recently. :(
16:03:57 <florian> indeed
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17:30:47 <clokep_tb> Does this mean I'm supposd to put up a patch that makes that a constant? :P
17:30:57 <clokep_tb> Although the lazy getter sounds like a better solution.
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17:57:33 <florian> clokep_tb: depends if you take my claim for it, or need to see a profile ;)
17:58:10 <clokep_tb> florian: I can accept your claim that creating a new object for every message is slower than reusing an existing one. :)
17:58:22 <florian> fair enough
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