#instantbird log on 12 20 2017

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19:22:43 <freaktechnik> hm, in case you want to start playing with WebExtension APIs for chat too, let me know. And if you aren't planning to I'll probably eventually get around to it.
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19:28:01 <clokep_tb> freaktechnik: What about it?
19:28:09 <clokep_tb> Like being able to add and remove protocols via a webextension? :P
19:28:18 <freaktechnik> not only
19:28:39 <freaktechnik> I was thinking about about a variety of things. Like being able to only modify conversations/messages and input etc.
19:28:45 <freaktechnik> adding context menu hooks
19:28:48 <freaktechnik> adding whois hooks
19:28:55 <freaktechnik> stuff like that, not necessarily bound to it being a protocol
19:29:01 <freaktechnik> though protocols would be the hard bit
19:29:24 <freaktechnik> as you'd probably still want to provide some base implementations for XMPP, IRC... and maybe Matrix? stuff like that.
19:29:36 <freaktechnik> though when you can modify conversations etc. the need for that would be much lower
19:29:54 <freaktechnik> (but it'd still be the better experience to have actual protocol plugins)
19:31:04 <freaktechnik> and having protocols would also mean stuff like https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1227973 would have to happen, though I guess that might also be needed to use the embedded/bootstrap style that you'll need from TB 57.
19:31:08 <instantbot> Bug 1227973 enh, --, ---, martin, ASSI, Dynamic registration of Protocols
19:31:46 <freaktechnik> have a webextension API I want to propose for Firefox first before digging into chat stuff, that's my "eventually getting around to it" bit.
19:34:13 <freaktechnik> so I was thinking of having like chat.conversations, chat.buddies, chat.protocols, chat.accounts or similar as the four pillars of where APIs would live for chat related stuff, at least what doesn't fit on other toolkit wide APIs like menus.
19:34:33 <freaktechnik> ah, chat.status or similar was also one.
19:40:11 <freaktechnik> so in short: having protocol provider extensions is probably the lowest priority of things I can think of, at least for what I would want to do initially. I just did it as a protocol so far because that seemed like it was the only way of doing it in a solid manner before.
19:40:32 <clokep_tb> Heh, fair enough. :)
19:40:48 <clokep_tb> Adding IRC handlers should be easy, you'd just need to write the hooks to touch ircHandlers.jsm.
19:41:08 <freaktechnik> yeah, I was thinking that there should probably also be protocol specific APIs for the built in protocols.
19:41:36 <freaktechnik> so like chat.protocols.IRC.addHandler etc. or chat.protocols.XMPP.sendStanza or whatever it is you do in XMPP world.
19:41:56 <freaktechnik> and have APIs similar to request filters for chat protocol sockets
19:42:09 <freaktechnik> but I'd start with more "frontedy" stuff.
19:42:45 <freaktechnik> especially the simple ones. Like filters on chat messages, adding whoises, changing the status of the user, read access to existing data structures via wrappers etc.
19:43:01 <freaktechnik> then stuff like close/open conversations etc.
19:43:16 <freaktechnik> also, yeah, been thinking too much.
19:43:56 * freaktechnik goes back to finishing that API experiment for Firefox resp. Toolkit
19:44:30 <clokep_tb> Rendering of media in chat messages? :)
19:44:59 <freaktechnik> that's like in the "harder" part, because it needs modifications to the code, but sure. I'd eventually want to be able to display images again...
19:45:08 <freaktechnik> which would also mean giving that to twitter, probably.
19:45:18 <clokep_tb> Yeah I get what you're saying.
19:45:24 <clokep_tb> Make APIs for things that are already well defined.
19:47:40 <freaktechnik> will probably still need some modifications, but yeah, should be a lot simpler. Stuff like being able to universally identify protocols, accounts, buddies and conversations for extensions is probably the bit that'll be hard to start with, unless there are already IDs like tabs do.
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19:53:28 <clokep_tb> Probably there already.
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