#instantbird log on 08 26 2017

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21:18:06 <Hadi> hi guys
21:18:32 <Hadi> I forgot to do this: How do i make instantbird make a sound when a specific user says something on channel?
21:19:08 <Hadi> Like, I want instantbird to  notify me if clokep  sends anything in #instantbird
21:20:56 <not-freaktechnik> If you don't want sounds for every message, I think you'd need to use an extension
21:22:59 <Hadi> Do i have to write one myself?
21:23:05 <Hadi> or there's one available that can do it for me
21:24:04 <not-freaktechnik> no idea what's available for instantbird at this point. I think the ones for chat compatible with thunderbird should usually also work with instantbird, but there's no guarantee.
21:24:34 <Hadi> gotchu, i'll go look
23:06:55 <Hadi> is there a way to change the identity? or whatever it is that's before me
23:07:06 <Hadi> it's instantbi@hadi  for me at the moment
23:07:13 <Hadi> before my name*
23:13:56 <Hadi> Also does instantbird has a place where i can put commands so it would automatically send them to the server?
23:14:02 <Hadi> I forgot all of these