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12:41:20 <matrixisreal[M]> clokep_work1:  A question.
12:41:20 <matrixisreal[M]> MatrixSDK.createNewMatrixCall returns null.
12:41:22 <matrixisreal[M]> See https://dxr.mozilla.org/comm-central/source/chat/protocols/matrix/matrix-sdk/webrtc/call.js#1221-1223
12:42:57 <matrixisreal[M]> global is defined  here :  https://dxr.mozilla.org/comm-central/source/chat/protocols/matrix/matrix-sdk/q/q.js#61
12:43:30 <matrixisreal[M]> Or in other words, how to access window/document objects in call.js?
12:52:32 <not-freaktechnik> you don't have an explicit global usually
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13:26:33 <matrixisreal[M]> not-freaktechnik: So is there a way to access the window object from prpls ?
13:26:45 <not-freaktechnik> matrixisreal[M]: there is no real window object for them
13:27:08 <not-freaktechnik> if you just need a global for the lib you might want to just have var self = {}; before loading the lib
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13:35:28 <matrixisreal[M]> not-freaktechnik: I don't understand. how does that help?
13:35:43 <not-freaktechnik> well, it needs some global to export itself onto
13:35:49 <not-freaktechnik> and it either wants window or self
13:36:22 <matrixisreal[M]> what is "it" here ? :P
13:36:27 <not-freaktechnik> and it, honestly, can't get either. so best you can do is give it self, since that's a bit more limitted in the APIs it provides. The ones it needs you'll have to manually add. Or you could run it in a worker or similar.
13:36:29 <not-freaktechnik> q.js
13:37:03 <not-freaktechnik> it needs the global to get webRTC, right?
13:37:46 <matrixisreal[M]> I'm actually not following this..
13:37:50 <matrixisreal[M]> what is global?
13:37:57 <matrixisreal[M]> the variable name?
13:38:09 <matrixisreal[M]> or is it a separate js concept ?
13:38:11 <not-freaktechnik> a global is usually the variable you define variables on
13:38:22 <not-freaktechnik> so it's essentially a namespace that you can address without naming it
13:38:54 <not-freaktechnik> in a normal website the global is "window", which you can reference because window has a property on itself that is a self reference that is named window
13:39:03 <not-freaktechnik> (so window.window === window etc.)
13:39:10 <not-freaktechnik> and everything else is defined on window.
13:39:26 <not-freaktechnik> (except for lexically scoped things, those are in the lexical scope and not defined on the global)
13:40:21 <not-freaktechnik> so if you really need a DOM html environment for the lib you'll have to load it inside a hidden <browser> or something (a hidden window as it's sometimes called) and then communicate with it in some manner.
13:41:01 <not-freaktechnik> because protocols run in an XUL environment where there is a global, but it behaves differently and doesn't have most of the DOM APIs by default.
13:42:09 <not-freaktechnik> oh, it seems there is a loader emulating most of the DOM things for matrix: https://dxr.mozilla.org/comm-central/source/chat/protocols/matrix/matrix-sdk.jsm#93-103
13:42:20 <not-freaktechnik> so you'd probably also have to emulate document for what it needs.
13:43:37 <not-freaktechnik> so this is loaded in a commonJS env, which has no self-referencing global usually.
13:45:59 <matrixisreal[M]> Hmm.. I am still not sure how to do this, but got a feel of it. :)
13:47:15 <matrixisreal[M]> So I will just the window and document objects to the global in conversation.xml. Would that do?
13:48:52 <matrixisreal[M]> *do the job.
13:53:47 <matrixisreal[M]> not-freaktechnik:  ---^
13:54:00 <not-freaktechnik> not really, no
13:54:26 <not-freaktechnik> since the SDK seems to check for some scripts to be loaded, but they're actually loaded in a different way (using the loader) and not <script> tags
13:54:39 <not-freaktechnik> also, the global window and document would be XUL windows and documents which are weird and different.
13:57:35 <matrixisreal[M]> not-freaktechnik: So, I need to wrap the XUL window/doc to emulate them to work similar to the HTML window/doc ?
13:57:44 <not-freaktechnik> no
13:59:44 <not-freaktechnik> you'd want to look at what the lib needs and try and provide that, like for example https://dxr.mozilla.org/comm-central/source/chat/protocols/matrix/matrix-sdk/webrtc/call.js#1229 would have to be a defined function and return an appropriate value. All the other things it seems to use at a quick glance are WebRTC things, which I'm not even sure how you would import.
13:59:54 <not-freaktechnik> They're not in the window you have on the outside, for example
14:04:39 <matrixisreal[M]> Hmm..
14:05:12 <matrixisreal[M]> And,any ideas on how to load the new window objects to the global ?
14:06:53 <matrixisreal[M]> not-freaktechnik:  ^
14:07:32 <not-freaktechnik> not completely no, I'm not familiar enough with the libs here and don't have the time to dig into them either.
14:08:56 <matrixisreal[M]> not-freaktechnik: not a problem, thanks for your time again.
14:09:07 <matrixisreal[M]> btw, where do you live?
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18:34:47 <not-freaktechnik> matrixisreal[M]: in switzerland, which is why I'm in CEST and not an american timezone ;) You?
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