#instantbird log on 07 08 2017

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01:00:01 <ecmuller_> IRC itself has no support for typing notifications even in private.  I suppose it could be done with DCC but as far as I'm aware that hasn't been done
01:01:47 <ecmuller_> also there is no standard way to auto-join things.  There's maybe better examples of interface design for it, but it's all just a separate function built into the client
01:02:04 <ecmuller_> not part of the IRC protocol
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03:31:43 <instant-buildbot> build #3606 of macosx-nightly-default is complete: Success [3build successful]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/macosx-nightly-default/builds/3606
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12:51:53 <not-freaktechnik> there is an intent to make it part of the protocol and not the client though, it's just not something that's been implemented.
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19:00:15 <matrixisreal[M]> So, auto join doesn't work?
19:02:18 <matrixisreal[M]> I'm not clear abt typing notifications btw, my question is not specific abt IRC though. It is "how to see/set the typing icon/animation of a participant."
19:05:50 <not-freaktechnik> I think it's in the status bar
19:08:30 <matrixisreal[M]> not-freaktechnik: status bar? what exactly?
19:08:50 <not-freaktechnik> the status bar at the bottom of the chat window that is hidden?
19:09:18 <not-freaktechnik> that's what I rememeber seeing it at, but I've never looked at the UI code for the status indicator
19:11:29 <matrixisreal[M]> I still couldn't locate it :P
19:11:50 <matrixisreal[M]> Could u give me a screen shot of it ?
19:12:37 <matrixisreal[M]> Firstly I don't get what status bar is.
19:23:44 <not-freaktechnik> status bar is the thing at the bottom of a window. However I do not have instantbird, and as I've tried to indicate, I haven't been in a conversation with indicators supported for quite a while
19:24:21 <not-freaktechnik> (well, a working version of instantbird, I do have some kinda broken build lying around from a patch that never got anywhere)
19:33:43 <matrixisreal[M]> lol.
19:36:16 <matrixisreal[M]> however I didn't locate the bar yet :P
19:48:42 <matrixisreal[M]> Okay, found it!
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