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17:39:10 <matrixisreal[M]> clokep_work1: clokep Hi!
17:40:32 <not-freaktechnik> matrixisreal[M]: depending on waht power levels do you should for sure also include HOP (half OP) and potentially voiced as indicators.
17:41:13 <not-freaktechnik> (maybe negative power levels mean that people aren't voiced?)
17:43:04 <matrixisreal[M]> not-freaktechnik: Hmm.. but matrix just has user, mod and admins..
17:43:15 <not-freaktechnik> why does it have power levels then?
17:43:31 <not-freaktechnik> for potential flexibility, should it ever be useful?
17:43:32 <matrixisreal[M]> adding half op to say power level say 25 to 50 might be good, but confusing ?
17:44:28 <matrixisreal[M]> not-freaktechnik: yah, we can restrict the min powerlevel of a user to do a particular thing.
17:44:42 <matrixisreal[M]> So, it adds a bit to flexibility.
17:44:57 <not-freaktechnik> so there aren't just three levels of users, there are at least 101
17:46:47 <matrixisreal[M]> Maybe, if we could arrange all the levels for different actions, such that two users with same power levels have same permissions.
17:47:09 <matrixisreal[M]> *such that no two users.
17:49:51 <matrixisreal[M]> not-freaktechnik: I didn't understand , what u were talking abt potentially voiced ?
17:50:11 <not-freaktechnik> is there a case whee a person could not talk for lack of power level? I assume so?
17:50:20 <not-freaktechnik> then that is where the voiced limit should be.
17:50:31 <not-freaktechnik> (which I assume is room-to-room or network-to-network)
17:50:59 <not-freaktechnik> (same goes for the other roles, except for owner, probably, though owner should be room specific all permissions, not network wide permissions)
17:52:48 <matrixisreal[M]> the limit is room to room..
17:52:54 <matrixisreal[M]> but what does voiced mean btw ?
17:53:02 <matrixisreal[M]> those who can send messages ?
17:53:19 <not-freaktechnik> yes
17:53:22 <not-freaktechnik> well, it's from IRC
17:53:28 <not-freaktechnik> where that's a mode a user can have
17:53:41 <not-freaktechnik> and a room can be set to only let voiced talk, while others can just read.
17:54:28 <not-freaktechnik> (so it only applies if not everyone can speak, but the role still exists, sometimes used for vanity purposes or for bot right management etc.)
17:54:56 <matrixisreal[M]> Okay, So setting voiced tag, adds an icon near the participant in IB?
17:55:09 <not-freaktechnik> yes
17:55:16 <not-freaktechnik> it adds a blue little broadcast thingie
17:55:26 <not-freaktechnik> and half op adds a star outline, while op adds a star iirc
17:55:49 <not-freaktechnik> and I think TB doesn't show HOPs
17:55:57 <matrixisreal[M]> But I don;t see that beside my name ?
17:56:03 <matrixisreal[M]> nor urs ..
17:56:39 <matrixisreal[M]> but just on these bots..
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17:58:15 <matrixisreal[M]> freaktechnik: And yeah one more thing,
17:58:43 <not-freaktechnik> it's because this room isn't set to the mode where only voiced people can talk
17:58:52 <not-freaktechnik> oh, being voiced prevents you from being kicked in some rooms iirc
17:58:59 <matrixisreal[M]> I'm working on tooltips of participants, which is basically implementing requestBuddyInfo.
17:59:00 <matrixisreal[M]> https://dxr.mozilla.org/comm-central/source/chat/protocols/irc/irc.js#1156
17:59:09 <not-freaktechnik> yes
17:59:31 <not-freaktechnik> IRC's is a bit weird to follow
17:59:40 <not-freaktechnik> (because of how WHOIS works)
17:59:56 <matrixisreal[M]> so It just has userId as argument.
18:00:23 <matrixisreal[M]> or just the name of the participant..
18:00:57 <matrixisreal[M]> So If the names are not unique, its almost impossible to fetch the info of the participant
18:02:00 <not-freaktechnik> well, that's an issue yeah
18:02:09 <not-freaktechnik> but I think the buddy list wouldn't work in that case either way
18:02:23 <not-freaktechnik> since it's built to only display one person with a given (case-sensitive) string as username
18:02:38 <not-freaktechnik> (the room participants list is what I mean)
18:02:51 <not-freaktechnik> it'd just log an error about "this participant has already been added+"
18:03:34 <not-freaktechnik> so usernames not being unique is kind of a deeper problem.
18:05:30 <matrixisreal[M]> not-freaktechnik: Hmm... I'll check it. Now what if I need the info abt conversation.
18:05:41 <not-freaktechnik> the info about a conversation?
18:06:11 <matrixisreal[M]> I actually need the roomId , as the the room-member obj has some info like powers etc other than User object.
18:06:37 <not-freaktechnik> this._conversation or something?
18:06:53 <not-freaktechnik> I mean, you create the participants, so you can give them whatever info you want?
18:07:00 <not-freaktechnik> (not quite following what the issue is here)
18:07:59 <matrixisreal[M]> the issue is the arguments to the fucntion is just a string, which is the participants name.
18:08:07 <not-freaktechnik> yes
18:08:09 <matrixisreal[M]> so we cant do participant.conv
18:08:11 <not-freaktechnik> but you're in a class method
18:08:20 <not-freaktechnik> yes, you'll have to look up who that is
18:08:27 <not-freaktechnik> but the system assumes the username is unique
18:09:12 <not-freaktechnik> so yeah, you can't have the same name twice in the participants list: https://dxr.mozilla.org/comm-central/source/im/content/conversation.xml#1267-1268
18:09:17 <matrixisreal[M]> not-freaktechnik: so looking up all the convs and all the participants in it is the only way?
18:09:29 <not-freaktechnik> no, the participant is from this conv for sure
18:09:41 <not-freaktechnik> oh wait, that's on the account
18:10:03 <not-freaktechnik> soo, the assumption is, that users are a network wide thing
18:10:16 <not-freaktechnik> so they have the same username accross the whole network
18:10:21 <not-freaktechnik> and you know that they're in one of your rooms
18:10:34 <matrixisreal[M]> yeah
18:10:50 <not-freaktechnik> and since usernames are unique across the network, you can have a map of all usernames to participant or similar and get all the info you need.
18:11:06 <not-freaktechnik> (actually, not participants, since those are conv specific)
18:11:19 <not-freaktechnik> which is also why the tooltip never contains room-specific info
18:11:28 <not-freaktechnik> resp. conversation specific info
18:11:37 <not-freaktechnik> all the conv specific stuff is exposed on the participant object.
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18:14:48 <matrixisreal[M]> now what if a patricipant is in two diff convs .
18:15:22 <not-freaktechnik> there is a participant object per conv
18:15:30 <not-freaktechnik> (the participant objects are owned by the conv
18:15:45 <not-freaktechnik> which is why whois info is stored separately by IRC
18:16:44 <matrixisreal[M]> not-freaktechnik: what do u mean by "owned by conv"
18:16:59 <not-freaktechnik> well, the conversation is what keeps reference to them
18:17:24 <not-freaktechnik> (this.participants in IRC iirc)
18:18:17 <not-freaktechnik> https://dxr.mozilla.org/comm-central/source/chat/modules/jsProtoHelper.jsm#548 acutally, usually _participants
18:20:45 <matrixisreal[M]> Hmm..
18:20:46 <matrixisreal[M]> Say, if I have a map in account, and add participant or room-member obj as values , with user IDs as keys.
18:20:49 <matrixisreal[M]> I can do this right?
18:21:21 <not-freaktechnik> you can do whatever you want
18:21:27 <not-freaktechnik> you only have to follow the IDL
18:21:34 <not-freaktechnik> how you store your data is up to you
18:21:43 <not-freaktechnik> jsProtoHelper just has some sensible defaults ;)
18:22:05 <matrixisreal[M]> But if a userID is in two convs , it'll have two "room-mem" objs , so Its not possible to find what obj we actually want
18:23:10 <not-freaktechnik> what
18:23:28 <not-freaktechnik> you shouldn't have to go onto participants to build the tooltip
18:23:34 <not-freaktechnik> participants only hold room specific info
18:23:50 <not-freaktechnik> (and might get global info to build that, but that shouldn't be used the other way round, usually)
18:24:00 <matrixisreal[M]> I want to show room spec info too...
18:24:03 <not-freaktechnik> (they can usually get that global info by having a reference to the account)
18:24:14 <not-freaktechnik> yes, but room spec info is in the room tooltip, no?
18:24:22 <not-freaktechnik> also, you don't know where the tooltip is opened from
18:25:25 <matrixisreal[M]> Yeah, that's the problem " you don't know where the tooltip is opened from"
18:25:54 <matrixisreal[M]> by room spec info i mean Power Levels.
18:26:27 <matrixisreal[M]> thats the only "extra" info room-member object has.
18:30:22 <not-freaktechnik> so yeah, tooltip is not suited for that, sadly... Which is why you should leverage as much as you can from the different roles IB can display... I don't remember if you can see the full mode somehow in IB, actually I think in IRC you can see the full prefix?
18:30:48 <not-freaktechnik> (prefix is the mode string in IRC, so someone can be owner, op and voiced etc.)
18:31:02 <not-freaktechnik> (and there are also global modes etc.)
18:32:21 <matrixisreal[M]> why isn't tooltip not suited to display PowerLevels ?
18:32:42 <not-freaktechnik> because the tooltip is global...
18:32:51 <not-freaktechnik> unless the power level is too
18:33:00 <not-freaktechnik> which, from what I understand from your problems it isn't
18:33:50 <matrixisreal[M]> Okay, So tooltips of participants are designed to be global..
18:34:18 <matrixisreal[M]> This makes it clear..
18:34:47 <not-freaktechnik> if it wasn't global it'd be on the conversation and not the account.
18:35:16 <not-freaktechnik> it could be pretty simple to patch that in, actually. It's been a while since I looked at the tooltip code.
18:36:31 <not-freaktechnik> going to be away for about 30 mins, feel free to keep on asking, just don't expect answers from me for a while ;)
18:37:04 <matrixisreal[M]> Sure, Thanks
18:37:13 <matrixisreal[M]> But just no questions as of now..
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