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09:15:44 <qheaden> Yay! I got a Linux build of Ib to complete
09:15:52 <qheaden> And I was using my docker image too.
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13:45:04 <clokep_work> My packaging is failing because of duplicated files...
13:50:13 <aleth-mob> There's an exception list if you can't avoid them...
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14:01:08 <clokep_work> aleth-mob: There's like 50 of them?
14:01:15 <clokep_work> Did we clean this up at some point for the other OSes?
14:01:17 <clokep_work> Or is this a new bustage?
14:04:02 <aleth-mob> It's not new, but we haven't had windows builds for ages 
14:04:58 <aleth-mob> Gecko duplicates on Windows would also affect TB though 
14:11:23 <clokep_work> Right.
14:11:27 <clokep_work> But not if the duplicate is in the IM?
14:11:31 <clokep_work> Is in im/.
14:11:41 <clokep_work> So whats' the 'right' way to do this?
14:11:46 <clokep_work> I need to file a bug to fix purple builds btw.
14:22:32 <aleth-mob> Right 
14:23:12 <aleth-mob> Either you can avoid the duplicate by pointing to one or the other copy in jar.mn
14:23:42 <aleth-mob> Or, you add it to the im/ exceptions 
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14:38:47 <aleth-mob> 50 seems a lot of dupes...
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14:42:31 <clokep> aleth-mob: https://pastebin.mozilla.org/8964170
14:47:15 <aleth-mob> Looks like dupes within im/, which explains why they were not noticed before 
14:48:04 <aleth-mob> You can probably get rid of them all 
14:48:29 <clokep_work> aleth-mob: By "get rid of them all" does that just mean the packaging lines?
14:48:33 <clokep_work> Or actually removing files?
14:49:16 <aleth-mob> Removing one copy (probably the aero one) and using jar.mn to point at the other 
14:49:46 <aleth-mob> There is some patch by Paengkab that did something similar in mail iirc
14:50:56 <aleth-mob> I don't remember the details 
14:57:17 <clokep_work> Hm. OK. Thanks.
15:08:51 <clokep> Hmm...it looks to me like there's only one of those in the repo?
15:08:58 <clokep> But two lines...do I just get rid of the aero one?
15:09:00 <clokep> flo-retina: Any idea?
15:16:17 <aleth-mob> Ah, so that's the case where it's the packaging that creates the dupe... Iirc the Mail patch had some of those too
15:23:08 * clokep_work is confused. :(
15:41:31 <clokep> So I think there's just no aero stuff left anymore.
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15:41:55 <clokep> But I'm not really sure.
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18:35:50 <not-freaktechnik> clokep: workaround for the person with znc and the cap problem: downgrade znc ;)
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18:44:49 <flo-retina> clokep: we should port whatever Firefox did to get rid of that aero folder
18:45:29 <flo-retina> I think they just removed the aero/ copy, and included only the files that were different, and used overrides in the jar.mn to make the Vista+ Windows version use the different version
18:45:44 <flo-retina> although... now that support for XP is dead, I think the non-aero version has disappeared
18:47:18 <flo-retina> Fallen: I don't understand your comment in bug 1330464
18:47:20 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1330464 nor, --, Firefox 53, florian, RESO FIXED, Calls to common service methods shouldn't supply additional parameters
18:54:00 <clokep_work> flo-retina: Interesting, how can jar.mn have overrides?
18:54:06 <clokep_work> Isn't it a compile time file?
18:54:11 <flo-retina> no
18:54:28 <flo-retina> well, chrome.manifest can have overrides
18:54:31 <clokep_work> Ah.
18:54:42 <flo-retina> and you just happen to write these lines inside the jar.mn file, which is what is used to generate chrome.manifest
18:55:39 <flo-retina> http://searchfox.org/mozilla-central/search?q=override&case=false&regexp=false&path=browser%2Fthemes%2Fwindows
18:58:15 <clokep_work> I also find it interesting that apparently jar.mn was split in browser/ and mail/ for each OS.
19:00:09 * clokep_work still isn't 100% sure what he has to change.
19:01:44 <clokep_work> It *sounds* like you're saying to just delete https://dxr.mozilla.org/comm-central/source/im/themes/jar.mn#117-161
19:01:58 <clokep_work> But I suspect that's too simplistic.
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19:05:26 <aleth-mob> clokep_work: found the bug 1317142
19:05:28 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1317142 nor, --, Thunderbird 53.0, richard.marti, RESO FIXED, Remove duplicate files from mail
19:06:02 <clokep_work> aleth-mob: Ah! That's not what I was looking at...
19:07:11 <flo-retina> yes, that's too simplistic
19:07:35 <flo-retina> because the files that used to be aero specific (ie. Vista+) should now be used all the time (as we no longer support anything pre Win7)
19:12:10 <clokep> Yeah OK.
19:19:25 <clokep> Meh, do I need to clobber to test changes to jar.mn?
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19:23:05 <aleth-mob> I don't think so?
19:24:22 <aleth-mob> Not sure though. Maybe you need to run configure?
19:25:04 <clokep> Ah maybe.
19:40:38 <clokep_work> That didn't seem to do it either.
19:42:20 <aleth-mob> Is it still realistic to have a release based on 52? If not you don't have to worry about xp/vista at all
19:42:49 <aleth-mob> Not sure if 'aero' is xp ;-)
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