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02:46:37 <instant-buildbot> build #3283 of macosx-nightly-default is complete: Failure [4failed compile]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/macosx-nightly-default/builds/3283
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04:24:41 <instant-buildbot> build #804 of linux64-nightly-default is complete: Failure [4failed shell_6]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/linux64-nightly-default/builds/804
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05:34:06 <instantbot> New Chat Core - XMPP bug 1298574 filed by arlolra@gmail.com.
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09:22:25 <fp_007> hello
09:22:56 <fp_007> where could i find some documentation about extensions and how to install them?
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16:02:44 <freaktechnik> fp_007: it's generally the same system as in thunderbird and firefox. I don't think there's much dedicated documentation.
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17:14:47 <fp_007> freaktechnik: thanks for the answer. i get that installing an extension should work like in firefox and such, i just don't see a user interface to do it. am i missing something?
17:26:06 <freaktechnik> fp_007: extras -> add-ons
17:26:31 <freaktechnik> (like it works when you get there via menu bar in firefox & thunderbird)
17:27:15 <fp_007> freaktechnik: well, i don't have a menu bar at all, it seems :)
17:27:28 <freaktechnik> the main window has a menu bar
17:27:34 <freaktechnik> (the one with the friends list)
17:27:39 <fp_007> it has?
17:28:04 <fp_007> oh dam, you're right
17:28:10 <fp_007> thank you!
17:28:16 <freaktechnik> no problem
17:29:13 <fp_007> so are there repos for add-ons other than on mozilla.org?
17:29:28 <freaktechnik> https://addons.instantbird.org/en-US/instantbird/
17:29:33 <freaktechnik> also linked from within the add-ons manager
17:30:01 <freaktechnik> Some extensions available on addons.mozilla.org for thunderbird can also be installed in instantbird, though it's not obvious unless the desciption mentions it
17:30:48 <fp_007> thanks. i had already found that. am i right thinking that development of instantbird itself has stopped?
17:30:58 <freaktechnik> you are not
17:31:08 <freaktechnik> it is more that there has not been a release in a long while.
17:31:20 <fp_007> quite long indeed!
17:31:25 <freaktechnik> but there's quite a bit happening, most of it is already surfaced in recent thunderbird releases.
17:31:35 <freaktechnik> (since they use the same chat code, well almost)
17:33:05 <fp_007> oh, ok. that's nice to know. i didn't know instantbird and tb were that close. i installed instantbird because chatzilla, which i use usually, was having weird disconnections on this machine.
17:33:44 <fp_007> so the blog would be the place to find the latest info?
17:34:02 <freaktechnik> not really
17:34:11 <fp_007> :) dam
17:34:55 <fp_007> what does instantbot do?
17:36:07 <freaktechnik> he posts info to bugs
17:36:35 <fp_007> can you have him list bugs and such?
17:36:58 <freaktechnik> he does two things: post when there's a new bug on instantbird and post the metadata to a bug if it is mentioned.
17:37:37 <freaktechnik> so for example when I write  bug 1298574
17:37:43 <freaktechnik> it should then expand that.
17:37:45 <freaktechnik> should.
17:37:45 <fp_007> well, one bug i found is related to highlight (i get irc channels highlighted even when nothing should trigger such a notification)
17:38:02 <freaktechnik> instantbird is tracked on bugzilla like firefox and thunderbird.
17:38:21 <fp_007> i'll take a look at it :)
17:39:50 <fp_007> is there a way to access about:config?
17:40:01 <freaktechnik> multiple
17:40:11 <freaktechnik> you can, like in thunderbird open it via settings or there's acommand
17:40:14 <freaktechnik> I think /config?
17:40:15 <fp_007> care to enlighten me? :)
17:40:18 <freaktechnik> /help lists it
17:42:52 <fp_007> found it!
17:42:57 <fp_007> thanks (again)
17:43:02 <freaktechnik> no problem
17:43:48 <freaktechnik> I'll be gone for a few soon, so you'll have to hope someone else sees it or be super patient ;)
17:44:35 <fp_007> i *am* patient... and instantbird stays connected, so it won't be a problem. thanks a lot for your help, and have a good day
17:45:06 <freaktechnik> Thanks!
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20:26:12 <aleth> fp_007: You can install the nightly version if you want to try a newer version of Instantbird (recommended)
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20:53:49 <abdelrhman> aleth: Hi :) in your review in bug 955317, I did not understand what do you mean by "passport"?
20:56:06 <abdelrhman> I think you meant "password", right?
20:56:16 <aleth> yes, that's a typo, sorry ;)
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22:00:56 <kkirill> can you please clarify what's the way to switch from prpl-jabber to js-xmpp in instantbird nightly?
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22:01:29 <kkirill> 2) is there instantbird nightly for windows?
22:13:58 <aleth> kkirill: yes there is, on this page http://ftp.instantbird.com/instantbird/nightly/latest-trunk/
22:14:21 <kkirill> aleth: 2016-01-01
22:14:22 <aleth> Unfortunately it is half a year old because we need to set up a new windows build machine
22:14:44 <aleth> You can build your own if you like ;)
22:14:58 <kkirill> i'll think about it
22:15:01 <kkirill> thanks
22:15:14 <aleth> kkirill: To enable the JS XMPP, in about:config look for the forceprpl pref and remove prpl-jabber
22:15:30 <aleth> If you build your own, you won't need to do that, as it's been enabled by default.
22:16:07 <aleth> kkirill: the exact pref name is chat.prpls.forcePurple
22:16:29 <kkirill> i have it empty
22:16:49 <aleth> Then you're probably already using it
22:17:12 <aleth> But it's seen a lot of improvements in the last few months, as abdelrhman has been working on it ;-)
22:17:20 <kkirill> but when I see debug log for my jabber account i see "prpl-jabber" lines
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22:17:47 <aleth> kkirill: That's expected. The id is the same as it's an XMPP implementation
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22:18:09 <kkirill> is any 100% way to check that it's js-xmpp?
22:19:11 <kkirill> that was the reason I want a fresh nightly build for windows: to try it out :)
22:19:25 <aleth> Yes, if the debug log contains lots of references to .jsm files then it's js-xmpp
22:19:48 <kkirill> like this: LOG (@ prpl-jabber: XMPPParser.prototype._logReceivedData resource:///modules/xmpp-xml.jsm:349) ?
22:19:55 <aleth> yes exactly
22:19:58 <aleth> kkirill: build instructions https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Developer_guide/Build_Instructions/Simple_Instantbird_build
22:20:25 <kkirill> btw, when 1.6 is expected?
22:20:26 <aleth> Building does probably involve installing a bunch of stuff the first time you do it, as it's basically the same setup as you'd need for building Firefox
22:20:50 <aleth> kkirill: Hopefully we can release soon after we have builds on all platforms (ie when Windows is back)
22:21:12 <aleth> There's some localization issues to work out as too iirc
22:24:09 <kkirill> i see hiDPI issue has been solved in the latest nightly on Linux and js-xmpp works flawlessly, so I want it on my Wintendo at work
22:24:31 <kkirill> will try to build it
22:24:43 <kkirill> aleth: thanks a lot. you was very helpful
22:24:51 <kkirill> and keep on your good work
22:24:54 <aleth> Sorry about the missing Windows nightly :-(
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22:25:44 <aleth> kkirill: Another "workaround" would be to use a Thunderbird nightly build on Windows
22:26:20 <aleth> The backend is the same, but the UI is a bit different.
22:26:38 <kkirill> that's so unusual that you have no developers on windows
22:27:46 <aleth> it's not that there are none, but yes, the main guy on Windows switched to OSX a while back
22:28:00 <kkirill> i would use thunderbird for chatting but it has way worse notifications than instantbird
22:28:40 <aleth> Interesting. I would have thought they'd be similar
22:28:57 <aleth> I prefer the IB UI too though
22:29:07 <aleth> Thunderbird is constrained to a single tab
22:29:53 <kkirill> i personally like taskbar icon flashing
22:30:11 <kkirill> so it's hard to miss :)
22:30:39 <kkirill> than all this temporary whistles and pop-ups
22:30:43 <freaktechnik> I prefer the way IB's UI works but mostly use TB >_>
22:31:19 <aleth> The TB UI lags a bit (some UI bugs are fixed in IB but not TB and need porting)
22:31:30 <kkirill> does TB have the awesome tab?
22:31:34 <freaktechnik> no
22:31:34 <aleth> kkirill: no
22:31:52 <aleth> freaktechnik: if you use TB chat a lot you might like to port those fixes, hint hint ;)
22:31:53 <kkirill> no way will i switch then :)
22:32:08 <freaktechnik> aleth: yeah, rebuilding the conversation view every switch is a bit expensive, but I guess it's better for resource usage over all
22:32:17 <freaktechnik> aleth: point me to concrete things and I just might
22:33:09 <aleth> freaktechnik: I'd start by diffing conversation.xml and using hg blame when a difference looks like it should be ported
22:33:25 <freaktechnik> oh, right, xbl
22:33:28 <aleth> kkirill: abdelrhman recently added XMPP chatrooms to the awesometab
22:33:32 <freaktechnik> well, I've had to do worse recently
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22:33:54 <kkirill> already saw them
22:33:59 <kkirill> it's awesome
22:34:15 * aleth wonders if abdelrhman is around ;)
22:35:09 <aleth> freaktechnik: I doubt rebuilding the conversation view was done for resource reasons, I suspect it just followed from the single tab requirement
22:35:23 <freaktechnik> oh, I know
22:35:47 <freaktechnik> but in cases where you can feel the rebuild there is also a resource benefit when comparing
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22:36:06 <abdelrhman> yes, I'm here
22:36:16 <kkirill> btw, I stole and updated TB message style, because i like it more (it's simple and clear)
22:36:27 <aleth> I'm not sure it saves much actually, you still have to keep the conversation in memory. And it definitely makes the UI lag if you have, umm, large participant lists or thingsl ike that ;)
22:36:34 <freaktechnik> kkirill: oh, that's awesome
22:36:48 <aleth> kkirill: sure, feel free. Put it on addons.instantbird.org if you like
22:36:50 <freaktechnik> aleth: The participants list is the laggiest thing either way
22:37:08 <aleth> only if you have 40000 participants ;)
22:37:11 <freaktechnik> (yay synchronous UI components)
22:37:23 <freaktechnik> even adding at once has to be done carefully
22:37:27 <freaktechnik> *100
22:37:38 <aleth> abdelrhman: you have a happy room discovery user on the channel ;)
22:37:57 <kkirill> aleth: maybe if i have to fix some visual glitches with font color after putting some conversations on hold and back
22:38:23 <kkirill> aleth: actually I read weekly reports :)
22:38:51 <kkirill> to find out the new features in js-xmpp
22:39:30 <kkirill> and to be honest i didn't understand a third of them skimming the bugs mentioned ;)
22:40:05 <aleth> most of it should just work better, but you can ask if you are curious
22:40:32 <abdelrhman> :-) Great! kkirill: if you have any improvements that you wish to see (specially in XMPP), just request it ;)
22:41:03 <kkirill> i hope you will come up with human-readable release notes soon :)
22:41:26 <aleth> I hope we'll come up with a release ;)
22:41:35 <freaktechnik> that'd be neat, yeah
22:42:17 <freaktechnik> though if there's a release in the near future if the next one will be at the same pace it'll be the XUL deprecation release.
22:42:30 <aleth> XUL depreciation isn't going to happen any time soon
22:42:39 <freaktechnik> well, 3 years is a long time
22:42:41 <kkirill> abdelrhman: thank you. i'll test the latest nightly at work and let you know
22:42:59 <aleth> abdelrhman: By the way, I wonder if you'd like to do a blogpost on the instantbird website about the JS-XMPP improvements sometime after the current batch of patches land
22:43:44 <aleth> freaktechnik: yes, too long :-S
22:43:55 <abdelrhman> OK
22:44:46 <kkirill> i really happy to see my favorite IM alive, so see you soon and have a good weekend
22:45:13 <abdelrhman> aleth: I'll prepare one and send it to you to be reviewed
22:45:34 <aleth> abdelrhman: Thanks! I'd wait until in band registration is done though, that would make a nice screenshot
22:46:42 <freaktechnik> yay, haven't checked cc out since three months.
22:47:39 <aleth> freaktechnik: are you on Windows?
22:47:47 <freaktechnik> for dev? never.
22:47:51 <aleth> heh
22:47:56 <freaktechnik> for battle.net, yes.
22:48:51 <freaktechnik> I should have a win7 vm for gecko 1.9.2 dev somewhere though ;)
22:49:58 <freaktechnik> (problem is just that its provisioning includes downloading vs which takes ages)
22:50:38 <aleth> you'd ahve to update vs to vs2015 too
22:50:53 <freaktechnik> and update all of its auto build magic to mach
22:51:13 <aleth> hopefully mach bootstrap does that automatically these days
22:51:26 <freaktechnik> I don't think it works on win
22:52:06 <freaktechnik> but you have mozilla-build, which you can install via cinnamon that is essentially mach bootstrap
22:52:10 <freaktechnik> (minus VS)
22:53:01 <freaktechnik> but uh, the idea behind that vm was, that I could drop the source into a certain folder, let the VM provision and then it'd automatically build whatever's in that folder and then write it back to the host fs
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