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09:53:47 <abdelrhman> aleth: Some servers sends the message twice after enabling carbons
09:54:10 <abdelrhman> one of them is encapsulated like XEP-0280 
09:54:18 <abdelrhman> sections 6 and 7
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12:05:04 <aleth> abdelrhman: are you saying they don't follow the spec?
12:05:54 <aleth> "The receiving server MUST NOT send a forwarded copy to the client(s) the original <message/> stanza was addressed to, as these recipients receive the original <message/> stanza."
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12:13:22 <abdelrhman> I think yes, but the case I'm talking about is different.
12:14:24 <abdelrhman> In the XEP-0280, Listing 10
12:14:54 <abdelrhman> Server sends carbon to the other clients
12:15:34 <abdelrhman> That stanza should only be received
12:16:55 <abdelrhman> but I receive another stanza of the normal message
12:17:18 <aleth> Juliet is sending a message to a specific resource, and all Carbon-enabled resources of Romeo get forwarded copies.
12:17:59 <aleth> So it seems like you are talking about the case where the target resource is the client.
12:18:25 <aleth> Is that what you mean?
12:18:48 <abdelrhman> http://pastebin.instantbird.com/3246821
12:20:42 <aleth> I don't understand how the same client instance can be both resource test21@xmpp.jp/4799541648685... and test21@xmpp.jp/151806486714...
12:21:57 <abdelrhman> Using two different clients
12:22:09 <aleth> I'm confused by what exactly you are asking
12:23:04 <aleth> resource 151806486714... sends a message, and resource 4799541648685... gets a copy. If those are two different clients that seems as expected
12:23:38 <aleth> eh, I mean resource 151806486714... receives a message of course
12:25:21 <abdelrhman> resource 13201566 talks with 151806486. resource 479954164 has enabled message carbons
12:26:03 <abdelrhman> so it's expected to get only a forwarded message, not two messages of the same stanza
12:27:37 <aleth> where does it get two? in your pastebin it looks like it just get one
12:29:20 <abdelrhman> No, they are two messages which are received at resource 479954164
12:29:36 <aleth> o_O
12:29:54 <aleth> That does look wrong.
12:30:46 <aleth> The second message is not directed at 479954164 so it should not see it
12:31:21 <aleth> Are you sure this is not an artifact of some bug in js-xmpp message parsing when parsing forwarded messages?
12:33:09 <abdelrhman> I'll test that again now.
12:33:25 <aleth> I mean, are we really receiving two copies or are we parsing it twice for some reason
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12:41:25 <abdelrhman> According to logs, we receive it twice
12:41:45 <abdelrhman> "two copies"
12:41:47 <aleth> How about adding some code that ignores (with a WARN) incoming stanzas that are not directed at the client resource? And also mention it on jdev@conference.jabber.org and see what they say about it? 
12:43:28 <abdelrhman> OK, we will ignore all (not directed to the client) except message carbons.
12:44:06 <aleth> It would be good to get confirmation that this is a server bug
12:44:22 <abdelrhman> OK
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12:58:42 <aleth> abdelrhman: note rfc 6120 10.5.4.
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13:14:14 <abdelrhman> Ah, I did normalization for that check
13:30:27 <abdelrhman> No, seems we do not need to normalize
13:31:15 <aleth> abdelrhman: What I meant was: when you got those two copies, were both resources online?
13:31:43 <aleth> Because that rfc says that the target resource gets ignored if it is no longer online
13:33:42 <abdelrhman> But I think this part of RFC is for servers
13:33:45 <aleth> yes
13:34:48 <aleth> if resource 13201566 talks with 151806486 but 151806486 is offline, then the server will send the message to some resource that is online, and so you could end up in the situation you described above
13:38:51 <abdelrhman> Yes, this makes sense. But in previous situation both resources were online
13:43:19 <abdelrhman> Seems they are using ejabberd
13:43:29 <aleth> It makes me wonder about whether we can ignore messages with the wrong resource
13:43:42 <abdelrhman> Here is current implementation of carbons (https://github.com/processone/ejabberd/blob/master/src/mod_carboncopy.erl#L157) 
13:44:04 <aleth> Anyway, let me know what you discover from your discussion in the xmpp dev room
13:44:29 <abdelrhman> OK
13:44:33 <aleth> abdelrhman: ah, so you can see from that code why you got two copies?
13:44:48 <abdelrhman> Yes
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15:38:28 <abdelrhman> aleth: I found in an older version of XEP-0280 (Messages of type chat that are addressed to the bare JID (localpart@domain) MUST be delivered according to RFC 6121 § 8.5.2, and MUST be copied by the receiving server to all of the resources for that user that are carbons-enabled.)
15:38:47 <clokep_work> Old versions aren't usually useful.
15:40:03 <abdelrhman> ejabberd implementation says they implement (Message Carbons XEP-0280 0.8) 
15:43:12 <abdelrhman> aleth: maybe this issue mention our case (https://github.com/processone/ejabberd/pull/149)
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15:46:10 <abdelrhman> I mean specifically this line "When message arrives to User A/Res2, it will be forwarded to Res1 and Res3, because it does not have the badge "received"."
16:02:01 <abdelrhman> Seems the problem is in our parser!
16:02:49 <abdelrhman> I printed the received message from socket.jsm before passing it to the parser and it's one message!
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16:27:16 <abdelrhman> The main problem now that carbon message stanza has two message elements and this makes |isXmppStanza| (https://dxr.mozilla.org/comm-central/source/chat/protocols/xmpp/xmpp-xml.jsm#275) returns true on the first match of message element, so we get it as two messages.
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19:01:19 <arlolra> clokep_work: can we merge those patches?
19:03:12 <clokep_work> arlolra: I think I asked for a change on one...
19:03:26 <clokep_work> But yeah, it's on my todo list, sorry.
19:04:39 <arlolra> just the comment about DM actions right
19:04:52 <arlolra> k, i was waiting to see if anythign else came up
19:05:03 <arlolra> sorry to bug, just trying to stay on top of all my things
19:05:20 <arlolra> don't stress about it, it can wait
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19:20:41 <aleth> abdelrhman: ah, so it was a bug after all ;) maybe there should be a test for this?
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