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05:19:26 <Widdershins> holy shit a windows build
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10:09:23 <instantbot> aleth@instantbird.org changed the Resolution on bug 955085 from --- to FIXED.
10:09:24 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=955085 min, --, 1.6, harshitmehta2293, RESO FIXED, Typing status not cleared when contact goes offline
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10:29:43 <nhnt11> aleth: So for the re-indexing of chat logs in Tb, the two possible courses of action we've discussed are to either a) have a mechanism to trigger a complete reindex when we require it or b) have a function that detects bogus entries and re-index those
10:29:49 <nhnt11> I'm open to either, what do you think is best?
10:30:03 <aleth> Whatever is easier to implement.
10:30:31 <aleth> i.e. if there's already similar code you can reuse, go with that
10:31:00 <nhnt11> Okay. Somehow I don't think there's anything similar *enough* to make it super easy
10:31:09 <nhnt11> I looked at those snippets you linked
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10:33:36 <aleth> there's also a lot of code about deleting emails/mail folders
10:34:08 <nhnt11> I'll check it out
10:34:17 <aleth> but that has some overhead as messages are initially only marked deleted, not removed from the DB
10:34:36 <aleth> in the end there will be some DELETE query...
10:34:44 <nhnt11> I think if I can just figure out the right SQL query to just wipe the chat logs index...
10:35:14 <nhnt11> That should be a simple fix and not too bad since it should hopefully happen just this once
10:35:17 <aleth> gloda is likely indexed on words, you need to remove all the references to those logs too
10:35:32 <aleth> But yeah, I suspect that's the quickest route.
10:35:33 <nhnt11> bah
10:36:02 <aleth> It's still just some query ;)
10:36:09 <nhnt11> yeah
10:37:22 <aleth> There's no index on the path column, so it's likely also quite expensive to do this log by log.
10:38:29 <aleth> Maybe take a look at the gloda db with a sql viewer to see what you're dealing with ;)
10:38:52 <nhnt11> Yeah
10:39:07 <nhnt11> Probably easier to figure it out that way than via code :)
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12:12:48 <nhnt11> aleth: So I looked more closely at sshagarwal's log deletion bug and patch. It seems to agree with my guess that simply clearing out the imConversations table should do
12:13:49 <nhnt11> The next question I want to answer is whether we want index_im.js to access the db directly or find/add a gloda API
12:14:05 <nhnt11> The former would probably be easiest
12:14:48 <nhnt11> I'm slightly nervous about doing it that way though
12:15:01 * nhnt11 looks at the gloda code
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12:17:30 <aleth> there's likely at least some mechanism to queue up DB operations which you should use
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12:19:27 <nhnt11> Seems like I need to use the datastore object
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12:24:26 * nhnt11 is trying something
12:29:32 <aleth> index_msg.js has a new IndexingJob("delete",...)
12:31:33 <nhnt11> The delete worker is likely defined somewhere nearby
12:31:40 <nhnt11> I should take a look
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12:56:32 <nhnt11> Fallen|away: Hey! Gentle reminder to put those vibrancy changes in a bug if you've got some free time :)
12:57:02 <nhnt11> erm, I should probably ping you after the merge
13:03:44 <nhnt11> meh, mach build failed.
13:03:47 <nhnt11> seems I need to clobber
13:03:50 * nhnt11 regrets pulling
13:10:20 <nhnt11> aleth: How do those flags work on bugzilla?
13:10:24 <nhnt11> What do they mean, rather?
13:10:37 <nhnt11> Is TB38 really affected considering the last release was 31.4?
13:10:54 <nhnt11> I mean, do those flags consider non-release versions?
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13:12:13 <aleth> I'm not entirely sure how this case fits into the flags, but if you were using the beta or daily builds, you will be affected in TB38.
13:12:25 <nhnt11> yeah
13:13:09 <nhnt11> aleth: So what happens if I don't manage a fix before merge?
13:13:30 <aleth> It'll have to be uplifted.
13:14:08 <nhnt11> I suppose if you're using Daily builds it won't matter much, but (when) will beta users get it?
13:14:09 <aleth> Since it doesn't have strings, that's hassle but not impossible.
13:14:23 <aleth> The current beta is TB36
13:14:49 <aleth> I'm not sure when the next one will be built, but I assume soon after the merge.
13:15:16 <nhnt11> Bah
13:15:35 <nhnt11> I need a power source, but I'm afraid that the LAN in my room may still be down
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13:16:20 <nhnt11> I think I'll go back to my room, plug in, clobber, have dinner, and return to the wifi zone
13:16:31 <nhnt11> bbl (hopefully sooner if my LAN is back)
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16:43:24 <clokep_work> aleth: So is all this gloda business fixed now? :)
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16:48:05 <aleth> clokep_work: For people updating from TB31, yes. For everyone else, no.
16:49:10 <clokep_work> Alright.
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17:29:34 <clokep_work> aleth: I wasn't positive that that review you gave me was fiing
17:29:36 <clokep_work> fixing
17:30:15 <aleth> ?
17:31:22 <aleth> what that?
17:32:59 <aleth> The idea is, you click on a search result and it shows you the log with a findbar the first hit highlighted. Current behaviour is that the findbar is ofent populated with a completely different string and/or a result is highlighted for a split second, then disappears again.
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20:31:17 <nhnt11> aleth: ping
20:32:18 <nhnt11> clokep: ping
20:32:25 <clokep> nhnt11: pong
20:32:27 * nhnt11 has an idea for a quick solution before the merge
20:32:39 <nhnt11> clokep: Do you know the current state of the gloda bug?
20:32:52 <nhnt11> Basically we were indexing the wrong path string, that has now been fixed
20:32:58 <nhnt11> But now we have a bunch of bogus entries in the index
20:33:13 <nhnt11> So we need code to remove those entries.
20:33:27 <clokep> OK.
20:33:34 <nhnt11> There is unfortunately no time to land code to do this before the merge
20:33:55 <nhnt11> So I suggest that for now, we simply adapt the code that USES this path to look for both types of path strings
20:34:01 <nhnt11> (full path as well as relative)
20:34:11 <nhnt11> It'll be a 3-4 line hack that will mask the regression for everyone
20:34:18 <nhnt11> Until we can land the proper fix
20:34:27 <clokep> nhnt11: Can't we just uplift the fix to aurora?
20:34:32 <clokep> If we do it in the next six weeks.
20:35:23 <nhnt11> clokep: Can you possibly point me to a page explaining the different release channels?
20:35:35 <nhnt11> If your awesomebar can find it faster than I can google
20:35:48 <clokep> nhnt11: I'll just explain it.
20:35:50 <nhnt11> Never mind, I think I got i
20:35:52 <aleth> nhnt11: I agree with clokep
20:36:01 <clokep> There are 4 channels: nightly, aurora, beta, and release.
20:36:09 <clokep> They're all in lock-step but six weeks offset.
20:36:23 <aleth> Searching the gloda logs has been broken for so long, the daily audience will survive another few days without it ;)
20:36:41 <clokep> TB 38 is currently nightly, after the merge it will be in aurora, six weeks after that it will be beta, six weeks after that it will be release
20:36:58 <nhnt11> Oh!
20:37:05 <clokep> TB 37 is currently aurora, after the merge it will be beta, six weeks after that...it doesn't go to release because it isn't an ESR.
20:37:16 <clokep> Once we fix this we'll uplift to aurora and beta.
20:37:19 <clokep> To get as much testing as possible.
20:37:30 <clokep> Aurora will be TB 38, but we'll also uplift to beta so the TB 37 betas can test it
20:37:37 <aleth> The difference between TB and FX is that 1) no official aurora builds afaik 2) release only gets actually released as an ESR every 7 cycles
20:37:59 <nhnt11> So the next release will be in 12 weeks?
20:38:05 <clokep> aleth: I'm pretty sure they do aurora.
20:38:30 <nhnt11> Okay, got it. I misunderstood what merge was happening tomorrow
20:40:41 <aleth> Afaik TB Betas aren't built every time someone commits to c-b though, so you want to get it in at least before TB38 becomes beta. 
20:41:00 <nhnt11> aleth: that's in 6 weeks?
20:41:02 <aleth> Right.
20:41:09 <nhnt11> Cool, plenty of time
20:41:16 <nhnt11> I'd have been happy with a few days
20:41:31 <aleth> Sorry for the misunderstanding!
20:41:35 <aleth> If there was one.
20:41:40 <clokep> aleth: I don't think nightly betas ar ebuilt every time either. I think they're weekly.
20:42:40 <aleth> nhnt11: Basically with every merge, you hit a much larger audience, addon devs etc. And strings for TB38 are frozen tomorrow, but that doesn't affect you.
20:42:57 <nhnt11> Right.
20:43:07 <nhnt11> I thought tomorrow was an ESR :]
20:43:19 <clokep> nhnt11: But if we could do it...this week, that'd be good. :)
20:43:51 <nhnt11> I was pretty shocked when I realized I missed a bug from September and became aware of it only a week before a release
20:43:54 <aleth> nhnt11: the recent rush is because TB38 will become the ESR, and it's a lot less hassle to not have to uplift. Plus the strings thing...
20:44:01 <nhnt11> right
20:44:10 <clokep> Especially strings. :)
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20:48:57 <clokep> aleth: I don't understand that patch. :( Sorr.
20:49:47 <aleth> Heh, then you'd have been landing these fixes on comm-beta... that would be risky indeed
20:50:15 <clokep> Why comm-beta?
20:50:18 <clokep> Why not comm-aurora?
20:50:26 <aleth> oops, that was in the clipboard and an unintentional paste
20:50:41 <aleth> clokep: Which part did you not understand?
20:50:48 <clokep> aleth: The entire thing. ;)
20:51:04 <aleth> Did you see http://log.bezut.info/instantbird/150222/#m221 ?
20:51:54 <nhnt11> aleth: I've noticed that bug
20:52:07 <nhnt11> can you give me a bug number
20:52:08 <nhnt11> ?
20:52:41 <aleth> bug 1003105
20:52:44 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1003105 nor, --, ---, aleth, ASSI, Clicking on an IM search result brings up the findbar with incorrect content
20:52:47 <nhnt11> thanks
20:52:56 * nhnt11 wonders if he caused that, too
20:53:17 <aleth> Nope.
20:53:34 <nhnt11> I meant to investigate it actually. Didn't know you already had a patch for it :)
20:53:36 * nhnt11 checks it out
20:53:43 <clokep> nhnt11: Now you get to review it.
20:55:27 <nhnt11> aleth: That patch is... hacky
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20:56:17 <aleth> Suggestions for improvemens welcome.
20:56:56 <aleth> I know what you mean... the problem is there is no special notification after all the initial messages are added to the DOM (which is async)
20:58:32 <nhnt11> Yeah, I get it
20:58:41 <aleth> There's no easy way to add one either.
20:58:56 <nhnt11> aleth: After a second look at the patch, it's not as hacky as I first though
20:59:20 <nhnt11> I read it as adding a timeout that did the check and reset itself instead of via an event
20:59:26 <nhnt11> sorry :)
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21:01:51 <nhnt11> aleth: I'm assuming we can't just do away with line 439 in convbrowser.xml because it might break compatibility?
21:02:05 <nhnt11> L439 after applying your patch, that is.
21:05:24 <aleth> nhnt11: I thought about it, but the problem is I can't remember if there's any addons that use it.
21:05:37 <clokep> aleth: Is it something we can search for?
21:05:48 <aleth> On AIO? I don't know how.
21:05:56 <clokep> aleth: Do you mean AMO?
21:06:07 <clokep> And...I'm asking whether it's something that's easily searchable.
21:06:11 <clokep> There's an MXR for add-ons.
21:06:16 <nhnt11> write a script to download all the addons, unzip them all, and grep for the event name? ;)
21:06:17 <nhnt11> (jk)
21:06:29 <nhnt11> I didn't know there's an MXR for addons
21:06:42 <aleth> clokep: if you know of a way to search for "MessagesDisplayed", that would be nice.
21:07:11 <aleth> clokep: This is in convbrowser, I doubt there are *TB* addons that use it.
21:07:54 <clokep> nhnt11: You need permissions to use it.
21:08:11 <nhnt11> yes, that's expected
21:08:20 <clokep> aleth: I doubt any add-ons use it...
21:08:39 <aleth> Maybe some of Mic's?
21:08:56 <clokep> Maybe.
21:10:55 <nhnt11> aleth: What happens if it takes longer than 3000ms to display all the messages?
21:11:22 <aleth> Then the highlight won't work properly.
21:11:36 <nhnt11> aleth: Wouldn't it make more sense to remove the listener if we didn't receive a MessagesDisplayed notification for 3 seconds?
21:11:51 <nhnt11> I.e. set the timeout in the event listener
21:11:58 <aleth> Yes, that's an improvement.
21:12:06 <nhnt11> (and clear it every time we get a notification, just like allDoneTimeout)
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21:12:53 <nhnt11> I think messages are displayed every 40ms right?
21:13:37 <aleth> Roughly. It can be more.
21:13:47 <nhnt11> aleth: You could getting away with not modifying convbrowser.xml at all, just put the timeout to remove the event listener in the listener itself, with a delay of something like 100ms
21:13:55 <nhnt11> get away*
21:14:20 <nhnt11> Seems like MessagesDisplayed should be sent out every 40ms or so
21:14:42 <nhnt11> So it's a safe bet that if we don't receive anything for 100ms everything is done
21:14:49 <nhnt11> I might be missing something though
21:15:48 <aleth> The modification in convbrowser is so we can avoid setting/resetting the timer every single time.
21:16:33 <aleth> I don't think there are any really safe bets here as there are multiple interlocking async loops.
21:16:36 <nhnt11> aleth: You're already setting a 100ms timer anyway
21:18:12 <aleth> I'll take another look when I move the final timer.
21:18:28 <nhnt11> I'm just thinking out loud btw
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