#instantbird log on 07 24 2014

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00:00:36 <instantbot> clokep@gmail.com changed the Resolution on bug 955743 from --- to INVALID.
00:00:37 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=955743 min, --, ---, nobody, RESO INVALID, Follow-up to bug 2113: remove preprocessing of file buddytooltip.xml
00:01:10 <clokep> Yay for finding really old bugs.
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00:10:10 <flo-retina> oh, looks like the import script didn't replace bug numbers in bug titles
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00:11:08 <clokep_work> We can't be perfect. ;)
00:27:29 <flo-retina> clokep: is there anything in that patch from #maildev that isn't already handled in your WIPs?
00:29:39 <flo-retina> oh, he's fixing im/ there too
00:34:36 <clokep> flo-retina: I also remove an EXTRA_DSO_OPTS thing in mintrayr + I hav ea purple patch.
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00:44:54 <flo-retina> clokep: I saw that. I applied your patches and am currently building
00:45:07 <flo-retina> but I'm not sure I'll stay awake long enough to see the failure
00:47:52 <flo-retina> a building glib
00:47:55 <flo-retina> should fail soon
00:56:05 <flo-retina> clokep: I get this warning "Makefile:59: Extraneous text after `else' directive"
00:56:11 <flo-retina> that line is "else ifneq($(OS_ARCH),Darwin)"
01:09:45 <clokep> flo-retina: On Mac?
01:09:54 <flo-retina> yeah
01:10:07 <clokep> I added that line, yes. It might not work.
01:10:17 <flo-retina> if I replace the block with http://pastebin.instantbird.com/755265 it stops complaining
01:10:28 <flo-retina> note the space after the ifneq keyword
01:10:36 <flo-retina> and the second endif
01:11:52 <flo-retina> actually, I'm not sure we need that second endif, we didn't have it before :-S
01:14:26 <flo-retina> clokep: do we know exactly where that -bundle is coming from?
01:15:33 <clokep> flo-retina: I didn't look, no.
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01:23:54 <flo-retina> clokep: I don't see anyway to fix that
01:24:07 <flo-retina> we'll probably need to ask build folks for help
01:25:24 <clokep> flo-retina: "That" being the weirdness we do with the libpurple dll?
01:26:06 <flo-retina> that being the build system no longer letting us override EXTRA_DSO_LDOPTS
01:26:58 <clokep> Alright.
01:31:03 <clokep> flo-retina: That should be a Mac only bustage though, right?
01:31:28 <flo-retina> right
01:32:06 <flo-retina> clokep: and even a mac debug only bustage if we comment out the relevant lines
01:32:44 <clokep> Right!
01:37:44 <flo-retina> do we know why mach build-backend doesn't work for us?
01:38:01 <flo-retina> I need to do |mach build| each time I change something in a moz.build file, that's annoying
01:38:44 <clokep> flo-retina: I've never heard of build-backend before.
01:39:20 <flo-retina> it's in the error message when typing |make| in a folder where the moz.build file has changed: comm-central/mozilla/config/rules.mk:543: *** Build configuration changed. Build with |mach build| or run |mach build-backend| to regenerate build config.  Stop.
01:39:49 <clokep> I probably stop after "mach build"
01:44:00 <clokep> That's "stop reading" :)
01:45:26 <flo-retina> that's where the message stops being helpful anyway
01:45:34 <flo-retina> as the next part is neat; except it doesn't work
01:50:15 <flo-retina> hmm, it's taking more time to fail this time
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02:13:01 <instant-buildbot> build #1105 of linux-nightly-default is complete: Failure [4failed compile]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/linux-nightly-default/builds/1105
02:17:37 <instant-buildbot> build #2281 of macosx-nightly-default is complete: Failure [4failed compile]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/macosx-nightly-default/builds/2281
02:17:40 <instant-buildbot> build #1457 of win32-nightly-default is complete: Failure [4failed compile]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/win32-nightly-default/builds/1457
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02:43:36 <flo-retina> clokep: I've got a working Mac Debug build
02:43:42 <flo-retina> and I wish I went to bed 3 hours ago :-/
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10:08:36 <aleth> hello linux nightlies! :)
10:08:42 <aleth> almost...
10:11:27 <flo-retina> hello linux build failures ;)
10:12:02 <flo-retina> btw, would be nice if someone could finish/cleanup these patches
10:12:30 <aleth> I was just looking at them and I have to say I don't understand them :-/
10:13:08 <flo-retina> :-|
10:13:15 <flo-retina> can I pretend I don't either? ;)
10:14:10 <flo-retina> the part in purplexpcom/src/Makefile.in is a dirty hack
10:14:15 <flo-retina> the rest shouldn't be too bad.
10:14:38 <aleth> the backend.mk bit and those extra LDOPTS?
10:15:09 <flo-retina> aren't the ldopts the same that we had before?
10:15:22 <aleth> You added two new ones
10:15:31 <aleth> Or were they moved? 
10:15:33 <flo-retina> did I? :-o
10:15:37 * aleth checks
10:15:43 <flo-retina> it was almost 4:30am
10:15:46 <flo-retina> I don't remember what I did
10:16:00 <flo-retina> I started messing with it
10:16:19 <aleth> And what's the difference beween xpcomglue and xpcomglue_s ?
10:16:24 <flo-retina> and then each (failed) attempt took a minute and a half, because mach build-backend doesn't work for us and I had to do a fuill mach build each time
10:16:49 <flo-retina> _s means it's a static library that will be statically linked into whatever you are building
10:17:07 <flo-retina> I'm not completely sure which one we should be using where actually
10:17:09 <aleth> I thought USE_LIBS was for dynamical libraries
10:17:25 * aleth is probably just confused, even when it's not 4:30 am
10:17:28 <flo-retina> no, USE_LIBS is for "whatever, let moz.build's magic figure it out for you"
10:18:13 <flo-retina> The USE_LIBS I added in the moz.build file become this in the backend.mk file generated:
10:18:13 <flo-retina> EXTRA_DSO_LDOPTS += $(DEPTH)/memory/mozalloc/libmozalloc.dylib
10:18:13 <flo-retina> SHARED_LIBRARY_LIBS += $(DEPTH)/xpcom/glue/libxpcomglue_s.a
10:18:13 <flo-retina> EXTRA_DSO_LDOPTS += $(DEPTH)/toolkit/library/XUL
10:19:01 <flo-retina> and I'm forcefully clearing the content of the EXTRA_DSO_LDOPTS variable with my hack, so I need to put back in what I removed from it.
10:19:52 <aleth> ah, so that's what that is doing
10:20:32 <aleth> Thanks.
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10:21:28 <flo-retina> hey, clokep! :)
10:21:41 <clokep> Good morning flo-retina.
10:23:28 <clokep> Oh, maybe not so "good". ;)
10:24:01 <flo-retina> I missed fedex, but otherwise, the morning should be OK
10:26:07 * aleth tries a build
10:26:15 <flo-retina> aleth: which OS?
10:26:24 <flo-retina> if you are trying on Mac it should work ;)
10:26:29 <flo-retina> (assuming you applied the patches)
10:26:44 <aleth> I'm doing opt, as you did debug, but ys I expect it should work.
10:26:49 <flo-retina> clokep: what's the plan to finish the bustage fixes?
10:27:07 <aleth> clokep has some mintrayr patch already
10:27:27 <flo-retina> aleth: do you mean more than what's in the bug?
10:27:45 <aleth> idk, just going by the logs ;)
10:27:46 <clokep> flo-retina: Those changes look sane.
10:28:09 <clokep> flo-retina: Well IanN has a lot of changes in bug 1043019, including ones to config.mk/rules.mk
10:28:12 <clokep> + im/
10:28:12 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1043019 nor, --, ---, iann_bugzilla, ASSI, Port |Bug 1036894 - Move in-tree library linkage information to moz.build| and |Bug 1041936 - Allow 
10:28:21 <clokep> Hopefully that lands soon? :P
10:30:15 <flo-retina> clokep: I don't think we need these
10:30:20 <flo-retina> they seem to be only cleanups
10:30:27 <flo-retina> (I mean, removing dead code)
10:31:23 <clokep> flo-retina: Alright. His version of the im/ changes are different than mine.
10:31:43 <flo-retina> clokep: his changes to im/components/mintrayr seem good though
10:31:57 <flo-retina> He hasn't fixed im/app/
10:32:00 <clokep> flo-retina: Do we need to remove the EXTRA_DSO_OPTS or do what he did though?
10:32:05 <clokep> That's where your patches differ.
10:32:32 <flo-retina> we need to do what he did in the im/components/mintrayr folder
10:49:07 <flo-retina> clokep: we need to cleanup my patches
10:49:26 <flo-retina> especially check which of the changes I made are mac-only and which aren't
10:49:47 <flo-retina> and then take IanN's mintrayr fix, and we should be ready
10:49:53 <flo-retina> testing on Windows wouldn't hurt
10:50:08 <flo-retina> I can do it, I've been poking at bug 1042163 this morning so I have my thinkpad with me
10:50:11 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1042163 nor, --, ---, florian, ASSI, Visual issues with the global indicator for screen/device sharing
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10:56:24 <clokep> flo-retina: Cool. :) I can probably take a look at Linux at some point.
10:56:28 <clokep> I have a Ubuntu VM somewhere.
10:56:45 <flo-retina> I may need to reboot into Linux at some point too
10:56:49 <flo-retina> I mean on the thinkpad
10:57:43 <flo-retina> so I guess it would probably make sense for me to review these patches now that I'm awake, and use my best-guesses for what's Mac only vs what's for all platforms?
10:57:46 <clokep> \OK
10:58:07 <flo-retina> I'm not really motivated for that
10:58:11 <flo-retina> but I suspect explaining it would take even longer ;)
11:04:26 <BWMerlin> in bugzilla how do i sort all bugs with the oldest bug first, I am just curious as to how long the oldest bug is outstanding
11:04:55 <flo-retina> ah, I may have an idea of a slightly less ugly hack
11:07:09 <clokep> BWMerlin: Click on the column header.
11:08:45 <flo-retina> BWMerlin: what do you mean by "how long the oldest bug is outstanding"?
11:08:52 <BWMerlin> thanks clokep that sort of works but only shows me bugs under certain categories 
11:09:30 <BWMerlin> I am looking at the MSI bug/feature request and it has been open for 10 years, just wondering what other bug/features are open for that kind of length of time
11:09:50 <flo-retina> ah, so you are looking for bugs with very low numbers
11:10:05 <flo-retina> the DNS SRV bug is quite good too :-D
11:12:13 <BWMerlin> i guess they will have low numbers
11:14:24 <clokep> BWMerlin: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=540 is the oldest I see open
11:14:27 <instantbot> Bug 540 enh, P4, ---, create-and-change, NEW, Need feature to edit long description/comments
11:14:27 <clokep> Using https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/buglist.cgi?quicksearch=status%3ANEW%2CASSIGNED%2CREOPENED&list_id=10812666
11:15:46 <BWMerlin> clokep: wow 16 years
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11:16:59 <flo-retina> BWMerlin: but then you are really just looking for how old the bugzilla instance is
11:17:05 <flo-retina> BWMerlin: there's no reason to expect all bugs to ever get closed
11:18:00 <BWMerlin> I do wonder how many bugs are no longer relevant as that part of the product has changed so the bug doesn't exist not because it was fixed but because everything was changed
11:18:04 <BWMerlin> if that makes sense
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11:24:11 <flo-retina> how do you all feel about that new verison of the purple/ patch?
11:24:36 <flo-retina> I managed to get rid of the magic EXTRA_DSO_LDOPTS += $(DEPTH)/memory/mozalloc/libmozalloc.dylib and EXTRA_DSO_LDOPTS += $(DEPTH)/toolkit/library/XUL lines
11:24:59 <flo-retina> BWMerlin: yeah, I think there's a RESOLVED OBSOLETE status ;)
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11:26:30 <flo-retina> let's pretend I didn't touch QQ in that patch
11:26:44 <flo-retina> (although maybe we should just commit that qq change to have 64 bit builds working? :-D)
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11:28:46 <BWMerlin> but does someone regularly comb through the bugs to see if they are still relevant or just relying on people to flag them as they find them?
11:29:02 <BWMerlin> and did i see you mention something about a 64bit build
11:30:21 <aleth> flo-retina: How did you do that? I was just trying to manage the same thing...
11:30:42 <flo-retina> $(subst foo,bar,VAR)
11:31:07 <aleth> aah :D
11:31:36 <flo-retina> aleth: what happened is I wrote a comment explaining what the hack did, ie. replace -bundle with -dynamiclib
11:31:56 <flo-retina> and then I looked at the code and wondered "but then, why isn't the code doing exactly that?!?"
11:33:20 <aleth> looks much better :)
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11:34:11 <aleth> I hope the EXTERNALLY_MANAGED_MAKE_FILE workaround doesn't go away...
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11:37:06 <aleth> flo-retina: Maybe commit that qq change separately, so it's visible in the hg log.
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11:38:25 <aleth> flo-retina: I was trying to find something along the lines of USE_LIB(libpurplexpcom) in moz.build
11:39:21 <aleth> I.e. to get moz.build to figure it out for itself that it shouldn't use -bundle...
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12:03:34 <clokep_work> flo-retina: I'd rather just disable building QQ, I think. :-[
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12:25:38 <flo-retina> clokep_work: the QQ change wasn't intentionally included in that patch
12:26:19 <clokep_work> flo-retina: Yeah...
12:29:36 * clokep_work started a Linux build
12:37:15 * Fallen is now known as Fallen|away
12:41:45 <flo-retina> ah, want me to attempt to build on Windows?
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12:44:18 <clokep_work> If you would! :)
12:46:52 <clokep_work> I think I need to reinstall Linux at some point, there's some funky with this install...
12:47:42 <clokep_work> Bleh. I'm getting crazy errors inside of mach when trying to build on Linux. :-\
12:48:48 <clokep_work> And my shared clipboard isn't work. Bah.
12:50:36 <clokep_work> http://pastebin.instantbird.org/755578
12:50:49 <clokep_work> Anyone seen something like that?
12:51:28 * flo-retina may have just filed his first bug from a Windows machine :)
12:52:23 <flo-retina> doesn't seem familiar
12:52:34 <flo-retina> I would check the mozconfig, and remove the objdir
12:52:57 <clokep_work> Removing the objdir didn't help.
12:53:03 <clokep_work> I'm using the same .mozconfig I've always used.
12:53:54 <clokep_work> (o_O)
12:53:59 <clokep_work> OK it was the mozconfig.
12:54:07 <clokep_work> Must have had a syntax error that Mac was OK w/, but not Linux.
12:55:12 <flo-retina> clokep_work: \r\n line endings maybe?
12:55:18 <flo-retina> that has a good potential to mess up some stuff
12:58:26 <aleth> Or maybe an uppercase/lowercase issue. OSX is not case sensitive.
12:59:29 <clokep_work> I removed the block I had that had OS X specific options, but it was checking uname.
12:59:32 <clokep_work> Probably improperly.
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13:03:24 <flo-retina> pulling m-c on my windows machine seems difficult
13:03:25 <flo-retina> it failed once already
13:03:42 <flo-retina> the second attempt is still running, but has been IMO for too long already :-/
13:03:47 * clokep_work sighs.
13:03:51 <clokep_work> And now I had to update purple.
13:03:54 <clokep_work> OK,t rying this for real now!
13:04:05 <flo-retina> maybe I should just hack around it, and pull from the local m-c repo where I built my Firefox
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13:06:34 <clokep_work> flo-retina: Linux is complaining about EXTRA_DSO_LDOPTS being defined in purplexpcom/src/Makefile.in.
13:07:17 <flo-retina> have you applied my patch?
13:07:24 <clokep_work> Yes.
13:07:33 <flo-retina> we don't touch that variable outside ifeq ($(OS_ARCH),Darwin)
13:08:03 <flo-retina> client.py gave up on pulling m-c
13:09:12 <clokep_work> I agree.
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13:27:06 <flo-retina> Is there a reasonable reason for us to still have http://mxr.mozilla.org/comm-central/source/im/config/mozconfigs/win32/mozconfig#17 ?
13:29:45 <flo-retina> alright, I started a windows build _without_ the patches first, to check that it actually fails like we expect
13:34:00 <flo-retina> already full of moz.build unhappiness :)
13:47:12 <clokep_work> flo-retina: Not if we have the Windows 8 SDK.
13:47:43 <flo-retina> we do. The build fails when we don't select it.
13:50:34 <clokep_work> Right!
13:50:37 <clokep_work> So, no reason for that.
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14:10:12 <flo-retina> clokep_work: Windows build failed
14:35:12 --> jb has joined #instantbird
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14:38:29 <flo-thinkpad> Hello from my local Windows build
14:38:41 <flo-thinkpad> with 2 additional (simple) makefile changes, it built
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15:02:36 <clokep_work> flo-retina: What changes?
15:02:54 <flo-retina> the new patch is in the bug ;)
15:05:38 <clokep_work> flo-retina: Yes, Is ee.
15:08:15 <clokep_work> flo-retina: I don't have time to test Linux right now, how do you feel about pushing and crossing our fingers for Linux?
15:08:54 * flo-retina wonders if we have students running linux
15:12:20 <flo-retina> sawrubh, nhnt11: ping
15:20:28 <flo-retina> clokep_work: I'm ok with that plan.
15:21:39 <clokep_work> flo-retina: You have time to commit it or should I?
15:21:54 <flo-retina> I'm happy if you do it :)
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15:23:53 <clokep_work> OK.
15:23:58 <clokep_work> I'll do it shortly
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15:31:42 <instantbot> clokep@gmail.com changed the Resolution on bug 1043045 from --- to FIXED.
15:31:45 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1043045 nor, --, ---, florian, RESO FIXED, Port |Bug 1036894 - Move in-tree library linkage information to moz.build| to im
15:32:19 <rosonline> Hey guys, I have a problem:
15:32:20 --> Rym has joined #instantbird
15:32:33 <rosonline> How can I join in a chat room at ICQ?
15:33:28 <clokep_work> flo-retina: Windows builder is offline.
15:33:33 <clokep_work> rosonline: File > Join chat.
15:34:15 <rosonline> clokep_work I'd try it, but nothing happens
15:34:22 <-- Rym has quit (Ping timeout)
15:36:27 <instant-buildbot> build #1106 of linux-nightly-default is complete: Failure [4failed compile]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/linux-nightly-default/builds/1106
15:36:39 <clokep_work> rosonline: I don't understand what that means.
15:37:10 <-- gerard-majax_ has quit (Ping timeout)
15:37:36 <rosonline> I tried join in a chat room at ICQ, but I can't join in
15:38:06 <clokep_work> rosonline: "clokep_work I'd try it, but nothing happens" needs WAY more detail about what you tried and what happened.
15:38:10 <clokep_work> Does ICQ even have chat rooms anymore?
15:38:51 <-- aleth has quit (Ping timeout)
15:38:52 <flo-retina> clokep_work: looks like we aren't lucky then
15:39:20 <clokep_work> flo-retina: Nope. :(
15:39:42 <rosonline> clokep_work There's a lot of chat room at ICQ, and I want to try chat in Instantbird
15:40:10 --> aleth has joined #instantbird
15:40:10 * ChanServ sets mode +o aleth 
15:40:12 <rosonline> I chooise the account, insert the chat room, but nothing happens
15:44:21 * flo-retina wonders why people filing bug keep checking that "security" checkbox
15:44:40 <flo-retina> they likely hope it will make the bug more noticeable, but that does the exact opposite
15:44:49 <clokep_work> rosonline: Again "nothing happens" isn't descriptive. Does the window disappear? Is there an error in the error console?
15:44:58 <rosonline> yes
15:45:26 <clokep_work> flo-retina: Can people w/o edit bugs check that off?
15:45:30 <flo-retina> yes
15:45:59 <flo-retina> you don't have to have reported bugs before to have a valid security issue to report.
15:46:01 <rosonline> I insert the informations, and I should see a chat window, but it doesn't happpen... 
15:46:40 <rosonline> Neither a chat name in Hold conversations
15:51:34 <clokep_work> flo-retina: Sure, it was just a question. I wasn't implying anything.
15:51:47 <clokep_work> rosonline: You still haven't answered whether there is anything in the error console.
15:51:59 <-- clokep_work has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.6a1pre -- http://www.instantbird.com)
15:53:05 <flo-retina> clokep_work: I just gave the rationale for why it makes sense for it to be that way
15:53:19 * flo-retina personally finds it more difficult to remember yes/no answers without also having the reason
16:02:05 --> clokep_work has joined #instantbird
16:02:05 * ChanServ sets mode +o clokep_work 
16:05:38 <rosonline> ok
16:07:31 <aleth> rosonline: You have to give us enough information so we can reproduce what you are seeing ;)
16:09:22 <clokep_work> alexis: Really?
16:09:35 <alexis> clokep_work: ?
16:10:33 <clokep_work> alexis: Was that you who just commented on my PR?
16:10:45 <alexis> clokep_work: yup
16:10:56 <clokep_work> Frankly that file doesn't look like it remotely follows pep8, so I didn't bother.
16:11:05 <rosonline> aleth How can I send the information?
16:12:04 <alexis> clokep_work: I just wanted to see how you did, and added a few comments there while doing it. They're nitpicks. Feel free to ignore them if you feel like it :)
16:12:23 <aleth> rosonline: A screenshot of what you enter in the join chat dialog before you click "ok" might help. And the info that clokep_work asked for.
16:12:36 <alexis> clokep_work: having the feature sounds better than having something that follows pep8, anyway.
16:12:36 <rosonline> ok
16:14:32 <clokep_work> alexis: Yeah, mostly I just didn't know /what/ (if any) style the projected used.
16:14:38 <clokep_work> Luckily it's my lunch break...
16:20:25 <clokep_work> alexis: Ah-ha! Never mind. :) All Id id was run autopep8 anyway.
16:21:06 <alexis> clokep_work: hehe
16:21:18 <clokep_work> Thanks for the feedback. :)
16:21:27 <alexis> clokep_work: yeah thanks for the feature ;)
16:21:48 <rosonline> aleth clockep_work https://www.dropbox.com/s/vmxgukccgeychm0/Captura%20de%20tela%20de%202014-07-24%2013%3A19%3A09.png The error console
16:26:26 --> Rym has joined #instantbird
16:28:29 <-- Rym has quit (Ping timeout)
16:31:22 <clokep_work> rosonline: What version are you using?
16:31:53 <rosonline> Instantbird 1.5 (20131217002045)
16:33:40 <-- rosonline has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.5 -- http://www.instantbird.com)
16:37:00 --> rosonline has joined #instantbird
16:37:11 --> mpmc has joined #instantbird
16:39:33 --> Mook_as has joined #instantbird
16:39:52 <-- flo-thinkpad has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.6a1pre -- http://www.instantbird.com)
16:41:13 <-- flo-retina has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.6a1pre -- http://www.instantbird.com)
16:42:13 <-- rosonline has quit (Ping timeout)
16:42:16 --> rosonline has joined #instantbird
16:46:09 --> Rym has joined #instantbird
16:47:24 <instant-buildbot> build #2282 of macosx-nightly-default is complete: Failure [4failed shell_5]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/macosx-nightly-default/builds/2282
16:48:40 --> iamjayakumars_ has joined #instantbird
16:49:38 <clokep_work> :(
16:50:08 <clokep_work> Oh, just looks like it failed to update. OK.
16:57:10 <aleth> rosonline: Hopefully tomorrow we will have Linux nightlies of 1.6a1pre. It would be useful if you could try again with this current version.
16:57:27 <rosonline> ok
16:59:20 <rosonline> I have a suggestion: integrate specific messaging protocols (like irc:) with Instantbird
17:00:30 --> AlexanderSalas has joined #instantbird
17:01:49 <rosonline> like irc: mailto: or other links to messaging client
17:02:18 <clokep_work> Sure, someone needs to do it.
17:02:57 <clokep_work> Interested? ;)
17:03:00 <aleth> rosonline: It's a good idea, we have a bug open for it but it hasn't been done yet.
17:03:37 <rosonline> It can help web users with a chat links
17:04:16 <rosonline> or integrate facebook images and emoticons with Instantbird chat window
17:04:46 <rosonline> Unfortunelly I can't do this codes or programming
17:04:52 <-- Tonnes has quit (Ping timeout)
17:06:13 * iamjayakumars_ is now known as iamjayakumars
17:07:17 --> Tonnes has joined #instantbird
17:10:12 <AlexanderSalas> aleth: where is the buf, I can fix it!
17:10:22 <AlexanderSalas> bug* :P
17:10:26 --> flo-retina has joined #instantbird
17:10:26 * ChanServ sets mode +qo flo-retina flo-retina 
17:11:30 <rosonline> I discover that ICQ chat uses IRC protocol
17:11:43 <rosonline> ICQ chat room uses IRC protocol
17:13:21 <aleth> AlexanderSalas: bug 953953
17:13:25 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=953953 enh, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Register protocol handlers for IM protocols
17:13:55 <AlexanderSalas> Than you
17:13:59 <AlexanderSalas> thank :P
17:14:12 <-- iamjayakumars has quit (Quit: )
17:14:20 <AlexanderSalas> I sleep so much today
17:14:22 --> iamjayakumars has joined #instantbird
17:15:21 <aleth> rosonline: really? Then you need to make an IRC account to join those rooms ;)
17:15:30 <rosonline> Yeah
17:16:15 <rosonline> I see the irc link irc.icq.com and  I can connect in theses rooms
17:16:56 <rosonline> No, there's no IRC accout to join in this chat rooms
17:17:47 <aleth> You have to create a new one!
17:18:00 <aleth> From the account manager.
17:18:37 <rosonline> (y)
17:18:57 <rosonline> But I don't insert a password
17:19:15 <rosonline> only a nickname and the irc adress
17:19:22 <aleth> Does that work?
17:19:58 <rosonline> maybe you can insert this option in ICQ protocol - join in a IRC protocol
17:21:01 <clokep_work> No.
17:23:23 <clokep_work> It's unrelated.
17:23:27 <rosonline> ok
17:23:32 <clokep_work> And we don't deal with the ICQ stuff. It's from libpurple.
17:23:44 <clokep_work> I think there's /also/ a way to connect using IRC, but you /should/ be able to connect iwth ICQ stuff too.
17:24:51 <-- Tonnes has quit (Connection reset by peer)
17:33:47 <-- clokep_work has quit (Ping timeout)
17:36:03 --> clokep_work has joined #instantbird
17:36:03 * ChanServ sets mode +o clokep_work 
17:36:04 <-- chrisccoulson has quit (Quit: OSError: [Errno 130] Owner died)
17:36:05 --> flo-linux has joined #instantbird
17:36:25 <-- qheaden has quit (Input/output error)
17:41:27 <rosonline> Ah, Instantbird don't show the russian caractheres
17:41:39 <rosonline> in ICQ irc
17:42:44 <aleth> It should. Look... Хорошо
17:42:59 <rosonline> Yes
17:43:12 <rosonline> I can see the russian caracther here
17:43:18 <rosonline> but 
17:45:20 <clokep_work> rosonline: Maybe their daemon doesn't support UTF-8 or you're using the wrong encoding.
17:46:12 <rosonline> https://www.dropbox.com/s/rrvx2fnekknnbwe/Captura%20de%20tela%20de%202014-07-24%2014%3A43%3A33.png
17:46:23 <rosonline> How can I fix this?
17:47:23 <rosonline> In the protocol options, I see UTF-8 in the encoding
17:50:30 <clokep_work> rosonline: Try whatever encoding people use in Russia. I'm not sure what it is, sorry.
17:50:34 <clokep_work> You'll need to reconect though.
17:50:52 <aleth> You have to find out what encoding the ICQ IRC server is using.
17:52:14 <rosonline> Ok I'll discover tha
17:52:29 <-- AlexanderSalas has quit (Ping timeout)
17:57:45 --> chrisccoulson has joined #instantbird
17:59:28 <clokep_work> flo-retina: So I am getting that error on my linux box.
17:59:28 <clokep_work> If you have idea of what to test I can throw it at it.
18:00:01 <flo-retina> clokep_work: I'm also in front of a linux box ;)
18:00:11 <flo-retina> Well, flo-linux is ;)
18:00:11 <clokep_work> Oh! :)
18:00:18 * clokep_work pokes flo-linux.
18:00:34 * clokep_work is now known as clokep_retina
18:00:36 <clokep_retina> There we go. :P
18:00:40 <flo-linux> clokep_retina: hello
18:01:48 <-- iamjayakumars has quit (Quit: )
18:02:43 * flo-retina is sad that the world is so broken, just the day when we have a (potentially) working linux slave
18:03:47 --> gerard-majax_ has joined #instantbird
18:04:11 <aleth> yup, that m-c checkin could have waited another day ;)
18:04:25 <flo-linux> australis on Firefox looks really good here
18:04:35 <flo-linux> except the large green + button
18:09:48 * Fallen|away is now known as Fallen
18:11:15 <-- gerard-majax_ has quit (Ping timeout)
18:12:00 --> AlexanderSalas has joined #instantbird
18:13:31 <aleth> flo-linux: should DELETE_AFTER_LINK = be there for Linux?
18:13:50 <flo-retina> no
18:13:54 <aleth> It wasn't before but it is now.
18:14:03 <flo-retina> really?
18:14:48 <flo-retina> doesn't look like it to me
18:16:17 <clokep_retina> Did we mess up an ifdef?
18:17:03 <aleth> gah, you're right, I was looking at the wrong diff.
18:17:17 <aleth> Sorry for the confusion.
18:17:48 <flo-retina> clokep_retina: that would be a nice explanation
18:22:34 <flo-retina> hmm, could it be that the include are processed before the ifeq?
18:27:23 --> Even has joined #instantbird
18:27:24 * ChanServ sets mode +o Even 
18:28:41 <flo-retina> if I remove all the mentions of EXTRA_DSO_LDOPTS from the generated Makefile, I still get the error message
18:30:42 <-- rosonline has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.5 -- http://www.instantbird.com)
18:36:06 --> rosonline has joined #instantbird
18:37:20 <-- aleth has quit (Ping timeout)
18:37:54 <-- rosonline has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.5 -- http://www.instantbird.com)
18:42:07 <flo-retina> ah lol
18:42:13 <flo-retina> the problem was really not where I thought it was
18:44:21 <flo-retina> \o/
18:48:26 <AlexanderSalas> xD
18:51:44 <flo-retina> do you all want to see the patch, or should we wait to see if the build completes?
18:55:20 <-- mpmc has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.6a1pre -- http://www.instantbird.com)
18:56:59 * Fallen is now known as Fallen|away
18:57:05 <-- AlexanderSalas has quit (Ping timeout)
18:57:16 --> AlexanderSalas has joined #instantbird
18:59:09 <-- AlexanderSalas has quit (Ping timeout)
18:59:11 --> AlexanderSalas has joined #instantbird
19:06:59 <clokep_retina> flo-retina: I'll take a gander.
19:08:06 <flo-retina> clokep_retina: the build is finishing anyway
19:08:11 <flo-retina> and it _just_ failed!
19:08:41 <flo-retina> ah, seems to be our familiar qq failure
19:12:15 <clokep_retina> :)
19:12:19 --> rosonline has joined #instantbird
19:13:11 <-- rosonline has quit (Connection reset by peer)
19:14:26 --> rosonline has joined #instantbird
19:14:26 <-- flo-linux has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.6a1pre -- http://www.instantbird.com)
19:14:30 --> flo-linux has joined #instantbird
19:14:54 <flo-linux> hello from my local build this time! :)
19:14:54 <-- rosonline has quit (Connection reset by peer)
19:16:34 <flo-linux> clokep_retina: here is the fix: http://pastebin.instantbird.com/755727
19:19:35 <clokep_retina> flo-linux: Doh. THat's a rough one.
19:19:39 <clokep_retina> rs=me if you want.
19:19:55 <flo-retina> I'll attach it in the bug so you can flag it here
19:20:03 <clokep_retina> Thanks for the nice comment. :)
19:20:12 <flo-retina> no problem
19:20:25 <flo-retina> if I wasted time debugging something once, I usually add a comment so I don't debug it twice
19:21:45 --> aleth has joined #instantbird
19:21:45 * ChanServ sets mode +o aleth 
19:21:56 --> rosonline has joined #instantbird
19:23:38 <aleth> Thanks for fixing those build issues flo! :)
19:23:42 <-- rosonline has quit (Connection reset by peer)
19:23:54 <aleth> That looks like it was quite a subtle one.
19:24:01 <flo-retina> aleth: you are welcome.
19:24:16 <flo-retina> I hope you all will make the product awesome while I keep it building ;)
19:24:48 <flo-retina> aleth: so I couldn't have "guessed" that one.
19:25:09 <flo-retina> It became obvious once I thought about printing both EXTRA_DSO_LDOPTS and EXTRA_DSO_LDOPTS_FROZEN
19:25:21 <flo-retina> there was a difference, and it was easy to guess which line was causing it.
19:26:09 <flo-retina> (sharing the debugging strategy, just in case we need it again if they freeze more variable soon :))
19:26:33 * clokep_retina has never heard of FROZEN things before.
19:26:50 <clokep_retina> Btw I'm vaguely annoyed that instantbot doesn't announce r? flags anymore.
19:27:07 <flo-retina> yeah, bad bot :(
19:27:49 <flo-retina> clokep_retina: so these FROZEN variables is how the build system knows that you touched a variable you aren't supposed to touch
19:28:07 <flo-retina> it has a list of variables that should not be touched by Makefile.in files
19:28:27 <clokep_retina> Ah, interesting.
19:28:33 <flo-retina> at the beginning of rules.mk, the current value of each of these variable is copied to variable_FROZEN
19:29:03 <flo-retina> and at some point it checks that they both match.
19:29:23 <clokep_retina> New nightly started.
19:29:30 <flo-retina> well... explained that way it doesn't make sense. You also need to know the difference between = and := in gmake to understand how that works.
19:29:33 <flo-retina> cool, thanks! :)
19:31:33 --> rosonline has joined #instantbird
19:31:33 <-- rosonline has quit (Connection reset by peer)
19:34:43 <-- AlexanderSalas has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.6a1pre -- http://www.instantbird.com)
19:34:47 --> AlexanderSalas has joined #instantbird
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19:36:21 --> AlexanderSalas has joined #instantbird
19:36:43 --> rosonline has joined #instantbird
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19:38:37 <-- AlexanderSalas has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.6a1pre -- http://www.instantbird.com)
19:38:40 --> AlexanderSalas has joined #instantbird
19:39:11 --> rosonline has joined #instantbird
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19:39:35 <-- AlexanderSalas has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.6a1pre -- http://www.instantbird.com)
19:39:39 --> AlexanderSalas has joined #instantbird
19:40:24 --> rosonline has joined #instantbird
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19:41:22 <-- AlexanderSalas has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.6a1pre -- http://www.instantbird.com)
19:41:25 --> rosonline has joined #instantbird
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19:42:31 --> Rym has joined #instantbird
19:47:31 * Fallen|away is now known as Fallen
19:51:45 --> rosonline has joined #instantbird
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19:58:53 --> rosonline has joined #instantbird
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20:00:55 --> rosonline has joined #instantbird
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20:02:58 --> rosonline has joined #instantbird
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20:05:01 --> AlexanderSalas has joined #instantbird
20:05:20 <AlexanderSalas> Where is the Command Line Options for Instantbird?
20:05:28 <clokep_retina> --help?
20:05:29 <AlexanderSalas> -jsconsole is one
20:05:31 <AlexanderSalas> ok
20:05:51 <-- AlexanderSalas has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.6a1pre -- http://www.instantbird.com)
20:06:05 --> AlexanderSalas has joined #instantbird
20:06:09 <clokep_retina> AlexanderSalas: -jsconsole just brings up the error console, I think?
20:06:13 <AlexanderSalas> Yes
20:06:15 <clokep_retina> You don't need to use the command line to do that.
20:06:26 <AlexanderSalas> -help dont have
20:06:35 <AlexanderSalas> I need all commands
20:06:53 <clokep_retina> AlexanderSalas: http://pastebin.instantbird.com/755760
20:07:02 <AlexanderSalas> Thank you
20:07:03 <clokep_retina> AlexanderSalas: I said "--help" not "-help"
20:07:35 <AlexanderSalas> not work
20:07:44 <AlexanderSalas> --help or -help
20:07:53 <-- AlexanderSalas has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.6a1pre -- http://www.instantbird.com)
20:08:07 --> rosonline has joined #instantbird
20:08:35 --> AlexanderSalas has joined #instantbird
20:09:01 <AlexanderSalas> on Windows 8.1
20:09:33 <clokep_retina> Maybe /? on Windows, that's the normal help command (or /h)
20:09:37 <clokep_retina> But I haven't tried that in a while.
20:09:50 <-- rosonline has quit (Ping timeout)
20:10:17 <AlexanderSalas> -status no work
20:10:25 <AlexanderSalas> -jsconsole work for me
20:11:07 <AlexanderSalas> "/help" not work
20:11:09 <clokep_retina> -status needs a parameter
20:11:19 <clokep_retina> It definitely works on Windows since I was always using Windows when we added that.
20:11:23 <flo-retina> AlexanderSalas: try -console before --help
20:11:24 <clokep_retina> And the jump lists uses  it.
20:11:29 <flo-retina> (use both at once)
20:11:34 <AlexanderSalas> C:\dev\Instantbird>instantbird.exe -status "Ok"
20:11:34 <AlexanderSalas> C:\dev\Instantbird>instantbird.exe --status "Ok"
20:11:34 <AlexanderSalas> C:\dev\Instantbird>instantbird.exe /status "Ok"
20:12:09 <AlexanderSalas> Ok flo-retina, print the dump in the console
20:12:14 <-- AlexanderSalas has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.6a1pre -- http://www.instantbird.com)
20:14:56 --> AlexanderSalas has joined #instantbird
20:15:09 <clokep_retina> AlexanderSalas: Please read the help text I send you:   -status <status>     Set the online status. <status> can be one of available, away, offline.
20:15:19 --> rosonline has joined #instantbird
20:15:22 <clokep_retina> If that's not clear, please ask.
20:17:22 <AlexanderSalas> "-status away"  work for me
20:17:36 <AlexanderSalas> but help doesn't work
20:18:01 <flo-retina> have you tried -console --help ?
20:18:08 <AlexanderSalas> Yes
20:18:20 <-- rosonline has quit (Client exited)
20:18:34 --> rosonline has joined #instantbird
20:18:39 <AlexanderSalas> I can see the console, but not print the help
20:19:26 <AlexanderSalas> I'm on ChatZilla, because I need restart may times Instantbird
20:19:55 <AlexanderSalas> or I can use "-new-instance"
20:20:24 <AlexanderSalas> "-new-instance" not work for me
20:20:27 <clokep_retina> AlexanderSalas: What are you actually trying to do anyway?
20:20:33 <clokep_retina> AlexanderSalas: Why do you think -new-instance is a flag?
20:20:44 <flo-retina> probably looking for -no-remote -P
20:20:45 <clokep_retina> You can use -P to choose a different profile, and -no-remote is required as well on Windows.
20:20:55 <clokep_retina> instantbird.exe -P <profile name> -no-remote
20:23:31 <AlexanderSalas> Dont have "-CreateProfile profile_name"
20:23:43 <AlexanderSalas> I need enter first to "-ProfileManager" 
20:24:01 <clokep_retina> Yes.
20:24:05 <clokep_retina> Just like Firefox or Thunderbird.
20:24:20 <AlexanderSalas> https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Command_Line_Options#-CreateProfile_profile_name
20:25:19 * clokep_retina shrugs.
20:25:23 <clokep_retina> Those were probably added recently.
20:25:53 <clokep_retina> I don't know if we get them for free or not
20:26:57 <AlexanderSalas> I make another profile with the wizard  and with the name dev and the folder: C:\dev\instantbird-dev
20:27:21 <AlexanderSalas> I can run now: Instantbird.exe -P dev -no-remote
20:27:25 <AlexanderSalas> And run for me
20:27:38 <-- AlexanderSalas has quit (Quit: ChatZilla [XULRunner 22.0/20130619132145])
20:27:45 --> AlexanderSalas has joined #instantbird
20:28:07 <AlexanderSalas> and now I'm on Instantbird without restart
20:28:09 <clokep_retina> Yep, that's what I do. :)
20:28:15 <AlexanderSalas> Oh
20:28:18 <AlexanderSalas> :D
20:33:17 <AlexanderSalas> Where is the javascript file with all new CommandLine options? 
20:34:26 <AlexanderSalas> I'm working on this but  953953
20:34:43 <AlexanderSalas> bug 953953
20:34:45 <aleth> AlexanderSalas: Have you even built Instantbird yet?
20:34:45 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=953953 enh, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Register protocol handlers for IM protocols
20:34:59 <aleth> Have you downloaded the source?
20:35:08 <AlexanderSalas> In the past
20:35:25 <aleth> AlexanderSalas: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Simple_Instantbird_build
20:36:05 <AlexanderSalas> Yes, I'know, but I dont have now good Internet, I'll download soon
20:36:07 <aleth> If you have the source, you can search it. Or use http://mxr.mozilla.org/comm-central/
20:36:18 <AlexanderSalas> Ok, thank you
20:36:58 <clokep_retina> AlexanderSalas: We'd probably want that in separate files, potentially separate ones for each protocol. Maybe seeing how TB / Fx do it would be useful.
20:38:12 <AlexanderSalas> I need to  use Regular Expression Search
20:38:18 <AlexanderSalas> like: -status away
20:38:20 <AlexanderSalas> :P
20:39:22 <clokep_retina> That won't find anything.
20:39:28 <clokep_retina> I doubt that string shows up anywhere in our code base.
20:43:55 --> EionRobb has joined #instantbird
20:44:31 <clokep_retina> AlexanderSalas: http://mxr.mozilla.org/comm-central/source/im/components/ibCommandLineHandler.js and http://mxr.mozilla.org/comm-central/source/im/components/ibStatusCommandLineHandler.js look reasonable though.
20:45:04 <AlexanderSalas> Graaaaaaaaacias (thank you in spanish :P)
20:45:29 <clokep_retina> AlexanderSalas: Stuff under im/ is Instantbird, stuff under chat/ is shared between Instantbird and Thunderbird.
20:46:58 <instant-buildbot> build #1107 of linux-nightly-default is complete: Failure [4failed shell_5]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/linux-nightly-default/builds/1107
20:48:35 <-- AlexanderSalas has quit (Ping timeout)
20:48:46 --> AlexanderSalas has joined #instantbird
20:49:28 <clokep_retina> BAH!
20:54:18 <AlexanderSalas> I work with the omni.ja
20:54:27 <AlexanderSalas> I make unpack to see the sources
20:54:37 <-- flo-linux has quit (Input/output error)
20:54:57 <clokep_retina> OK.
20:55:14 <AlexanderSalas> We love you 
20:55:29 <AlexanderSalas> Do you have bitbucket and github true?
20:55:47 <AlexanderSalas> https://bitbucket.org/clokep
20:55:49 <clokep_retina> flo-retina: "Error: /home/buildbot/buildslave/linux/build/im/installer/removed-files.in:204: Removal of packaged file(s): components/libdbusservice.so"
20:55:55 <flo-retina> any volunteer to fix the manifest?
20:55:59 <clokep_retina> Haha.
20:56:27 <clokep_retina> Is it just removing that?
20:56:53 <aleth> AlexanderSalas: the repo you really need is on hg.mozilla.org ;)
20:57:01 --> Tonnes has joined #instantbird
20:57:28 <flo-retina> easiest patch ever, just remove this line: http://mxr.mozilla.org/comm-central/source/im/installer/removed-files.in#204
20:58:29 <clokep_retina> Oh we have that in there twice? (o_O)
20:58:40 <clokep_retina> AH!
20:58:44 <clokep_retina> Removed files, not package-manifest.
20:59:11 <flo-retina> we are now able to build it again, so it's no longer something to remove when updating :)
20:59:12 <aleth> Ah, flo "fixed" the gio bug in passing ;)
20:59:34 <flo-retina> aleth: more "removed" than "fixed" ;)
20:59:45 <aleth> undisabled ;)
20:59:51 <clokep_retina> aleth: So we can close that? :P
21:00:08 <-- CAKCy has quit (Quit: Have a great day everyone!)
21:00:09 <aleth> clokep_retina: Only if it actually distributes ;)
21:00:10 <flo-retina> clokep_retina: wait for at least a nightly? ;)
21:00:18 <clokep_retina> flo-retina: https://hg.mozilla.org/comm-central/rev/5ce2f8e2ce94
21:00:59 <flo-retina> clokep_retina: thanks!
21:01:13 <flo-retina> that probably means we aren't going to do a 64 bit nightly tonight
21:01:32 <clokep_retina> :(
21:01:36 <clokep_retina> Because of QQ?
21:02:03 <AlexanderSalas> oh! very good news
21:02:13 <AlexanderSalas> oh, sorry xD
21:02:40 <flo-retina> clokep_retina: because we need a new 32bit nightly first
21:02:47 <flo-retina> which won't be ready before 75 minutes
21:02:57 <clokep_retina> Ah.
21:03:06 <flo-retina> and that will be late for me to start poking at the 64bit slave and hoping to see the build finish before I go to bed.
21:03:14 <flo-retina> but yeah, QQ likely won't build on linux 64
21:03:19 <flo-retina> so we need to decide what we do with it
21:03:50 <clokep_retina> hg rm ;)
21:03:59 <clokep_retina> There's a "newer" plugin out there I started looking at.
21:04:04 <clokep_retina> But then decided I didn't really care. :-[
21:04:10 <clokep_retina> AlexanderSalas: And yes, that's my bitbucket.
21:04:13 <aleth> Yup, if anything we'd have to use the new plugin.
21:04:55 <flo-retina> clokep_retina: if we aren't sure we can maybe just remove it from the list of compiled prpls?
21:05:16 <clokep_retina> flo-retina: Sure, we could do that too. Or not compile it for 64-bit or a slew of other options.
21:05:50 <aleth> If we stop compiling it we can see if any nightly user actually complains.
21:06:34 <flo-retina> it's probably been broken for a long time
21:06:38 <flo-retina> (since the captcha thing)
21:06:43 <clokep_retina> Yep.
21:07:00 <clokep_retina> FWIW The new plug-in is purely new, no shared code.
21:07:11 <clokep_retina> So to update to it is essentially a removal and full add again.
21:11:41 <clokep_retina> flo-retina: I didn't bother starting a new nightly, should I?
21:12:15 * clokep_retina just did it
21:19:16 <-- clokep_retina has quit (Ping timeout)
21:22:13 * Fallen is now known as Fallen|away
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22:01:43 --> AlexanderSalas has joined #instantbird
22:16:28 --> clokep has joined #instantbird
22:16:29 * ChanServ sets mode +o clokep 
22:19:32 <AlexanderSalas> Benedikt Pfeifer [:Mic] dont use IRC?
22:21:40 <clokep> He hasn't been on in a while, why?
22:23:30 <AlexanderSalas> Only asking, maybe he is very busy
22:23:56 <AlexanderSalas> I will make an addon for fix the bug
22:24:25 <AlexanderSalas> The name like: URI Scheme Query Components Handler
22:24:27 <AlexanderSalas> like it?
22:25:16 <AlexanderSalas> Or "Protocol Handler"
22:26:07 <AlexanderSalas> I make the solution :)
22:26:08 <AlexanderSalas> But need the complete implementation...
22:26:08 <AlexanderSalas> But to make the firste release
22:26:15 <AlexanderSalas> I need a name xD
22:26:58 <flo-retina> maybe worry about the name only once you have something that works?
22:27:33 <clokep> AlexanderSalas: Or why not contribute a patch?
22:27:49 <AlexanderSalas> It works flo-retina
22:28:06 <AlexanderSalas> clokep: I need learn about bugzilla and patch
22:28:25 <clokep> AlexanderSalas: OK.
22:28:33 <clokep> I don't understand your point though. :)
22:28:37 <clokep> Learn about it! It's not too hard.
22:28:43 <AlexanderSalas> Can you tech me?
22:29:00 <AlexanderSalas> I prefer make patcht
22:29:09 <AlexanderSalas> patch!
22:29:29 <AlexanderSalas> the addon and the patch
22:30:53 <AlexanderSalas> https://github.com/alexsalas/instantbird-addon-protocol-handler
22:31:04 <AlexanderSalas> I'll push the code here
22:32:02 <clokep> AlexanderSalas: We'll help you, but I can't really "explain" what those are. I'd suggest you google what a patch is...and do you have questions about Bugzilla?
22:32:02 <-- rosonline has quit (Connection reset by peer)
22:33:17 <aleth> There's bound to be useful intro pages on MDN explaining how to produce a patch.
22:33:21 --> rosonline has joined #instantbird
22:33:54 <clokep> https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Developer_guide/How_to_Submit_a_Patch ? ;)
22:34:05 <clokep> And apparently https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mercurial_FAQ#How_can_I_generate_a_patch_for_somebody_else_to_check-in_for_me.3F too
22:34:05 <AlexanderSalas> Oh yes
22:35:31 <flo-retina> aleth: has the "split log files" patch been pushed to try?
22:35:57 <aleth> flo-retina: No, he did test it with TB though.
22:36:24 <aleth> Good idea to do that.
22:37:11 <flo-retina> if he tested locally, that's only one OS... :)
22:38:04 <aleth> Yup, let's ask for a try push.
22:38:32 <aleth> Assuming the tree reopens tomorrow...
22:38:54 <clokep> aleth: The tree does not hav eto be open for try.
22:38:55 <aleth> Or can you push to TB try with an older state of m-c?
22:39:05 <clokep> Oh, I see what you mean. :)
22:40:51 <flo-retina> ah... :(
22:41:01 <flo-retina> I hope we won't have to fix TB ourselves
22:41:07 * flo-retina has done enough build fixes lately
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22:52:12 * ChanServ sets mode +o aleth 
22:53:02 <instant-buildbot> build #1108 of linux-nightly-default is complete: Success [3build successful]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/linux-nightly-default/builds/1108
22:53:09 <aleth> \o/
22:56:19 --> rosonline has joined #instantbird
22:56:23 <flo-retina> oh!
23:03:29 <-- aleth has quit (Ping timeout)
23:04:08 <clokep> flo-retina: Congrats. :)
23:04:16 <flo-retina> thanks
23:04:19 --> aleth has joined #instantbird
23:04:19 * ChanServ sets mode +o aleth 
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23:15:44 <-- aleth has quit (Quit: exit stage left)
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