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07:26:37 <Mic> Hello!
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07:44:18 <sawrubh> o/
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08:23:31 <nhnt11> Hi
08:23:56 * nhnt11 forgot to write a blog post yesterday
08:24:00 <nhnt11> I'll do that after lunch..
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08:39:52 <mayanktg> Mic: Hello. The spacing problem is due to align="center".  border-bottom property is only for displayName. 
08:40:20 <mayanktg> Mic: The target switcher is changing for different protocols. I just confirmed that. 
08:41:30 <Mic> Nice
08:41:49 <Mic> How are you updating the target switcher?
08:43:18 <mayanktg> I have moved the code to initConversationUI. and using | this._conv.account.protocol.iconBaseURI + "icon.png" | to change the target switcher Icon
08:43:46 <mayanktg> ans similarly for the tooltiptext.
08:48:59 <Mic> mayanktg: have you tried setting a bottom-margin on the icons like the description has one?
08:49:31 <mayanktg> Mic: No not until now. I'm trying that.
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08:53:50 <mayanktg> Ah! Horrible :-|
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08:56:09 <sawrubh> Mic: do you any way to copy lines for a diff/patch without the '+'
08:56:20 <sawrubh> s/for/from
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08:57:34 <Mic> sawrubh: my editor has a shortcut to do that ("Strip first character").
08:57:41 <Mic> Might not be helpful if you're using something else.
08:57:42 <mayanktg> sawrubh: copy --> paste replace "+   " in your text editor by " " ;) just a thought though
08:58:03 <flo-retina> sawrubh: I just replace ^\+ with nothing using search & replace in my editor
08:58:20 <Mic> flo-retina: ++
08:58:41 <flo-retina> mayanktg: won't work for lines that aren't indented
08:59:33 <mayanktg> flo-retina: Ok! got it
09:02:41 <sawrubh> flo-retina: sweet!
09:02:52 <sawrubh> btw I thought you had gone by now :)
09:03:00 <flo-retina> yes, I'm offline
09:03:07 <sawrubh> hee hee
09:03:26 * flo-retina was actually just checking the weather forecasts (rain for today and tomorrow :() before putting the laptop away
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09:21:15 <Mic> mayanktg: so what are you doing next?
09:21:26 <Mic> (or now)
09:23:01 <mayanktg> Mic: We have to enable/disable the buttons if they are not in use (like if webcam isn't present we have to disable the camera).
09:23:45 <mayanktg> Mic: Do we need to define this here only?
09:24:47 <mayanktg> What should I add more to it?
09:25:39 <mayanktg> Shall I upload my WIP to BMO?
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09:31:39 <Mic> Uploading a WIP somewhere never hurts ;)
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10:01:15 <Mic> mayanktg: the patch making the list of toolbarbuttons extensible should only contain changes necessary for that. Adding extra buttons (like the one for video calls) is good for testing but it isn't in the scope of this bug.
10:03:31 <mayanktg> Mic: Ok. I'll remove that. aleth's comment said that we might want buttons like one in FF toolbar. 
10:09:32 <Mic> I'll be away during the afternoon, so let me know if there's questions that you need to have answered before that.
10:10:04 <Mic> *are
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10:10:48 <mayanktg> Ok
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10:28:05 <clokep> nhnt11, sawrubh, mayanktg: Not sure when you plan on doing blog posts, but remember to do them at least once a week. :)
10:29:49 <sawrubh> clokep: I wanted to talk to you about the scope
10:30:14 <clokep> sawrubh: Did you see my conversation lats night with Florian?
10:31:51 <sawrubh> ah
10:32:57 <sawrubh> so we want to land FileLink by the end of this week preferably with it preffed off, having pref pane, addAccountDialog and the notifbox to choose the FileLink Provider
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10:33:59 <clokep> That sounds like a good goal, yes. :)
10:34:08 <clokep> Do you understand what I mean when I say "preffed off"?
10:34:23 <sawrubh> yes, a pref in about config with it turned off by default
10:34:44 <clokep> Cool, do you have any ideas of how we could do that for this stuff?
10:35:22 <sawrubh> I'll take a look at how we do it for libpurple vs js-xmpp probably? will need to take a look and get back to you on that
10:35:41 <clokep> Hmm...I don't think that will help.
10:36:01 <clokep> But generally you want to find a location (or a small number) where you can check the pref and disable the feature. :)
10:36:06 <clokep> Let me know if you want to brainstorm.
10:36:53 <clokep> mayanktg: Did you post a screenshot of your current patch and I missed it?
10:37:04 <nhnt11> clokep: I'm writing one right now :)
10:39:11 <mayanktg> clokep: The "generic buttons" patch? No I didn't add one. It was the screenshot of a styling error I was having.
10:40:09 <sawrubh> clokep: btw we'll aim to work on the progress bar (using Fx Download Panel) next week (after landing this patch)? Then later we'll remove the notifbox, the pref pane stays and we'll add a dialog to choose between protocol implementation and FileLink, land that and then pref it on, this is the overall plan right :)
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10:46:07 <clokep> sawrubh: We have to land the protocol implementations too before preffing it on!
10:46:19 <clokep> I.e. hooking up to libpurple + the XMPP implementations.
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10:51:17 <sawrubh> clokep: also what about that question of mine, asking the user when to send the link instead of just sending it whenever we are done uploading
10:51:36 <sawrubh> are we fine with this send-whenever-uploaded behavior for this week?
10:51:51 <clokep> sawrubh: I think for now, yes.
10:52:18 <sawrubh> (like Facebook only sends when the user presses enter, something of that sort later on probably, will need to iron that out with aleth and others too)
10:52:45 <clokep> The other thing I was thinking was just putting the link in the input box but not sending it.
10:53:03 <clokep> Or some sentence + the link "So and so has shared a file with you: blah blah"
10:55:12 <nhnt11> clokep: So the patch for bug 955292 is getting quite large. I'm wondering if we can move the tests to another bug and land them together?
10:55:14 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=955292 enh, --, ---, nhnt11, ASSI, Read/write chat logs asynchronously
10:55:22 <nhnt11> Rather, a separate patch
10:55:26 <nhnt11> Never mind
10:55:56 <clokep> nhnt11: You never need to ask that.
10:56:04 <clokep> You can of course separate the tests out.
10:56:13 <nhnt11> Hence the "never mind" :)
10:57:05 <clokep> That patch is hard to read with the amount of code being moved around. :(
10:57:28 <nhnt11> Yeah, not an easy review I'm afraid :(
10:57:48 <nhnt11> I've squashed some bugs but I'm betting there are more lurking about..
10:57:51 * sawrubh thought clokep's was talking about his patch since that does a lot of movement too
10:59:21 <clokep> sawrubh: That too! But yours is slightly easier since it's moving entire files. :)
10:59:48 <clokep> Diffs are really hard to read when a lot of code is moved within the same file.
11:00:10 * clokep wonders if qheaden has had any time to work on JS-Yahoo. . .
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11:01:12 <sawrubh> btw last night it didn't work with qref and even monkey-patching the patches, when I tried export->manually editing patches->importing them
11:02:54 <sawrubh> it showed some errors while applying and the qref method doesn't scale well (because it's not additive)
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11:32:24 <aleth_web> sawrubh: it's easy to break diffs when hand-editing them
11:32:36 <sawrubh> seems that's what I did
11:32:49 <aleth_web> For example if your editor strips trailing spaces...
11:33:07 <sawrubh> I found it easier to make the changes from scratch (after spending quite some time fixing those manual edited patches)
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11:35:04 <nhnt11-phone> sawrubh: are you trying to merge two patches into one?
11:35:22 <sawrubh> nhnt11-phone: I was trying to move changes from mq to another
11:35:45 <nhnt11-phone> Ah, tricky. 
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11:46:22 <nhnt11> sawrubh: You could try the shelve extension btw
11:46:48 <clokep_work> sawrubh: One thing I'll do sometimes is use qnew a bunch of times to separate out all the different aspects into separate patches.
11:46:55 <nhnt11> It lets you shelve individual changes (instead of the whole file) so you could shelve away stuff, qref the remaining stuff onto the patch, unshelve, and create a new patch
11:46:57 <clokep_work> And then qfold the ones I want together into a single patch.
11:47:36 * ChanServ sets mode +o clokep_work 
11:47:49 <aleth_web> Yup, it's easy to forget about qfold.
11:47:53 * clokep_work loves how auto-identify works. :)
11:48:07 <sawrubh> what's auto-identify?
11:48:22 <sawrubh> IRC op thingy?
11:48:33 <nhnt11> sawrubh: Identifies your nick with your password
11:48:37 <nhnt11> on IRC yeah
11:49:03 <sawrubh> yeah, someone needs to fix it's code :)
11:49:11 <sawrubh> didn't identify clokep_work the first time :P
11:57:43 <mayanktg> aleth_web: http://i.imgur.com/S65JaA3.png I changed the window size to very small and brought it back to the original size. The buttons were back to original.
11:58:12 <mayanktg> aleth_web: we need buttons like in the FF toolbar right?
11:58:37 <aleth_web> mayanktg: good! so it works ;)
11:58:46 <aleth_web> Yes the buttons should make it clear they are buttons on hover.
11:59:18 <aleth_web> Maybe you can reuse the CSS from there.
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12:01:05 <mayanktg> Ok. you mean using the same classes from browser.css ?
12:01:57 <Mic|mobile> Mayanktg, check if there are rules that you could copy instead of writing them from scratch.
12:02:11 <Mic|mobile> :)
12:02:45 <clokep_work> sawrubh: I don't understand what you're saying...I'm saying that it's awesome that it DID work. I logged in with a different nick, changed my nick and was automatically identified.
12:02:50 <clokep_work> It has nothing to do with opping.
12:07:10 <clokep_work> If it /did/ auto-op me...that would be even more awesome. ;)
12:07:20 <clokep_work> But that's hard. :P
12:07:36 <nhnt11> clokep_work: Didn't it kinda auto-op you just now?
12:07:41 <nhnt11> When your nick got identified
12:07:43 <clokep_work> nhnt11: No...
12:07:47 <clokep_work> I told chanserv to op me.
12:07:55 <nhnt11> Is auto-op even relevant from teh client side\
12:07:57 <nhnt11> the*
12:07:58 <nhnt11> oh
12:08:17 <clokep_work>  /chanserv op #instantbird
12:08:38 * nhnt11 thinks the server should give you op automatically once your nick is identified
12:08:45 * nhnt11 realizes IRC doesn't care what he thinks
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12:10:29 <sawrubh> clokep_work: so http://mxr.mozilla.org/comm-central/source/mozilla/modules/libpref/src/prefapi.cpp#484 throws some errors when the learnmore url pref isn't set
12:11:05 <nhnt11> aleth_web: Do you think I should work on updating Tb logger.js consumers or work on tests?
12:11:07 <clokep_work> nhnt11: I think so too, but oh well. ;) It's possible I just have a setting wrong too.
12:11:29 <clokep_work> sawrubh: You want to be looking in the cloudfile link that uses that URL.
12:11:57 <clokep_work> nhnt11: The TB patch can probably be separate too btw.
12:12:07 <nhnt11> Yeah, definitely :)
12:12:36 <nhnt11> I'm going to separate the Instantbird conversation.xml/viewlog.js changes into a different patch too (even though they're small changes)
12:14:00 <sawrubh> clokep_work: you mean this is not the right place to check what's the behavior when the pref isn't set? I should check in the cloudfile code
12:14:16 <clokep_work> nhnt11: That sounds reasonable. :)
12:14:37 <clokep_work> sawrubh: I'm saying that you're looking in super low-level platform code, you need to look higher up at how that pref is used.
12:14:49 <clokep_work> Maybe we have to fix something in cloudfile code to NOT do something if the pref isn'ts et.
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12:16:22 <sawrubh> clokep_work: do we have a support website btw, just wondering
12:16:36 <clokep_work> instantbird.com has support information.
12:16:39 <clokep_work> It has the FAQ.
12:17:21 <sawrubh> probably we could add an article over there and link this pref to that, an article which is more IB specific and how FileLink works in IB
12:18:01 <sawrubh> for now, we can somehow just disable the button or remove it when the pref isn't set
12:18:25 <clokep_work> sawrubh: I don't think you're understanding what I asked you to do. :-\
12:18:35 <clokep_work> sawrubh: First check what that pref is even used for
12:18:40 <clokep_work> And where in the code it is used.
12:19:25 <sawrubh> I've checked it, so it's used in the Add Account Dialog, as the url address for the learn more button on that dialog
12:21:50 <clokep_work> Can you point me to the code?
12:22:07 <clokep_work> Is there something reasonable to do if the pref doesn't exist?
12:22:21 <sawrubh> clokep_work: http://mxr.mozilla.org/comm-central/source/mail/components/cloudfile/content/addAccountDialog.js#79
12:23:22 <sawrubh> that handling when the pref doesn't exist will be done by the getCharPref function, I'll see if the error propagates upto addAccountDialog so that we can handle it there
12:24:14 <sawrubh> http://mxr.mozilla.org/comm-central/source/mozilla/modules/libpref/public/nsIPrefBranch.idl#102 doesn't seem to specify the return value when error is there
12:24:28 * clokep_work is surprised there's no "isPref" or "hasPref"
12:24:42 <clokep_work> Can you catch the error?
12:25:06 <sawrubh> sure, try catch it is
12:26:16 <clokep_work> aleth_web: ^ Do you know if you can cehck if a pref exists?
12:26:23 <clokep_work> I know you can check if a user has modified it...
12:26:48 <clokep_work> sawrubh: In the catch, hide the element (i.e. learnMore).
12:30:28 <clokep_work> sawrubh: If it doesn't catch the error....well...just put a blank pref for now or something. Maybe we'll have you make the webpage for it too. ;)
12:30:41 <sawrubh> e_e
12:31:14 <sawrubh> clokep_work: one more thing, so we're moving things (cloudfile to chat/), before the end of this week, we'll need to ensure TB builds and works too, which will involve having cloudfile in TB too
12:31:18 <sawrubh> sounds like trouble to me
12:32:23 <clokep_work> sawrubh: Why "sounds like trouble to me"?
12:32:47 <sawrubh> because we just moved cloudfile out of TB, which it'll look for when building
12:41:00 <clokep_work> sawrubh: Yes, we need to ensure that still works. ;)
12:42:41 * sawrubh expects some build-system hacking for that
12:46:25 <clokep_work> Why?
12:46:31 <clokep_work> I don't understand what you're scared of. :-S
12:46:40 <clokep_work> Or what concerns you.
12:46:50 <clokep_work> Thunderbird already builds chat, so hopefully most of it will "just work".
12:48:04 <sawrubh> ah, I forgot for a moment that TB uses chat but we can't make use of TB stuff from chat
12:48:09 <sawrubh> it's clear now :)
12:49:11 <clokep_work> Alright. :)
12:49:18 <clokep_work> We still have to make sure it works though. ;)
13:10:06 <clokep_work> sawrubh: So were you able to properly qref all your stuff and everything? I hope you're not stuck on that. :-\
13:10:55 <sawrubh> yes, that's done. Just working on getting the pref pane and addressing your other comments
13:11:32 <clokep_work> OK. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't holding you up.
13:16:10 <sawrubh> clokep_work: btw do you have a good name in mind for the file I'll try to move the handlers method to (right now it's dropFile.js)
13:17:06 <sawrubh> probably addAccoundDialogHandlers.js (probably too long :) )
13:17:55 <clokep_work> sawrubh: It's not just about adding an account though, doesn't it have all the stuff for cloudfile?
13:18:06 <clokep_work> Why not just cloudFile.js or convCloudFile.js or something?
13:18:52 <sawrubh> convCloudFile.js sounds good
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13:21:24 --> sonny has joined #instantbird
13:23:12 * nhnt11 is excited about filelink :)
13:25:13 * mayanktg wants to know what would sawrubh transfer and to whom when the patch lands ;)
13:25:35 <sawrubh> and me about infinite scroll and using WebRTC :)
13:26:26 * Fallen|away is now known as Fallen
13:27:39 <sawrubh> mayanktg: right now I've just been sending screenshots to myself :)
13:28:21 <sawrubh> that's the only thing my slow bandwidth can upload :3 :P
13:30:06 <aleth_web> clokep_work: iirc prefs that are used are always supposed to have a default value, so there isn't any "exists" beyond "has the user modified the value"
13:30:57 <clokep_work> aleth_web: So any thoughts on the error sawrubh got? Should we just make that pref and point to about:blank or something for now?
13:32:41 <aleth_web> Yes, it seems the right thing to do is to keep the pref and point somewhere harmless. After all when we ship this we'd want to point at some similar page, right?
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13:34:20 <clokep_work> Yeah OK.
13:34:26 <clokep_work> sawrubh: ^ That work for you?
13:34:32 <clokep_work> Hopefully you didn't waste too mcuh time... :-[
13:35:15 <sawrubh> about:blank it is then
13:35:32 * sawrubh would've preferred the TB support page link for the time being though
13:35:47 <sawrubh> that atleast explains to people what this is. even though it might be TB specific
13:37:18 <clokep_work> I don't have a strong opinion either way. ;)
13:37:41 <aleth_web> nhnt11: I agree with not touching TB until the IB code is pretty much r+
13:37:49 <nhnt11> Cool
13:38:00 * nhnt11 has never built tb, nor used it in a couple years
13:38:03 * sawrubh keeps it pointed to the TB article (until flo-retina notices it)
13:38:14 <sawrubh> I'll file a follow up bug to change this :)
13:39:21 <Fallen> Finally, I will never again talk to people that have left. I have an extension that removes the recently parted people from nickname autocomplete :-)
13:39:41 <sawrubh> Fallen: +1
13:39:47 <aleth_web> nhnt11: Building TB will be no problem at all now we are in c-c all you need is to change a couple lines in the mozconfig.
13:40:11 <nhnt11> Yeah, that's a plus
13:40:34 <sawrubh> Fallen: why not add that as a IB feature? (if it makes sense for enough people)
13:40:42 <aleth_web> Fallen: We could have added a hidden pref for that
13:40:47 <clokep_work> Fallen: Interesting, we actually added that as a feature at one point...
13:40:58 <clokep_work> Because we we were annoyed auto-complete wouldn't work if someone blipped out for a second.
13:41:03 <Fallen> florian said its a feature, not a bug :-)
13:41:04 <clokep_work> Maybe the timeout on it is too long?
13:41:10 <aleth_web> sawrubh: The completion for people that left a couple minutes ago was added because we were constantly talking to people who had just left ;)
13:41:15 <clokep_work> Fallen: That doesn't mean the feature shouldn't be tweaked! :)
13:41:34 <Fallen> I often use autocomplete to check if someone is still there, and I've been bitten by it a few times
13:41:37 <aleth_web> Right, maybe the timeout on that is too long?
13:41:58 <aleth_web> 5 minutes iirc
13:42:48 <aleth_web> But yeah, it's not expected to substitute for presence I guess
13:42:54 <Fallen> I use a bouncer, it replays what people have said when I come online. I guess IB thinks they "recently parted" in that case
13:43:09 <Fallen> I could make the timeout an int pref
13:43:33 <clokep_work> Ah! That's probably some of the difficulty! :( The replaying. . .
13:43:47 <aleth_web> Hmm, so it's a bouncer issue really.
13:43:53 <Fallen> yeah :-)
13:43:54 <aleth_web> I wonder what happens to the message timestamps
13:44:33 <Fallen> timestamp is probably the moment its replayed, but the real time is displayed as part of the message (the bouncer does that)
13:45:09 <aleth_web> What a mess.
13:45:36 <Fallen> Anyway, if you want me to make it a hidden int pref, let me know. If it should be exposed I think a checkbox would be enough though ("Autocomplete recently parted nicks [  ]").
13:45:55 <Fallen> buddies...
13:49:27 <clokep_work> Well, that's what extensions are for. ;)
13:49:36 <clokep_work> Maybe one day aleth_web will split that code out into a separate module. :P
13:49:41 <clokep_work> :nudge nudge, wink wink:
13:50:00 * aleth_web has a nice WIP and then gsoc happened :P
13:55:53 <aleth_web> Fallen: Maybe the addon could be expanded to basically set things up nicely for people using that bouncer?
13:59:32 <Fallen> aleth_web: well, the parted thing is really personal preference, but I guess it could fit in with a such extension. The problem is that I need to copy a huge method from conversations.xml to remove a few lines, therefore its not really good for version compatibility. If I find more bouncer specific things I'll add it to that extension though :-)
14:04:28 <clokep_work> aleth_web: Btw "that bouncer" is ZNC.
14:05:07 <aleth_web> Fallen: It sounds like that feature is pretty broken when using ZNC, so if adding an about:config pref simplifies things for you, please do.
14:05:50 <mayanktg> aleth_web, Mic: Probably close. I have to add focus property to it too http://i.imgur.com/7ehJvSa.png. What should I add next? (The icons won't be included in the patch, it was just to show the properties of the icon :) )
14:06:19 <aleth_web> mayanktg: Looks like progress :)
14:07:29 <sawrubh> mayanktg: wow, it's looking really good!
14:08:25 <mayanktg> aleth_web, sawrubh: :) 
14:09:50 <clokep_work> It'd be neat if the protocol switcher had a panel dropdown, I think.
14:10:30 <aleth_web> mayanktg: It looks a little bit more polished in the FX toolbar (eg the download/bookmark icons), can you use some more of that CSS from there?
14:11:11 <mayanktg> aleth_web: Yes. Its a bit tricky to borrow css from the FX toolbar. I'm polishing it more :)
14:12:09 <mayanktg> clokep_work: Yes. I'll create a common dropdown panel class which can be used by every other buttons
14:13:34 <aleth_web> That seems outside the scope of this bug though.
14:14:45 <clokep_work> aleth_web: True. :-\
14:14:45 <mayanktg> clokep_work: Currently protocol switcher doesn't have a dropdown? I mean there's a menupopup defined in target stwitcher toolbarbutton but does it work? :-o
14:14:49 <clokep_work> I just hate that menu. :-D
14:14:55 <clokep_work> mayanktg: Yes, of course.
14:15:18 <clokep_work> mayanktg: Do oyu have any contacts in multiple protocols?
14:16:17 <mayanktg> clokep_work: Oh..that's great ! I never grouped them together  ;)
14:16:46 <clokep_work> mayanktg: Can I ask why? Was it not obvious? Did you not care?
14:18:18 <mayanktg> I mostly use Gtalk and IRC. and they are two mutually exclusive groups in my case.
14:21:26 --> mconley has joined #instantbird
14:29:43 <-- mayanktg has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.6a1pre -- http://www.instantbird.com)
14:46:36 * Fallen is now known as Fallen|away
14:47:43 --> chrisccoulson has joined #instantbird
14:47:45 --> iamjayakumars has joined #instantbird
15:17:38 <sawrubh> clokep_work: do we use TODO or XXX in our files for things to be done?
15:19:23 <instantbot> New Chat Core - General bug 1017034 filed by saurabhanandiit@gmail.com.
15:19:25 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1017034 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, 'Learn More' url needs to be changed to something Instantbird specific
15:19:45 <clokep_work> sawrubh: TODO generally means "This needs to be done eventually" XXX means "this needs to be done before checking in"
15:27:32 --> arlolra has joined #instantbird
15:29:01 --> mayanktg has joined #instantbird
15:29:37 <clokep_work> mayanktg: If you need someone, you can add my gtalk & IRC to have a grouped contact.
15:29:48 <clokep_work> (Or just add me as two irc contacts: clokep_work and clokep)
15:32:20 <aleth_web> mayanktg: Get yourself an XMPP account and add your gtalk friends as XMPP buddies ;)
15:32:36 <mayanktg> clokep_work: Ok. Thanks :)
15:33:21 <nhnt11> aleth_web: "Wasn't it part of the discussion with Yoric that people usually forget to check for errors on close?" Can't believe I missed this :-/
15:33:49 <aleth_web> I guess it proved his point :D
15:33:55 <sawrubh> mayanktg: make sure you get an XMPP account from a provider who's not banned everywhere
15:34:11 <mayanktg> aleth_web: I have an XMPP account. Hmm..adding :D
15:34:25 <sawrubh> I got one from ch3kr.de and zsim.de and they are both not able to connect to devel@conference.pidgin.im for some reason
15:34:46 <mayanktg> sawrubh: I have one from ch3kr.de :-|
15:34:51 <sawrubh> guess the pidgin folks have got a thing for the germans
15:35:19 <clokep_work> aleth_web: Should I be reading that async patch at some point?
15:35:22 <clokep_work> It vaguely scares me. ;)
15:35:23 <nhnt11> aleth_web: The errors will propagate. If anything in getLogfilePathForConversation throws, the Task will reject. yield on a rejected promise throws, which is caught by the catch block :)
15:35:44 <nhnt11> Tasks make things pretty convenient :)
15:36:28 <aleth_web> nhnt11: Yup, I thought that's what happens, but it is good to check and make sure :)
15:37:27 <aleth_web> Tasks are great. There are promise-related blog posts that try to do what Task does manually, it gets very messy very fast.
15:37:47 <aleth_web> clokep_work: Feel free to chip in if you have time, it's improving nicely and becoming more complete.
15:38:24 <aleth_web> Not really that scary actually, it's just that logger.js is not the simplest file ;)
15:38:40 <clokep_work> Yes. :)
15:38:56 <clokep_work> Eek, my push last night had quite a bit of orange/red.
15:39:08 <aleth_web> oops. Did we miss a test?
15:40:13 <aleth_web> clokep_work: looks unrelated
15:40:46 <aleth_web> "no objdir" ?!
15:40:58 <clokep_work> aleth_web: Yes, I'm confident it is. :-D
15:41:27 <clokep_work> Bleh I always find tooltips w/o an icon to look a bit funky.
15:41:34 <clokep_work> (And the tops of conversations, actually...)
15:42:04 <aleth_web> maybe that's why Mic was playing around with AVATAR ;)
15:42:27 <clokep_work> But you can still have people without them...
15:42:43 <clokep_work> I think if we just shifted the title left in that case and extended the line it would look nice.
15:43:08 <aleth_web> Try it :)
15:47:01 <-- gerard-majax_ has quit (Ping timeout)
15:51:37 --> Armada has joined #instantbird
15:58:57 * clokep_work pokes arlolra.
15:59:00 <clokep_work> How goes the OTR stuff? :)
15:59:13 <arlolra> I thought you were going to ask about hocket
15:59:19 <arlolra> s/hocket/hockey/
16:00:47 <arlolra> clokep_work: overall it's going well. I didn't get a chance to implement flo's proposal this weekend but I
16:00:56 <arlolra> 'll have time tomorrow or friday to get started
16:01:41 <clokep_work> Cool. :)
16:01:55 <clokep_work> The game last night was exciting though.
16:02:57 <arlolra> so many goals!
16:03:40 <arlolra> I fear Lundqvist's bounce back next game
16:03:59 <clokep_work> Maybe. He chokes under pressure though, we'll see. ;)
16:04:06 <clokep_work> Back at the Garden though. So...that's good for them.
16:07:46 <arlolra> I wish Vanek would do something
16:11:28 <clokep_work> He was good on the Islanders. :P
16:12:08 <aleth_web> nhnt11: Heh, that disabled attribute bug you found -- I thought I had seen it before, and indeed it's also fixed in one of my patches sitting in flo's review queue ;)
16:13:20 <-- chrisccoulson has quit (Ping timeout)
16:13:49 <nhnt11> aleth_web: Oh, is there a bug filed?
16:14:19 <aleth_web> It's in bug 955000
16:14:22 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=955000 enh, --, ---, aleth, ASSI, Add someone as a buddy directly from an open conversation
16:14:27 <nhnt11> Thanks
16:15:14 <clokep_work> Is that something I should review instead?
16:15:37 <clokep_work> Ah, looks ilke I gave feedback
16:16:25 <aleth_web> clokep_work: If you have time, feel free to steal the review. It would be nice if it doesn't bitrot.
16:20:44 <clokep_work> aleth_web: It's longer than I expected.
16:20:59 <clokep_work> :P
16:21:09 <aleth_web> Right, I had to clean up some code to do it properly...
16:21:11 <clokep_work> But as long as sawrubh doesn't throw up a new patch at me in the next five minutes, I can probabl ylook over it.
16:21:33 <aleth_web> iirc it's not difficult but moves stuff around.
16:22:06 <sawrubh> clokep_work: I'll take some time, go ahead with taking a look at aleth_web's patch
16:25:29 <-- clokep_work has quit (Ping timeout)
16:25:44 --> clokep_work has joined #instantbird
16:25:44 * ChanServ sets mode +o clokep_work 
16:28:03 --> rosonline has joined #instantbird
16:30:18 <-- jb has quit (Ping timeout)
16:34:24 <sawrubh> where is the icon on the pref pane used by the Attachments tab set in http://mxr.mozilla.org/comm-central/source/mail/components/preferences/applications.xul?
16:34:33 <sawrubh> the paper clip icon
16:39:00 * clokep_work has no idea.
16:40:09 <sawrubh> my question is I'm trying to clone the tab in the Preferences where the storage for the FileLink providers will be shown
16:40:15 --> Mook_as has joined #instantbird
16:40:40 <aleth_web> sawrubh: Maybe first make some TB and IB screenshots and discuss what you are planning with clokep_work ;)
16:40:43 <sawrubh> I'm trying to see how to set the icon shown on top of a particular tab in the Preference Pane
16:41:12 <mpmc>  
16:41:53 <sawrubh> aleth_web: I'm trying to add https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Thunderbird/Filelink_Providers#Management_interface
16:42:35 <mpmc> O.o, sorry for the empty message folks, forgot I'd changed window focus >.<
16:43:12 * sawrubh wonders how can one send an empty message
16:43:14 <aleth_web> OK, so cloudfile has its own self-contained pane?
16:43:25 <sawrubh> use one of the IRC commands
16:43:46 <aleth_web> You could DOM inspect TB to see where that icon is coming from.
16:44:39 <mayanktg> aleth_web: How to get Anonymous element from other binding? I'm trying to add menupopup for target switcher. But getting error | TypeError: targetButton is null | at this line http://mxr.mozilla.org/comm-central/source/im/content/conversation.xml#2144 .
16:45:00 <mayanktg> aleth_web: here's the current diff http://pastebin.instantbird.com/720402
16:45:07 <-- clokep_work has quit (Ping timeout)
16:46:17 <sawrubh> aleth_web: you meant this pane that I'm trying to add when you said http://log.bezut.info/instantbird/140527/#m640
16:46:20 <sawrubh> ?
16:46:39 <aleth_web> Yes
16:47:17 <aleth_web> Though I doubt we want to call it "Attachments" for IB
16:47:45 <sawrubh> yeah, that can be changed later once I get this inherited :)
16:47:50 <aleth_web> What's in the "incoming" panel?
16:48:26 <sawrubh> I don't have TB installed (but I would take a guess), it would contains settings for how incoming attachments are to be handled
16:48:32 <sawrubh> like saving locally etc
16:49:15 <aleth_web> mayanktg: I think the way you are adding the buttons, they are no longer anonymous content.
16:49:30 <sawrubh> aleth_web: the outgoing tab is mostly handles by http://mxr.mozilla.org/comm-central/source/mail/components/preferences/applications.js#513
16:49:39 <aleth_web> mayanktg: So getAnonymousElementByAttribute is the wrong thing to use
16:50:22 --> clokep_work has joined #instantbird
16:50:22 * ChanServ sets mode +o clokep_work 
16:50:30 <mayanktg> aleth_web: Ok. 
16:51:16 <aleth_web> sawrubh: I still recommend talking with clokep_work about how you are going to add this to IB, and whether/how much of it needs to be forked or not.
16:51:25 <nhnt11> aleth_web: "I think you want to make a promise directly here" That would mean importing Promise.jsm just for that one line
16:51:27 <aleth_web> My guess is you want s/Attachments/File transfer
16:51:32 <aleth_web> nhnt11: No
16:51:47 <aleth_web> let promise = new Promise(...) ?
16:51:50 <clokep_work> sawrubh, aleth_web: Generally preferences stuff is fully forked.
16:51:51 * nhnt11 doesn't know how to create Promises other than Promise.defer()
16:52:03 <nhnt11> aleth_web: Does that work?
16:52:19 <aleth_web> yes
16:53:02 <-- sonny has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.6a1pre -- http://www.instantbird.com)
16:53:15 <aleth_web> You are using this, DOM Promises https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Global_Objects/Promise
16:53:40 <nhnt11> Bah.
16:53:41 <nhnt11> Thanks!
16:53:43 <clokep_work> sawrubh: So you're right, the we don't need the incoming tab (that's for incoming messages).
16:53:52 <clokep_work> And I'd call the overall tab "File transfers" most likely.
16:55:23 <aleth_web> Will we want the incoming tab when we have incoming file transfers? (thinking ahead)
16:55:46 <clokep_work> aleth_web: I need flo to review that patch. :-\
16:56:01 <aleth_web> np
16:56:07 <nhnt11> aleth_web: Thanks for that link, I can replace .then(null, onRejected) with .catch(onRejected) everywhere.
16:56:21 <aleth_web> ah yes, I wanted to mention that too and forgot!
16:56:31 <aleth_web> sorry.
16:56:47 <nhnt11> Why have I never seen catch() before in all the documentation that I read :(
16:57:08 <aleth_web> Because there is unholy confusion between various different implementations in the details.
16:57:58 <nhnt11> promise.then(null, (aError) => {...}) is pretty ugly.
16:59:01 <nhnt11> aleth_web: Ah, I can use Promise.resolve(new Log(aFilePath))
16:59:10 <nhnt11> That will give me a Promise that's already resolved
16:59:57 <nhnt11> Heh, Promise.race is fun
17:07:38 <aleth_web> Yup!
17:21:16 <nhnt11> aleth_web: So I definitely didn't handle errors properly in _getLogArray and getLogsFor*
17:21:34 <nhnt11> aleth_web: I think I was going to handle them from UI, but then changed my mind and forgot
17:21:52 <nhnt11> aleth_web: How about returning an EmptyEnumerator if there was an error, and dumping the error to the error console?
17:22:33 <aleth_web> Sounds OK, I'll review it in context.
17:22:39 <nhnt11> Okay.
17:22:56 <nhnt11> aleth_web: It would result in the Show Logs menu item being disabled, by the way
17:23:11 <aleth_web> Right.
17:23:28 <nhnt11> Sorry for the multiple consecutive pings :]
17:25:05 <nhnt11> Hmm, maybe I just want to make the try{} block in _getLogArray encapsulate the whole thing instead of only the iterator part
17:25:12 <nhnt11> That would result in an empty enumerator being returned
17:25:13 <nhnt11> cool
17:25:19 * nhnt11 thinks out loud a bit much sometimes
17:31:57 <-- rosonline has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.5 -- http://www.instantbird.com)
17:39:01 <-- iamjayakumars has quit (Quit: )
17:39:04 --> Vigilante has joined #instantbird
17:48:08 <clokep_work> sawrubh: Any luck with the preferences?
17:49:09 --> iamjayakumars has joined #instantbird
17:49:26 <-- nhnt11 has quit (Ping timeout)
17:52:18 --> nhnt11 has joined #instantbird
18:00:16 <mayanktg> aleth_web: What sould I use instead of getAnonymousElementByAttribute ? Or the method I'm using to create toolbarbutton is wrong? Seems I would have to change a lot in the code then :-| 
18:00:32 <aleth_web> getElementBy...
18:03:35 <iamjayakumars> Hi, Instanbird always crash when i use the CMD+Q 
18:04:04 <iamjayakumars> if i goto instandbird app and right click > Quit, Quit without crashing
18:04:18 <iamjayakumars> i tried in stable and nightly, both same issue
18:04:39 <-- clokep_work has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.6a1pre -- http://www.instantbird.com)
18:04:43 --> clokep_work has joined #instantbird
18:04:44 * ChanServ sets mode +o clokep_work 
18:05:02 <clokep_work> iamjayakumars: Worked for me. :-S
18:05:04 <clokep_work> I wonder if it matters what window is focused...
18:05:38 <iamjayakumars> :O
18:10:18 <clokep_work> There's a ton of dupicated code around configuration accounts. :-\
18:11:26 <clokep_work> There's two files each for both IB & TB. :-S
18:12:36 <-- iamjayakumars has quit (Client exited)
18:12:40 <aleth_web> :-S
18:34:40 <-- mpmc has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.6a1pre -- http://www.instantbird.com)
18:51:56 <clokep_work> And this code is old. :-\
19:01:29 --> gerard-majax_ has joined #instantbird
19:07:26 <nhnt11> aleth_web: I'm working on the unification of Log and LogCluster, by the way. Since all the nsIFile objects are replaced by paths, the entries that LogCluster expects can just be an array of paths instead of objects with path and time properties (since the time can be obtained from the path)
19:07:48 <nhnt11> Sorry this is taking a while :-/
19:09:21 <nhnt11> Actually, maybe not. getDailyLogFromFile has to compute the time anyway to filter out entries relevant to the date we are targeting..
19:11:43 <clokep_work> I was going to say that it being an nsIFile vs. a string seems unrelated to it being an object w/ the date.
19:11:58 <clokep_work> aleth_web: Where are the getters for prefs? Are those just in jsProtoHelper? Why are those not on the interface?
19:13:49 <nhnt11> I guess we could've obtained the time from an nsIFile too, yeah
19:14:23 <clokep_work> :-S
19:14:28 <clokep_work> That isn't what I said.
19:15:01 <clokep_work> I'm saying "somethign most use those, why can't you just remove them?"
19:15:38 <nhnt11> clokep_work: What are "those" and "them" here?
19:16:03 <clokep_work> nhnt11: "Something must use the dates, why can you just remove them?"
19:16:21 <nhnt11> clokep_work: These objects are created for the sole purpose of constructing LogClusters
19:16:39 <nhnt11> So I was saying if we have the path, we might as well compute the date in the LogCluster constructor 
19:17:07 <nhnt11> But then I realized that we need to compute dates before we construct a LogCluster anyway, because we need to filter out log files that aren't for the require date
19:17:27 <clokep_work> OK.
19:18:37 --> sonny has joined #instantbird
19:21:03 --> CaptainCalliope has joined #instantbird
19:24:35 <nhnt11> Bah, turns out OS.File.Error.operation is something like "open" or "close"
19:25:08 * nhnt11 was confused by "human-readable error message detailing the I/O error"
19:25:53 <sawrubh> clokep_work: "Generally preferences stuff is fully forked." you meant I can easily copy those js and xul files?
19:26:30 <clokep_work> sawrubh: Be more specific.
19:28:04 <sawrubh> let me try something, then I'll get back with specific questions, I had just been wrapping my head around what TB is doing (an hour back)
19:29:02 <sawrubh> I'll proceed by copying relevant parts of http://mxr.mozilla.org/comm-central/source/mail/components/preferences/applications.xul and http://mxr.mozilla.org/comm-central/source/mail/components/preferences/applications.js
19:31:52 <clokep_work> sawrubh: Yep, I'd think those parts should just be copied into our prefs code.
19:31:58 <clokep_work> I.e. our prefs code is initially a copy of Firefoxes.
19:32:00 <clokep_work> Right aleth_web?
19:35:33 * nhnt11 is trying to debug http://pastebin.instantbird.com/720546 :S
19:35:50 <clokep_work> nhnt11: What do I need to do if I change an interface?
19:35:52 <clokep_work> instantbot: UUID
19:35:53 <instantbot> 824f5b1e-33ee-48c9-a93a-4e94057d7ef5 (/msg instantbot cid for CID form)
19:36:05 <nhnt11> clokep_work: do a ./mozilla/mach build
19:36:09 <nhnt11> (mach build im won't suffice)
19:36:15 <nhnt11> I didn't need to clobber
19:36:37 <clokep_work> Thanks.
19:38:34 <-- nhnt11 has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.6a1pre -- http://www.instantbird.com)
19:38:42 --> nhnt11 has joined #instantbird
19:39:53 * nhnt11 has no idea why it's trying to create the file twice
19:41:37 <clokep_work> Bah.
19:43:02 <nhnt11> Ugggghh
19:43:15 <nhnt11> I changed an object to a Map but missed a if (!(id in foo)) :(
19:44:33 <clokep_work> Lots of changes at once, eh? ;)
19:45:06 <nhnt11> Not lots, but a few yeah
19:45:29 * nhnt11 has been writing sloppy code tonight..
19:53:17 <nhnt11> aleth_web: Ping
19:53:48 <nhnt11> hmm, don't think he's around. clokep_work: ping
19:54:34 <clokep_work> nhnt11: pong
19:55:06 <nhnt11> So Florian was worried about trying to read a log file while there was a pending write to it. I started implementing a solution where OS.File promises are mapped to the path of the file, so that writing/reading code can communicate.
19:55:20 <nhnt11> I'm not wondering whether this is a good idea, because we have no idea how long a write may take
19:55:33 <nhnt11> So why not just read what we can instead of being blocked?
19:56:00 <clokep_work> What if the file is locked?
19:56:53 <nhnt11> clokep_work: Now I'm wondering if OS.File handles that (waits for a lock on the file)
19:56:58 <nhnt11> Hmm
19:57:40 <nhnt11> clokep_work: I'll ask Yoric about this. But what about the case when the file isn't locked?
19:58:02 <nhnt11> Do we really want to risk waiting for a write operation that may take a while, for the sake of ensuring we don't drop a single message?
19:58:24 <nhnt11> I feel like the race condition is very very rare, and wouldn't be very disastrous if it occurred 
19:59:29 <nhnt11> clokep_work: What exactly is the scenario you're imagining with the file being locked?
20:00:02 <nhnt11> clokep_work: Or are you suggesting I use locks xD
20:00:25 <clokep_work> nhnt11: I'm suggesting an OS might lock a file and not allow you to open it for reading.
20:00:32 <clokep_work> nhnt11: Race conditions are very very very bad.
20:01:00 <sawrubh> clokep_work: race conditions are very bad very very
20:01:06 <nhnt11> sawrubh: :P
20:01:52 <nhnt11> clokep_work: A race condition between two write operations would be pretty bad, but a race between a read and a write?
20:02:08 <nhnt11> Are you worried that the write would have written part of a buffer and the read would read it?
20:02:56 <clokep_work> nhnt11: I'm not florian, you have to ask him what he's worried about. :P
20:03:26 * nhnt11 asks Yoric about OS.File and race conditions
20:05:09 <-- sonny has quit (Ping timeout)
20:05:31 <-- clokep_work has quit (Ping timeout)
20:09:41 --> clokep_work has joined #instantbird
20:09:41 * ChanServ sets mode +o clokep_work 
20:11:51 --> EionRobb has joined #instantbird
20:13:01 <clokep_work> nhnt11: That's your best bet definitely.
20:13:22 <nhnt11> 01:42:30 - Yoric: OS.File uses a single I/O thread, so you will never have a race between a read() and a write().
20:13:25 <nhnt11> :)
20:13:38 <nhnt11> Apparently read and close might race though. Interesting..
20:17:16 --> Rym has joined #instantbird
20:20:57 <-- Rym has quit (Ping timeout)
20:26:17 <sawrubh> clokep_work: so I've made this change http://pastebin.instantbird.com/720591 and copied application.js/xul as cloudfile.js/xul inside im/content/preferences/ and I'm getting this error http://pastebin.instantbird.com/720592
20:26:51 <sawrubh> with http://pastebin.instantbird.com/720593 however, I don't get the error, the preference window opens, however I'm not able to click on the pref tab I added
20:27:29 <clokep_work> sawrubh: That's a pretty striaghtforward error that you've seen before.
20:27:41 <clokep_work> It means it can't find the entity &paneCloudfile.title;
20:27:43 <clokep_work> So you're missing a dtd
20:31:07 <clokep_work> sawrubh: I don't know if that paperclip icon makes the most sense for us, but I guess it's a good placeholder for now.
20:32:53 * clokep_work wonders if aleth_web figured out what he's working on yet. ;)
20:33:44 <sawrubh> aleth_web's also doing a GSoC ;)
20:34:33 <-- clokep_work has quit (Ping timeout)
20:36:20 --> sonny has joined #instantbird
20:48:54 <-- aleth_web has quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
21:18:00 <-- sonny has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.6a1pre -- http://www.instantbird.com)
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21:36:20 --> Rym has joined #instantbird
21:36:23 <nhnt11> Bah
21:36:31 <nhnt11> This whole promise queuing makes stuff hard to read
21:48:14 <-- mconley has quit (Input/output error)
21:51:45 --> rosonline has joined #instantbird
22:09:14 <nhnt11> Anyone around?
22:09:29 * nhnt11 wonders if sawrubh knows anything about promises
22:10:31 <sawrubh> nope :(
22:11:31 <EionRobb> promises are made to be broken
22:11:53 <sawrubh> nhnt11: Yoric would be the best guy afaik
22:12:11 <nhnt11> sawrubh: Yoric is inactive at the moment afaik.. I'll ping him anyway
22:12:23 <EionRobb> promises should be making things easier to read :)
22:12:23 <-- Rym has quit (Ping timeout)
22:12:33 <sawrubh> EionRobb: :)
22:13:09 * nhnt11 wonders if that means EionRobb knows about promises
22:13:17 <EionRobb> I do, but I won't admit it
22:13:37 <nhnt11> I've got this function: http://pastebin.instantbird.com/
22:14:10 <nhnt11> I need someone to confirm that if any of the intermediate promises rejects, the final returned promise will be rejected with the same reason :]
22:14:31 <EionRobb> that's a pretty blank looking function
22:14:37 <nhnt11> oops
22:14:48 <nhnt11> http://pastebin.instantbird.com/720696
22:16:53 <EionRobb> considering you don't have anything listening to failure...
22:17:17 <EionRobb> if the first promise fails, then the second promise isn't being called
22:18:12 <nhnt11> Bah
22:19:43 <nhnt11> Ugh
22:20:06 <nhnt11> This ensures the file is closed, but doesn't propagate the write error:  http://pastebin.instantbird.com/720698
22:22:03 <EionRobb> or any open error
22:27:03 --> Rym has joined #instantbird
22:28:17 <-- arlolra has quit (Quit: arlolra)
22:29:28 --> arlolra has joined #instantbird
22:30:05 <nhnt11> I think what I want is something like this: https://pastebin.mozilla.org/5274480
22:30:40 <nhnt11> That ensures that open(), write(), and close() errors are propagated
22:30:53 <nhnt11> The problem is if write() and the close() in the catch block both throw
22:30:54 <EionRobb> .open() doesn't throw an exception in mozilla?
22:31:31 <EionRobb> you probably want the .close() in a finally {} block instead of twice in the catch and not the catch
22:31:53 <nhnt11> If I put it in the finally, it won't get called since the catch block throws
22:34:15 <EionRobb> I'll admit I haven't tried that in javascript, but a finally{} in other languages is called even if there's a new exception thrown in the catch{}
22:35:27 * nhnt11 can't find any evidence of that for JS
22:35:42 <nhnt11> And I didn't know that happened even in other languages...
22:36:08 <EionRobb> https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Statements/try...catch specifically has the file closing example in their 'finally' clause description :)
22:36:35 <nhnt11> EionRobb: That's the standard example for finally clauses
22:36:45 <nhnt11> It doesn't say anywhere that finally is called even if catch throws though
22:36:55 <EionRobb> if only there was some way to find out...... ;)
22:37:01 <nhnt11> :]
22:37:04 <nhnt11> Right
22:38:15 <nhnt11> Ah, the finally will execute even if catch throws
22:38:16 <nhnt11> Thanks!
22:38:20 <EionRobb> :)
22:38:52 <EionRobb> but you don't need a catch at all
22:38:53 * nhnt11 wonders what happens if finally also throws, and tries
22:39:11 <nhnt11> Yeah
22:39:32 <nhnt11> cool
22:39:35 <EionRobb> :)
22:39:44 <nhnt11> 4am epiphanies :D
22:39:55 <EionRobb> hehehe
22:41:23 <nhnt11> Hmm. If there's no catch block, an error thrown in the try will be dropped
22:41:34 <EionRobb> shouldn't be dropped
22:42:02 <EionRobb> try{throw 'hello'}finally{console.log('blah')}   throws the hello and outputs the blah, for me :)
22:42:37 <nhnt11> |try { throw "try" } finally { throw "finally" }| gives me "uncaught exception: finally" in the console and no trace of the "try"
22:43:02 <nhnt11> But if finally doesn't throw, I see "try" as uncaught
22:43:04 <nhnt11> interesting
22:43:05 <EionRobb> oh yeah, the exception gets overwritten by the on ein the finally
22:43:44 <nhnt11> So if close() throws, I'm screwed ;)
22:43:51 <EionRobb> lol
22:44:16 <nhnt11> I always thought close() operations don't throw for good reason, but was told that not error-checking close() is a common mistake :-/
22:47:28 * nhnt11 goes to sleep. Good night!
22:54:01 <sawrubh> can I have another image url defined here http://mxr.mozilla.org/comm-central/source/im/themes/preferences-pinstripe/preferences.css#14 and then use either the one already defined or the one that I'll define now, in the following radio[pane=paneContent] parts?
22:54:47 <sawrubh> EionRobb: ^^
22:55:27 <EionRobb> why are you asking me? :)
22:55:50 <sawrubh> you might know CSS and you're the only one awake :)
22:55:53 <EionRobb> haha
22:55:55 <EionRobb> fair enough
22:56:02 <EionRobb> yeah, you can specify another one to override it
22:56:23 <EionRobb> man, now I'm struggling to remember if .classname has more precidence than element[attrib]
22:56:42 <sawrubh> no, I don't wanna override it, I want to define the one already present as say url1 and the new one as url2
22:56:51 <EionRobb> but which one do you want to display?
22:57:46 <sawrubh> I want to take out some parts from url1 for some of the radio[]'s and use some part of url2 in some other radio[]'s
22:58:14 <sawrubh> the image url already present is a bitmap image or whatever that's called
22:58:21 <EionRobb> oh a spritemap?
22:58:36 <sawrubh> ah, I had forgotten the word :P
22:58:45 <sawrubh> yeah, a spritemap
22:59:01 <EionRobb> yeah, you can define the image once, and then use the background-position to offset things
23:01:49 <sawrubh> EionRobb: http://pastebin.instantbird.com/720717 is what I want to do (read the comments)
23:03:01 <sawrubh> my question is I have 2 sprites, I need to get few icons from sprite1 for the General Button (say) and few icons from sprite2 for the Tabs Button
23:03:40 --> wnayes has joined #instantbird
23:11:42 <nhnt11> sawrubh: Define one in .paneSelector. when you want the other one, use !important
23:11:44 <nhnt11> Yeah I'm awake :]
23:12:34 <nhnt11> (|list-style-image: url(blablaNewOption.png") !important;| in radio[pane=paneTabs]
23:12:40 <nhnt11> )
23:12:51 <sawrubh> gotcha, thanks zombie
23:12:57 <sawrubh> :)
23:15:41 <nhnt11> sawrubh: Wait, what is the paneSelector class applied to?
23:16:41 <sawrubh> so it's not applied to anything as far as I can see
23:17:01 <sawrubh> however the radio[]'s are extracting their icons from the image defined in paneSelector
23:17:05 <nhnt11> :S
23:18:39 <sawrubh> I can't even try, this is supposed to be done on the Mac platform pref panel code
23:18:48 * sawrubh just leaves it for the time being and moves on
23:19:10 <nhnt11> sawrubh: https://mxr.mozilla.org/comm-central/search?string=paneSelector
23:19:28 <nhnt11> paneSelector is applied on the radiogroup
23:20:11 <nhnt11> Anyway yeah, if you can't test then better not try (assuming you're a bit sleepy at this time ;))
23:22:53 <Mook_as> yeah, since you want to do it that way, just don't do spriting there, it's easier
23:36:55 <-- nhnt11 has quit (Ping timeout)
23:37:48 --> nhnt11 has joined #instantbird
23:42:47 <-- Vigilante has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.5 -- http://www.instantbird.com)
23:43:11 <-- nhnt11 has quit (Ping timeout)
23:43:55 --> nhnt11 has joined #instantbird
23:45:44 <-- nhnt11 has quit (Ping timeout)
23:46:34 --> nhnt11 has joined #instantbird
23:47:18 --> clokep has joined #instantbird
23:47:19 * ChanServ sets mode +o clokep 
23:48:10 <nhnt11> Hmm. Promise.reject(foo).catch isn't a function either, which means whatever promises are being used for my error console code do not follow https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Global_Objects/Promise
23:49:22 <nhnt11> Ah!
23:49:31 <nhnt11> Task.jsm imports Promise.jsm
23:49:32 <nhnt11> of course.
23:49:52 <nhnt11> clokep: If I import module foo, and foo imports module bar, it's as good as me importing bar right?
23:51:00 <clokep> nhnt11: No.
23:51:23 <nhnt11> sigh
23:51:59 <clokep> Modules only add the things in EXPORTS to the parent scope.
23:52:18 <nhnt11> Hmm
23:53:08 <nhnt11> Hmm, yeah it's working fine in the Ib error console
23:56:58 <clokep> nhnt11: My real answer shold just be "don't do that" ;)
23:57:16 <nhnt11> clokep: "that" =?
23:57:49 <clokep> nhnt11: Depend on something being included implicitly.
23:57:57 <nhnt11> I'm not depending on it
23:58:01 <nhnt11> I expected it not to happen
23:58:07 <nhnt11> But yeah
23:58:37 <clokep> nhnt11: Your whole question about whether finally gets called if something throws in a catch...
23:58:41 <clokep> Stop thinking about it and just try it.
23:58:45 <nhnt11> Tried already
23:58:52 <nhnt11> Arrived at conclusions too :)
23:58:57 <nhnt11> Doing more tests