#instantbird log on 10 26 2013

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02:42:36 <instant-buildbot> build #1059 of macosx-nightly-default is complete: Failure [failed compile]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/macosx-nightly-default/builds/1059
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02:57:12 <instant-buildbot> build #1013 of linux-nightly-default is complete: Failure [failed compile]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/linux-nightly-default/builds/1013
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10:30:34 <flo-retina> let's see why the waterfall is so colorful :-S
10:33:19 <flo-retina> The error on Linux is:
10:33:19 <flo-retina> Executing: /usr/bin/ccache c++ -o instantbird-bin -Wall -Wpointer-arith -Woverloaded-virtual -Werror=return-type -Wtype-limits -Wempty-body -Wsign-compare -Wno-invalid-offsetof -Wcast-align -gdwarf-2 -fno-exceptions -fno-strict-aliasing -fno-rtti -ffunction-sections -fdata-sections -fno-exceptions -std=gnu++0x -pthread -pipe -DNDEBUG -DTRIMMED -gdwarf-2 -Os -freorder-blocks -fomit-frame-pointer -lpthread -Wl,-z,noexecstack
10:33:19 <flo-retina> -Wl,-rpath-link,/builds/slave/linux/obj-instantbird/mozilla/dist/bin -Wl,-rpath-link,/usr/local/lib -L./dist/bin -L./dist/lib -ldl -Wl,--whole-archive dist/lib/libmozglue.a dist/lib/libmemory.a -Wl,--no-whole-archive -rdynamic -ldl
10:33:19 <flo-retina> /usr/lib/crt1.o: In function `_start':
10:33:19 <flo-retina> (.text+0x18): undefined reference to `main'
10:33:20 <flo-retina> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
10:33:20 <instantbot> c++ is e-- ah, nevermind.
10:33:21 <flo-retina> make[3]: *** [instantbird-bin] Error 1
10:33:41 <flo-retina> Same error on Mac
10:33:54 <flo-retina> "  "_main", referenced from:"
10:35:00 <flo-retina> and it looks like Windows had not finished linking xul.dll after 5h and a half of doing stuff, and the slave dropped :-S
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10:41:55 <nhnt11> Hi
10:49:10 * flo-retina wonders what clokep has been doing with that poor moz.build patch yesterday :(
10:51:32 <flo-retina> I wish I had looked at the interdiff between the last 2 attachments (http://pastebin.instantbird.com/406164) before r+'ing :(
10:59:44 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/8a0955cee879 - Florian Quèze - Bug 2212 - Switch to using moz.build - change instantbird/app.mozbuild to what it should have contained in a9e6354b9484, rs=bustage-fix.
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12:51:35 <clokep> flo-retina: I don't know what I did to that poor patch. :( Sorry for messing up.
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13:03:21 <aleth> Looks like the oncommit build failed only due to connection error
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13:09:40 * nhnt11 is trying to fix bug 2223
13:09:44 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2223 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Awesometab fails when you change the protocol being used in a conversation
13:11:04 <aleth> Listen for target-prpl-conversation-changed, I guess?
13:11:31 <nhnt11> aleth: The weird thing is that existing conversations are added at filter time
13:11:49 <nhnt11> so Services.conversations.getUIConversations seems to be returning two imIConversations - one for each protocol
13:12:13 <aleth> Hmm, that would be interesting
13:12:27 <nhnt11> Not sure of the best way to fix this
13:12:50 <nhnt11> I want to implement your idea of having PossibleContacts/Chats convert themselves to existing convs
13:12:59 <nhnt11> But I'm not sure if I have time to do it properly right now
13:13:44 <aleth> Probably not, if you still have exams coming up...\
13:14:05 <nhnt11> Heh, it's fine
13:14:20 <nhnt11> at this point, I doubt any last minute cramming will help much
13:16:31 <aleth> nhnt11: The error message you put in the bug also suggests there is a UIConv hanging around that shouldn't be
13:16:53 <nhnt11> Yep, I see duplicate ExistingConversations which implies two ui convs
13:25:33 <nhnt11> gah
13:25:36 <nhnt11> this seems to be a deeper bug
13:26:29 <aleth> That just makes it even more worth fixing :D
13:27:11 <aleth> Probably requires adding a lot of dumps to figure out what is going on ;)
13:27:22 * nhnt11 wishes he could use breakpoints :P
13:27:37 <aleth> You might be able to if you get Fallen's addon to work
13:28:16 <aleth> It's possible, though I can't remember if it still requires a debug build
13:28:37 <nhnt11> Hmm
13:28:38 <nhnt11> another day, I think
13:28:55 <nhnt11> i really want to fix this bug because it keeps requiring me to restart Ib
13:29:18 <nhnt11> Even something that would "fix" this at the awesometab level would do for now...
13:29:37 <nhnt11> i.e. ignore ui convs whose target is null/undefined
13:30:14 <nhnt11> Or maybe I should just detach my contacts :P
13:30:32 <nhnt11> that would kill my motivation to fix the bug though
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13:38:31 <aleth> nhnt11: Is there a bug around here? http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/chat/components/src/imConversations.js#395
13:39:35 <aleth> i.e. what happens to the previous _uiConv entry for that contactid
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13:49:15 <aleth> i.e. what deletes the array entry _uiConv[PreviousPrplConversation.id]
13:49:41 <aleth> Quite possibly I'm missing something of course...
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13:54:47 <aleth> It might be correct to have more _uiConv entries than uiConvs...
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13:59:15 <aleth> Which would mean the problem is a lack of deduplication
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14:19:53 <aleth> This looks buggy to me http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/chat/components/src/imConversations.js#411
14:25:46 <nhnt11> back
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14:57:12 <aleth> nhnt11: have you tried http://pastebin.instantbird.com/406427 ?
14:58:18 <nhnt11> aleth: I haven't tried anything yet actually, let me test that though
14:59:54 <nhnt11> aleth: Thanks, that fixes the errors
14:59:59 <nhnt11> doesn't get rid of the duplicate though
15:00:17 * aleth isn't too familiar with the code around that, but suspects getUIConversations should deduplicate
15:01:15 <aleth> I'm not sure though, I guess you should add various dumps and see what is added/deleted when
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15:10:43 <nhnt11> bbl (dinner)
15:13:48 <aleth> Maybe the inverse of bug 2049 also causes duplicates
15:13:51 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2049 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Awesometab should filter on all contacts not just preferred buddy
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16:09:15 <instant-buildbot> build #501 of macosx-onCommit is complete: Failure [failed compile]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/macosx-onCommit/builds/501  blamelist: Florian Qu?ze <florian@instantbird.org>
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16:39:33 <instant-buildbot> build #1060 of macosx-nightly-default is complete: Failure [failed compile]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/macosx-nightly-default/builds/1060
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17:00:55 * flo-retina has no idea of why the patch he pushed hasn't changed the error message at all :-S
17:10:51 <flo-retina> hmm, looks like this time the idiot is me :-S
17:11:35 <flo-retina> by asking clokep to remove lines 60-61 of http://pastebin.instantbird.com/406164, I actually asked him to port only a part of https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=870565, which obviously can't work
17:11:38 <flo-retina> poor patch :(
17:12:50 <flo-retina> hmm, I'm not sure the changes in that bug can work without using the sub configure first
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17:20:09 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/1a1646b1ab9a - Florian Quèze - Bug 2212 - Switch to using moz.build - re-include the lines in /moz.build that are needed until we port 'Bug 870565 - Run all the moz.build files in comm-central from
17:20:10 <instantbot> mozilla-central's config.status', rs=bustage-fix.
17:25:25 <instant-buildbot> build #494 of linux-onCommit is complete: Exception [exception]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/linux-onCommit/builds/494  blamelist: Florian Qu?ze <florian@instantbird.org>
17:25:25 <instant-buildbot> build #502 of macosx-onCommit is complete: Exception [exception]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/macosx-onCommit/builds/502  blamelist: Florian Qu?ze <florian@instantbird.org>
17:25:29 <instant-buildbot> build #485 of win32-onCommit is complete: Exception [exception]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/win32-onCommit/builds/485  blamelist: Florian Qu?ze <florian@instantbird.org>
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18:18:23 <instant-buildbot> build #1014 of linux-nightly-default is complete: Success [build successful]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/linux-nightly-default/builds/1014
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18:37:00 <instant-buildbot> build #1061 of macosx-nightly-default is complete: Success [build successful]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/macosx-nightly-default/builds/1061
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20:10:10 <clokep> Oh, we actually had some successful builds? :P
20:15:36 <flo-retina> clokep: why not?
20:15:52 <flo-retina> clokep: after several attempts, we usually get some successful builds... eventually ;).
20:16:01 <clokep> flo-retina: Yes. I'm glad you figured it out! :)
20:16:13 <flo-retina> that last part was my fault ;)
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20:20:40 <flo-retina> so now we need to finish the configure stuff ;)
20:20:45 <flo-retina> would be nice to be able to land that today
20:22:04 <clokep> flo-retina: I'm free if you want to iterate on it.
20:30:27 <flo-retina> I think the next step for it is to do the hardcoding of the few variables that were left
20:30:43 <flo-retina> I'm not sure I need help for this (not sure it's something that can be parallelized)
20:30:54 <flo-retina> but I may need a review in an hour or two
20:31:35 <clokep> flo-retina: Probably not unless you need me to run configure somewhere.
20:32:48 <flo-retina> it's cool that moz.build didn't break universal builds :)
20:33:30 <clokep> :)
20:33:45 <clokep> I have a feeling there are more moz.build stuff to port now. :-/
20:35:00 <clokep> nhnt11: Error: NS_ERROR_XPC_JAVASCRIPT_ERROR_WITH_DETAILS: '[JavaScript Error: "aUIConv.target is null" {file: "resource://gre/components/ibConvStatsService.js" line: 701}]' when calling method: [ibIConvStatsService::getFilteredConvs] Source File: chrome://instantbird/content/newtab.xml Line: 237
20:35:24 <flo-retina> isn't that exactly the bug he was trying to fix today?
20:35:31 <clokep> Oh, maybe.
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20:38:20 * flo-retina would like the Windows nightly to finish successfully
20:47:41 <flo-retina> of course moz.build bitrotted the configure patch :-/
20:48:32 <clokep> :-D
20:50:11 <flo-retina> I guess I'll just revert http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/diff/a9e6354b9484/configure.in before replying the configure patch
20:50:15 <flo-retina> both patches were removing the same lines
20:50:35 <clokep> :)
20:50:39 <clokep> That doesn't seem too bad.
20:52:33 <flo-retina> alright, let's see what a good file in purple/libpurple is to hard code stuff
20:54:49 <flo-retina> hmm http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/purple/libpurple/internal.h#29
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21:16:40 <flo-retina> there's something messed up in VNC's keyboard bindings, I can't type a _ on our build VMs :(
21:18:59 <flo-retina> I wonder why there's an HAVE_TIMEZONE define
21:19:03 <flo-retina> all our platforms support it
21:24:29 <flo-retina> clokep: after looking at comm-config.h in all our build VMs and my Linux 64 machine, this is what I get: http://pastebin.instantbird.com/406826
21:27:54 <clokep> flo-retina: That's simple, looks reasonable to me.
21:28:20 <flo-retina> I just hope stuffing that in config.h won't make a mess
21:28:37 <flo-retina> I'm a bit worried that glib/config.h already exists and is already exported and likely findable during libpurple compilation
21:28:47 <clokep> :-/ Hmm...
21:28:56 <flo-retina> but I guess I just need to try it
21:30:04 <flo-retina> hmm, why is it exported :-S
21:31:53 <flo-retina> http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/purple/libpurple/win32/libc_interface.c#31 imports config.h unconditionaly, even though it didn't exist before :-S
21:33:44 <flo-retina> none of the .h files of glib include glib's config.h, it's only used by the c files there
21:33:48 <flo-retina> we should likely stop exporting it
21:37:24 <flo-retina> same stuff with libxml2
21:37:37 <flo-retina> do we have any easy way to know which headers are exported by default for that library?
21:38:51 <flo-retina> "libxml.h: internal header only used during the compilation of libxml" is the only one where it's explicit
21:44:57 <flo-retina> clokep: if I ignore the changes to /configure.in that are too big to pastebin (and mostly removals anyway), and the removed comm-config.h.in, this is what I have: http://pastebin.instantbird.com/406847
21:47:29 <clokep> flo-retina: Looks reasonable.
21:53:03 <EionRobb> I thought the glib config gets called glibconfig.h.... or is that something else?
21:53:43 <flo-retina> EionRobb: both exist
21:54:00 <flo-retina> EionRobb: config.h is used only while compiling glib, and glibconfig.h is used by the applications using glib.
21:54:07 <EionRobb> ah
21:55:18 <instant-buildbot> build #1136 of win32-nightly-default is complete: Success [build successful]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/win32-nightly-default/builds/1136
21:56:05 <flo-retina> \o/
21:57:11 <clokep> :)
21:58:19 <flo-retina> ok, I guess we are ready for the next tree-busting change ;)
21:59:20 <flo-retina> hmm, maybe we should try these new nightlies first
21:59:21 * flo-retina updates
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22:00:31 <flo-retina> seems to be working :)
22:00:32 <flo-retina> clokep: there's really nothing we can do to reconnect all IRC channels faster? :(
22:00:35 --> clokep has joined #instantbird
22:00:35 * ChanServ sets mode +o clokep 
22:00:44 <flo-retina> clokep: there's really nothing we can do to reconnect all IRC channels faster? :(
22:00:58 <clokep> Windows still works. :)
22:01:02 <clokep> flo-retina: I'm not sure what you mean. :-/
22:01:06 <clokep> Do they reconnect slowly?
22:01:26 <flo-retina> I mean that between the #instantbird tab appearing and #chatdev tab appearing there's several seconds
22:01:43 <clokep> Hmmm....
22:01:48 <flo-retina> IIRC for each channel we join the server sends us the list of participants, or something like that
22:01:48 <clokep> There's a couple things we could probably try.
22:01:53 <clokep> Yes.
22:02:02 <flo-retina> and after the 5 first channels we join, the server does some throttling
22:02:09 <clokep> That sounds right.
22:02:17 <clokep> Reorder the channels in your auto-join list?
22:02:25 <flo-retina> if only we could join first the channels that won't end up on hold :-S
22:02:36 <flo-retina> clokep: are you blaming the user? :-o
22:02:53 <EionRobb> isn't it possible to join multiple channels in one command?
22:03:11 <clokep> flo-retina: Always the user's fault. :-D
22:03:11 <flo-retina> (but sure, if #instantbird, #chatdev and #talkilla were at the beginning of the list before any large channel, that would be a lot less painful)
22:03:29 <clokep> EionRobb: I'm not sure why you think that would make it any faster?
22:03:45 <clokep> Unless the server is smart and does things nicely.
22:03:49 <clokep> But I doubt it does. :-D
22:04:36 * flo-retina wishes Firefox would stop being slow :(
22:04:47 <flo-retina> I hope Australis will fix that
22:05:06 <EionRobb> clokep: yeah, I thought it did things nicer?
22:05:19 <clokep> EionRobb: I don't think so...
22:05:22 <EionRobb> less rate limiting and stuff
22:05:41 <clokep> I haven't looked at this stuff in a while though.
22:06:16 <EionRobb> *shrug* :)
22:06:44 <flo-retina> clokep: wait, do you mean there's a part of IRC you don't know (yet)? :-o
22:06:44 <clokep> (We also don't get that in the API like that unfortunately. :()
22:06:58 <EionRobb> lol
22:06:59 <clokep> flo-retina: It's not part of IRC, it's a server implementation detail.
22:07:23 <clokep> I try not to read all their crappy source code. :P
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22:08:27 <flo-retina> hmm, my Mac build has finished successfully
22:08:34 <Mic> Hi!
22:08:45 <flo-retina> and the linux one successfully failed :-S
22:10:33 <clokep> Hello Mic.
22:10:44 <flo-retina> this warning is hmm... interesting: http://pastebin.instantbird.com/406860
22:11:22 <flo-retina> I didn't even remember we had that feature builtin :-]
22:11:28 <EionRobb> lol
22:12:02 <EionRobb> also, why are you compiling nullprpl? :)
22:12:15 <flo-retina> EionRobb: it's in --enable-debug builds
22:12:31 <flo-retina> EionRobb: it's useful for testing buddy list related stuff while offline in a train for example
22:12:43 <EionRobb> ok :)
22:12:53 <clokep> (Or online in a train, even. :))
22:12:55 <flo-retina> I haven't used it in years; we have a JS equivalent now
22:13:16 <clokep> I've used it somewhat recently...I think.
22:14:05 <EionRobb> what do you guys think of all the gobjectification stuff going on in libpurple 3.0 at the moment?
22:14:31 <clokep> That it'll be a huge PITA for us. :P
22:14:55 <clokep> I honestly haven't followed it very closely though.
22:15:33 <clokep> I assume it'll require updating purplexpcom significantly.
22:17:20 * flo-retina has just verified that his config.h is correctly used during libpurple's compilation and its prpls' compilation :)
22:18:07 <flo-retina> EionRobb: updating for compatibility with it may be more work than implementing in JS the remaining useful PRPLs that come from libpurple.
22:18:19 <EionRobb> hmm there's a list of gobject bindings at https://wiki.gnome.org/GObjectIntrospection/Users but I don't see any mozilla stuff
22:18:30 <EionRobb> oh, is mozilla's engine spidermonkey still?
22:18:44 <EionRobb> flo-retina: fair enough
22:18:45 <flo-retina> also, I've never understood the point of gobject. Don't you switch to C++ if you want objects?
22:18:46 <instantbot> c++ sucks
22:18:50 <EionRobb> ^
22:18:55 <flo-retina> well, unless you are instantbot I guess :)
22:19:01 <EionRobb> :D
22:19:26 <flo-retina> EionRobb: how is spidermonkey related to gobject bindings? :-S
22:19:58 <clokep> flo-retina: rs=me assuming your build passes.
22:19:58 <EionRobb> https://wiki.gnome.org/Gjs
22:20:10 <EionRobb> then you can use gobjects from js
22:20:26 <flo-retina> js ctypes bindings for gobjects?
22:20:30 <clokep> But it has nothing to do with being in JS, it has to do with being XPCOM, Mozilla's COM interface stuff.
22:21:08 <clokep> Unless you're proposing switching that to JS.
22:21:31 <clokep> ("switching that" should say "switching purplexpcom")
22:22:02 <flo-retina> clokep: I guess at some point we could reimplement purplexpcom in JS with jsctypes
22:22:04 <EionRobb> wouldn't that make your life easier so that you don't have to do those force recompiles for newer versions of mozilla?
22:22:07 <flo-retina> clokep: that is, if anybody still cares.
22:22:33 <flo-retina> clokep: configure fails on Linux
22:22:40 <flo-retina> but everything seems fine on Mac
22:22:51 <flo-retina> that means once I get it working on Linux we will need to test Windows too I guess :-S
22:23:20 <clokep>  /me mumbles.
22:23:25 <clokep> I can test it ltaer, but I'm going out now.
22:24:01 <-- Mic has quit (Quit: Instantbird -- http://www.instantbird.com)
22:24:14 <flo-retina> "Syntax error: Bad file number"
22:24:17 <flo-retina> how is that a syntax error? :-S
22:24:20 <EionRobb> lol
22:24:28 <flo-retina> clokep: does that mean I can keep the rs if I get it working with minimal changes?
22:25:26 <clokep> flo-retina: Sure. ;)
22:25:27 <flo-retina> and the line number points to a line containing only "fi" (this is a shell script generated by pseudo-autoconf stuff)
22:25:34 <clokep> I'll check the logs on my phone too. / email.
22:25:35 <flo-retina> clokep: alright
22:26:04 <flo-retina> clokep: if you aren't around to test, I'll likely need to start my thinkpad to check that configure passes on Windows
22:26:31 <clokep> flo-retina: I can test configure now, but not a full build.
22:26:47 <flo-retina> my guess is that all the AC_FD_MSG stuff in instantbird/configure.in is broken
22:26:51 <flo-retina> it doesn't display anything on Mac
22:27:13 <clokep> Since my thinkpad is on. ;)
22:27:59 <flo-retina> maybe I'll just kill all the lines containing "AC_MSG_CHECKING" or "AC_MSG_RESULT" in that configure script...
22:28:19 <flo-retina> would be nicer if that could work though :-S
22:30:08 --> rosonline has joined #instantbird
22:30:16 <clokep> flo-retina: configure passes on Windows for me.
22:30:21 <flo-retina> cool
22:31:17 <flo-retina> bah, I'm an idiot again
22:31:28 <flo-retina> all the stuff using PKG_CHECK_MODULES is only used on Linux
22:31:49 <flo-retina> on Mac/Windows we just assume we are compiling libxml2 ourselves, and that the bonjour SDK is OK.
22:32:22 <flo-retina> I'm pretty sure I tried pkg-config on Mac at some point with glib and it worked though
22:32:30 <flo-retina> clokep: anyway, it's cool that stuff works on Windows :)
22:33:28 <clokep> Yup yup
22:34:19 <clokep> |10 files changed, 294 insertions(+), 6349 deletions(-)| :)
22:35:03 <clokep> Ciao!
22:35:04 <flo-retina> nice diffstate ;)
22:36:44 <-- clokep has quit (Ping timeout)
22:43:27 <flo-retina> alright, seems like I need to copy more autoconf stuff
22:45:30 --> BWMerlin has joined #instantbird
22:48:54 <-- qlum has quit (Quit: Getting the <censored> out.)
22:52:52 <-- myb has quit (Ping timeout)
22:57:25 --> myb has joined #instantbird
22:58:03 <-- myb has left #instantbird ()
23:10:11 --> clokep_wp8 has joined #instantbird
23:12:21 <-- clokep_wp8 has quit (Connection reset by peer)
23:18:16 <flo-retina> clokep: https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/attachment.cgi?id=2987 is all I need to make stuff work on Linux.
23:19:34 <flo-retina> I haven't been able to make __oline__ work, but it's not very relevant as /configure.in will rm the file in which line numbers would have been counted soon after... so I think hardcoding a value is fine/better.
23:21:21 <flo-retina> unless I hear screaming in the next 5 or so minutes, I'm going to land this
23:27:55 <-- EionRobb has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
23:41:13 <-- rosonline has quit (Ping timeout)
23:42:31 <instantbot> florian@instantbird.org set the Resolution field on bug 2188 to FIXED.
23:42:33 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2188 nor, --, 1.5, florian, RESO FIXED, Port 'Bug 846540 - Emasculate comm-central/configure.in'
23:46:59 <instant-buildbot> build #486 of win32-onCommit is complete: Failure [failed compile]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/win32-onCommit/builds/486  blamelist: Florian Qu?ze <florian@instantbird.org>
23:50:35 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/19bcf91d985d - Florian Quèze - Bug 2188 - Port 'Bug 846540 - Emasculate comm-central/configure.in', rs=clokep.