#instantbird log on 05 29 2013

All times are UTC.

00:00:04 <clokep> Mook_as: contrib builds or either built by flo or Even.
00:00:14 <clokep> Even builds 64-bit nightlies...every night, I think.
00:01:29 <Mook_as> I hope that's automated! :p
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00:08:54 <clokep> I hope so too. :)
00:09:03 <clokep> It'd be nice if we started supporting 64-bit builds at some point...:-/
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00:30:51 <qheaden> clokep: Hey.
00:31:03 <clokep> qheaden: Good evening.
00:31:10 * clokep is about to eat and might be slow to respond...
00:31:17 <qheaden> clokep: We finally meet live. :)
00:31:34 <qheaden> clokep: Oh okay. Go about eating. :)
00:32:09 <clokep> qheaden: It's fine, just might be slow. (Not like I'm eating /with/ anyone....)
00:32:24 <clokep> (Although I do have Jurassic Park, the greatest movie ever made, on...)
00:32:30 <clokep> qheaden: I hope my email made sense. :)
00:32:31 <qheaden> LOL
00:32:36 <qheaden> clokep: Yes it did.
00:32:46 <clokep> By the way, most of it was just a suggestion, you don't have to do exactly what wnayes did. :)
00:32:57 <qheaden> clokep: But I was wondering when I should start my daily and weekly logs?
00:33:01 <qheaden> When I start coding?
00:33:38 <clokep> qheaden: You have to do it during the coding period, yes. If you find it useful to use it as a scratchpad to keep notes, or whatever else...feel free to do it beforehand.
00:34:18 <qheaden> clokep: Okay, I'll start when the coding begins. Also, I plan on keeping the logs on my website.
00:34:36 <qheaden> I'll probably create a separate section on my blog for GSoC.
00:35:29 <clokep> qheaden: Please let me know the link when you have it.
00:35:52 <wnayes> Ah, daily logs :) I think some of the most useful things I wrote down were specific hg \ build commands (easy to forget weeks later)
00:36:00 <qheaden> clokep: Okay. Well, my blog is http://phaseshiftsoftware.com/blog.
00:36:16 <qheaden> I'll let you know the specific link to the GSoC category tomorrow.
00:36:32 <clokep> wnayes: I really enjoyed reading them. :) Plus it let me keep up on little tidbits you had...
00:36:38 <clokep> qheaden: Thanks.
00:36:56 <clokep> qheaden: Am I correct that you're in UTC-5?
00:37:04 <qheaden> Yep.
00:38:17 <clokep> Excellent. :)
00:38:55 * clokep is excited for you guys to start coding!
00:39:51 <qheaden> So who in here got accepted?
00:40:10 <clokep> qheaden, nhnt11 and atuljangra.
00:40:21 <qheaden> Cool.
00:40:30 <clokep> For Yahoo! prpl, Awesometab and FileLink, respectively.
00:40:37 <qheaden> Sweet!
00:41:09 <qheaden> I'm still feel bad that SkypeKit is so restrictive. It would be an awesome addition to Instantbird.
00:42:13 <clokep> Yeah. :-/
00:47:13 <qheaden> clokep: So today I started looking more at the Yahoo! protocol documentation as well as the docs for prpl.
00:47:36 <clokep> qheaden: Excellent.
00:47:40 <clokep> Anything interesting? :)
00:48:22 <qheaden> clokep: Well, I became friends with jsProtoHelper. :)
00:48:36 <clokep> Excellent, he could use more friends. :)
00:48:40 <qheaden> :)
00:49:04 <clokep> Btw if you find that you're copying a lot of code etc., it could potentially be abstracted into jsProtoHelper.
00:49:08 <qheaden> Because of jsProtoHelper, implementation looks easier to me than before.
00:49:29 <qheaden> Yes, that makes sense.
00:49:31 <clokep> qheaden: Oh! I forgot to tell you that I have some patches for socket.jsm to better support binary sockets (I thinK Yahoo is binary, right?)
00:49:42 <qheaden> clokep: Yes, it is binary.
00:50:29 <qheaden> clokep: Are they in the central tree yet? Or are they still local to you?
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00:50:56 <clokep> qheaden: They're not checked-in (hence why they're still patches!)
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00:51:12 <qheaden> Gotcha.
00:51:52 <qheaden> clokep: Oh, and another thing. My nick will be logged in here 24/7 (thanks to my Raspberry Pi), so if I'm not around, I can still see the backlog of messages.
00:52:09 <qheaden> So, when I'm not around, I'll just switch my nick to qheaden_away.
00:52:56 <clokep> qheaden: We do have logs set up on log.bezut.info.
00:53:06 <clokep> If I'm not here, feel free to just leave messages...I read all of the logs.
00:53:49 <qheaden> qheaden: OK, great. Thanks for that link.
00:54:10 <clokep> Talking to yourself? :)
00:54:42 <qheaden> clokep: Yeah, guess I'm lonely for no reason. :P
00:56:53 <qheaden> clokep: Also, I was thinking about setting the new plug-in protocol name to "Yahoo! New" until the end of development. That way, I can keep the old Yahoo! implementation and compare the functionality of the two.
00:57:14 <clokep> qheaden: The name doesn't matter so much as the ID.
00:57:30 <clokep> qheaden: We'll also probably want to initially commit that code as "preffed off".
00:57:55 <qheaden> Okay.
00:58:12 <clokep> I'm not /positive/ of how we can do that.
00:58:14 <clokep> But we'll figure it out. :)
00:58:34 <clokep> That will allow nightly testers to play with it...but be able to flip back to the libpurple code if it's not working, etc.
00:58:42 <clokep> (This kind of goes for all the GSoC projects btw.)
00:58:47 <qheaden> Yeah.
01:11:05 <clokep> qheaden: http://pastebin.instantbird.com/207928
01:11:24 * clokep doubts flo would accept a patch right that right now. :-/
01:12:07 <qheaden> clokep: Okay, thanks.
01:12:28 <qheaden> Also, I plan on using BitBucket as my storage for patches. So when I create the repo, I'll give you the link.
01:12:34 <clokep> qheaden: Hopefully it works for you too (I hav eno idea what Yahoo messages look like, but I assume some sort of frame marker + a length).
01:12:56 <clokep> qheaden: I think florian was going to create repositories on our servers.
01:13:18 <qheaden> clokep: Oh okay. If he does, I'll use them instead.
01:13:31 * clokep doesn't really have a preference.
01:13:36 <clokep> I'd prefer it being in hg though.
01:14:54 <qheaden> clokep: BitBucket is hg.
01:15:06 <qheaden> Its like Github for Mercurial.
01:15:07 <clokep> qheaden: Or git.
01:15:14 <clokep> I know what BitBucket is, I use it for all my repos.
01:15:22 <qheaden> clokep: Oh okay. Nevermind then. :)
01:15:35 <clokep> (Well all my newer ones, I have a few on Google Code too...)
01:15:43 <qheaden> I'm not a big fan of Git, but if I have to use it for some reason, I don't mind.
01:15:57 <clokep> Yeah, I'm not a big fan of shooting myself in the foot either. :)
01:17:04 <qheaden> lol
01:17:46 <qheaden> Usage of hg is one of the many factors that drew me to Mozilla/Instantbird development.
01:18:54 <clokep> qheaden: Btw I think it might be good if you could fix a small bug or two during the community bonding period, to get a feel of how we work, make sure all your tools are set up, etc.
01:18:54 <qheaden> clokep: This will be the location of my logs: http://phaseshiftsoftware.com/blog/category/gsoc-2013-logs/
01:19:01 <clokep> Does that sound reasonable? I'm not sure how busy you currently are.
01:19:15 <qheaden> clokep: That's perfectly fine. I was thinking of doing that anyway.
01:19:32 <clokep> Maybe one in a protocol? I have a couple in mind. :)
01:20:24 <qheaden> Bug #1, reverse engineer the Skype protocol, and dodge sue cases from Microsoft.  :P
01:20:34 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1 nor, P5, ---, nobody, RESO WONTFIX, Make bugzilla.instantbird.org look like other instantbird websites
01:20:54 <clokep> Yes, better luck moving out of the US though. :)
01:29:22 <qheaden> lol. Poor instantbot. So diligent in finding bug pages.
01:29:26 * clokep was thinking more of https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=817596
01:30:34 <qheaden> clokep: That looks like a nice bug to get started with.
01:33:43 <clokep> :)
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01:46:46 <dew> I made you a promise!
01:47:19 <clokep> Are you keeping it?
01:47:50 * qheaden smells a wrong-tab situation.
01:55:23 <dew> to you guys, yes
01:55:31 <dew> brb update
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01:58:35 <qheaden> clokep: How does this daily log format work for you? http://phaseshiftsoftware.com/blog/2013/05/daily-log-may-28th/
01:59:57 <clokep> qheaden: That's perfect, just a few brief bullet points (it should take you < 10 minutes).
02:00:12 <clokep> I'd encourage including links to WIPs, ideas, sources you find, etc. :)
02:00:53 <qheaden> clokep: I am going to appropriately tag my daily and weekly logs, so it is easier to separate them. If you want to see just daily ones, go here: http://phaseshiftsoftware.com/blog/tag/gsoc-2013-daily/
02:01:16 <clokep> qheaden: FYI I keep fairly early hours even though I'm on Eastern time (I work from ~8 - 5) and then I'm usually busy for a few hours after work until ~8pm.
02:01:33 * clokep will want to see them all. :P
02:01:48 <clokep> I need to add that to my RSS feeds...
02:02:04 <qheaden> clokep: http://phaseshiftsoftware.com/blog/category/gsoc-2013-logs/feed/
02:02:27 <qheaden> clokep: So you come on IRC during evening hours? Not sure if your day job is working with Instantbird or not.
02:08:56 <clokep> qheaden: No, my day job is unrelated. I'm online during the day (at work) although I have meetings and randomly disappear on occasion, and I'm online in the evenings.
02:09:45 <qheaden> clokep: Ahh okay. That's fine by me. I often code during the afternoon through evening hours.
02:09:46 <clokep> Your day job, however, will be working on Instantbird. :P
02:09:53 <clokep> OK!
02:10:46 * qheaden likes that day job.
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02:14:12 <clokep> Yes, wish I could do it!
02:23:07 <qheaden> clokep: Well, I've had a long day, and I am going to call it a night.
02:23:23 <qheaden> clokep: I will continue to do more research and doc reading tomorrow.
02:25:46 <clokep> qheaden: Sounds good. :) Let us know if you have questions.
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02:27:23 <qheaden> clokep: Oh yeah, one more thing. When should I post my weekly logs? Friday evening, Sunday evening, or another time?
02:29:06 <clokep> qheaden: It doesn't make much difference to me, but Friday sounds like a good time.
02:30:06 <qheaden> clokep: Okay, so I'll post them on Friday evenings. I'll probably start those when the coding period begins.
02:30:15 <clokep> qheaden: Sounds like a plan.
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02:47:21 * clokep wonders what dew was going to say. ;)
02:48:00 <dew> that maybe I should get on that okcupid plugin
02:48:43 <dew> I just got my desktops hooked up again a month after I moved :/
02:48:44 <clokep> You should. :) We'll be having a studnet going through making a prpl with Yahoo too.
02:50:12 <EionRobb> nah, do a steam plugin first :)
02:50:59 * qheaden_away is now known as qheaden_away_away
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02:53:27 <clokep> EionRobb just doesn't want to figure out how to use NSS. :P
02:54:04 <EionRobb> lol
02:54:18 <EionRobb> I've got the code there, but it just happens to do nasty buffer overflow nastiness :P
02:54:32 <EionRobb> plus you can just do the steam rsa stuff in javascript using their own javascript :P
02:54:41 <clokep> :) True!
02:57:27 * clokep would make a Steam prpl if he used steam. :P
02:58:17 <EionRobb> so use steam?
02:58:39 <clokep> No, I've never used it.
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03:00:53 <instant-buildbot> build #863 of linux-nightly-default is complete: Success [build successful]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/linux-nightly-default/builds/863
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03:37:08 <instant-buildbot> build #859 of macosx-nightly-default is complete: Success [build successful]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/macosx-nightly-default/builds/859
05:32:40 <instant-buildbot> build #959 of win32-nightly-default is complete: Success [build successful]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/win32-nightly-default/builds/959
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08:03:05 <Mic> Good morning
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08:24:51 * Mic used "Close conversation" from a tabs context menu and it actually did what I wanted. ;)
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09:24:38 <aleth> (belated) congrats to atuljangra, nhnt11 and qheaden! Should be a good summer :)
09:26:00 <aleth> I should have used qheaden_away I guess ;)
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10:20:46 * flo-retina doesn't understand the last 2 comments in bug 1454
10:20:49 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1454 nor, --, ---, clokep, ASSI, normalizedName for JS-IRC is wrong
10:20:53 <flo-retina> (and yes, I'm way behind on my bugmail ;))
10:22:30 <clokep> flo-retina: That's because they don't make sense.
10:22:34 <clokep> I need to update that patch still.
10:23:45 <flo-retina> clokep: that's a plausible explanation for not understanding them then :)
10:26:37 <clokep> :)
10:26:50 <instantbot> aleth@instantbird.org granted review for attachment 2462 on bug 1974.
10:26:53 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1974 nor, --, ---, aleth, ASSI, Log window is not focused if it already exists
10:27:20 <aleth> Maybe I should have requested review... someone may not like the comment ;)
10:28:07 <flo-retina> thanks :)
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10:28:27 <flo-retina> I'll refrain from bikesheding the comment.
10:28:49 <aleth> flo-retina: Just change it on checkin if you have improvements :)
10:31:01 <flo-retina> I think it's good enough
10:31:50 <flo-retina> aleth: btw, would it be a problem to have all the groups open by default on the log viewer tree?
10:32:58 <aleth> flo-retina: It would be a usability loss imho as you'd have to scroll a long way down to get to older logs, and you wouldn't at a glance see for what dates (roughly) logs exist
10:33:14 <flo-retina> aleth: okay...
10:33:43 <flo-retina> what I'm wondering is, what could be a correct UX for showing which logs contain the keyword the user typed in the searchbox, assuming we had a global index and were able to generate that list of logs quickly
10:34:32 <aleth> Hmm... how about a filtered version of the tree?
10:34:54 <clokep> Would you still want it in a tree at that point? Isn't it usually "flattened" after searches?
10:35:00 <aleth> It may make sense to auto-open the groups in that case.
10:35:06 <flo-retina> I think I would really like to offer an easy way to go to the next "result"
10:35:35 <flo-retina> aleth: would the groups auto-close at some point?
10:36:05 <aleth> clokep: The benefit of the tree is that it's easier to see whether the search hits cluster in time
10:36:24 <clokep> aleth: Yeah, sure but there's better UI for that.
10:36:32 <clokep> Gloda search has better UI for that. ;)
10:36:41 <flo-retina> :-D
10:36:41 <aleth> flo-retina: I don't know. I'm also not sure what you'd do for search terms like "e"
10:36:55 <flo-retina> aleth: probably nothing
10:37:21 <flo-retina> I think the search would only work on words, not on beginning of words
10:37:38 <flo-retina> which could be really confusing, as the current find feature works in that case :-/
10:38:17 <flo-retina> The idea of having a search box in addition to the existing find box really annoys me though
10:38:23 <aleth> Yes
10:38:31 <aleth> (yes to that sounding annoying)
10:39:48 <aleth> If you really wanted to allow searching for part of words, would it really be an issue? You'd just search the word index and show the matches for all the hits at once
10:39:51 <clokep> For anyone who doesn't use gloda: http://i.imgur.com/3ptNDGJ.png
10:39:54 <flo-retina> I wonder how difficult it is to get rid of Bubbles's fading in transitions for message bubbles in the log window.
10:40:03 <flo-retina> that animation really makes the log display feel sluggish
10:40:45 <flo-retina> clokep: I didn't know anybody actually used it :-P
10:41:46 <flo-retina> aleth: "You'd just search the word index and show the matches for all the hits at once" I've no idea of what that means
10:42:59 <clokep> flo-retina: I have like 7 email accounts....so it's very useful. :)
10:43:04 <clokep> I can't vouch for the code, however. ;)
10:43:05 <aleth> If you are indexing whole words, you could then select all the words that contain a certain substring (in principle)
10:43:16 <flo-retina> clokep: the feature is definitely useful
10:43:23 <flo-retina> clokep: the UI... :-S
10:44:01 <clokep> flo-retina: It gets the job done, but could certainly be improved.
10:44:05 <clokep> (It's also not snappy at all...>)
10:44:18 <flo-retina> full of jQuery goodness ;)
10:47:43 * flo-retina has finally finished breaking his default Firefox
10:48:19 <aleth> flo-retina: Did you also have the same profile since... forever?
10:48:28 <flo-retina> The talkilla functional (selenium) tests have the nice feature that they don't work if there's an /Application/Firefox.app on the system
10:48:53 <flo-retina> so I had to rename it back and forth several times between FirefoxRelease.app and Firefox.app
10:49:05 <flo-retina> and apparently some files didn't follow correctly (possibly because they were open or whatever)
10:49:12 <flo-retina> aleth: my profile is fine :)
10:49:21 <aleth> flo-retina: well that's good news then :)
10:49:25 <flo-retina> and it's actually not that old; created when I got this new macbook
10:51:59 <clokep> My IRC log folders are a mess. :P
10:52:32 <aleth> I have lots of scattered old logs that hopefully one day wnayes will find and index ;)
10:53:25 <flo-retina> yeah
10:53:42 <flo-retina> would be nice if he could index the trillian logs I have in zip files on old PCs that I haven't started in years ;)
10:53:48 <clokep> I just have different normalizations. :-/
10:54:37 <flo-retina> I like the pause/resume feature of downloads in Firefox, that restarts the download from scratch :)
10:55:03 <aleth> oh yes :D
10:55:03 <clokep> clokepircmozillaorg/instantbird vs. clokep@irc.mozilla.org/#instantbird.chat
10:55:18 <clokep> Pausing downloads has done that...for years!
10:55:31 <flo-retina> clokep: same fun for twitter. Especially as sometimes the "timeline" word was localized ;)
10:55:48 <aleth> "cancel/restart" must have sounded so unfriendly ;)
10:56:01 <clokep> My Twitter accounts seem fine. :)
10:56:23 <aleth> clokep: and people who keep changing their nick ;)
10:57:02 <clokep> Hmm...this concerns me about the change I'd be making in bug 1454 though...
10:57:06 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1454 nor, --, ---, clokep, ASSI, normalizedName for JS-IRC is wrong
10:57:09 <clokep> Will that now remove all special characters? :-S
10:57:11 <clokep> That seems wrong.
10:57:28 <aleth> clokep: Sure, I thought that was the point?
10:57:35 <flo-retina> ok, switching to a different access point changed the download rate from 70kBps to 1.5MBps
10:57:43 <flo-retina> ah, the magic of wifi...
10:57:44 <aleth> It will break backwards compatibility for logs for many nicks of course.
10:57:44 <clokep> aleth: You still want the # there, I think.
10:58:02 <clokep> aleth: What differentiates between someone with the nick instantbird and the channel #instantbird after?
10:58:09 <aleth> clokep: The .chat
10:58:23 <clokep> aleth: That isn't showing up in all my logs.
10:58:27 <aleth> But I agree it may be confusing.
10:58:32 <flo-retina> what about #instantbird vs ##instantbird? :-P
10:58:55 <aleth> Why is the default normalizedName so aggressive?
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11:00:04 <aleth> clokep: I'm seeing .chat on all the MUCs in my IRC logs
11:01:27 <-- clokep has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.5a1pre -- http://www.instantbird.com)
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11:16:18 <eson57> Hello guys!  :)
11:16:54 --> jb has joined #instantbird
11:17:17 <eson57> Why is it almost impossible to add/edit search engines in IB?
11:18:07 <eson57> ...had to edit 2 files, and create the 3:d
11:18:07 <instantbot> aleth@instantbird.org requested review from florian@instantbird .org for attachment 2461 on bug 1175.
11:18:10 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1175 nor, --, ---, aleth, ASSI, Add-ons need a notification when a conversation is detached and moved to a new window
11:19:05 <aleth> eson57: Does "Manage search engines" not work for you?
11:19:33 --> FireFly_TB has joined #instantbird
11:19:36 <aleth> (from the "search with..." context menu, at the bottom)
11:21:29 --> dionisos has joined #instantbird
11:24:51 <eson57> aleth: I can't get more search engines (they appear in my default browser instead), and I certainly cant add my own engines 
11:26:01 <eson57> this is what I want to do... without spending a day editing files  ;)
11:26:01 <eson57> http://www.bild.me/bild.php?file=43550802013-05-29_130945.png
11:26:18 <aleth> eson57: I think I see the problem, when you get to this page https://addons.instantbird.org/en-US/instantbird/browse/type:4/cat:4?sort=name and click Download Firefox thinks the new engine is for itself
11:26:30 <eson57> yep
11:27:49 <aleth> Can you file a bug? That should be explained better
11:28:48 <eson57> I managed to fix my desired engines, but I don't think my mom will  ;) 
11:28:54 <aleth> Seeing as all the listed engines are by Mic, we should ask him how to install them :D
11:29:26 <aleth> eson57: Right, it shouldn't require editing files by hand.\
11:29:28 <eson57> yes... and also how to fix more
11:29:55 <aleth> eson57: I'd say file a bug, cc him and/or ping him next time he is around 
11:30:17 <-- dionisos has quit (Ping timeout)
11:30:43 <eson57> ok, Ill see if I can manage bug filing  
11:30:52 <eson57> never done that
11:31:08 <aleth> Ask if you run into trouble.
11:31:15 <eson57> thanks
11:31:36 <aleth> You don't need to fill in all the fields, just the ones where you know what they mean.
11:31:46 --> gerard-majax has joined #instantbird
11:31:50 <eson57> ok
11:34:13 --> Mic has joined #instantbird
11:34:13 * ChanServ sets mode +h Mic 
11:34:21 <-- qlum has quit (Ping timeout)
11:43:25 --> rohandalvi has joined #instantbird
11:45:30 <-- rohandalvi has quit (Ping timeout)
11:46:57 --> nhnt11 has joined #instantbird
11:47:42 <nhnt11> Mic: ping
11:47:55 <Mic> nhnt11: pong
11:48:08 <nhnt11> Mic: I'm planning to start a blog
11:48:13 <nhnt11> And post daily updates there.
11:48:18 <nhnt11> Will that work?
11:48:37 <nhnt11> I liked the idea too.
11:48:53 <Mic> Sounds great!
11:49:40 <nhnt11> I've never maintained a blog before, is wordpress good?
11:49:43 <Mic> aleth: http://log.bezut.info/instantbird/130529#m319 umm, yeah. :(
11:49:47 <nhnt11> I may get a domain later on if I feel like it.
11:49:53 --> clokep_work has joined #instantbird
11:49:53 * ChanServ sets mode +o clokep_work 
11:50:32 <aleth> Mic: Is there an "easy" way? I couldn't find it (installing as an add-on fails)
11:50:38 <clokep_work> nhnt11: Wordpress and Blogger are both reasonable and easy to use.
11:50:55 <clokep_work> aleth, Mic, eson57: Once Mozilla actually moves search engines to the add-on manager that stuff should be "easier".
11:51:10 <nhnt11> clokep_work: I was considering Blogger since it's tied to my Google account
11:51:25 <aleth> clokep_work: Are they actually going to do that or is it just one of those things that keeps getting mentioned?
11:51:29 <nhnt11> Wordpress seems popular though. I'll check both out and let you all know the final page.
11:51:31 * clokep_work uses blogger because it was easy.
11:51:39 <clokep_work> aleth: I think qheaden has been working on it. ;)
11:51:48 <aleth> clokep_work: oh OK :D
11:51:53 <clokep_work> aleth: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=335781
11:52:16 <Mic> I had a Wordpress blog once and it wasn't hard to set up/configure iirc.
11:52:40 <clokep_work> aleth: Although he's stopped working on it, seems like it just needs review comments fixed though. :(
11:52:40 <aleth> qheaden fixes bug from 2006 :)
11:56:17 <aleth> clokep_work: It would probably have to go through ux-review as well.
11:57:51 <clokep_work> aleth: I don't think so, it just adds a new type, the UI is auto-generated.
11:58:05 <clokep_work> But this is a discussion for #developers.
11:58:21 <aleth> Yes, and definitely not our problem ;)
12:01:56 <Mic> I don't even think that searching from the context menu is widely used. That's just a guess though (Telemetry, anyone?;)
12:02:28 <aleth> In Firefox or IB? In FX, I use it all the time.
12:02:30 <Mic> From within conversations, I'm not talking about Firefox here.
12:04:18 <nhnt11> Mic: I've decided on awesometab.blogger.com :)
12:04:44 <Mic> Catchy ;)
12:06:23 <nhnt11> oops, make that awesometab.blogspot.com
12:06:26 <clokep_work> nhnt11: Let me know when you have it all set up.
12:06:43 <nhnt11> clokep_work: I'm writing my first post currently.
12:07:05 <nhnt11> clokep_work, Mic, flo-retina: Do you think I should use this for weekly updates as well?
12:07:40 <eson57> I search from inside conversations all the time to... provided that I can use my favorite engine  ;)
12:07:55 <Mic> I think so. In my opinion the weekly progress updates should provide a higher view than the daily status updates which are more about the details of what you did this day.
12:08:12 <Mic> (as a side note)
12:08:25 <nhnt11> Mic: Yeah. I'll set up a different label for weekly ones.
12:09:10 <clokep_work> nhnt11: Yes, that seems reasonable.
12:09:23 <clokep_work> eson57: You should use the Amazon one, We get a referral bonus, I think...
12:09:40 * clokep_work has a blog post ready...
12:09:43 <clokep_work> Any reason I shouldn't post that?
12:12:56 <nhnt11> Mic, clokep_work: My blog should be up and ready. again, awesometab.blogspot.com
12:13:09 * nhnt11 notices that it redirects to a .in domain...
12:13:32 <Mic> For me it redirects to .de ;)
12:13:36 <Mic> bbl
12:13:45 <nhnt11> Mic: Ah.
12:17:31 <clokep_work> nhnt11: Thanks.
12:17:34 * nhnt11 almost called his first blog post "main()" :P
12:17:50 <aleth> nhnt11: I thought that was intentional...
12:17:53 <aleth> nhnt11: Maybe an awesometab.awesomeblog.in alias? ;)
12:18:23 <nhnt11> aleth: I changed it to bootstrap in honor of JavaScript :P
12:18:36 <nhnt11> aleth: haha
12:20:47 <instantbot> New Instantbird (UI) bug 1980 filed by iaroshenko@gmail.com.
12:20:49 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1980 nor, --, ---, nobody, UNCO, In IRC account properties, Auto-Joined Channels doesn't support non-ASCII symbols
12:21:06 --> Huvik has joined #instantbird
12:21:36 <clokep_work> Hmm...that wouldn't surprise me. :)
12:21:54 --> qlum has joined #instantbird
12:22:36 <aleth> clokep_work: The example there will also make for an, umm, interesting normalizedName.
12:23:33 <clokep_work> aleth: Yes. :-/
12:23:34 <clokep_work> Empty.
12:23:56 <aleth> Trouble :(
12:24:44 * clokep_work begins to think the default normalize function is wrong.
12:25:03 * aleth begins to think the same.
12:28:11 <-- wuwei`lab has quit (Ping timeout)
12:34:29 * clokep_work disagrees that anything to do with the tray icon is a "crucial feature". :)
12:35:23 <aleth> Tray icon bugs should come with automatic [headache] tags
12:39:10 <flo-retina> aleth: "14:25:04 * aleth begins to think the same." really? I was under the impression you thought that all along :)
12:41:42 <-- aleth has quit (Ping timeout)
12:45:29 <clokep_work> flo-retina: aleth: Mic: So are we hoping to use hg.instantbird.org for branches for students or patch queues or what? qheaden was talking about using bitbucket, which is fine w/ me unless we want the stuff on our servers.
12:47:47 <flo-retina> whatever you guys prefer is fine with me
12:52:49 * clokep_work just wants things that we'll be able to easily merge.
12:53:09 <flo-retina> clokep_work: patches on bugzilla with review requests? ;)
12:58:53 <clokep_work> flo-retina: Ideally. :) Would we be OK committing partial changes though? If not, we have to work with our students to chunk up the project into logical steps.
12:59:21 <clokep_work> (I.e. For atul a logical step might be "create interfaces for file transfer", then "implement this in libpurple", but during the implmentation...we might realizee the interface is bad)
12:59:29 <clokep_work> Sorry for the spelling... :-/
13:00:08 <flo-retina> heh, if I wanted to work on file transfer, I would start by doing the idl, then the libpurple implementation, then some UI (even if poor) to check that it actually does something
13:00:30 <flo-retina> and as soon as we have these 3 parts, I think it would be OK to land it (pref'ed off)
13:01:42 <clokep_work> OK, that seems reasonable. :)
13:02:08 * clokep_work will need to talk to qheaden_away about how to split up the Yahoo work...
13:09:13 --> rohandalvi has joined #instantbird
13:11:54 <nhnt11> GSoC started a month earlier last year?
13:16:23 <clokep_work> I don't think so, why?
13:25:09 <MMN-o> Just to make sure I'm not missing anything obvious, there is no XMPP MUC invite support yet? (Thunderbird 17.0.6)
13:26:06 <nhnt11> clokep_work: Coding seems to have started in the middle of may last year, and ended in August.
13:29:19 <clokep_work> nhnt11: "Coding"?
13:29:24 <instantbot> New Core - General bug 1981 filed by clokep@gmail.com.
13:29:26 <clokep_work> nhnt11: Where are you getting this information?
13:29:26 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1981 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Make socket.jsm more binary friendly
13:29:35 <clokep_work> nhnt11: Are you reading wnayes stuff or?
13:29:40 <clokep_work> looking at a calendar or?
13:29:51 <nhnt11> http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/events/google/gsoc2012
13:30:32 <nhnt11> clokep_work: ^
13:32:07 <flo-retina> clokep_work: I think the schedule was adapted a bit this year to be less painful for non-American students. But whatever it is, there are always issues in some areas, as the summer vacations aren't typically at the same time on all continents...
13:32:14 <clokep_work> nhnt11: Looks like it started earlier then, yes.
13:32:56 * clokep_work wonders why nhnt11 cares. ;)
13:33:02 <nhnt11> flo-retina: It's actually more painful for me :P
13:33:16 <nhnt11> clokep_work: Because I just realized it'll cut into a month of college.
13:33:23 * nhnt11 wonders why I didn't notice that earlier
13:33:23 <flo-retina> nhnt11: I don't feel responsible for the schedule :-P.
13:33:28 <nhnt11> No big deal though.
13:34:08 <flo-retina> nhnt11: discuss this with your mentor, and adapt your planned schedule accordingly so that it's realistic :)
13:35:13 * clokep_work hopes his adaptations there work as well...
13:36:58 * flo-retina isn't sure what clokep_work's adaptations are
13:38:57 <clokep_work> flo-retina: The bug I just filed.
13:39:13 <clokep_work> And that was supposed to say "work there as well", where "there" is Yahoo!.
13:39:16 <clokep_work> But that was super vague.
13:39:20 * clokep_work needs to sleep more.
13:42:01 <flo-retina> sleeping more was my plan yesterday evening
13:42:28 <flo-retina> are all these throw Cr.NS_ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED; handled anywhere?
13:43:03 <flo-retina> is ArrayBufferUtils.jsm some code you wrote, or some code imported from somewhere else?
13:44:16 * nhnt11 remembers reading a blog post by clokep_work about ArrayBuffers and wonders whether he was working on this at the time
13:45:57 <clokep_work> flo-retina: Code I wrote.
13:46:05 <clokep_work> flo-retina: Does that mean it looks really bad or really good? ;)
13:46:05 <flo-retina> ok
13:46:20 <flo-retina> clokep_work: that means it needs a real review
13:46:38 <flo-retina> if it was from c-c for example, I could have skipped it :)
13:46:42 <clokep_work> nhnt11: It was OSCAR, http://clokep.blogspot.com/2012/11/javascript-typed-arrays-pain.html
13:46:51 <clokep_work> Right. :)
13:46:53 <clokep_work> I didn't request review yet! :P
13:47:01 <-- rohandalvi has quit (Client exited)
13:47:05 <flo-retina> well, no, I wouldn't have skipped it. But I would have refrained from nit picking, as keeping in sync would have more value
13:47:13 <clokep_work> flo-retina: They're not caught anywhere, I mostly was using them while testing to see when I forgot to implement functions. ;)
13:47:39 <flo-retina> "to see when I forgot to implement functions" so where was it visible?
13:48:10 <clokep_work> In the error console, IIRC.
13:49:54 <clokep_work> Sorry, it's been a little while since I touched that code. :-/
13:50:44 <clokep_work> I also don't love some of the names in ArrayBufferUtils.
13:50:53 * clokep_work specifically named it Utils just to annoy flo. ;)
13:52:06 * nhnt11 is thinking of buying a MacBook Pro, and if he does he will change his nick to nhnt11-retina ;)
13:54:09 --> mconley has joined #instantbird
13:55:19 <Mic> nhnt11: OK, so there's a clash between your first month of college and the last month of GSoC?
13:55:42 <nhnt11> Mic: Yes but it shouldn't be too much of a problem.
13:56:42 <Mic> How's the start of the next year usually going? Is there something like an easy first week where courses are assigned or so?
13:56:54 <nhnt11> Mic: More like an easy first month ;)
13:57:22 <Mic> OK, we could still try to be a little ahead of schedule..
13:58:03 <nhnt11> Mic: Right. I'll try to be a little more productive during the community bonding period
13:58:07 * qheaden_away is now known as qheaden
13:58:59 * nhnt11 will be back in an hour or two.
14:00:20 <qheaden> Hello all.
14:00:48 <clokep_work> Good morning.
14:02:27 <-- FireFly_TB has quit (Ping timeout)
14:04:22 <flo-retina> clokep_work: I'm not really annoyed by fooUtils names, just by "utils" (ie a catch all file that contains random junk)
14:07:36 <clokep_work> Fair enough. :)
14:13:36 <qheaden> Would you guys recommend using Mercurial Queues for my project, or just creating a private branch? I used Queues with Firefox, but not for a project this large.
14:14:11 <clokep_work> qheaden: Well we'll ideally want to commit things piecemeal and preffed off, but I'm unsure how we can really do that with a prpl, do you or flo-retina have any ideas about that?
14:14:53 <qheaden> clokep_work: When you say "preffed off", I'm assuming you mean turned off in preferences?
14:15:06 <flo-retina> for this specific project, I think a separate repository makes sense
14:15:18 <flo-retina> so that maybe the code could be tried as an add-on
14:15:59 <flo-retina> ideally we would integrate the code into our main code repository before the end of the summer, and pref'ed off, and then finish there once it's good enough for interested nightly testers to play with it
14:16:30 <-- jb has quit (Quit: jb)
14:16:45 <clokep_work> Makes sense.
14:16:57 <clokep_work> qheaden: "preffed off" means it's disabled unless you flip an about:config preference, yes.
14:16:59 --> jb has joined #instantbird
14:17:04 <qheaden> So basically just fork Instantbird and create patches when needed?
14:17:07 <clokep_work> (Or something similar)
14:17:11 <qheaden> clokep_work: OK, thanks for that clarification.
14:17:13 * clokep_work hates the work fork.
14:17:18 <clokep_work> word
14:17:34 <qheaden> :)
14:17:41 <clokep_work> qheaden: So pretty much just create a separate branch, we can make you a repository or if you want to use BitBucket that's fine too.
14:19:02 <clokep_work> qheaden: But yes, if there are parts that can "land" without Yahoo, then we'll want to do those as separate patches. (e.g. maybe some jsProtoHelper improvements)
14:19:09 <clokep_work> That sound reasonable?
14:21:10 <qheaden> Yes, that sounds fine.
14:22:05 <qheaden> flo-retina: Since I have some repositories on BitBucket, would it be okay if I host the branch on there?
14:31:33 <qheaden> clokep_work: Here is the link to my repository https://bitbucket.org/qheaden/instantbird-gsoc-2013
14:32:03 <qheaden> I'll probably be using that page also for personal bug tracking as well.
14:33:00 <flo-retina> that's OK with me
14:33:13 <flo-retina> as long as the code moves to the main instantbird code repository before the end of the summer :)
14:34:02 <qheaden> flo-retina: Sounds good to me. :)
14:39:33 <clokep_work> qheaden: That sounds like a good idea.
14:40:46 <nhnt11> Mic: We should probably discuss this too?
14:46:54 <nhnt11> flo-retina, clokep_work, Mic: Would it be possible for me to maintain a git repo instead of hg and still merge it later? (Since I've used git a lot and am more comfortable with it)
14:48:17 <clokep_work> nhnt11: Theoretically you can export/import patches between git and Mercurial, I think aleth does this.
14:50:57 <clokep_work> nhnt11: My only concern with that would be you wasting time trying to convert our repository from hg to git, etc.
14:51:03 --> dionisos has joined #instantbird
14:51:06 <clokep_work> But maybe Mic has stronger opinions. ;)
14:51:10 <nhnt11> clokep_work: That apparently is not very hard.
14:51:33 <nhnt11> clokep_work: It's not a big priority, I was curious if it would be possible though.
14:52:15 <flo-retina> a git repository may be frustrating for everybody trying to look at it.
14:53:57 <qheaden> Be back after a while everyone.
14:54:01 * qheaden is now known as qheaden_away
14:54:26 <flo-retina> I'm really not sure what the correct answer is for that question.
14:55:08 <flo-retina> git is really frustrating to me; but if you feel you are much more productive with it, we probably shouldn't tell you to not use it.
15:00:28 <clokep_work> I agree with those thoughts (i.e. I find git to be annoying to use, I'd prefer to use hg, especially since MozillaBuild doesn't have git support).
15:05:18 <Mic> I haven't used git for more than one afternoon (only to make some changes to something that Mook hosted on github).
15:05:58 <Mic> From what I know there are people converting mozilla-central back and forth between hg and git, so it seems to be possible to do that.
15:07:33 <nhnt11> Mic: Do you think me maintaining a separate repo on bitbucket (for e.g.) would be advantageous for Awesometab in particular?
15:07:35 <Mic> git and hg differ how they treat branches, don't they?
15:08:09 * nhnt11 has to go for a few minutes
15:08:25 * Mic needs to go in a few (< 15) minutes .
15:09:55 <clokep_work> Mic: Yes.
15:10:08 <clokep_work> Git branches are roughly Mercurial bookmarks.
15:10:21 <Mic> I've never used bookmarks on hg
15:10:43 <clokep_work> nhnt11: I don't think it would be advantageous unless it allows you to work significantly more quickly, but note that most of us in here won't really be able to help you at all.
15:10:54 <clokep_work> And you'd have to maintain the conversion.
15:11:09 <clokep_work> (I actually use git more than hg, but I hate every second of it.)
15:13:12 <Mic> Having it on an hg repository would be helpful if someone else would like to build from there.
15:13:50 <Mic> (without having to install git,...)
15:14:24 <Mic> How does building with git work anyways?
15:14:51 <nhnt11> Mic, clokep_work: Forget it, I'll use hg.
15:14:56 <nhnt11> :)
15:15:08 <flo-retina> Mic: installing git isn't the painful part (on Mac at least)
15:15:30 <Mic> I'm rather curious how pulling the mozilla source works and so on..
15:16:00 <nhnt11> Mic: There are tools to convert back and forth
15:16:35 <clokep_work> Mic: You'd have to modify client.py or not run it and do the steps manually.
15:19:02 <Mic> Is that really more comfortable to do than using hg directly?
15:19:13 <clokep_work> Mic: Depends on who you ask, I'm sure. :)
15:19:21 <Mic> Will you need anything more advanced than the basic operation and maybe patch queues?
15:21:13 <Mic> I need to go.
15:21:34 <Mic> One last question:
15:22:01 <Mic> Is it pronounced as "jit" or not?
15:23:38 <Mic> Nevermind, I found it on Wikipedia.
15:23:45 <-- Mic has quit (Quit: Instantbird -- http://www.instantbird.com)
15:24:32 <-- Optimizer has quit (Ping timeout)
15:28:25 --> Optimizer has joined #instantbird
15:38:24 * qheaden_away is now known as qheaden
15:38:33 <qheaden> I'm back.
15:38:49 * qheaden successfully compiled Instantbird while he was eating.
15:42:07 <clokep_work> qheaden: Congrats. :) Btw what OS are you on?
15:42:10 <clokep_work> I assume Linux...
15:45:41 <qheaden> clokep_work: Yes, Ubuntu.
15:45:47 <qheaden> 12.04 LTS
15:48:33 <clokep_work> OK!
15:48:56 <clokep_work> We'll probably need to test stuff across multiple OSes...although it'll be JS so not a big deal. :)
15:49:33 * clokep_work pokes instantbot
15:49:34 <instantbot> clokep_work? You want something?
15:49:48 <qheaden> clokep_work: I have both Windows 7 and Ubuntu running on my computers in my house, so I can test on those. I don't have access to OS X though.
15:50:01 <clokep_work> instantbot: You failed to announce http://blog.instantbird.org/2013/05/google-summer-of-code-2013-projects-announced/
15:50:03 <instantbot> clokep_work: Sorry, I've no idea what 'You failed to announce http://blog.instantbird.org/2013/05/google-summer-of-code-2013-projects-announced/' might be.
15:50:05 <qheaden> I also have Win XP on one of my computers.
15:50:10 <clokep_work> qheaden: That's fine.
15:50:22 <clokep_work> Ubuntu is mostly fine, just the build stuff (which should be trivial).
15:50:24 <clokep_work> I can test that too.
15:50:26 <flo-retina> clokep_work: and now that we don't have PPC any more, it's almost too easy ;) (endianness won't matter)
15:50:26 <clokep_work> I develop on Win 8.
15:50:48 <clokep_work> flo-retina: :P Except when you try to talk to the network.
15:50:51 <qheaden> Okay.
15:51:05 * qheaden used to develop Mozilla stuff on Windows, but got tired of Mozbuild. :)
15:51:19 <flo-retina> clokep_work: I mean the endianness is the same on all our supported platforms
15:51:23 * clokep_work finds Linux to be detrimental to his efficiency and health.
15:51:45 <flo-retina> clokep_work: that sounds like a troll ;).
15:51:48 <qheaden> lol
15:52:10 <clokep_work> :)
15:52:19 <clokep_work> Yeah, I've been cursing my Debian VM all day.
15:53:08 <flo-retina> why Debian? :-P
15:54:03 <clokep_work> I needed some basic OS that was lightweight and didn't have a lot of garbage in it...I don't have much room on my hard drive for a VHD. :)
15:54:23 <clokep_work> (But I also wanted something somewhat common, not like DSL.)
15:54:38 <clokep_work> And I've really been cursing MATLAB on Linux, not Linux itself. :)
15:54:47 <clokep_work> Although I broke down and installed zsh and now all is right in the world.
15:54:55 <clokep_work> That's how nhnt11's tab completion needs to work. ;)
15:56:01 <flo-retina> bah :(
15:56:04 * qheaden is successfully talking to a friend on compiled Instantbird. All is good.
15:56:09 <flo-retina> someone proposed dropping jQuery on the talkilla mailing list
15:56:31 <flo-retina> and someone just answered "As far as I can see, we're not currently paying any particular penalty for carrying jQuery, and it's hard to imagine us having a noticeable one until after we have a non-trivial number of users and/or really obvious performance/code structure issues."
15:58:10 <clokep_work> Fun. :)
15:58:15 <clokep_work> qheaden: Congrats. :) On Yahoo? :P
15:58:26 <flo-retina> "Selenium 2.0 builds with its own build technology called CrazyFun" sounds fun ;)
15:58:44 <qheaden> clokep_work: Actually no. Google Talk. I really don't use Yahoo!, although I have an account, and used to use it.
15:59:01 <qheaden> My mom is a Yahoo! messenger user though. But she also Instantbird.
15:59:19 <qheaden> So I can Yahoo! chat with her to test things. :)
16:01:07 <flo-retina> You'll certainly want to create a few test accounts to not have to bother your mom all the time ;)
16:01:31 <nhnt11> qheaden: Does pinging yourself work on yahoo messenger?
16:01:36 <qheaden> No worries. We chat all day anyway. :P
16:01:53 <flo-retina> qheaden: I'm pretty sure she expects you to receive her messages though ;)
16:01:55 <qheaden> nhnt11: Not sure.
16:02:03 <qheaden> flo-retina: :P
16:04:15 <qheaden> clokep_work: To warm up, I'm going to attempt working on bug 817596 as you suggested.
16:07:50 <-- jb has quit (Ping timeout)
16:32:36 <-- gerard-majax has quit (Ping timeout)
16:36:21 --> Mook_as has joined #instantbird
16:39:20 <-- dionisos has quit (Ping timeout)
16:42:21 <qheaden> clokep_work: Do you need a valid account on the server to reproduce bug 817596?
16:43:41 <flo-retina> I don't think so
16:43:47 <flo-retina> but I don't really remember either :-|
16:45:37 <qheaden> I just put in random login credentials, but I'm getting SSL handshake errors unrelated to the nonce issue.
16:52:08 <clokep_work> qheaden: I'm not sure. I never tested it.
16:52:24 <clokep_work> qheaden: You'll want to test NOT chatting to yourself also, btw...that can have other oddities. :)
16:52:49 <qheaden> Yeah.
16:59:04 --> jb has joined #instantbird
17:20:46 --> dionisos has joined #instantbird
17:42:01 <-- flo-retina has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.5a1pre -- http://www.instantbird.com)
17:51:02 <-- eson57 has left #instantbird ()
18:16:33 * clokep_work wonders if https://github.com/dcodeIO/ByteBuffer.js/blob/master/ByteBuffer.js would ease binary protos...
18:17:30 <-- dionisos has quit (Ping timeout)
18:20:25 <qheaden> clokep_work: That looks like a good utility.
18:21:04 <qheaden> I haven't looked at things in depth, but I have a feeling we can go without it though.
18:21:17 <-- Huvik has quit (Ping timeout)
18:22:16 <clokep_work> qheaden: I think it's essentially the stuff available in my ArrayBufferUtils class.
18:22:35 <qheaden> Yeah, pretty much.
18:23:08 <qheaden> clokep_work: During the bonding period, I'm going to attempt to poke at the Yahoo messenger servers with telnet to learn more about the message formats.
18:23:09 <clokep_work> I find it really annoying that "typing" is shown over "sent you a message", especially with Hangouts awful bugs...
18:23:25 <clokep_work> qheaden: OK. Did you find a definition of the objects sent across the wire? I'd like to see that.
18:23:46 <qheaden> Well, I'm reading up on the proto here: http://imfreedom.org/wiki/Yahoo
18:24:06 <qheaden> You send me a link to that website when I was creating my proposal.
18:24:10 <qheaden> *sent
18:24:44 <clokep_work> That doesn't mean I've read it. :-D
18:25:06 <nhnt11> clokep_work: It's very annoying. I'm thinking of spending a few minutes to find some sort of fix (even if temporary)
18:26:52 <qheaden> clokep_work: :)
18:27:08 <clokep_work> qheaden: Yeah, OK...it doesn't look THAT different from OSCAR.
18:27:20 --> Huvik has joined #instantbird
18:27:38 <qheaden> Yeah. Between this website, and another one I found (it is actually a link at the bottom of the first site), the whole Yahoo! protocol is explained.
18:27:46 <qheaden> Message format and all.
18:28:01 <clokep_work> Excellent. :) You'll probably want some utilities for creating/decoding those messages by the way.
18:28:08 <clokep_work> Checking out my oscar code might be useful in that?
18:28:21 <qheaden> Definitely.
18:28:34 <qheaden> Yeah, your OSCAR code will probably help.
18:29:03 <qheaden> I still have the link to the code you emailed me during the proposal writing period.
18:29:24 * clokep_work should find time to try to finish that... :-/
18:30:37 * qheaden successfully telnetted a message to the YMSG servers.
18:31:48 <-- jb has quit (Ping timeout)
18:35:20 <-- skeledrew has quit (Ping timeout)
18:41:43 <clokep_work> :) Congrats!
18:44:50 <qheaden> I just discovered the Linux utility called Expect which allows you to automate terminal interactions. I can use this to make automated scripts for telnet and talk with the server.
18:45:40 <nhnt11> qheaden: Urgh. I've had only trouble with expect scripts :(
18:46:01 <qheaden> nhnt11: Yeah, it looks a bit cumbersome.
18:46:30 * qheaden wonders if telnet can directly read input from stdin.
18:46:38 <nhnt11> Although, mostly what I was using it for was automating ssh password logins (I couldn't upload a pubkey for various reasons)
18:46:58 <nhnt11> qheaden: I don't think so (not sure though)
18:47:58 <clokep_work> qheaden: I would suggest just making a simple protocol implementation.
18:48:06 <clokep_work> I originally started the IRC stuff w/ essentially a telnet prpl.
18:48:29 <qheaden> Yeah, that makes sense.
18:48:55 <qheaden> I'm just using telnet as a quick and dirty method of communication for the next few days just to get a better feel of the protocol.
18:49:09 <qheaden> I'll start creating the Yahoo prpl framework soon.
18:51:17 <qheaden> clokep_work: Yeah, making a simple protocol implmentation is the best way. Using telnet for binary communication is hairy.
18:53:54 --> dionisos has joined #instantbird
18:53:57 * nhnt11 has waded into the ocean of C++ in his search for the origins of aConv
18:54:30 <nhnt11> instantbot: No C++ insult?
18:54:33 <instantbot> nhnt11: Sorry, I've no idea what 'No C++ insult' might be.
18:55:17 <qheaden> Was anyone accepted to GSoC last year?
18:55:34 <nhnt11> qheaden: wnayes
18:55:52 <nhnt11> qheaden: http://www.tc.umn.edu/~nayes006/gsoc/instantbird.php
18:56:14 <qheaden> Oh okay. I was just wondering how long it took Google to send the welcome package. They said students should have it by the 17th.
18:56:47 <nhnt11> Oh. atuljangra was also a GSoC 2012 student
19:04:12 --> Mic has joined #instantbird
19:04:12 * ChanServ sets mode +h Mic 
19:06:14 <nhnt11> Hi Mic
19:06:21 <Mic> Hi
19:06:37 <nhnt11> What would you prefer I call you in blog posts? Benedict? Mic? Mr. Benedict? :P
19:07:31 * nhnt11 really likes the default smileys and wonders where they're from
19:07:35 <Mic> I'm fine with either Mic or Benedikt (as long as it has a "k";)
19:07:47 <nhnt11> Ah, sorry.
19:08:16 --> jb has joined #instantbird
19:08:30 <clokep_work> nhnt11: A developer (no longer active) made them: idechix, I think.
19:08:36 <clokep_work> (Florian's friend, I think?)
19:08:38 <Mic> Ah, no problem.
19:08:47 <clokep_work> nhnt11: Uhh... aConv is C++? What?
19:08:50 <nhnt11> Ah okay. He's listed on the credits page.
19:08:54 <clokep_work> Yes.
19:09:12 <nhnt11> clokep_work: No, no, just that I ended up on a C++ page while I was searching around.
19:09:13 * instantbot frowns at nhnt11
19:09:27 <nhnt11> instantbot: That's more like it
19:09:30 <instantbot> nhnt11: Sorry, I've no idea what 'That's more like it' might be.
19:09:42 <nhnt11> Mic: I'm working on adding non-conversation tabs right now.
19:11:03 <Mic> Oh, nice. How easy or difficult turned it out to be?
19:11:03 <clokep_work> nhnt11: Weird, libpurple?
19:11:23 <nhnt11> clokep_work: Yes.
19:11:38 <nhnt11> Mic: It doesn't seem very difficult yet.
19:12:54 <Mic> All the better :)
19:14:08 <nhnt11> Mic: I'm pretty sure at this point that I just need to add a method (e.g. addGenericTab) which will accept parameters for tab title, content etc, and create a tab accordingly.
19:14:59 <qheaden> clokep_work: So when I create the prpl, I assume it should be located in chat/protocols/yahoo, right?
19:15:14 <clokep_work> qheaden: Yes.
19:15:33 <clokep_work> Don't forget that there are "two" implementations (Yahoo and Yahoo JAPAN).
19:15:40 <clokep_work> I think the only difference are the server URLs.
19:16:19 <clokep_work> qheaden: It'd also be nice if you could file a bug at some point for this work. :) We can then file sub-tasks if we need to.
19:17:39 <qheaden> clokep_work: Yeah, I was thinking about that.
19:17:54 <Mic> We should tweak our color selection algorithm to produce colors other than green and pink for the active people in here... ;)
19:18:28 <clokep_work> Mic: It actually does seem "broken". :-/
19:18:35 <nhnt11> Mic: I just realized I never mentioned my mentor or included any links to melange page for my proposal on my blog post. Is there any webpage you would like me to link your name to?
19:19:36 <Mic> No, I don't actively run a blog or webpage (anymore).
19:19:57 <-- chrisccoulson has quit (Connection reset by peer)
19:20:09 <nhnt11> Okay :)
19:20:17 <Mic> You might link to my Twitter page though if you like.
19:20:29 <qheaden> Does instantbot create GUIDs like firebot?
19:20:30 <Mic> I'm reading my feed and it's public so it seems OK to do that.
19:20:38 <Mic> qheaden: ask it nicely ;)
19:20:38 <nhnt11> Okay.
19:20:51 <qheaden> instantbot: guid
19:20:54 <instantbot> qheaden: Sorry, I've no idea what 'guid' might be.
19:20:55 <instantbot> qheaden: firebot knew: um... guid is a Globally Unique Identifier, a Microsoft version of the UUID (Universally Unique Identifier). It is highly unlikely that any two will match. Ask me for "uuid" and I will g... (rest /msged)
19:20:58 <clokep_work> instantbot: uuid
19:20:58 <nhnt11> instantbot: Can I have a GUID please
19:21:00 <instantbot> 50ea817e-5d79-4657-91ae-aa0a52bdb98c (/msg instantbot cid for CID form)
19:21:01 <instantbot> nhnt11: Sorry, I've no idea what 'Can I have a GUID please' might be.
19:21:16 <qheaden> Ahh yes, UUID.
19:21:28 <clokep_work> You can use that one ^ I don't need it. ;)
19:21:35 <clokep_work> (And we don't want to waste a UUID!)
19:21:48 <qheaden> :)
19:21:48 <clokep_work> Are any of you on Twitter anyway?
19:22:11 <nhnt11> I'm on twitter but not very active
19:22:17 <nhnt11> (@nhnt11)
19:22:54 <qheaden> No, I'm not on there.
19:24:35 <nhnt11> Mic: I've introduced you as Benedikt P (I haven't seen your surname anywhere in public).
19:25:44 --> chrisccoulson has joined #instantbird
19:28:42 <Mic> Ah, thanks! You updated the blog posting. I don't mind if you use my surname either, it's appearing on the hg web interface anyways (I'm using my full name there)
19:28:45 <qheaden> Instantbird supports objdir builds right?
19:29:03 * clokep_work isn't really sure what that means.
19:29:10 <clokep_work> qheaden: What are you trying to "build"?
19:29:12 <nhnt11> qheaden: yes
19:29:22 <nhnt11> clokep_work: I think he means make -C objdir/blabla
19:29:27 <qheaden> ^
19:30:28 <clokep_work> Yes, that works.
19:30:37 <clokep_work> make -C objdir tier_app also rebuilds all Instantbird specific stuff
19:31:11 <qheaden> Okay.
19:31:22 <-- jb has quit (Ping timeout)
19:32:04 <nhnt11> Mic: Updated!
19:32:28 <nhnt11> Mic: I actually didn't know your surname until a few moments ago :P
19:36:07 --> jb has joined #instantbird
19:37:38 <qheaden> clokep_work: I just copied the jstest prpl code into the chat/protocols/yahoo directory, changed some things around (such as names), and added it to the build tree.
19:37:46 <qheaden> I will use this as my launch pad to create the Yahoo prpl.
19:38:36 <clokep_work> OK.
19:38:49 * clokep_work couldn't even tell you what the jstest prpl looks like. :-D
19:39:14 <qheaden> :D
19:39:33 <qheaden> Its a good framework with the major methods semi-stubbed.
19:39:36 <clokep_work> nhnt11, qheaden: Are you both done with school / exams?
19:39:42 <qheaden> I am.
19:39:43 <nhnt11> clokep_work: Yes.
19:39:46 <clokep_work> OK.
19:39:52 * clokep_work doesn't want to contribute to procrastination. :_D
19:40:12 <nhnt11> clokep_work: I was working on my proposal during my finals ;)
19:40:19 * nhnt11 doesn't particularly enjoy thermodynamics
19:40:30 <qheaden> As nhnt11 was saying earlier, the schedule for this year's GSoC does cut into the start of school.
19:40:37 <qheaden> I go back in the middle of August.
19:41:13 <qheaden> But I plan on having a major portion of the work done by then.
19:41:57 <clokep_work> qheaden: Let me know if you want to look at any code...
19:42:13 <qheaden> clokep_work: Okay.
19:42:36 <qheaden> clokep_work: BTW, in my BitBucket repo, my code will be under the yahoo-prpl branch.
19:43:42 <clokep_work> qheaden: Got it.
19:43:49 <clokep_work> I set it up to email me when you commit. :)
19:45:29 <qheaden> Great.
19:53:14 <clokep_work> qheaden: FYI we put a line break at the end of all our files.
19:55:38 <nhnt11> Mic: This seems more complicated than I thought (sigh)
19:56:53 <Mic> I wanted to check some things in tabbrowser.xml but Komodo tried several times to update itself, failed, downloaded partial and full updates... meh :S
19:57:03 <nhnt11> clokep_work: By the way, I've been trying Komodo Edit since you mentioned it and it's great!
19:57:16 <nhnt11> Mic: :(
19:57:26 <clokep_work> Mic: I had that problem a lot...I never set up the proxy setings on it. ;)
19:57:34 <clokep_work> nhnt11: Glad you like it.
19:58:52 <Mic> It worked now, showing 8.0.2 on the about dialog :)
19:58:59 --> DGMurdockIII has joined #instantbird
19:59:02 <Mic> I'm using Komodo *Edit* of course.
19:59:14 <qheaden> clokep_work: Thanks for that tip.
19:59:37 <DGMurdockIII> Mic: why not openKomodo 
19:59:38 <nhnt11> Mic: Currently I'm trying accepting the xul element type to be added as a parameter, though I'm not sure if that's the best way
19:59:45 <Mook_as> Mic: :( that sucks; at the very most, it shouldn't download the full update more than once...
19:59:53 <clokep_work> DGMurdockIII: OpenKomodo == Komodo Edit.
20:00:07 <clokep_work> nhnt11: That's what WIPs and reviews are for. :)
20:00:08 <DGMurdockIII> yes i now
20:00:43 <nhnt11> My Java/OOP instincts are screaming to create an abstract class and force anything that wants to be addable to extend it :(
20:00:45 <clokep_work> qheaden: Just saving myself from telling you later. ;)
20:00:51 <clokep_work> nhnt11, qheaden: You guys should read our style guide btw.
20:00:56 <nhnt11> clokep_work: I've read it.
20:01:10 <DGMurdockIII> actally Komodo Edit is the paid verson
20:01:38 <nhnt11> DGMurdockIII: The about dialog of the version I'm using, certainly downloaded for free, says it's called Komodo Edit
20:01:44 <nhnt11> Afaik the paid one is Komodo IDE
20:02:26 <DGMurdockIII> ok
20:02:54 <clokep_work> DGMurdockIII: Yes, Komodo IDE is the paid version, but this is kind of off topic (and the scrollback is already long now with so many new people around).
20:03:11 <clokep_work> Bah that last part was meant for everyone.
20:04:02 * qheaden wonders why gedit won't show newline at end.
20:05:18 <DGMurdockIII> oh so openKomodo is kinda like beta version for Komodo edit
20:06:03 <clokep_work> Please take this discussion to #komodo.
20:07:58 <qheaden> clokep_work: Is the newline at end a new coding style for Ib? I don't see them at the end of the source files for the existing protocols.
20:08:55 <nhnt11> qheaden: I just opened a couple files randomly and they have trailing newlines.
20:09:23 <clokep_work> qheaden: All of them have it. :-S
20:09:26 <clokep_work> It might not be showing up online.
20:09:39 <qheaden> Okay.
20:13:32 * qheaden discovers that gedit silently adds a newline at the end of the file, and doesn't show it.
20:14:42 --> flo-retina has joined #instantbird
20:14:42 * ChanServ sets mode +qo flo-retina flo-retina 
20:29:36 * clokep_work is going soon for a few hours.
20:36:03 * flo-retina is happy to see people are so eager to start GSoC'ing :).
20:36:17 <flo-retina> (and I wonder how much pressure that will put on my review queue :-D)
20:38:56 <nhnt11> flo-retina: Who's the mentor for atul's project?
20:39:05 <flo-retina> nhnt11: I am.
20:39:20 <nhnt11> Okay.
20:39:33 <flo-retina> although if things happen like last year, #instantbird is the mentor for all our GSoC students ;).
20:39:49 <nhnt11> flo-retina: That would be nice. :)
20:40:11 <flo-retina> last year when wnayes had questions and/or needed help, he wrote his questions on an etherpad, and whoever read it first replied, and others added comments (if needed).
20:40:33 <flo-retina> usually when I saw the pad, there was already answers from aleth/clokep/Mic and I didn't have anything to do any more ;).
20:40:53 <flo-retina> with 3 students here this summer, it may work even better, as I guess you can also help each other :).
20:41:08 <clokep_work> Yeah, flo just took all the credit. :P
20:41:32 <nhnt11> flo-retina: That sounds fun :).
20:41:33 <nhnt11> clokep_work: :P
20:41:36 <flo-retina> clokep_work: like I always do :-P
20:41:56 <nhnt11> So I have a question now.
20:42:11 <nhnt11> I've added a method to tabbrowser for adding things other than conversations
20:42:30 <qheaden> clokep_work: I have today's daily log set to pre-scheduled to publish on my blog at 9:00 P.M.
20:42:41 <nhnt11> I've also written a tiny test xul
20:42:56 <nhnt11> What's the best way to test adding it as a tab?
20:43:06 <clokep_work> qheaden: Any reason you can't just publish now? :P
20:43:20 <clokep_work> nhnt11: Add a button somewhere? Or error console, maybe.
20:43:25 <nhnt11> Would directly calling code from the error console work?
20:43:36 <clokep_work> If you can get into the context, it should.
20:43:36 <nhnt11> clokep_work: I was thinking error console, yeah.
20:43:47 <clokep_work> (i don't know how you wrote the code so it's hard for me to say.
20:43:51 <qheaden> clokep_work: I might end up doing something extra. Well, I guess I can just publish now and update as needed.
20:43:53 <clokep_work> But if you can get the window and then call the code, sure.
20:43:53 <nhnt11> I've never worked with this stuff :/
20:43:56 <flo-retina> the error console would work, yes
20:43:59 <clokep_work> qheaden: Ah, that makes snese.
20:44:07 <clokep_work> qheaden: My plan is to read it tomorrow during breakfast anyway. :)
20:44:18 <flo-retina> you may also want to create a tiny add-on adding a non-conversation tab, and use it for testing
20:44:27 <qheaden> clokep_work: And I just wanted to try out the auto-post functionality. :)
20:44:57 <flo-retina> nhnt11: "I've never worked with this stuff :/" I think this is exactly the reason why Mic asked you to look at it :).
20:45:43 <nhnt11> flo-retina: :)
20:45:56 <qheaden> nhnt11: So what will your Awesometab do? Help organize conversations?
20:46:08 <nhnt11> qheaden: It replaces the join chat dialog.
20:46:23 <nhnt11> Basically a way to quickly start chats, from a new tab.
20:46:24 <Mic> nhnt11: the error console is most likely OK if you only want to try it once.
20:46:30 <nhnt11> autocompletion, etc.
20:46:39 <qheaden> Awesome! (no pun intended)
20:46:46 <qheaden> I am not a fan of the Join chat dialog.
20:46:57 <clokep_work> No one is. :)
20:47:07 <nhnt11> Mic: Probably just once or twice, yeah. I'll play with the error console now.
20:47:08 <-- clokep_work has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.5a1pre -- http://www.instantbird.com)
20:47:40 <Mic> You've added a method to the tabbrowser and you want to call it with what exactly?
20:48:11 <nhnt11> Mic: It's basically a clone of _addConversation
20:48:28 <nhnt11> I still need to find exactly how *that's* called :P
20:48:29 <Mic> You can pastebin it if you think that's easier than explaining by the way.
20:48:52 <Mic> Do you know lxr?
20:49:14 <Mic> http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/search?string=_addConversation
20:49:32 <nhnt11> Mic: Yes searching there was next on my todo list.
20:50:35 <nhnt11> Mic: Here's what I have right now (not very impressive, mostly a clone like I said) http://pastebin.instantbird.com/208652
20:51:19 <Mic> qheaden: do you know lxr too already? It allows to search Instantbird's code for any string/identifiers/..
20:51:40 <nhnt11> (The return statement should be | return content |)
20:51:43 <qheaden> Mic: Yes. I've used it extensively when writing code for Firefox (MXR)
20:52:25 <Mic> :)
20:52:42 * nhnt11 is hungry and will be back in a bit with something to eat.
21:03:35 <-- Huvik has quit (Quit: Huvik)
21:04:38 * flo-retina wonders what the next step is for bug 1956
21:04:41 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1956 nor, --, ---, clokep, ASSI, Update to Mozilla 21
21:07:38 <qheaden> I just created bug 877388 for my GSoC project if anyone is interested in joining the CC list.
21:08:38 <qheaden> flo-retina: Should I have created the bug on Mozilla's bugzilla, or Instantbird's?
21:08:40 <-- Tonnes has quit (Input/output error)
21:08:52 <nhnt11> qheaden: I would hazard a guess at Instantbird's :P
21:10:05 --> EionRobb has joined #instantbird
21:10:06 <qheaden> Yeah, i completely forgot about Instantbird's, since Patrick pointed me to a bug on Mozilla's. I guess it was old.
21:10:45 <Mic> nhnt11: I'm still going through your code and tabbrowser (mostly that though;)
21:10:54 <flo-retina> qheaden: bugs are on mozilla's when they are filed by Thunderbird Chat users, and on Instantbird's when they are filed by Instantbird users ;)
21:11:12 <qheaden> flo-retina: Ahh okay. Understood.
21:12:17 <flo-retina> qheaden: we do have plans to merge bugzilla.instantbird.org into bugzilla.mozilla.org, but that takes time :(
21:13:09 <instantbot> New Core - General bug 1982 filed by qheaden@phaseshiftsoftware.com.
21:13:11 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1982 nor, --, ---, nobody, UNCO, Create Yahoo! Messenger Protocol Plug-In
21:14:30 <qheaden> Could someone assign me to bug 1982 or bump up my privileges?
21:15:13 <nhnt11> I was already on the page so I did it, qheaden
21:15:22 <qheaden> nhnt11: Thanks.
21:16:42 <qheaden> nhnt11: Where is the repo for your project? I would like to try it out when it becomes usable.
21:16:52 <nhnt11> qheaden: I haven't started a repo.
21:16:58 <qheaden> Okay.
21:17:05 <nhnt11> qheaden: I think my project may be better done patch-wise
21:17:30 <nhnt11> (as flo-retina suggested once, a good first goal would be a tab that simply acts as a buddy list)
21:18:11 <qheaden> Yes, that is a good way to start.
21:18:24 <nhnt11> Mic: What do you think? If maintaining a repo would help at all, I should probably start one asap.
21:19:40 <qheaden> nhnt11: I find personally that, when dealing with large projects, it can be cumbersome to deal with patches only.
21:20:05 <Mook_as> you probably want some sort of system to keep track of your patches anyway
21:20:08 <nhnt11> qheaden: fair enough.
21:20:18 <qheaden> But then again, it depends on the kind of project you are dealing with, and how much separation you want between changes.
21:21:16 <qheaden> nhnt11: Like this bug I worked on with Firefox. I was encouraged to create different patches to help with reviewing, but managing them became messy. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=731667
21:22:58 <nhnt11> Hmm
21:23:02 --> Tonnes has joined #instantbird
21:24:02 <qheaden> My plan for this project is to simply commit to a separate branch, and create patches off of that when needed.
21:26:59 <Mic> Let me have a look at how clokep does it on bitbucket. He's keeping his patches there (and maybe even a copy of Ib's source).
21:28:31 <nhnt11> Mic: I'm in the process of starting a BitBucket repo (just in case :) )
21:29:41 <qheaden> nhnt11: Even if you don't use the branch approach, you can still use the repo to keep backups of your patch(s).
21:30:16 <nhnt11> qheaden: I'll probably use the branch approach if I use the repo.
21:30:17 <Mic> clokep has version controlled his mq "patches" folder by the way. That's a good idea because this way you can easily rollback if you're not happy with a later version of a patch
21:30:35 <nhnt11> Mic: That's a good idea.
21:32:09 <qheaden> Well, I have to leave, eat, and take care of a few things. I'll probably log back on later this evening, or tomorrow.
21:32:25 <nhnt11> Mic, qheaden: https://bitbucket.org/nhnt11/instantbird-gsoc-2013
21:32:41 <nhnt11> qheaden: I copied what you did for the description ;)
21:32:54 <qheaden> nhnt11: Stop copying!!!! lol 
21:32:57 <qheaden> Just kidding.
21:33:15 <nhnt11> Heh, I just realized the repo name is the same too :P
21:33:30 <qheaden> :P
21:34:58 <qheaden> Talk to you all later. :)
21:35:51 * qheaden is now known as qheaden_away
21:37:19 <nhnt11> Bye
21:38:14 <Mic> nhnt11: http://pastebin.instantbird.com/208703
21:39:51 <nhnt11> Mic: Thanks.
21:40:14 <Mic> Is this the kind of feedback you were looking for?
21:40:43 <nhnt11> Mic: Well, I was going to look at most of the things you mentioned after an inital test
21:40:45 <-- Suiseiseki has quit (Ping timeout)
21:41:05 <nhnt11> initial*
21:41:05 <nhnt11> I wanted to make sure adding something works first.
21:41:49 <nhnt11> Mic: Can you help me with that? I really have no clue where to start with calling the method from error console.
21:42:24 <nhnt11> Well, I know I need to get the tabbrowser and call it from there but that's it.
21:43:58 <Mic> Import "Services.jsm", then use the window mediator service (Services.wm) to get a window with conversations (window type "Messenger:convs" iirc) as a start. You'll need to get to the binding then, give me a moment for this.
21:44:12 <Mic> https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/JavaScript_code_modules/Services.jsm btw
21:48:25 <Mic> OK, I got it.
21:49:09 <nhnt11> Mic: I think writing a mini add-on for this might be a good idea.
21:50:23 <Mic> lol
21:50:42 <DGMurdockIII> https://www.eff.org/mention/google-hangouts-brings-universal-chat-google-well-these-privacy-problems
21:50:55 <DGMurdockIII> there groping support for xmpp
21:51:00 <DGMurdockIII> dropping
21:51:00 * Mic just called _addConversation with null as parameter. It looks ... broken.
21:51:25 <Mic> nhnt11: do you want to try it yourself?
21:51:54 <DGMurdockIII> How will this change affect the bigger picture of the world and open communication, a mission that Google seems to be veering away from after championing it for so long? ”It really is sad news for the future of open communication,” Higgins told Digital Trends. “The power and strength of email comes from its versatility, and that comes from its openness. Most obviously, moving away from...
21:51:56 <DGMurdockIII> ...federated XMPP to siloed services raises the cost for users of switching services, which takes away incentives for those services to compete on features.” In short, we end up with a mediocre selection of services, none of them enabling us users to talk with all of our friends. “[We've got] an even weaker field in the future, because existing services can rely on network effects to keep...
21:51:57 <DGMurdockIII> ...users captive,” Higgins added.
21:52:07 <Mic> DGMurdockIII: please stop that.
21:52:26 <Mic> We've got lots of discussion today already and some people would like to catch up with the logs later.
21:52:54 <Mic> Having hundreds or thousands of lines of backlog on a day hardly help with that.
21:53:24 --> mpmc has joined #instantbird
21:53:25 <nhnt11> Mic: I'll try.
21:53:42 <DGMurdockIII> http://www.zdnet.com/google-moves-away-from-the-xmpp-open-messaging-standard-7000015918/
21:53:53 <DGMurdockIII> not my problem 
21:53:58 <DGMurdockIII> with the logs
21:54:17 <-- Mic has kicked DGMurdockIII from #instantbird
21:54:21 --> DGMurdockIII has joined #instantbird
21:56:35 <Mic> nhnt11: use getMostRecentWindow from the window mediator service, it will save you from having to deal with the enumerator and should be good enough for experimenting.
21:56:46 <nhnt11> Mic: I'm doing that :)
21:57:03 <nhnt11> I'm reusing some code from that snap to edges addon.
21:57:21 <nhnt11> (which used code inspired by that WIP you showed me)
21:58:15 <Mic> You'll get a window with a document. You can e.g. use getElementById from there...
21:59:47 <Mic> http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/instantbird/content/instantbird.xul#161
21:59:51 <Mic> http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/instantbird/content/tabbrowser.css#5
22:00:38 <nhnt11> Mic: Let me try :P
22:00:42 <nhnt11> But thanks :)
22:08:35 --> rosonline has joined #instantbird
22:09:21 <Mic> I'll be back in a few minutes (and go to bed a few minutes later).
22:10:41 <nhnt11> Nothing's happening :/
22:10:54 <nhnt11> Mic: I did
22:10:55 <nhnt11>   let tc = window.document.getElementById("tabconversation");
22:10:56 <nhnt11>   tc.addGenericTab("tabtest");
22:11:11 <nhnt11> (I added a file called tabtest.xml to instantbird/content)
22:11:47 <flo-retina> nhnt11: define "nothing"
22:11:48 <Mic> Have you also added a binding to the element called "tabtest"?
22:12:12 <nhnt11> flo-retina: Absolutely nothing :P Nothing in the error console either.
22:12:28 <nhnt11> Mic: That's probably the problem.
22:13:20 <flo-retina> afaik, "let" doesn't work in the error console; use "var" instead
22:13:30 <flo-retina> (but that should show a syntax error)
22:13:32 <nhnt11> flo-retina: I've written a small add-on.
22:13:53 <flo-retina> oh, ok, sorry
22:14:31 <Mic> I had added a link in the pastebin with the diff and my comments. It points to instantbird.css on lxr. Check it out.
22:15:06 <nhnt11> Mic: I just made a css file with the following:
22:15:07 <nhnt11> tabtest {
22:15:07 <nhnt11>   -moz-binding: url("chrome://instantbird/content/tabtest.xml#tabtest");
22:15:07 <nhnt11> }
22:15:44 <nhnt11> Here's tabtest.xml: http://pastebin.instantbird.com/208725
22:16:20 <Mic> Looks good.
22:18:29 <nhnt11> Now I'm getting a "tc is null"
22:19:15 <Mic> The id isn't "tabconversation"
22:19:38 <-- jb has quit (Ping timeout)
22:19:54 <Mic> Now I'm really "brb" ;)
22:20:41 <nhnt11> Mic: Should I use tabbrowser?
22:20:48 <Mic> Here's the solution if you need it while I'm gone: http://pastebin.instantbird.com/208714
22:21:39 <nhnt11> conversation?
22:21:51 <nhnt11> oh conversations*
22:21:52 <nhnt11> Hmm
22:22:20 <-- flo-retina has quit (Ping timeout)
22:22:24 --> flo-retina has joined #instantbird
22:22:25 * ChanServ sets mode +qo flo-retina flo-retina 
22:22:34 <nhnt11> Thanks Mic, good night.
22:26:26 <-- qlum has quit (Quit: Getting the <censored> out.)
22:26:28 <Mic> http://log.bezut.info/instantbird/130529#m953 It's been in these links. I thought it would take too long to figure that out..
22:26:43 <Mic> I'll be here for maybe five more minutes if you need something.
22:29:52 <nhnt11> Mic: Urgh. I was having a lot of trouble because I forgot to build the app :'(
22:30:15 <nhnt11> (First tc was null, then there was no such function, then tc was null again)
22:30:38 <nhnt11> It works :)
22:30:48 <nhnt11> A tab is added but that label isn't showing up :/
22:32:12 <Mic> Have you included the css file from tabbrowser?
22:33:38 <nhnt11> Mic: What? You mean for tabtest?
22:34:28 <nhnt11> (If so, I have)
22:34:38 <Mic> If the css file with the rule isn't included, the rule won't be applied and therefore the binding not attached to the element.
22:34:50 <Mic> *not be
22:34:52 --> FireFly_TB has joined #instantbird
22:34:58 <-- DGMurdockIII has quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.90 [Firefox 21.0/20130511120803])
22:35:03 <nhnt11> Mic: Yes
22:35:09 <Mic> OK
22:35:25 <nhnt11> I've added a <resources><stylesheet src="chrome://instantbird/content/tabtest.css"/></resources> under <binding id="tabtest">
22:35:31 <nhnt11> Is there anything else I need to do?
22:36:18 <Mic> That makes it a chicken and egg problem ;)
22:36:57 <Mic> i.e. how would the rule be applied if the css isn't included yet?
22:38:04 <nhnt11> Mic: :S
22:38:34 <Mic> brb
22:38:37 <nhnt11> I should get some sleep and try this tomorrow.. it's 4am :P
22:38:48 <Mic> I'm going to test what you have in a moment...
22:39:15 <-- Mic has quit (Quit: Instantbird -- http://www.instantbird.com)
22:39:36 --> Mic has joined #instantbird
22:39:36 * ChanServ sets mode +h Mic 
22:40:01 --> skeledrew has joined #instantbird
22:41:07 <Mic> I have a tab with a label "test" in the upper left corner now :)
22:41:31 <nhnt11> Mic: :(
22:41:36 <nhnt11> Mic: Here's my bootstrap.js: http://pastebin.instantbird.com/208728
22:41:51 <nhnt11> (It adds a tab when you click the buddy list window... crude but works)
22:42:11 <Mic> I've moved including the stylesheet to tabbrowser.xml btw
22:42:24 <nhnt11> Oh
22:43:18 <Mic> That's not feasible for everyday use, but it will make your example work at least ;)
22:43:48 <nhnt11> I moved it and still have no "test" label :(
22:44:37 <nhnt11> I have a load of errors though. "this.linkedConversation is undefined" "newConversation is undefined" "getBrowser(...).selectedConversation is undefined"
22:46:30 <Mic> A lot of code depends on a tab having a conversation attached to it. That's the things that need to be fixed now.
22:46:47 <Mic> *on tabs
22:47:06 <nhnt11> Mic: But how did you get the label to show up :/
22:48:38 <Mic> I added "<stylesheet src="chrome://instantbird/content/tabtest.css"/>" in the resources section of tabbrowser binding.
22:48:54 <Mic> I've created this file with exactly the contents you pasted earlier.
22:49:07 <Mic> Same for tabtest.xml.
22:49:08 <nhnt11> Mic: Sounds identical to what I did :(
22:49:25 <Mic> I've used the error console though to call the function.
22:49:32 <Mic> http://pastebin.instantbird.com/208748
22:50:37 <nhnt11> Just tried with the error console. Still no "test"
22:52:30 <Mic> hmm :(
22:52:38 <Mic> Let's debug this tomorrow, I'd say.
22:52:43 <nhnt11> Yeah.
22:53:16 <nhnt11> Okay then
22:53:19 <nhnt11> Good night!
22:53:26 <Mic> http://i.imgur.com/ISP6cq9.png
22:53:53 <nhnt11> :(
22:54:14 <nhnt11> Mic: http://grab.by/n1Hw
22:54:48 <Mic> I also get this when I use a different element name in the addGenericTab call.
22:54:52 <Mic> (e.g. a typo)
22:55:07 <Mic> this = as on your screenshot
22:55:18 <nhnt11> Yeah that's expected
22:56:03 <Mic> Good night now!
22:56:08 <nhnt11> Good night :)
22:56:37 <-- nhnt11 has left #instantbird ()
22:56:40 <Mic> I didn't expect to see a tab without conversation that fast by the way! :)
22:57:04 --> clokep has joined #instantbird
22:57:05 * ChanServ sets mode +o clokep 
22:59:13 <-- Mic has quit (Quit: Instantbird -- http://www.instantbird.com)
22:59:26 --> Mic has joined #instantbird
22:59:27 * ChanServ sets mode +h Mic 
23:01:30 <clokep> qheaden_away: I'm upping your privileges on BIO right now.
23:01:38 <clokep> "With great power, comes great responsibility." line. ;)
23:09:09 <-- Mic has quit (Quit: Instantbird -- http://www.instantbird.com)
23:09:16 --> Mic has joined #instantbird
23:09:16 * ChanServ sets mode +h Mic 
23:12:02 <-- Mic has quit (Quit: Instantbird -- http://www.instantbird.com)
23:12:08 --> Mic has joined #instantbird
23:12:09 * ChanServ sets mode +h Mic 
23:12:55 <clokep> nhnt11: I use a patch queue that I keep versioned on BitBucket, I find it fairly convenient.
23:15:37 <-- Mic has quit (Quit: Instantbird -- http://www.instantbird.com)
23:15:46 --> Mic has joined #instantbird
23:15:47 * ChanServ sets mode +h Mic 
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23:23:38 <-- Mic has quit (Quit: Instantbird -- http://www.instantbird.com)
23:28:40 --> Kaishi has joined #instantbird
23:31:49 --> nhnt11 has joined #instantbird
23:32:23 <nhnt11> Mic: Heh, thanks :)
23:33:18 <nhnt11> Mic, clokep, flo-retina: I've updated my blog with today's progress. Is the detail level what you expected?
23:33:59 * nhnt11 should really scrap that stupid Google plus profile picture
23:34:03 <flo-retina> link?
23:34:25 <flo-retina> (I guess I should have the address somewhere already, but I'm pretty sure you can link to it faster than I can look it up ;))
23:34:36 <nhnt11> awesometab.blogspot.com
23:35:51 <nhnt11> I re-pasted relevant pastes to last forever.
23:36:25 * nhnt11 notices that he automatically referred to Mic as Mic in the post.
23:36:59 <flo-retina> nhnt11: looks great to me
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23:40:37 <nhnt11> netsplit?
23:40:51 <nhnt11> flo-retina: thanks for the review ;)