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21:17:42 <jazz> when I open a Thunderbird IRC window and connect to a network, I can see three columns. the one on the left showing the network connections and channels, the one on the right showing the users in a channel and below it a section where Previous Conversations are shown in groups sorted by daily periods, and the much wider middle section, where I see text sent by users and network system messages typical of IRC. The text in this middle sect
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21:31:22 <jazz> also, the middle section of the window itself has three columns. the far right one includes the time at which each of the user text messages was posted to the channel. the center column is the user text message. the one on the left shows the user nicks for each message. the problem i have with this column on the left is that it appears much large than necessary to display the nicks and, therefore, it has a large swath of empty space in i
21:33:30 <EionRobb> your messages are being cut off
21:33:38 <EionRobb> http://img1.uploadscreenshot.com/images/orig/1/1916350477-orig.png
21:39:32 <jazz> thanks for point this out to me because I cannot apparently see it the same way as others, or at least the same way as you do. here, then, is the last part of that one:  The text in this middle section has different font characteristics, such as size, color, hyperlinks, emoticons, etc. I do not see where in Thunderbird's UI I can modify and control these characteristics. Is it something I can do, or what am I missing?
21:40:34 <jazz> Another question I now have, since you brought it up, is how can I affect the length of text TB posts without getting cut off?
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21:42:01 <EionRobb> not sure.  it's a plugin in pidgin :P
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22:26:38 <Mic> Hi
22:27:00 <EionRobb> hi
22:27:14 <Mic> jazz: you want to modify the look of the conversation content as it seems?
22:29:16 <jazz> Mic, yes. I would like to see how it can be done and to what extent, and such. 
22:30:15 <jazz> do you know something about that?
22:30:53 <Mic> There's no UI to change that in Thunderbird but it can be done nevertheless.
22:32:25 <Mic> Basically any look is possible, here's a list of themes available for Instantbird (and Tb with some easy work): https://addons.instantbird.org/en-US/instantbird/browse/type:1/cat:6?show=20&exp=on&sort=newest
22:37:43 <jazz> SmokeontheWater? clever
22:37:49 <jazz> :)
22:39:37 <jazz> when it indicates "experimental", I am left wondering whether there are degrees of experimental or is it a quantum like jump?
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22:42:28 <jazz> Mic: who manages or owns, if that is the right word for it, the website for "instantbird.org"?
22:42:30 <Mic> Initially these themes were created for Adium and automatically converted for Instantbird later. While the theme system is almost the same, there might be some quirks. I wouldn't worry too much about an experimental theme though ;)
22:43:24 <Mic> Instantbird.org is an "official" domain of the project.
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22:46:43 <jazz> has instantbird adopted the IRC and chat components of Thunderbird from Mozilla?
22:47:33 <Mic> Thunderbird got it from Instantbird :)
22:48:30 <Mic> Florian (fl o-retina at the moment) is leader of the Instantbird project and he contracted for Mozilla to bring instant messenging to Thunderbird some time ago
22:54:32 <jazz> some of the themes from that link would apply to TB's IM-ing component and others to TB's IRC component, it would appear. does that sound right? looking at it, i see references to its compatibility such as this:  
22:54:32 <jazz> Works with:
22:54:33 <jazz>     Instantbird: 0.2a1pre – 1.4a1pre
22:54:53 <jazz> how should I interpret this in connection with TB?
22:56:35 <jazz> does that make sense?
22:58:20 <Mic> All the files are for Instantbird. You can use them with Thunderbird anyways if you update the compatibility information inside (and change a preference in TB).
22:59:45 <jazz> here is a nice one  :)   :  https://addons.instantbird.org/en-US/instantbird/addon/126
23:01:20 <Mic> If you'd like to try different ones, it might be easier to do it with Instantbird as you can just install them there with no extra work. Once you know what you'd like to use in TB, we can guide you through the process of making it compatible with TB.
23:02:09 <jazz> that makes good sense. thanks.
23:03:09 <Mic> The UI to change themes in Instantbird is in the preferences dialog.
23:03:41 <Mic> They install (and uninstall) like any other extension.
23:03:52 <Mic> (i.e. using the add-on manager)
23:03:57 <flo-retina> EionRobb: Instantbird sends long IRC messages in multiple parts automatically. Thunderbird's IRC code may be outdated. Requiring a plugin for that would be a bug :-P.
23:05:50 <Mic> flo-retina: does it break long messages at word boundaries automatically (or anywhere?) by the way?
23:06:03 <flo-retina> Mic: it does!
23:06:08 <Mic> cool!
23:06:36 <Mic> I remember that there was a discussion how clever this system should be :)
23:06:45 <flo-retina> I tried to convince clokep to even support breaking only at places that are valid with regards to French typography but he didn't like that suggestion enough to implement it ;)
23:07:27 <Mic> lol
23:08:26 <Mic> I'll back this if we can agree that it should also support german? ;)
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23:10:02 <jazz> i unselected the checkbox for "experimental", and that left 16. Of these I can say that the DarkChat if my favorite so far, based on the appearance I get at this point. yet, I am left wondering whether that theme changes only the message text box, or does it change the entire tab window borders and skin to correspond?
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23:14:17 <jazz> I like the direction taken and functionality of TB's IRC component at this point. It appears to be tidy and efficient, nicely done.
23:16:43 <jazz> But, if I could simply affect some of the screen fonts, that would go a long way toward satisfying me for a while. 
23:18:00 <flo-retina> Mic: is there anything specifically required for breaking lines in german?
23:20:03 <Mic> Frankly I just said that for fun. I don't think anything special would be needed.
23:21:18 <flo-retina> the thing that's needed for French is that we shouldn't break before : ; ? ! even though there's a space between these symbols and the word before
23:21:36 <flo-retina> but really, if we end up breaking lines just at the wrong place, it's just bad luck :)
23:22:04 <flo-retina> Good night
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23:25:11 <clokep_wp7> flo: Patches accepted. ;-)
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23:28:14 <jazz> one more important thing that is needed is a way to affect the size of the information that is saved in "Previous Conversations", or even to turn it off possibly, which is shown in the IRC window on the lower right side. I mean, what file is that in anyway?.
23:35:20 <jazz> each time when I went to the Mozilla.org IRC channel for Thunderbird, they said that support for TB chat component is better off found here in #instantbird. I'm not really sure where is the right place, and I am not a programmer to work it all out myself, just more or less of a power-user, I suppose.
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23:41:23 <Mic> jazz: sorry, I'm not familiar with this, maybe you better try to catch flo or clokep again?
23:45:10 <jazz> yea, no problem, Mic. I am just talking out-loud in case someone who can comment happens to be around, or maybe someone cares about these points enough to note them to the developers. thanks.  
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