#instantbird log on 11 13 2012

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03:36:35 <instant-buildbot> build #685 of linux-nightly-default is complete: Success [build successful]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/linux-nightly-default/builds/685
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04:29:54 <instantbot> New Core - IRC bug 1793 filed by euank@clemson.edu.
04:29:57 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1793 nor, --, ---, nobody, UNCO, Irc fails to correctly connect to znc bouncer (probably a password issue)
04:39:04 <instantbot> New Instantbird (UI) bug 1794 filed by euank@clemson.edu.
04:39:06 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1794 nor, --, ---, nobody, UNCO, Connecting to a self-signed SSL irc server is unfriendly due to the UI making exceptions difficult
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05:17:46 <instant-buildbot> build #774 of win32-nightly-default is complete: Success [build successful]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/win32-nightly-default/builds/774
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07:46:03 <instant-buildbot> build #685 of macosx-nightly-default is complete: Success [build successful]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/macosx-nightly-default/builds/685
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08:44:54 <instantbot> florian@instantbird.org set the Resolution field on bug 1793 to DUPLICATE of bug 1767.
08:45:00 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1793 nor, --, ---, nobody, RESO DUPLICATE, Irc fails to correctly connect to znc bouncer (probably a password issue)
08:45:01 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1767 maj, --, 1.3, clokep, VERI FIXED, New nightly can't auth with ZNC server
09:24:15 <instant-buildbot> build #339 of win32-onCommit is complete: Exception [exception interrupted]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/win32-onCommit/builds/339  blamelist: Florian Qu?ze <florian@instantbird.org>
09:24:21 <instant-buildbot> build #352 of linux-onCommit is complete: Exception [exception interrupted]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/linux-onCommit/builds/352  blamelist: Florian Qu?ze <florian@instantbird.org>
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09:25:56 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/d376955b05cc - Florian Quèze - Set version number to 1.3, change default revisions in client.py and add shipped-locales.
09:25:57 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/57e31684fa1c - Florian Quèze - Bump the version number to 1.4a1pre for nightlies.
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09:38:01 <instantbot> New Websites - bugzilla.instantbird.org (Bugzilla) bug 1795 filed by benediktp@ymail.com.
09:38:09 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1795 min, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Update list of OS'
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10:18:58 <flo-retina> http://mxr.mozilla.org/comm-central/source/mozilla/netwerk/sctp/datachannel/DataChannel.cpp#1087 is an interesting pattern :)
10:21:23 <flo-retina> it will let us fix all the compiler warnings about macros with empty parameters, when we use NS_ENSURE_* in a function that returns void.
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11:03:48 <Mic> Thanks aleth, I really like the new look of highlighted nicks :)
11:04:23 <instantbot> florian@instantbird.org granted review for attachment 1796 on bug 1627.
11:04:25 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1627 nor, --, ---, goofyfr, ASSI, [fr] proofreading purple directory files
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11:08:06 <instantbot> florian@instantbird.org set the Resolution field on bug 1627 to FIXED.
11:08:09 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1627 nor, --, 1.3, goofyfr, RESO FIXED, [fr] proofreading purple directory files
11:08:26 <instantbot> florian@instantbird.org granted review for attachment 1797 on bug 1630.
11:08:28 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1630 enh, --, ---, goofyfr, ASSI, [fr] Fixing 2 typos in faq
11:08:46 <instantbot> florian@instantbird.org set the Resolution field on bug 1630 to FIXED.
11:09:16 <instantbot> florian@instantbird.org granted review for attachment 1798 on bug 1631.
11:09:18 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1631 tri, --, ---, goofyfr, ASSI, [fr] fixing vos besoin > vos besoins
11:09:36 <instantbot> florian@instantbird.org set the Resolution field on bug 1631 to FIXED.
11:51:03 <instant-buildbot> build #322 of macosx-onCommit is complete: Exception [exception interrupted]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/macosx-onCommit/builds/322  blamelist: Florian Qu?ze <florian@instantbird.org>
11:54:49 <flo-retina> everything seems ready to start the build of a first round of RCs
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12:22:04 <instant-buildbot> build #0 of win32-release-1.3 is complete: Failure [failed shell_2]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/win32-release-1.3/builds/0
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12:40:02 <flo-retina> The linux build is already almost finished, the Mac builder is cloning mozilla-release (that will take forever) for an obscure reason, and the Windows build failed for an even more obscure reason. Lovely :-|.
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12:46:34 <instant-buildbot> build #1 of win32-release-1.3 is complete: Failure [failed shell_2]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/win32-release-1.3/builds/1
12:47:37 <Mic> "build #1 of win32-release-1.3 is a complete failure" ;)
12:47:39 <Mic> :(
12:47:52 <flo-retina> Mic: that's another way of saying that, yes :)
12:48:16 <flo-retina> Mic: at this point I think I'll need Even to look at what's going on on the slave
12:50:43 <flo-retina> Mic: the first error message coming from the windows slave is "warning: mozilla cannot be removed"
12:50:50 <flo-retina> that's a strange error :)
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12:53:02 <Mic> Ah, that's on an earlier step. I only looked at the error about not finding the mozilla repository
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12:57:23 <flo-retina> the linux rc is being uploaded
13:00:56 * flo-retina dislikes that "InstantBird in risk to lose very mutch contacts and people" message on the old contact mailing list.
13:02:33 <flo-retina> especially the "why the team is not more dynamic ? How mutch time, it had released 1.2 version ? Too mutch time !" part
13:05:39 <Mic> One day I should really figure out what's wrong with my mailing list subscriptions. I don't get any emails anymore...
13:06:17 <flo-retina> Mic: my posts to the new mailing list are blocked for moderator approval (and the moderator is in vacations ;))
13:06:42 <flo-retina> so if everybody else's messages are in the same situation, it's not surprising that you don't receive anything
13:16:00 <instant-buildbot> build #0 of linux-release-1.3 is complete: Success [build successful]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/linux-release-1.3/builds/0
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13:47:03 <instantbot> aletheia2@fastmail.fm cancelled review?(florian@instantbird .org) for attachment 2077 on bug 1787.
13:47:05 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1787 min, --, 1.3, aletheia2, RESO FIXED, [Bubbles] Change Show nick border radius to better match the border radius of the bubbles
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13:53:59 <aleth> huh, 1.2 is not /that/ long ago
13:54:07 <aleth> (re that contact list post)
13:54:43 <aleth> For the MSN bit maybe we should hang on to that pidgin blogpost...
13:55:16 <aleth> flo-retina: you forgot to checkin clokeps string change request ;)
13:55:40 <flo-retina> aleth: I don't think it mattered for 1.3
13:55:52 <aleth> It doesn't really
13:56:20 <aleth> Just to keep clokep happy ;)
13:57:09 <aleth> "mozilla can't be removed"... interesting error :P
14:00:36 <aleth> Annoying time for it to show up though
14:01:35 <Mic> Removing the MUC icon from the conv top header is a good idea @aleth, "less is more" :)
14:03:25 <Mic> I always found it silly and it looked somehow broken for me. It might be OK if the channel name and separator would extend to the left aboe it and the icon would only sit next to the topic and not the whole header thing.
14:03:55 <flo-retina> note that the OS X 10.8 branding issue is still not fixed for Tb ;) (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=760983)
14:04:22 <Mic> + there is bug 1061, making it look worse :(
14:04:25 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1061 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Unsharp MUC icon in infobar on conversation top (height is 1px too large)
14:05:22 <aleth> Oh, are you trying out my old add-on? It's a long time since I've seen that icon
14:05:45 <aleth> It's the lack of an avatar for MUCs that makes it look odd I think
14:06:00 * flo-retina wonders why Mic hasn't fixed 1061 months ago
14:06:02 <aleth> That bug should really have been fixed though :( Likely a one line change
14:07:23 <aleth> I wonder why it only affects Windows...
14:07:32 <flo-retina> aleth: generally I think the appearance on Windows could still do with some tender loving care (even though Mic already improved it significantly!)
14:08:30 <Mic> aleth: the topic seems to have a wrong height. The text moves when clicking to edit it.
14:08:56 <aleth> Looks like andreasn hasn't hit on your winning combination of resize and redpi ;)
14:09:01 <Mic> In topic-edit-mode the icon has the correct height, so this seems to be the point to start from imo
14:09:11 <Mic> gtg
14:09:11 <flo-retina> ah, Mac started compiling. Hopefully we will have a Mac RC in a few hours
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14:09:52 <flo-retina> Mic: I would say the point to start is: changing the topic height shouldn't stretch the icon.
14:11:13 <flo-retina> aleth: and that os x 10.8 bug has been filed 5 months ago ;).
14:12:31 <flo-retina> aleth: and I didn't "resize" the image, I reexported from the original svg file :)
14:13:09 <aleth> flo-retina: It would probably look pretty crap if you hadn't ;)
14:13:42 <flo-retina> not sure (and not interested in trying ;))
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14:54:26 <instant-buildbot> build #2 of win32-release-1.3 is complete: Failure [failed shell_2]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/win32-release-1.3/builds/2
14:55:35 <aleth> :(
14:58:10 <flo-retina> aleth: if you want to try the linux rc, it's already available ;)
14:58:53 <aleth> It's the same as the latest nightly, but I guess I should be running it ;)
14:59:03 <flo-retina> aleth: you can try a localized build
14:59:52 <aleth> What's the RC dir?
14:59:56 <flo-retina> aleth: http://ftp.instantbird.com/instantbird/releases/1.3-candidates/2012-11-13-13-instantbird/
15:00:20 <aleth> Looks like pt-BR made it :)
15:00:26 <aleth> No pl though
15:00:31 <flo-retina> right
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15:00:59 <flo-retina> I just (8 minutes ago) received a reply from the aviary.pl team
15:01:45 <aleth> So, good news for 1.4 I guess 
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15:03:24 <flo-retina> if they fully finish the update today, we may want to respin for it. If it's not done today, it's obviously too late :-/.
15:03:43 <aleth> That would be fast work...
15:03:52 <aleth> RC running well :)
15:03:54 <flo-retina> it took me half an hour to update fr
15:04:19 <flo-retina> they have twice as many strings to update, and probably need some time to get started
15:04:26 <aleth> I thought you said pl was still at 1.0?
15:04:34 <flo-retina> aleth: it's at 1.1
15:04:43 <aleth> Not too bad then... just lots of IRC stuff
15:04:50 <aleth> All add-ons need to be bumped :-/
15:04:55 <flo-retina> aleth: but I imported the pidgin translation for bonjour.properties, and the Thunderbird translations for chat/
15:05:15 * aleth forgot about the TB translation :)
15:05:15 <flo-retina> aleth: so it turns out there are only 89 untranslated strings left after that
15:06:34 <aleth> It's annoying we can't bulk email all add-on authors
15:07:30 <flo-retina> the mac builder has finished the ppc build, it just started building for i386
15:07:55 <flo-retina> aleth: what do you want to tell them?
15:08:29 <aleth> "A new version of IB is out - bump your add-on maxversion if it is still compatible"
15:09:14 <flo-retina> lots of the add-on authors are here anyway ;)
15:09:36 <aleth> There have been add-ons recently with the authors including instructions for how to change install.rdf *in their release notes* :-S
15:11:07 <aleth> There are add-ons still not marked compatible with 1.2 which are perfectly fine. It's just that noone here uses them.
15:11:32 * aleth pointlessly grumbles about AIO and add-ons
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15:18:13 <instantbot> florian@instantbird.org set the Resolution field on bug 1773 to FIXED.
15:18:15 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1773 nor, --, 1.3, florian, RESO FIXED, Fix the layout/background of the Mac disk image for compatibility with OS X 10.8
15:20:20 <instant-buildbot> build #3 of win32-release-1.3 is complete: Failure [failed shell_2]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/win32-release-1.3/builds/3
15:42:46 <deOmega> yeah, email add-on authors like myself.    Funny stuff
15:44:12 <deOmega> By the way, why are the max version limitation increment so small? (if i remember right)  Is there a reason Mozilla adopted such a small window?
15:44:55 <deOmega> WOuld be nice to say at this point.. max version 2.0 :)
15:45:03 <flo-retina> good news: Even managed to convince the windows builder to start building an rc
15:45:17 <aleth> deOmega: How do you know 1.4 won't break somthing in your add-on? ;)
15:45:32 <aleth> Even++
15:45:36 <flo-retina> deOmega: the reason is that an add-on author should only mark a version compatible with versions of the application that have been tested with the add-on
15:46:22 <flo-retina> deOmega: if we start letting add-on authors mark add-on compatible with versions of the application that haven't even been planned yet, we could as well disable compatibility checking altogether (the result would be approximatly the same)
15:46:48 <flo-retina> ah, aleth said the same thing with a much shorter sentence :-|
15:46:49 <deOmega> hmmm.. you know.. the idea of 'breaking' never really quite occurred to me.  But I will say this, if the modification I did gets 'broken'.. that may be the end of that :(
15:47:29 <deOmega> It makes sense
15:47:37 <deOmega> I understand now
15:47:55 <aleth> Usually the fixes to things "breaking" are trivial for most add-ons
15:48:14 <aleth> Most add-ons don't do anything /that/ complicated
15:48:48 <flo-retina> the most broken add-ons are those that conflict with the now-built-in version of themselves :)
15:49:27 <aleth> Which reminds us to check the recommended add-ons list for 1.3 in the next day or so
15:49:52 <aleth> (and remove Show nick if nothing else)
15:50:12 <deOmega> je comprende
15:51:02 <aleth> deOmega: More likely is that you may decide to modify the nick highlighting for your message style (which is a new feature) ;)
15:52:21 <deOmega> ot: Speaking of which.. I spoke my best french while in Paris... after a few glasses of wine. lol
15:52:54 <deOmega> aleth: You know, i am using the beta and forgot to check it for new features.  will explore now.
15:53:25 <aleth> deOmega: You should uninstall the Show Nick add-on if you have it.
15:53:46 <aleth> It's not needed anymore ;)
15:53:58 <deOmega> OK, thank you!!
15:54:25 <deOmega> Vertical tabs too?
15:54:27 <deOmega> jk
15:54:51 <aleth> I don't think so...
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15:59:03 <aleth> Uh, we also need to add the show nick class to the wiki
15:59:08 * aleth will do that later
16:18:04 <aleth> Done/
16:20:38 <flo-retina> :)
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17:24:53 <deOmega> testing
17:25:07 <deOmega> ah, this is very interesting
17:25:16 <deOmega> if i am in here.. :)  
17:25:47 <deOmega> I lost internet..and seems like i may have to restart ib to get reconnected... however.. i am able to connect to mozilla
17:26:11 <deOmega> additionally... the twitter feature is working great as i can see it attempting to reconnect
17:26:31 <flo-retina> O_o
17:26:42 <deOmega> oh good, i am here
17:26:57 <deOmega> now, why aren't my other accoiunts connecting flo? :)
17:27:29 <deOmega> let me restart
17:28:00 <deOmega> actually,  same thing happening to MIRC.. so it is something on my end for sure
17:28:02 <flo-retina> deOmega: impossible to know without you telling us what's displayed in the account manager and error console
17:28:25 <flo-retina> oh, maybe your router not accepting new connections, but maintaining the existing ones
17:28:37 <deOmega> ah
17:29:28 <deOmega> yeah, i made a change to my router today too, so likely the case. :((
17:29:33 <deOmega> thank you for that
17:30:12 <flo-retina> would be nice to know why you still feel a need for mirc though :)
17:30:21 <flo-retina> (although I don't have time to discuss that now)
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18:47:00 <instant-buildbot> build #4 of win32-release-1.3 is complete: Success [build successful]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/win32-release-1.3/builds/4
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18:47:08 <Mic> \o/
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18:52:55 <rosonline> aleth: Who is the Instantbird's blog owner?
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18:56:35 <rosonline> flo: Who is the Instantbird blog owner?
18:58:24 * Mook_as is curious if an actual owner is needed, or just somebody with privileges to poke comments?
19:00:44 <rosonline> It's a good question...
19:02:30 <rosonline> I could like to post in this blog (only in portuguese, for the Instantbird brazilians users) and to translate the english's post
19:02:34 <rosonline> s
19:03:35 <Mic> aleth: you've written blog postings too, already. Maybe you could help out with some information here?
19:07:29 <rosonline> I think that the Instantbird blog should be readed by many other languages
19:08:26 <rosonline> I can translate the principals article and post the portuguese language...
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19:23:31 <flo> Mic: your tweet seems a bit optimistic to me, the Mac build isn't available yet ;)
19:24:52 <flo> rosonline: I really don't know if we could easily post in multiple languages to our blog in a way that would make the translated content visible only to people who speak that language.
19:25:39 <flo> Mac is uploading :)
19:27:05 <Mic> Ah, universal builds...
19:27:14 <flo> my attempt to have all the 3 OSes start their rc build during the same hour to have all the rcs in the same folder is a complete failure. Linux started at 1pm, Mac took 1+hour to clone mozilla-release and started after 2pm, and Windows failed several times until Even cloned mozilla-release there by hand, and finally started at 4pm.
19:27:33 <flo> Mic: the mac builder is very old, and the internet connection its using is slowish.
19:27:39 <Mic> That explains why the Mac upload started before the Windows upload and still the latter finished earlier
19:27:49 <flo> Mic: Linux and Windows builders benefit from Even's 100Mbps connection ;).
19:28:03 <rosonline> flo:Maybe it should be created an pt-BR blog...
19:28:23 <flo> rosonline: that may be a good idea, if you intend to post content there frequently :)
19:28:34 <Mic> Do we have data how many users we have on each platform?
19:28:59 <flo> bah, that reminds me I should finish the release notes asap so that people can start translating them
19:29:27 <rosonline> flo: I do! I study communiocations here, so I will feel me lucky if it was created
19:29:29 <rosonline> ...
19:29:40 --> EionRobb has joined #instantbird
19:29:57 <flo> Mic: we have the data in the sense that we receive enough information to compute that from the update pings. We don't have it in the sense that I don't have any number to give without scripting something
19:30:59 <rosonline> *communications
19:31:01 <Mic> The add-ons I checked have 80%/10%/10% for Windows/Mac/Linux. Might be similar here...
19:31:01 <flo> rosonline: if you want to create content to post in English, that would be appreciated too by the way :). We have been noticeably poor at keeping our blog updated, even though there's always something going on here.
19:32:05 <-- Mic has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.3 -- http://www.instantbird.com)
19:32:14 --> Mic has joined #instantbird
19:32:14 * ChanServ sets mode +h Mic 
19:33:02 <rosonline> flo: I am not good with my english language. It's usefull only for translations to portuguese and spanish...
19:33:46 <rosonline> flo: But I want to post on the portuguese language. Maybe I'll post in English...
19:34:04 * Mic is getting errors on Twitter. Hopefully problems on their side ...
19:34:19 <flo> rosonline: I really don't want to discourage you from posting in Portuguese :)
19:34:42 <flo> I was just saying we don't post enough on the blog even in English, so if you want to contribute there that will be welcome
19:34:55 <flo> and your English level may not be as big of an issue as you think.
19:35:11 <Mic> I successfully connected for a few seconds, got disconnected, and then 500 (server error) or 401 (unauthorized) errors.
19:35:14 <flo> when preparing a blog post, we usually do a draft on etherpad and let a few people proof read it
19:35:34 <flo> so the English mistakes will have an opportunity to get fixed before the post is actually published
19:36:07 <flo> Mic: One of my 2 twitter accounts got connected after a while, but the other one keeps receiving 401, 500 and 503 errors.
19:36:19 <flo> Mic: I think the user stream server is overloaded.
19:36:46 <Mic> Solution: let's try again? :D
19:37:26 <aleth> rosonline: Sorry, I was away
19:37:27 <aleth> Congratulations/Thanks on getting pt-BR ready for 1.3! :)
19:37:43 <rosonline> flo: I should try to write post in english and portuguese...
19:37:46 <aleth> flo: Should new locales be part of the release notes?
19:38:00 <rosonline> aleth: You're welcome... 
19:38:30 <aleth> rosonline: Do you know http://etherpad.mozilla.org/ ?
19:38:39 <flo> aleth: maybe. I don't mind strongly either way
19:38:41 <rosonline> aleth: I'll ansious to test the 1.3 version on my Ubuntu PC
19:39:07 <rosonline> aleth:No
19:39:08 <flo> rosonline: you can test it right now
19:39:44 <aleth> rosonline: It's where we usually put draft blog posts, release notes etc so that other people can see and suggest changes etc
19:39:47 <flo> rosonline: http://ftp.instantbird.com/instantbird/releases/1.3-candidates/2012-11-13-13-instantbird/
19:39:53 <rosonline> flo: I can't! I am in my university and all the PCs are blocked
19:40:07 <flo> oh, sorry
19:40:19 <aleth> rosonline: oh, is that why you are using Mibbit? :P
19:40:59 <rosonline> aleth: What do you think? :P
19:41:44 <rosonline> flo: hum. I'll test the etherpad website...
19:42:24 <rosonline> aleth: Where is billysanca?
19:42:32 <aleth> I have no idea.
19:42:57 <aleth> I don't think I know billysanca...
19:43:08 <rosonline> aleth: Am I the only pt-BR translator?
19:43:42 <aleth> I don't have the list of translators
19:44:14 <rosonline> aleth: billysanca is the pt-BR locale manager...
19:45:37 <rosonline> aleth:https://wiki.instantbird.org/Instantbird:Locales_Managers
19:46:01 --> gerard-majax__ has joined #instantbird
19:46:57 <aleth> I think you'll know more than me about what he has/hasn't been doing. Afaik there was never a pt-BR version before this one though.
19:48:00 <rosonline> Ok..
19:48:11 <aleth> flo (or Feuerfliege?) might know more
19:48:30 <rosonline> I think I need helpers on the pt-BR repo...
19:49:15 <aleth> If you think you should be the locale manager as you have been doing most of the work, I'm the wrong person to be talking to ;)
19:49:22 <flo> rosonline: as far as I know, billysanca was the first one to say he wanted to work on the pt-BR locale
19:49:40 <flo> rosonline: but I'm not aware of anything he has actually done, so by now the locale manager is probably you
19:50:23 <flo> and if you need help, we should give you the email addresses of the other people who said they wanted to work on that locale, so that you can contact them to see if they are still interested in helping.
19:51:06 <rosonline> I don't think so... I am just saying that the pt-BR repo needs more persons to translate it
19:51:20 <flo> I think clokep handled that mostly confusing situation (we had 4 or 5 people volunteering for the same locale at a time when our l10n infrastructure was broken and we couldn't let people start work on more locales)
19:51:29 <-- mconley has quit (Input/output error)
19:53:16 <rosonline> Ok. Is there anyway to send me the volunteer's email?
19:53:56 <rosonline> to contact them to help me with the translations...
19:54:47 <flo> ah, no there were only 3 people, and you already have their emails
19:55:10 <flo> look for an email with the subject "pt-BR Translation of Instantbird" sent by Patrick Cloke on July 25.
19:55:54 <rosonline> ok
19:56:05 <rosonline> I'll do it.
19:56:06 <aleth> flo: "so by now the locale manager is probably you" -> that change should probably be reflected on the wiki page then, so people know who to contact
19:56:28 <flo> aleth: that page is always outdated anyway :(
19:56:38 <aleth> ah :-/
19:57:40 <rosonline> I have to go now. I'll back soon. Call me if you have some news
19:57:42 <flo> aleth: it especially doesn't say which translators never started doing anything (ie the locale could be taken by anybody else and would need to be started from scratch), and doesn't say which translators stopped responding to our emails...
19:57:47 <rosonline> Bye for all you
19:57:58 <flo> rosonline: have a good day. Thanks again for the pt-BR locale :)
19:58:54 <rosonline> flo: You're all welcome! "A promise is a promise"
20:00:49 <-- rosonline has quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
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21:07:10 <instant-buildbot> build #0 of macosx-release-1.3 is complete: Failure [failed shell_3]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/macosx-release-1.3/builds/0
21:08:22 <flo> ...
21:08:40 <Mic> Timeout :(
21:09:20 <aleth> rc building, now with extra pain and wait :P
21:09:52 --> mikk_s has joined #instantbird
21:10:42 <flo> yeah, extra pain, it's 10pm, a bit late to phone and ask that someone reboot the router so that I can ssh into the build slave and finish the upload by hand
21:14:38 <flo> so what's the IP of that server?
21:18:44 <-- mikk_s has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.2 -- http://www.instantbird.com)
21:18:56 <aleth> :(
21:19:05 <aleth> is it because the mac builds always take forever?
21:20:13 <Mook_as> I think this one failed because scp has no output during the upload, and the connection is slow, and binaries can be big
21:24:47 * flo called anyway
21:25:25 <flo> Mook_as: all that is right. But we never found any option for scp to output a character to stdout every 10MB or so
21:26:36 <Mook_as> yep. I'm not saying we can fix it easily :)
21:27:13 <aleth> Have you tried -v? probably noisy, but might report about progress
21:27:41 <aleth> I don't know though, it might just be until the connection is established
21:27:49 <flo> there was still ~800MB to upload when it timeouted
21:28:05 <flo> and there was already 435MB on the server
21:30:31 <flo> ok, upload restarted
21:31:27 <flo> aleth: -v and -vv just add a lot of noise until the connection is established, and then nothing during the data transfer
21:31:58 <flo> at some point we considered doing an scp call for each file instead of a single scp call for everything
21:31:59 <EionRobb> there's a -vv flag?  is there also a -ft flag? :P
21:32:09 <flo> that would obviously be slower, but it wouldn't timeout
21:32:58 <flo> EionRobb: neither -f not -t are valid scp flags. (-F exists though)
21:33:13 <EionRobb> oh this is for scp, not IB... oops ;)
21:34:15 <flo> EionRobb: using Ib doesn't require touching the command line :-P
21:34:36 <aleth> flo: http://linux.die.net/man/1/ncftp ?
21:34:52 <flo> next question is... should we stop nightlies until we release?
21:36:34 <flo> (btw, the problem of the upload timeout won't exist any more for the next release, as the new mac builder will live here and have a fast cable connection)
21:37:02 <aleth> :)
21:37:03 <flo> (once it's fixed of course, but I'm going to switch to the other cable ISP and they are supposed to come to set it up next Tuesday)
21:38:23 <-- Mic has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.3 -- http://www.instantbird.com)
21:42:55 --> groovecoder has joined #instantbird
21:43:13 <groovecoder> is there a way to explicitly assign colors to nicks in IRC channels?
21:44:14 <flo> no
21:44:26 <flo> (unless you want to write an add-on of course :))
21:45:18 <-- jb1 has quit (Ping timeout)
21:51:41 <-- DGMurdockIII has quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 17.0/20121106195758])
21:51:49 <-- Mnyromyr has quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [SeaMonkey 1.1.19/2010030105])
22:02:44 <groovecoder> flo: yeah. I probably have dozens of ideas for add-ons, but don't have a good instantbird addon dev setup (yet)
22:03:22 <-- mconley has quit (Input/output error)
22:03:42 <aleth> groovecoder: a text editor is all you need really ;)
22:04:08 <groovecoder> aleth: I know, I know. html/javascript/css right? or are they XUL?
22:04:45 <aleth> groovecoder: Usually JS. Other than that, depends what your add-on is doing/modifying.
22:06:48 <aleth> Basically they use "stuff you can look up on mdn"
22:07:40 <groovecoder> aleth: mdn w00t! (I work on the MDN site)
22:08:08 <aleth> groovecoder: neat, then you definitely have all you need ;)
22:08:56 <-- gerard-majax__ has quit (Ping timeout)
22:28:33 <flo> The mar files seem to take 18 minutes to upload for each locale
22:28:51 <flo> cs, de and en-US are uploaded already (es-ES is uploading right now)
22:42:06 --> Kaishi has joined #instantbird
22:43:04 <-- aleth has quit (Quit: Au revoir)
23:23:58 --> rosonline has joined #instantbird
23:39:12 <flo> http://www.instantbird.com/ct/download-archive.html isn't localizable :-S
23:46:27 <rosonline> flo: Please, resend me the pt-BR build
23:46:58 <flo> rosonline: Look at the topic, there's a link to a log of this channel ;)
23:49:27 <rosonline> Ok
23:49:33 <-- rosonline has quit (Quit: Experimentem Instantbird 1.2 -- http://www.instantbird.com)
23:54:09 --> rosonline has joined #instantbird
23:57:13 <rosonline> flo: I'm testing th Instantbird 1.3, but it's not connect with a twitter account
23:59:46 --> DGMurdockIII has joined #instantbird