#instantbird log on 11 06 2012

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08:45:19 <instantbot> New Instantbird (UI) bug 1771 filed by benediktp@ymail.com.
08:45:21 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1771 enh, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Show that contact has been added to the contact list even when it is offline and "Show Offline Conta
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10:32:24 <instantbot> florian@instantbird.org set the Resolution field on bug 1723 to FIXED.
10:32:26 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1723 nor, --, 1.3, aletheia2, RESO FIXED, Unhandled IRC message 328: RPL_CHANNEL_URL
10:34:15 <instantbot> florian@instantbird.org set the Resolution field on bug 1765 to FIXED.
10:34:17 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1765 nor, --, 1.3, aletheia2, RESO FIXED, Ensure authentication on reconnect
10:34:56 <instantbot> florian@instantbird.org set the Resolution field on bug 1608 to FIXED.
10:34:58 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1608 nor, --, 1.3, benediktp, RESO FIXED, Replace "buddy" with "contact" in user-facing strings
10:35:16 <instantbot> florian@instantbird.org set the Resolution field on bug 1610 to FIXED.
10:35:18 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1610 tri, --, 1.3, florian, RESO FIXED, Display a correct error message in the conversation when receiving a message type=error stanza
10:36:17 <instantbot> florian@instantbird.org set the Resolution field on bug 1761 to FIXED.
10:36:21 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1761 min, --, 1.3, aletheia2, RESO FIXED, Correct Simple message style Show Nick CSS for context messages
10:37:28 <instantbot> florian@instantbird.org set the Resolution field on bug 1742 to FIXED.
10:37:33 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1742 nor, --, 1.3, unghost, RESO FIXED, Add Odnoklassniki protocol
10:38:08 <instantbot> florian@instantbird.org set the Resolution field on bug 1759 to FIXED.
10:38:10 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1759 nor, --, 1.3, 1o5g4r8o, RESO FIXED, Make purple_timeout_add(0, callback); work on all OSes as a thread synchronization mechanism (used t
10:38:44 <flo-retina> https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/buglist.cgi?quicksearch=sw%3A1.3&list_id=3294 is short ;)
10:39:24 <flo-retina> we may want to add to that list the bug about PASS being required for some bouncers
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11:43:14 <Mic> http://i.imgur.com/08R9c.png :(
11:44:02 <Mic> And I didn't notice until I tried sending a message :(
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12:15:51 <aleth> Mic: :(
12:16:03 <aleth> Did you see anything in the error console? Or even better, do you have a log?
12:16:43 <aleth> Could you reconnect by typing /back?
12:18:29 <Mic> There was nothing obvious on the console, it took a restart to get it working again.
12:18:38 <Mic> Setting myself to offline and online again didn't work
12:19:01 <Mic> Using the status selector of the contact list, not commands in the conv. window.
12:19:19 <Mic> *using
12:19:19 <aleth> I wonder what exactly got into the wrong state.
12:19:34 <Mic> It was after coming back from standby.
12:19:37 <aleth> From the protocol point of view, you were clearly not connected
12:19:43 <Mic> I tried to reproduce but it didn't work.
12:19:51 <aleth> (or there would have been a "reconnected" message)
12:20:28 <aleth> Hmm, the twitter bug flo is looking into also seems to be reproduced sometimes through standby
12:20:43 <Mic> I simply connected IRC and sent the computer to standby, let it sit there for a few minutes and woke it up again. It worked fine this time
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12:38:05 <flo-retina> "the twitter bug flo is looking into" is a bit optimistic... :-/
12:41:22 <Mic> "There are quite a few category strings and they do not seem to be listed in a single place. Hopefully, they will all be listed in nsIScriptError.idl eventually.", taken from MDN :D
12:41:57 <Mic> Great documentation ;)
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14:03:22 <flo-retina> aleth: it looks like that theme just needs s: removed.
14:03:52 <aleth> flo-retina: it's a very large theme, I'm sure there's other conflicts...
14:07:29 <aleth> I mentioned the issue to the add-on author though.
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15:12:36 <flo-retina> clokep: good morning :)
15:12:44 <clokep> flo-retina: Hello. :)
15:16:04 <clokep> Lots of check-ins last night, I see.
15:17:22 <flo-retina> clokep: right, and the sw:1.3 list is short (I moved a few things to 1.4 though)
15:17:34 <clokep> :) I'll check it out in a few minutes.
15:17:57 <flo-retina> and you have an easy pending review for one of the bugs remaining in that list
15:18:26 <clokep> :) OK.
15:18:31 <clokep> I'll take a look at a bit.
15:19:01 <flo-retina> I don't see anything in the remaining list that requires string, are we string frozen already?
15:19:16 * clokep guesses he needs to look now. ;)
15:19:48 * clokep needs to reinstall his trackpoint driver...
15:20:03 <clokep> Isn't bug 1592 kind of strings?
15:20:06 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1592 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Update the glib version requirements on the website
15:20:15 <flo-retina> website strings
15:20:23 <flo-retina> the release notes are strings too in that case ;)
15:21:19 <clokep> flo-retina: Btw if you found the meanwhile project on sourceforge, yes that's the proper one.
15:21:24 <clokep> Yes it hasn't been updated in a long time.
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15:21:36 <flo-retina> that's where I found a CVS repository, yes
15:21:40 <clokep> AFAIK we have the most "up to date" version (in that we have one that is MSVC compatible and now works with a newer glib).
15:21:43 <flo-retina> but that seemed a dead end
15:22:13 <clokep> Yes.
15:22:18 <flo-retina> some linux distributions certainly already have patches for the updated glib
15:22:28 <instantbot> clokep@gmail.com granted review for attachment 2060 on bug 1730.
15:22:30 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1730 blo, --, ---, florian, ASSI, Fix compilation of purple/ with glib 2.32 and newer
15:22:32 <clokep> flo-retina: Yes, I think we're string frozen.
15:22:39 <clokep> (I doubt they have the MSVC changes though. ;))
15:22:50 <flo-retina> no irc patches from aleth that you still want to take for 1.3?
15:23:02 <flo-retina> clokep: ahah, yeah, they probably don't care about that compiler :)
15:23:26 <clokep> flo-retina: I don't think any of them are super important to take for 1.3. I'd like the IRC code to be stable for a few days.
15:23:27 <flo-retina> clokep: how do you feel about the PASS bug? Is it something we need for 1.3? (not sure how many people would complain about the regression)
15:23:44 <clokep> flo-retina: We probably should fix that...:-/ it would require a string, btw.
15:24:00 <flo-retina> or can it just work with a hidden account pref?
15:24:04 <clokep> (If implemented the way I'm thinking of it...)
15:24:29 <flo-retina> "it would require a string, btw. (If implemented the way I'm thinking of it...)" that's why I asked ;)
15:24:36 <clokep> Hmm...that could most likely work too...
15:25:01 <clokep> The reason I tend to think more of making it a "real" prefer is that I feel like it should have the "masked" attribute and be saved in the password manager.
15:25:22 <flo-retina> do we save that in the password manager anyway?
15:26:14 <flo-retina> what I had in mind was just a hidden pref to revert to the previous behavior (or at least to revert to sending the account password with PASS; not sure if it should also disable the more advanced ways to auth that we have now or just send pass in addition to them)
15:26:57 <clokep> I was thinking add a preference for the server password, which also lets you handle the (odd case) of having a server password AND authenticating.
15:27:24 <flo-retina> has anybody ever requested something for that case?
15:29:03 <clokep> No, but it seems like a more general solution.
15:31:08 <flo-retina> I'm tempted to quote what you said about not optimizing for cases that we are not sure if they actually happen in that XMPP bug, but I'm too lazy to search for that quote :-D
15:31:37 * clokep shrugs.
15:31:43 <clokep> I don't care that much.
15:31:46 <clokep> I hate bouncers. :(
15:31:54 <flo-retina> that, I understood! :-D
15:32:00 <flo-retina> and I can feel your pain :)
15:32:58 * clokep needs to go vote.
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16:55:25 <clokep> Interesting: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/WinRumors/~3/XuUcbLYIx5c/windows-live-messenger-retirement-skype
16:59:01 <flo-retina> I'm curious to see how that will evolve
17:00:10 <clokep> Me too.
17:00:25 <clokep> I'm also a bit confuesed at whether that means front end software or protocol wise.
17:04:20 <flo-retina> I think it's mostly front-end-crap.
17:04:34 <flo-retina> s/crap/colored-crap/
17:05:35 <clokep> I think so too.
17:08:37 <clokep> flo-retina: So still on my plate is to do release notes, is there anything else?
17:08:56 <flo-retina> a patch for the PASS issue?
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18:35:44 <clokep> flo-retina: Sure, I'll look at that in a few minutes.
18:38:23 <aleth> The chrome debugging support mentioned here might be pretty useful for IB too http://blog.astithas.com/2012/11/javascript-debugging-updates.html
18:40:22 <aleth> it has a 'pause on exceptions' setting
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19:31:21 <clokep> bug 1756 scares me. :(
19:31:24 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1756 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, PRIVMSG parse error
19:46:08 <aleth> clokep: The odd thing about that bug is that pasting the regex and the message in http://www.regular-expressions.info/javascriptexample.html gives a successful match.
19:46:13 <aleth> But I didn't investigate further.
20:01:49 <aleth> clokep: See if you disconnect now:
20:01:54 * aleth tests
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20:02:27 <clokep> aleth: Yes, thanks for that...
20:02:31 <clokep> What'd you do?
20:03:02 <aleth> Find the problem with bug 1756, I think: /me messages with line breaks
20:03:05 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1756 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, PRIVMSG parse error
20:04:18 <aleth> Of course I can't tell if that was the case for bug 1756 (though flo probably can  check what he sent in his logs)
20:04:35 <aleth> Not a nice bug though.
20:05:17 <clokep> aleth: Can you pastebin exactly what you sent? Or add it to the bug?
20:05:32 <clokep> I want to make sure I can reproduce it. :)
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20:08:12 <instantbot> New Core - IRC bug 1772 filed by aletheia2@fastmail.fm.
20:08:14 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1772 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, IRC account disconnects on receiving action messages containing line breaks
20:09:19 <clokep> aleth: Wait, is that different then bug 1756? :-S I thought you said it was the same?
20:09:23 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1756 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, PRIVMSG parse error
20:09:49 <aleth> clokep: That's a guess. I don't know.
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20:12:26 <aleth> clokep: I'm pretty sure though...
20:12:48 <clokep> aleth: Hmm...OK, so maybe some other code we have is barfing on the line break...hmm....
20:12:55 <rosonlinebird> aleth: Who have the Instantbird PPA?
20:13:22 <aleth> clokep: The ircMessage regex doesn't like it :(
20:14:37 <Mook_as> does adding "m" at the end (i.e., /^...$/m ) help?
20:14:45 <aleth> rosonlinebird: Didn't you say you were making one?
20:18:13 <rosonlinebird> aleth: Yes, I did. But there's an Instantbird PPA. I think that the futures packages of Instantbird (if I'll can do it) should be updated in only PPA
20:18:53 <aleth> rosonlinebird: Do you have a link to that? I don't think we are aware of its existence
20:19:01 <aleth> Mook_as: it seems to :)
20:19:27 <aleth> But it loses everything after the line break.
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20:21:23 <clokep> aleth: It's not a valid character, it shold get escaped.
20:21:52 <aleth> clokep: Hmm, so the problem is on the send side?
20:22:00 <rosonlinebird> aleth: There's a link: https://launchpad.net/instantbird
20:22:07 <Mook_as> we should still handle it enough to not disconnect, though
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20:22:47 <Mook_as> (the other option is to munge aData first to get rid of the newline)
20:22:49 <aleth> rosonlinebird: Thanks! Maybe flo knows about it - ask him later...
20:23:38 <rosonlinebird> Ok. I'm trying to make a way for upload the Instantbird source code 
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20:28:42 <Mic> Messenger (WLM) and Skype are becoming merged: http://blogs.skype.com/en/2012/11/skypewlm.html
20:29:37 <clokep> Mook_as: I agree. aleth: maybe.
20:29:46 <clokep> Mic: Yeah, too late. ;)
20:30:53 <aleth> For avoiding the disconnect, Mook_as's  /m suggestion might be enough.
20:30:54 <Mic> clokep: should I have read the logs before posting?
20:31:57 <aleth> Though maybe it would be better to strip all disallowed characters before the regex
20:32:18 <flo-retina> I don't see any link to any PPA at https://launchpad.net/instantbird
20:33:08 <aleth> Nor do I, only links to the ancient packages in the repos
20:34:10 <Mic> Ah, indeed. My link is .. umm, "more official" though :P
20:34:27 <aleth> Is that what this launchpad page is (officially?) tracking?
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20:42:37 <instantbot> florian@instantbird.org set the Resolution field on bug 1756 to DUPLICATE of bug 1772.
20:42:39 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1756 nor, --, ---, nobody, RESO DUPLICATE, PRIVMSG parse error
20:42:40 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1772 cri, --, ---, nobody, NEW, IRC account disconnects on receiving action messages containing line breaks
20:43:30 <clokep> aleth: So...I forget where we do stripping of messages.
20:43:38 <clokep> They might be "valid" at that point, yes.
20:43:43 <flo-retina> aleth's guess was right :)
20:43:56 <clokep> s/stripping/unescaping/
20:45:12 <flo-retina> my internet connection sucks this evening
20:45:36 <flo-retina> I've less than 1Mbps of download bandwidth (but still the usual 4.7Mbps of upload).
20:46:25 <clokep> Ah, because everyone needs more upload than download. (o-O)
20:46:47 * clokep wonders if his tree will build without a clobber...
20:46:54 <clokep> (The one I copied from the other Windows...)
20:47:10 <flo-retina> clokep: I'm supposed to have 100Mbps of download, and I usually have ~20.
20:47:24 <clokep> :-/
20:49:39 <Mic> flo-retina: you've got FTTH or something like that, don't you?
20:53:27 <clokep> aleth: So everything works with the m flag?
20:54:18 <flo-retina> Mic: the ISP marks it as FTTH, but they actually just plug into the digital cable TV network.
20:54:26 <flo-retina> *markets it
20:54:50 <aleth> clokep: It won't disconnect then I think (I haven't tested it), but it's not really a fix as it loses everything after the first \n
20:55:20 <clokep> aleth: Yeah, it's wrong.
20:55:41 * clokep needs a "dot matches anything" flag...
20:56:33 <flo-retina> once you all have a fix, I'll need to know if it's something Tb17 needs.
20:56:46 <aleth> I haven't got time to investigate and patch it now
20:57:04 <clokep> aleth: I'll do it.
20:57:11 <aleth> clokep: Great, thanks :)
20:57:33 <flo-retina> clokep++
20:57:43 * clokep is pretty sure he has a fix.
20:57:46 <Mic> I've got cable internet too and also terrible speeds for a while. It turned out that everything was fine when I used a ethernet cable and plugged the notebook directly into the cable modem. A PowerLAN adapter that I used to connect the modem in the cellar with everything else was the culprit...
20:58:33 <-- Mnyromyr has quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [SeaMonkey 1.1.19/2010030105])
21:00:18 <flo-retina> Mic: I suspect it's just a temporary issue on the ISP's network, as I have a reasonable upload speed currently
21:00:53 <Mic> Sounds like it
21:01:51 <flo-retina> the only thing I'm really sure of is that I keep hating that ISP more every week, and it's nice of them to keep reminding me that I need to switch to a different company for my cell phone's 3G plan :)
21:07:10 <-- meh has quit (Quit: I don't want to live on this planet anymore.)
21:10:39 --> DGMurdockIII has joined #instantbird
21:11:49 <Mic> We can't do anything about the "security device" master password dialog, can we? :(
21:11:51 <clokep> aleth: You have time for a review?
21:12:16 <aleth> clokep: OK
21:12:27 <flo-retina> Mic: we can't do much, but I wouldn't go as far as "can't do anything"
21:12:28 * mconley_ is now known as mconley
21:12:42 <flo-retina> Mic: is the message exactly the same for Firefox, or is there a different string?
21:13:43 <Mic> I'm not using it in Firefox, sorry
21:13:56 <Mic> bbl
21:15:13 <instantbot> clokep@gmail.com requested review from aletheia2@fastmail. fm for attachment 2063 on bug 1772.
21:15:16 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1772 cri, --, ---, clokep, ASSI, IRC account disconnects on receiving action messages containing line breaks
21:19:32 <Mook_as> flo-retina: I'm pretty sure it's needed for tbird too, since I got disconnected earlier
21:19:48 <clokep> flo-retina: It will be, I'm fairly certain.
21:22:25 <FeuerFliege> Mic: What bothers you about the master password dialogue?
21:27:04 <instantbot> aletheia2@fastmail.fm granted review for attachment 2063 on bug 1772.
21:27:06 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1772 cri, --, ---, clokep, ASSI, IRC account disconnects on receiving action messages containing line breaks
21:27:28 <clokep> aleth: Does that make sense?
21:28:23 <aleth> Yes. It's not that we are breaking due to receiving invalid chars, it's stuff we explicitly unescaped.
21:28:54 <clokep> Exactly.
21:29:45 <aleth> I'm glad there wasn't anything more seriously wrong with that regex ;)
21:31:24 <clokep> aleth: Me too. :)
21:31:36 <clokep> aleth, flo-retina: So for the PASS, there's two things we could do: http://pastebin.instantbird.com/97142
21:33:40 <clokep> (Note that those are untested, just trying to get you a gist of the two ways we discussed.)
21:33:51 <aleth> The former would (presently) not store the server password in the password manager, but that's a side issue.
21:34:16 <clokep> Yes, that would be ideal. I think that will be too...in depth to land at this point.
21:35:24 <aleth> The server password is nice as it allows for it to differ from the auth pass, but we don't know if that actually happens, right?
21:35:37 <clokep> Right.
21:35:42 <Mic> FeuerFliege: everything. The message, the look, lack of context to which application it belongs...
21:35:44 <Mic> gtg
21:35:44 <aleth> But if we can't implement it properly at this point, maybe we should go with the usePass workaround.
21:35:51 <clokep> If there is a server password and a nickserv, I'd imagine they differ, it doesn't make sense otherwise.
21:36:04 <Mic> bye
21:36:07 <aleth> Right :-/
21:36:09 <-- Mic has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.3a1pre -- http://www.instantbird.com)
21:36:12 <aleth> And who knows what bouncers do
21:37:54 <aleth> The usePass workaround could be kept working if we did add a server password in 1.4 by sending the auth password as the server password if the hidden pref is set
21:38:05 <aleth> Anyway, just thinking aloud...
21:38:47 <clokep> Yup.
21:39:29 <aleth> Maybe call the hidden pref "useAuthPassAsServerPass" or such...
21:39:53 <aleth> Though that is horribly long ;)
21:41:55 <clokep> Yes. :P
21:42:02 <clokep> I like verboseness...but...that's excessive. :P
21:42:26 <aleth> I don't know what is best either... for that bouncer bug, it's possible the bouncer might choke because it gets CAP LS before PASS, who knows
21:43:25 <clokep> It shouldn't.
21:43:40 <-- rosonlinebird has quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
21:45:27 <-- FeuerFliege has quit (Ping timeout)
21:50:30 <flo-retina> clokep: did you mean to remove the print calls in the test?
21:50:44 <clokep> flo-retina: Yes. :(
21:51:13 <clokep> (New patch coming...)
21:51:17 <aleth> Tests don't print directly?
21:51:53 <aleth> Just the boolean result, no further info?
21:52:40 <aleth> Makes sense, I guess...
21:52:43 <clokep> aleth: I'm not sure what you're asking...
21:52:44 <instantbot> clokep@gmail.com granted review for attachment 2064 on bug 1772.
21:52:46 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1772 cri, --, ---, clokep, ASSI, IRC account disconnects on receiving action messages containing line breaks
21:53:02 <clokep> aleth: Tests assert normally.
21:53:16 <flo-retina> clokep: thanks for the patch and bonus points for including a test! :)
21:53:37 * clokep is stockpiling his bonus points... :)
21:54:21 <flo-retina> aleth, clokep: what about chat.irc.useAuthPassAsServerPass as a global about:config pref to "legacy behavior" (where legacy means "compatible with Ib 1.2")?
21:55:20 <clokep> flo-retina: Why would it be global? :-S
21:55:34 <flo-retina> because it's easier to flip
21:55:49 <flo-retina> account prefs without default value in about:config are a pain
21:56:23 <clokep> It's not that awful, it's an extra statement.
21:56:26 <flo-retina> clokep: that suggestion mostly follows the idea that new features should land with a pref to revert to the old behavior
21:57:27 <clokep> Would the goal be to actually remove this eventually or...?
21:57:29 <aleth> flo-retina: I'm not sure that's practicable, it would have to pref off all of CAP, which is definitely not what its name implies
21:58:05 <flo-retina> aleth: I didn't mean to imply that it should revert to exactly the old behavior
21:58:31 <flo-retina> reverting just the potentially breaking changes (ie no longer sending the pass command) seems enough
21:58:42 <flo-retina> but I'm more or less thinking out loud too
21:58:57 <aleth> Then it makes more sense to add a pref which will stay useful, imho (and that means per account)
22:00:20 <flo-retina> random idea: is it easy to add support for PASS as an add-on?
22:01:02 <clokep> No.
22:01:15 <clokep> (It's probably not awfully hard, but it isn't trivial.)
22:01:30 <clokep> I don't think that's a good solution anyway.
22:02:33 * flo-retina barely notices Show Nick any more
22:02:42 <clokep> In a good way, right? :)
22:04:23 <flo-retina> clokep: in a "I would be surprised if it wasn't there any more" way
22:04:45 <flo-retina> I really like the highlighting of the parted nicks (that's the only new thing I see compared to using the add-on previously on the other machine)
22:07:43 <-- clokep has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.3a1pre -- http://www.instantbird.com)
22:07:48 --> clokep has joined #instantbird
22:07:48 * ChanServ sets mode +o clokep 
22:08:11 <clokep> flo-retina: I haven't fully noticed parting nicks. I do notice a lot of grey bubbles instead of colored ones...
22:09:02 <flo-retina> clokep: look in any "has left the room" system message
22:10:45 <clokep> flo-retina: http://i.imgur.com/QMbvo.png doesn't have it. :-S
22:10:58 <clokep> Is that because it was on hold?
22:11:18 <clokep> I see another one that has it, but it's just like a grayish circle, why is it grayish? Because they haven't talked?
22:11:52 <flo-retina> yes, it was on hold
22:12:07 * clokep finds it confusing that there is different behavior. :(
22:12:10 <flo-retina> there's just the grey border
22:12:20 <flo-retina> it's because they are no longer in the room
22:13:43 <clokep> Hm. OK.
22:17:14 * flo-retina is kinda disappointed that you couldn't figure it out at first sight :-/
22:19:08 --> gerard-majax has joined #instantbird
22:20:41 <aleth> It's kind of hard to log the nicklist...
22:22:00 <clokep> flo-retina: That's what I thought it was...I just dislike not being able to line them up quickly by color.
22:24:30 <flo-retina> who would you show that they are gone if you kept the color?
22:24:56 <flo-retina> the point of showing that they are gone is to ensure the user knows that a message was directed to /dev/null rather than to someone actually in the room
22:25:16 <clokep> Hmm...OK.
22:25:26 <clokep> It might just be that I don't really look at those messages.
22:26:04 <flo-retina> if they aren't in your way it's great
22:26:11 <flo-retina> it's more interesting in real messages
22:26:23 <flo-retina> (and the display of nicks in Bubbles' system messages is ugly anyway)
22:26:26 <clokep> I think they're only a little bit in my way because I'm looking for them. :)
22:28:16 --> dew has joined #instantbird
22:32:38 <flo-retina> clokep: if we are sure that the PASS patch won't have a string, I think we should email translators nowish about the string freeze
22:32:48 <-- aleth has quit (Quit: Au revoir)
22:33:16 --> aleth has joined #instantbird
22:33:16 * ChanServ sets mode +h aleth 
22:36:01 <clokep> flo-retina: I can make a PASS patch without strings, yes. :)
22:37:18 <clokep> We just have to decide how to do it. :-D
22:37:18 <-- aleth has quit (Quit: Au revoir)
22:37:28 --> aleth has joined #instantbird
22:37:28 * ChanServ sets mode +h aleth 
22:38:48 * clokep wonders what aleth is testing...
22:39:21 <aleth> Nothing, just getting disconnected for some reason
22:41:58 <clokep> Oh. Hmm...it's sending QUIT though, you're not timingout.
22:42:12 <aleth> Hmm
22:42:41 <aleth> Ah, it might have been restarting the window manager.
22:43:43 <-- aleth has quit (Quit: Au revoir)
22:43:53 --> aleth has joined #instantbird
22:43:53 * ChanServ sets mode +h aleth 
22:44:08 <aleth> Yup, that restarts IB.
22:44:33 <flo-retina> it should start quickly for you to not notice it! :)
22:45:16 <aleth> It doesn't pop anything over the open windows ;)
22:46:12 <-- mconley has quit (Input/output error)
22:46:30 <flo-retina> :)
22:47:33 <aleth> s/window manager/plasma-desktop, btw
22:50:28 <flo-retina> "JavaScript strict warning: file:///Users/florian/buildhg/obj-instantbird-dbg/mozilla/dist/InstantbirdDebug.app/Contents/MacOS/components/imConversations.js, line 47: reference to undefined property this._prplConv[this._currentTargetId]" again :(
22:51:22 <aleth> At least it's not this._purpleConv anymore ;)
22:51:32 <flo-retina> ahah :)
22:53:45 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/7da3aa835434 - Florian Quèze - Bug 1730 - Fix compilation of purple/ with glib 2.32 and newer, r=clokep.
22:53:46 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/78d0ac8bcc44 - Patrick Cloke - Bug 1772 - IRC account disconnects on receiving action messages containing line breaks, r=aleth.
22:54:43 <instantbot> clokep@gmail.com set the Resolution field on bug 1730 to FIXED.
22:54:48 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1730 blo, --, 1.3, florian, RESO FIXED, Fix compilation of purple/ with glib 2.32 and newer
22:55:14 <instantbot> clokep@gmail.com set the Resolution field on bug 1772 to FIXED.
22:55:16 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1772 cri, --, 1.3, clokep, RESO FIXED, IRC account disconnects on receiving action messages containing line breaks
22:55:52 <-- ivan has quit (Ping timeout)
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23:16:13 <-- aleth has quit (Quit: Au revoir)
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