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08:25:31 <Mic> Good morning!
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08:44:45 <instantbot> benediktp@ymail.com requested review from clokep@gmail.com for attachment 1360 on bug 874.
08:44:47 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=874 min, --, ---, benediktp, ASSI, Misnamed variant of the Bubble theme
08:47:50 <Mic> aleth: maybe we should remove the unread ruler when the window loses focus (and it was scrolled in view at this time). Coming back to the window and still finding it there makes me look at the messages below only to notice that I already know them.
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12:09:43 <clokep> Good morning!
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12:53:36 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=874 min, --, ---, benediktp, ASSI, Misnamed variant of the Bubble theme
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22:10:28 <Adamodell> I've figured the format for texting in MSN to actually be "tel: 1(XXX)XXXXXXX", and I'm actually able to text through Instantbird (libpurple) this way, but neither Pidgin nor Instantbird have a GUI implementation to adding a Mobile MSN contact, so it's obviously not that great of a thing yet. It seems the whole sms gateway is serverside and I'm having no issue having a conversation to the phone through the protocol, and the ph
22:10:50 <EionRobb> cool
22:10:58 <Adamodell> I don't like the AIM and ICQ implementations of mobile messaging near as much as MSN's so getting some sort of GUI implementation of an "MSN Mobile contact" might be an interesting idea, just throwing it out there
22:12:17 <Adamodell> there is the oddity of how the server handles sending texts you get while offline, it gets thrown somewhere else and you don't receive it from the "tel:" address, but rather a weird "user@X.X.X(I don't remember how many digits).something"
22:14:11 <Adamodell> so as for linking the offline messages to the proper contact upon receiving, I wouldn't know how that's handled, but it wouldn't be a huge deal, you'd most likely know who it was anyway
22:16:40 <Mic> Adamodell: hi!
22:18:03 <Adamodell> hello
22:18:49 <Mic> Are you going to be here during other times too? I'm about to leave since it's late already here in Europe
22:19:32 <Adamodell> you act like you know me, I might stay on here to see if anyone replies, because I think it's an interesting idea that needs thrown out there
22:20:47 <Mic> I don't know you, I just thought it is polite to give a reason why I'm about to leave, since your suggestion seems interesting and I'd like to talk about it another time :)
22:21:33 <Mic> Or maybe you can file an enhancement request in our bugtracker, that would be a good way to keep the idea recorded and would give us a way to contact you for more information if needed. 
22:21:56 <Mic> The url is in the topic of the channel.
22:22:12 <Adamodell> yes, it's always good to be courteous, thanks
22:23:04 <Adamodell> I live in Illinois to give you an idea of timezone, it's 5:22 PM, or 17:22 for the military time types out there
22:24:06 <Adamodell> I'm going to fool around with texting through MSN through Instantbird because if it breaks at any point, having a GUI feature for such a thing would be silly, because that would be a libpurple issue at that point
22:24:23 <Adamodell> it doesn't help when you have someone who doesn't reply to texts often... haha
22:25:50 <flo> can't you use your own number for testing? :)
22:26:10 <EionRobb> does it work for country codes other than +1 ?
22:26:26 <flo> but +1 to what Mic said, as I'm about to leave too ;)
22:26:27 <Adamodell> Ah, there's the logical fallacy right there, I don't have a phone, if I did I'd probably just use it to text. :P I'm just that kinda guy
22:26:55 <flo> EionRobb: I've never seen an SMS gateway for IM that works outside of north America, hence the relatively low interest I have for these features ;)
22:26:57 <Adamodell> I dunno, that's obviously up to the server's end
22:27:00 <flo> (I can't test them)
22:27:12 <Adamodell> yeah it is pretty selfish of them :P
22:27:54 <flo> Adamodell: I do have a phone and I would really like to send SMS from Instantbird, because I would have all the history of text/IM exchanges in the same place
22:28:32 <Adamodell> Well even if I did have a phone I'd probably prefer to do it over an IM client because I'm simply better at typing than I could ever imagine myself being at texting. Phones, no matter how crazy they get, will always have a cramped vibe that doesn't appeal to me.
22:29:00 <flo> receiving them would be even better; when I'm working and someone sends me an SMS, it's nicer to see it on my screen rather than to have to look for in which pocket the phone is, and unlock it
22:30:05 <Adamodell> I'm sure the open source community would be more interested in fully reverse engineering SMS features in official clients for use in third party clients if, as you said, there was more interest in it
22:30:16 <Adamodell> because it's pretty much still stuck as a US thing, it's kinda useless for everyone else
22:30:25 <EionRobb> flo: you can send SMS from skype internationally :)
22:30:41 <flo> EionRobb: but I would need to have skype running, right? ;)
22:30:54 <flo> EionRobb: but I didn't know that, thanks for the info :)
22:30:55 <EionRobb> you guys should try compiling the gammu prpl into instantbird, see how that goes for sending/recieivng texts
22:31:41 <Mic> gammu, that's this bluetooth connection plugin iirc?
22:32:19 <EionRobb> its a cellphoen one... either via usb, serial, bluetooth, whatever
22:32:46 <Adamodell> that would be an interesting solution for those with a phone
22:32:57 <Adamodell> might get a phone some day anyway so it isn't a huge deal
22:34:17 <flo> EionRobb: seems interesting. I would prefer through the internet or wifi, as that would work more often :).
22:35:13 <EionRobb> yeah, me too
22:35:20 <EionRobb> it was an interesting plugin to make though ;)
22:35:48 <Adamodell> I'm definitely not a coder so all I really have is ideas
22:36:10 <Mic> You're the creator of all the "bigbrownchunx" plugins, aren't you, EionRobb?
22:36:46 <EionRobb> yeah, that was my old irc nick
22:37:30 <Adamodell> I was thinking (if I can prove the tel:+1(XXX)XXXXXXX send/receive is working on a consistent basis in multiple situations) right now the best thing to do would be to implement a simple GUI enhancement that let you add MSN buddies in that exact format, and any buddy added in that format: 1. Wasn't added to the server list, 2. Put under the "Mobile" banner, 3. Put into a position of "always online", or should I say, "never hidd
22:38:32 <Adamodell> well Mobile group, you know what I mean, my wording isn't always pretty
22:39:50 <Adamodell> the reason I object to the AIM mobile support is it never worked right for me, no one could ever reply back, haha, always had issues
22:40:13 <Adamodell> ICQ's implementation is real similar, and also to my knowledge has a text limit
22:40:13 <Mic> OK, I'm offline now. Bye!
22:40:15 <Adamodell> bye
22:40:22 <flo> Mic: good night! :)
22:40:50 <Adamodell> sleep tight
22:40:51 <flo> Adamodell: really, I've never tried any of them, because my number starts with +33 ;)
22:40:54 <Adamodell> don't let the bedbugs bite
22:41:36 <Mic> Ah, I didn't know this one :D
22:42:32 <Adamodell> basically I like Pidgin overall, but the GUI always rubbed me the wrong way, I liks Instantbird's GUI more (well, I'm not a fan of the Adium bubble themes, so I went with the Minimal 2.0 message style theme)
22:42:36 <Adamodell> and now I basically am set
22:43:22 <Adamodell> also made little changes in the spirit of customization but it was a better start for me than Pidgin was
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22:48:58 <flo> glad you like it :)
22:49:42 <Adamodell> (:
22:52:53 <flo> I'm going offline too; talk to you later :)
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