#instantbird log on 01 31 2012

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00:00:17 <aleth> I didn't realize it also affected Windows.
00:03:10 <aleth> If you would like to review that feel free ;)
00:04:41 <clokep> Not right now, maybe later.
00:05:36 <aleth> JS-IRC is much more important :) This one was just in passing
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01:20:31 <instant-buildbot> build #183 of macosx-onCommit is complete: Success [build successful]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/macosx-onCommit/builds/183
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02:15:47 <clokep> aleth: That patch looks OK, but I don't know much of the surrounding code, so I'm not going to officially review it.
02:33:23 <instantbot> clokep@gmail.com cancelled review?(florian@instantbird .org) for attachment 1115 on bug 507.
02:33:24 <instantbot> clokep@gmail.com requested review from the wind for attachment 1145 on bug 507.
02:33:26 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=507 enh, --, ---, clokep, ASSI, Implement IRC in JavaScript
02:34:02 <clokep> I hope that patch doesn't include too much unrelated things. :-/ I might have other patches in that tree I'm realizing now. :-X
02:35:08 <clokep> Bleh it seems I have a Twitter change and XMPP change in there too. :-/
02:35:11 <clokep> Please ignore those.
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03:34:29 <instant-buildbot> build #382 of linux-nightly-default is complete: Failure [failed hg_1]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/linux-nightly-default/builds/382
03:36:06 <clokep> I'm not really one to post random links...but I found this kind of hilarious, so if anyone wants to see a somewhat amusing video bashing on Ruby (and JavaScript): https://www.destroyallsoftware.com/talks/wat
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03:58:12 <instantbot> clokep@gmail.com denied review for attachment 1141 on bug 869.
03:58:15 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=869 nor, --, ---, aletheia2, ASSI, Contacts window forgets screen position when closed
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04:17:51 <Mook> hah, yeah, his presentation is awesome :D
04:18:11 <Mook> (as in, his delivery)
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05:23:11 <instant-buildbot> build #467 of win32-nightly-default is complete: Success [build successful]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/win32-nightly-default/builds/467
05:23:44 <Mook> \o/ windows nightly!
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06:52:36 <instant-buildbot> build #373 of macosx-nightly-default is complete: Success [build successful]  Build details are at http://buildbot.instantbird.org/builders/macosx-nightly-default/builds/373
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10:57:30 <flo> aleth: how do you feel about http://pastebin.instantbird.com/10902 for this warning?
11:01:51 <aleth> flo: Neat, that would also fix it. In fact, with that one could probably also get rid of the check for undefined in _applyPrefToSetting? 
11:02:13 <aleth> In fact what's the point of a separate _applyPrefToSetting? It only gets called from setSettingValue afaik
11:02:57 <aleth> (but then I'm not sure what that try is set up to catch)
11:04:41 <flo> I don't know either
11:05:57 <flo> our coding style should forbid putting a try{} without an explanation of why it's there :-(
11:07:08 <aleth> Yes that would be a good rule
11:08:44 <flo> http://pastebin.instantbird.com/10903 ?
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11:09:41 <flo> "setSettingValue" doesn't mean much to me, by the way
11:09:49 <flo> maybe that should be called applySettingValue?
11:09:51 <aleth> Nor to me... odd name 
11:12:09 <flo> does applySettingValue sound better?
11:12:26 <aleth> The pastebin looks good to me, as _ensureValid takes care of the case where the pref isn't set.
11:13:06 <flo> how can it be not set? (there's a default value, right? :))
11:13:08 <aleth> Hmm, maybe _ensureValid should be called in getPrefValue directly?
11:13:14 <aleth> flo: ah, ok then
11:13:44 <flo> that code would be way simpler without the _value variable
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11:14:41 <aleth> Yes... is there any sense in which the code in getPrefValue is expensive?
11:14:49 <aleth> flo: why not just applySetting? but yes, applySettingValue looks better
11:15:20 <flo> aleth: it doesn't seem expensive to me
11:15:51 <flo> applySettingToPref ouch...
11:15:59 <aleth> Nor to me... just the lookup in about:config
11:15:59 <flo> s/apply/save/ ? :)
11:16:05 <aleth> Yes please :D
11:16:22 <flo> the names in that file are so confusing... :(
11:17:28 <flo> even "Setting" is confusing
11:17:36 <flo> what about saveZoomValueToPref?
11:17:47 <aleth> Yes
11:17:52 <aleth> and setZoom
11:18:08 <aleth> maybe applyZoomValue
11:18:33 <flo> applyPrefValue ?
11:19:02 <flo> (the object is called Fullzoom, so the call will be Fullzoom.applyPrefValue)
11:19:41 <aleth> That would do too. Though applyPref would be even shorter
11:20:52 <aleth> This file is a little overconvoluted
11:21:27 <flo> applySettingToPref -> saveCurrentZoomToPref
11:21:40 <aleth> Much better :)
11:22:42 <aleth> Fullzoom.applyPrefValue is good too actually. Maybe it's clearer with the 'value'
11:23:29 <aleth> I'm not sure...
11:24:54 <flo> http://pastebin.instantbird.com/10907
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11:26:47 <clokep> That one of our files or something we stole from Firefox? :)
11:26:49 <aleth> That cleans it up nicely :)
11:27:31 <aleth> Though _ensureValid could really be in applyPrefValue
11:30:19 <flo> aleth: http://pastebin.instantbird.com/10909
11:31:39 <aleth> Looks great :) Much more legible now
11:32:00 <flo> doesn't really fit in the warning bug any more ;)
11:32:27 * flo will commit that as "Cleanup convZoom.js, r=aleth." :-P
11:33:01 <aleth> :D
11:33:01 <aleth> Still, that's the last non-mozilla warning gone 
11:34:09 <flo> I haven't even verified that it works
11:34:36 <flo> I'm working at the same time on fixing the account UI in my Thunderbird prototype, for compatibility with the changes caused by the password manager
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12:02:09 <aleth> I occasionally see an error "conv is undefined" in http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/instantbird/content/tabbrowser.xml#455. This seems odd to me
12:02:31 <aleth> Not sure how to reproduce either
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12:25:27 <instantbot> aletheia2@fastmail.fm requested review from clokep@gmail.com for attachment 1146 on bug 869.
12:25:30 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=869 nor, --, ---, aletheia2, ASSI, Contacts window forgets screen position when closed
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12:38:25 <clokep_work> aleth: I like that patch better. :)
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13:24:11 <clokep_work> flo: Btw if the patch I attached to bug 507 is totally a mess with seemingly other information in it, I'll make a nicer one tonight, just was busy last night.
13:24:15 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=507 enh, --, ---, clokep, ASSI, Implement IRC in JavaScript
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15:34:32 <flo> clokep_work: are the changes in instantbird/content/* and chat/protocols/xmpp/* the only ones that you didn't intend to include in the patch, or is there some mess elsewhere?
15:36:41 <clokep_work> flo: Yea, I mentioned it briefly earlier, but the ones in protocols/xmpp are unrelated.
15:36:45 <clokep_work> (As are the ones in twitter)
15:36:53 <clokep_work> Let me check the ones in content.
15:37:55 <flo> the twitter change looks like something I r-ed in another bug :)
15:38:39 <flo> I'm not too worried about having to skip obviously unrelated changes. My question was more about: is there some mess in the IRC files too? :)
15:38:52 <clokep_work> flo: Skip the instantbird/content/* stuff too. Sorry it was such a mess. :-/
15:38:59 <clokep_work> The IRC files are fine. :)
15:42:57 <instantbot> florian@instantbird.org denied review for attachment 1143 on bug 1182.
15:42:59 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1182 nor, --, 1.2, nobody, NEW, "Reference to undefined property" JS warnings
15:44:11 <clokep_work> The changes to chat/modules are necessary btw.
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16:34:46 <flo> clokep_work: the diffstat for your patch (once the unintended changes are removed) is  34 files changed, 3586 insertions(+), 4652 deletions(-)
16:35:05 <flo> it's surprising that a JS implementation isn't *much* shorter than the C plugin.
16:36:33 <aleth> That probably says something about the protocol ;)
16:36:50 <flo> or the amount of comments clokep put in his code :)
16:37:17 <flo> also, irc is one of the cleanest libpurple plugin
16:37:37 <flo> TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | xpccheck | found test_ctcpColoring.js in xpcshell.ini and not in directory '/Users/florian/buildhg/hg.instantbird.org/chat/protocols/irc/test'
16:37:38 <flo> hmm
16:38:40 <flo> clokep_work: it seems you forgot to hg add this file
16:39:32 <flo> make[2]: *** No rule to make target `ircCTCP.jsm', needed by `libs'.  Stop.
16:39:49 <flo> the file in the patch is called ircCtcp.jsm
16:40:03 <flo> are Windows file systems still case insensitive? :-S
16:41:25 <flo> the import inside the code is +  Cu.import("resource:///modules/ircCTCP.jsm", tempScope); so it seems to wanted it caled ircCTCP rather than ircCtcp
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16:43:17 <flo> File "icons/prpl-irc-32.png" not found in /Users/florian/buildhg/hg.instantbird.org/chat/protocols/irc, /Users/florian/buildhg/obj-instantbird-dbg/chat/protocols/irc
16:44:26 <flo> ah, that's my bad, I applied the patch with |patch -p1| instead of |hg import --no-commit|, never mind :)
16:45:41 <flo> by looking at your hg diff, it seems you have copied the icons instead of moving them
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16:48:19 <flo> js irc tells me a password is required to connect my irc account
16:49:35 <flo> then it opens this (partly broken) conversation window: http://i.imgur.com/ofOdI.png
16:50:41 <flo> I see this error in my terminal: [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x8050000e [nsIScriptableUnicodeConverter.ConvertToUnicode]"  nsresult: "0x8050000e (<unknown>)"  location: "JS frame :: file:///Users/florian/buildhg/obj-instantbird-dbg/mozilla/dist/InstantbirdDebug.app/Contents/MacOS/components/irc.js :: <TOP_LEVEL> :: line 301"  data: no]
16:51:19 <clokep_work> flo: Yes, Windows is case insensitive.
16:51:24 <clokep_work> Seems I messed that up in the make file, yes.
16:51:37 <flo> it's the file that isn't named correctly
16:51:39 <flo> the makefile is fine
16:52:00 <flo> (or if you want it to be named ircCtcp, then you also need to change the Cu.import calls :))
16:52:11 <clokep_work> Ah-ha. :)
16:52:33 <clokep_work> I think you're right about the icons, I think I thought hg mv would just hg rm and then hg add them.
16:53:04 <clokep_work> Didn't we just change something with passwords? Maybe I forgot to update that. :-/
16:53:19 <clokep_work> What's broken in that window?
16:53:25 <flo> yeah, we changed the default in js-proto helper because the previous default was only for irc
16:53:48 <flo> see the black border of the first bubble?
16:54:40 <clokep_work> Yes...
16:54:47 <clokep_work> I'd argue that's Bubbles being broken. ;)
16:55:09 <flo> you can argue, but then please fix it ;)
16:56:35 <clokep_work> I think it's using a flag that Bubble doesn't have coloring for.
16:56:37 <clokep_work> (Error maybe?)
16:56:56 <flo> you are using "notification"
16:56:56 <clokep_work> I'll check it out again though.
16:57:10 <clokep_work> Ah-ha!
16:57:16 <flo> there's some brokenness around http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/chat/modules/imThemes.jsm#393
16:57:29 <clokep_work> Also...I think part of the reason my code isn't much smaller than there's is that mine is extensible, which is a nontrivial amount of added code.
16:57:38 <flo> as the theme system puts the "message" class on all messages that don't have the system flag
16:57:46 <clokep_work> (Plus, as you said...the libpurple IRC isn't ridiculous code.)
16:58:19 <flo> clokep_work: you also have several line for each response code, event those that you don't handle yet and the pointless ones of the specs
16:58:32 <clokep_work> True. :)
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17:00:15 <flo> clokep_work: so I'm almost sure imThemes does something wrong, but I'm not sure of which behavior we would want
17:00:50 <flo> I don't know what http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/chat/components/public/prplIMessage.idl#100 means anyway
17:01:29 <clokep_work> I'm not sure either.
17:01:39 <clokep_work> I looked into ti a little bit (to see where it's used) , but I forget what I found. :-/
17:01:51 <flo> libpurple seems to always use it with PURPLE_MESSAGE_SYSTEM set too.
17:02:10 <clokep_work> Right.
17:02:19 <clokep_work> I could just treat those as incoming messages probably.
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17:02:32 <flo> either as incoming messages, or add the .system flag there too
17:02:53 <clokep_work> I don't like doing the .system flag because it'll get merged in with all the other crap there, but maybe that's what we want. :P
17:03:13 <flo> what's the flag to put the crap in /dev/null ?
17:04:18 --> timA has joined #instantbird
17:04:23 <clokep_work> Some of it certainly can be.
17:04:35 <clokep_work> (i.e. some of it is there so I'd see it pop up.)
17:04:46 <clokep_work> But users probably don't care.
17:04:49 <flo> is auto-join handled yet?
17:05:14 <flo> I'll need a NickServKiller v3 to kill all the new crap ;)
17:06:02 <clokep_work> I believe auto-joins should work, but I haven't tested that in forever. :-/
17:06:16 * flo takes that as "it doesn't work"
17:06:32 <flo> (as that would explain why the #test conversation isn't visible)
17:06:43 <flo> by the way, do you also use #test on freenode?
17:07:00 <clokep_work> I use #testib whenever I test.
17:07:05 <clokep_work> Why do you ask?
17:07:20 * timA is now known as timA|mtg
17:07:21 <flo> because in #test there's a bot that can reply to you
17:07:27 <flo> and a non-empty participant list
17:07:33 <flo> that's useful for some testing :)
17:08:52 <clokep_work> I usually join into #testib with clokep as well. :)
17:08:54 <clokep_work> Talk to myself.
17:09:24 <aleth> System messages do have the advantage that they get folded, which is what you want for stuff that is shown at every login and is usually only going to be read the first time you do that, if ever
17:10:28 * clokep_work needs to go for a bit.
17:10:41 <clokep_work> I'll make a list tonight of anything you guys say  here btw of what's to be done.
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17:13:53 <flo> JavaScript strict warning: [...]components/imCommands.js, line 204: reference to undefined property c.usageContext
17:13:54 <flo> hmm
17:14:23 <clokep_work> Hmmm...interesting.
17:14:38 <flo> clokep_work: given http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/chat/modules/jsProtoHelper.jsm#714, yes, it's unexpected
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17:18:59 <flo> apparently I'm not lucky
17:19:47 <flo> the /join command doesn't work (there's "irc: Sending:\nJOIN :#test" that appears in my terminal, but nothing else), and disconnecting the account doesn't work either (stuck on "Disconnecting...")
17:19:47 <flo> .
17:20:49 <clokep_work> There shouldn't be a line break there.
17:21:03 <clokep_work> Oh. Wait, yes...there should be.
17:21:12 <flo> I typed the \n, there's a line break in the terminal :)
17:21:14 <clokep_work> Hmmm...something seems to be messed up with the encoding I think.
17:21:26 <flo> yeah, I hope all of this is caused by the JS error I pasted
17:21:29 <clokep_work> Did the patch to socket.jsm apply properly?
17:21:41 <flo> although if it worked for you, I don't see why it hsouldn't work for me :)
17:22:04 <flo> yes, but that only adds |+ this.delimiter|
17:22:50 <clokep_work> Right.
17:22:55 <clokep_work> Did you set an encoding? :)
17:23:06 <clokep_work> (I think I tested it both ways, but I forget...)
17:25:31 <flo> with a new account in a cleaner profile things seem to work
17:25:42 <flo> so it's possible I had tortured the irc account of the previous profile in the past
17:28:57 <flo> I have the "undefined property c.usageContext" warning on the clean profile too
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17:36:44 --> igorko has joined #instantbird
17:37:38 <instantbot> New purplexpcom - Twitter bug 1253 filed by aletheia2@fastmail.fm.
17:37:40 <clokep_work> Hmm...I'll need to look into that one then I guess.
17:37:41 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1253 enh, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Don't show RTs of tweets that are already in the timeline
17:38:11 <flo> is "that one" the warning, or the new bug filed? ;)
17:38:26 <-- ecaron has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.1)
17:38:39 <aleth> Not the new 'bug' I bet ;)
17:40:44 --> ecaron has joined #instantbird
17:41:58 <clokep_work> Idk how best to handle RTs.
17:42:03 <clokep_work> Could be better than how it is now though.
17:42:37 <aleth> I filed it so there would be somewhere to collect ideas. I don't have a really good one either.
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17:45:07 * timA|mtg is now known as timA|brb
17:45:42 <flo> maybe we would want to collapse only consecutive retweets?
17:46:54 <flo> isn't there a problem with system messages like this?
17:46:55 <flo> 18:24:50 - : Ping timeout: 244 seconds has left the room (Quit(null)).
17:47:44 <flo> it seems all quit messages are broken
17:49:05 <clokep_work> :-/
17:49:13 <clokep_work> Bah.
17:49:14 <clokep_work> OK.
17:49:18 <clokep_work> Part messages probably are too.
17:49:49 <flo> I get the nsIScriptableUnicodeConverter.ConvertToUnicode error on my clean profile too after a restart
17:50:17 <clokep_work> Hmmmm....OK. I'll need to play with that more and make sure it works.
17:50:28 <clokep_work> You didn't play with the advanced settings at all?
17:50:44 <flo> no
17:50:52 <flo> I haven't even opened the properties dialog
17:51:41 <clokep_work> Hm. I wonder if I changed one of them...
17:53:32 <flo> it's frustrating when after working hard on something for a long time, the first time someone else tries it it just doesn't work :(.
17:53:51 --> Mook_as has joined #instantbird
17:54:26 <flo> clokep_work: [Exception... "'[JavaScript Error: "Ci.purpleIAccount is undefined" {file: "file:///Users/florian/buildhg/obj-instantbird-dbg/mozilla/dist/InstantbirdDebug.app/Contents/MacOS/components/irc.js" line: 314}]' when calling method: [nsIStreamListener::onStopRequest]"  nsresult: "0x80570021 (NS_ERROR_XPC_JAVASCRIPT_ERROR_WITH_DETAILS)"  location: "<unknown>"  data: yes]
17:54:38 --> jb has joined #instantbird
17:54:38 <flo> this error is easy to fix at least :)
17:54:58 <clokep_work> :( Yes.
17:55:08 <clokep_work> There's just a lot to it and when you fix one thing it breaks things you don't even think to try!
17:55:20 <aleth> It's a huge patch to land...
17:55:27 <flo> that's the point of unit tests ;)
17:55:55 <flo> we definitely need to invest time in them...
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17:57:19 <clokep_work> Yes, we do.
17:57:22 <clokep_work> I wrote a few! :P
17:57:27 <flo> that code seems to be in the onConnectionReset method. I don't see why I end up executing that when attempting to connect a second account :-S
17:57:31 <clokep_work> Some of the stuff I'm not even sure how to design a test for. :-/
17:57:32 <flo> clokep_work: I know! :)
17:58:52 <aleth> Why don't they use XMPP for this :/ http://jbalogh.me/2012/01/30/push-notifications/
17:59:40 <flo> aleth: it's probably more fun to reinvent the wheel ;)
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18:00:43 <aleth> flo: yeah... or Pointcast ;)
18:00:48 --> jb has joined #instantbird
18:05:33 --> igorko has joined #instantbird
18:06:36 <flo> just adding the "  get passwordOptional() true," line seems to fix most of the problems I was seeing
18:06:42 <flo> that's scary though :-S
18:08:07 <flo> clokep_work: is it intended that the topic isn't displayed when joining a channel?
18:12:37 <flo> the messages displayed when someone enters a room seems to miss the noLinkification flag
18:14:52 <flo> there seems to be problems with the nicklist
18:15:14 <flo> i'm in the same channel with 2 different accounts, and the 2 conversations don't have the same number of participants
18:15:47 <flo> in the terminal I have some 'Cannot remove a buddy that was not in the room' and 'Adding a chat buddy twice?!' errors
18:16:44 <flo> the quit messages are still broken after adding the passwordOptional() true line. Part messages seem ok.
18:18:58 <-- aleth has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.2a1pre)
18:19:42 --> aleth has joined #instantbird
18:26:43 <clokep_work> I'll be back in a bit.
18:30:22 * timA|brb is now known as timA
18:30:26 <flo> JS-IRC doesn't seem to use the proxy
18:30:36 --> gerard-majax has joined #instantbird
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18:42:28 <clokep_work> flo: I have not tested that, I'm not positive the code is even there to do it.
18:43:15 * jwir3|lunch is now known as jwir3
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19:05:46 * ChanServ sets mode +h Mic 
19:06:15 <Mic> Hi
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20:41:31 <Mic> What is the hiddenWindow good for (http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/file/a5664bc80be0/chat/modules/hiddenWindow.jsm)?
20:42:14 <Mic> Can I e.g. import that from a restartless add-on when I need a document to work with?
20:43:25 <Mook_as> IIRC, it's an invisible about:blank somewhere
20:43:36 <-- jb has quit (Ping timeout)
20:43:39 <Mook_as> (unless you're on mac, in which case it may be a chrome document)
20:44:22 <clokep_work> Mic: An HTML parser actually just landed on m-c, so we can rip that part of it out soon. :)
20:44:52 <clokep_work> Mac uses it to generate the menu bar even when no menus are available IIRC (since Mac you have to explicitly quit a program, you can't just close all windows).
20:45:18 <clokep_work> Maybe...something like that.
20:47:04 <Mic> I'm rather interested in having that document there. I need one to create a canvas element to compose the icon for the buddy status notifications.
20:48:32 <Mook_as> yep, that's useful for that. I used it for the <panel> for the alert service thinger
20:52:37 --> jb has joined #instantbird
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21:04:43 <Mic> Good night/bye
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22:12:27 * ChanServ sets mode +h clokep 
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22:24:35 * ChanServ sets mode +qo flo flo 
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23:09:34 <clokep> Thanks for the review flo. :)
23:09:52 <flo> I haven't reviewed it yet ;). Just tried it.
23:10:01 --> jb has joined #instantbird
23:10:41 <clokep> (Also...belated congratulations EionRobb?)
23:10:47 <clokep> flo: Thanks for the feedback. :) :P
23:11:18 <EionRobb> clokep: thanks.  I assume you heard that I bought a new tie then ;)
23:14:15 <clokep> EionRobb: Yes. Something like that. :P I might follow your blog. ;)
23:14:28 <EionRobb> I might post to it a bit more regularly now
23:14:47 <EionRobb> instantbird could have a steam protocol in it now, in javascript :)
23:17:06 <clokep> Oh? How so?
23:17:12 <-- Draighth has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
23:17:31 <EionRobb> their new steam mobile api is http/json based
23:22:48 <clokep> Oh? Awesome! :)
23:22:55 <clokep> Thinking of giving it a try EionRobb? ;)
23:23:00 <aleth> today's abstruse goose is for the reviewers ;) http://abstrusegoose.com/432
23:26:35 <clokep> aleth: Hah, very nice. :)
23:44:33 <EionRobb> clokep: nah, too busy with the C/libpurple version atm :)
23:44:44 <clokep> Boooo.
23:44:49 <EionRobb> :P
23:45:15 <flo> EionRobb: you could prototype in JS to get something that works quickly, and then do the painful C implementation later ;)
23:45:35 <-- jb has quit (Ping timeout)
23:46:51 <EionRobb> the C code was quickly done in a couple of hours :)
23:46:57 <EionRobb> I like C
23:46:58 <EionRobb> :)
23:48:00 <clokep> Hmmm...you need to see a doctor I think.
23:48:13 <EionRobb> I get that a lot
23:48:17 <Mook_as> is it Emscripten-compatible?
23:50:41 <clokep> Mook_as: I tried to get that to run in MozillaBuild.
23:50:44 <clokep> operative word: tried.
23:51:03 <Mook_as> I assume you need a mac to run it
23:53:16 <clokep> You need clang.
23:53:26 <-- mmkmou has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.2a1pre)
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