#instantbird log on 01 08 2012

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05:42:05 <instantbot> New Instantbird (UI) bug 1231 filed by jahkae@gmail.com.
05:42:10 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1231 nor, --, ---, nobody, UNCO, 'Display Formatting of incoming messages', does not seem to work.
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11:06:43 <flo> I bought my AMI exactly one year ago :)
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14:22:14 <clokep> Congrats flo! Seems like you've been real happy with it!
14:22:26 <flo> thanks :)
15:06:47 <clokep> flo: So I think I need to modify a libpurple API to get the information we need for joining users.
15:07:34 <clokep> Is that OK? Or should I try to see if there's another way?
15:09:42 <flo> you need to touch libpurple anyway to remove the existing system message ;)
15:10:01 <clokep> I know that. :) But I need to change what the UI ops method accepts.
15:10:08 <clokep> I need to pass through the "extra_msgs" list.
15:24:33 <clokep> Bleh, so originally I was thinking of just putting the extra_msgs into the data part of the notification, but it seems that has to be a single string...so that wouldn't work, so now I'm kind of without a plan of how to accomplish this. :-/
15:27:50 <flo> I've no idea of what that extra_msgs thing is so it's hard to help :-/
15:29:52 <clokep> In http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/purple/libpurple/conversation.c#1668 extra_msgs is the used to pass extra information along with the buddy that joins.
15:30:06 <clokep> In IRC it's used to give the full user name.
15:30:28 <clokep> (The part that is displayed inside of [] tags.)
15:31:25 <clokep> A similar thing is done when users leave for the "reason" string.
15:35:53 <flo> changing the API between libpurple and purplexpcom is generally OK if it avoids painful complications. Changing the API between libpurple and its protocol plugins isn't acceptable.
15:36:54 <flo> so, isn't that detail/leave message/whatever something that should be exposed on the prplIConvChatBuddy xpcom interface?
15:36:54 <clokep> Right. That's not a huge issue (getting it into XPCOM). But even once it's there...I don't know how to get it to imConversations.js.
15:39:26 <clokep> You mean add it to the prplIConvChatBuddy when they get created and then when they join actually display it?
15:42:20 <flo> isn't that component created only when something joins?
15:42:26 <flo> *someone
15:43:49 <clokep> Yes.
15:44:10 <clokep> Well, it's also created when you join and a bunch of people are already in the room.
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16:33:14 <clokep> Was buildbot updated? (o_O) (All the pages seem to have slightly different styling.)
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17:30:04 <tymerkaev> hello
17:32:59 <clokep> Hello.
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18:29:02 <flo> clokep: yes, Even updated the buildbot and the Windows/linux slaves yesterday
18:29:14 <flo> and I've just finished a few minutes ago updating the Mac slave
18:30:39 <flo> we needed a newer version to fix a bug that prevented us from changing our buildbot config in a way that doesn't cause red builds after such a commit https://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/ca22479be345
18:33:12 <clokep> Ah, I see.
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19:01:03 <instantbot> clokep@gmail.com cancelled review? for attachment 1087 on bug 976.
19:01:04 <instantbot> clokep@gmail.com requested review from florian@instantbird .org for attachment 1114 on bug 976.
19:01:09 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=976 enh, --, ---, clokep, ASSI, Support Microsoft Office Communicator protocol (SIPE)
19:10:12 <flo> hmm, I should try to update libpurple ^^
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19:27:44 <flo> do we still expect to have "weekly" meetings in the future on Monday?
19:38:58 <clokep> I should be able to start attending them again. :-D
19:39:13 <clokep> flo: Also, you were right. Making an xpcshell test is easy!
19:39:47 <flo> I still have open tabs for the meeting notes of 3 of them
19:40:32 <clokep> I think they're useful to have, I just have a feeling people have been busy around the holidays. I'm not sure if Mic or aleth agree.
19:41:02 <clokep> (Also, I looked at some of the scripts for updating libpurple...I had no idea it was so manual. :-/)
19:41:08 <flo> I think something needs to be changed in the format
19:41:21 <flo> most of it is automated
19:41:42 <clokep> I saw one comment like "manually merge changes"...that sounds painful.
19:41:58 <clokep> OK, what part of the format would you like to change?
19:42:16 <flo> I don't know
19:42:47 <flo> it just feels like during these meetings everybody is bored, saying/writing again things that have already been written
19:45:17 <clokep> I wonder if it would be better to do something like: http://benjamin.smedbergs.us/weekly-updates.fcgi/
19:45:28 <clokep> Where we can each just say what we've been working on, etc. at our own convenience.
19:45:38 <clokep> And people outside the project can follow it (and we can follow it too of course!)
19:45:43 <clokep> But it doesn't require a "meeting"
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19:46:56 <flo> the meeting should give the involved people a direction: where we are going, how people can help.
19:47:42 <flo> "what we have done" is necessary information because going to "where are we going", but it shouldn't be what we spend time discussing
19:48:02 <flo> s/because/before/
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19:50:36 <clokep> Right, well it'd probably be better if we filled out the "what we have done" part beforehand?
19:57:12 <instantbot> clokep@gmail.com requested review from florian@instantbird .org for attachment 1115 on bug 507.
19:57:14 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=507 enh, --, ---, clokep, ASSI, Implement IRC in JavaScript
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23:14:28 <aleth> clokep: js-irc is review-ready? very nice! :)
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23:15:10 <clokep> aleth: There's probably issues with it still, but I've looked over it probably five or six times in the past four weeks...so it's at the point I need someone else to look. :P
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23:36:10 <flo> clokep: it's a bit late for me to look at js-irc during *this* week-end :-/
23:37:13 <flo> I don't understand why I haven't noticed the bug with hide auto-join and twitter (I use both everyday)
23:38:24 <clokep> flo: I had noticed it, but I wasn't sure why I didn't look into it / file it.
23:38:53 <clokep> And it's fine if you don't get to it this weekend. :)
23:38:57 <clokep> I'll keep reviewing my own code.
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23:41:11 <flo> clokep: the week-end is over anyway, we've been Monday for 41 minutes already here
23:41:38 <flo> I really don't like that new gmail :(
23:44:32 <flo> the indent in chat/protocols/irc/Makefile.in is broken
23:44:37 <flo> mixed tab/spaces
23:44:50 <clokep> Ah, I'll check it out. What would you prefer it to be flo?
23:44:54 <flo> and I suspect you display tabs as only 2 spaces instead of 8
23:44:56 <clokep> I always get confused w/ Makefiles. :-/
23:45:00 <clokep> (Yes, I do.)
23:45:02 <flo> clokep: consistent!
23:45:25 <flo> I use tabs in that case
23:45:39 <clokep> OK!
23:46:01 <clokep> Now fixed. :)
23:49:17 <flo> the cleanUp method in ircAccount doesn't seem very helpful (only one simple line of code inside, and a name that doesn't give a clue about what it's doing). It seems to be called only in 2 places; that line of code could probably be inlined there.
23:49:58 * clokep also set his editor to prefer tabs in Makefiles.
23:50:32 <clokep> Yeah, I think I had assumed more code would go in there, but I havne't had to put anything.
23:51:20 <flo> it looks like a semi-colon is missing on the very last line of ircISUPPORT.jsm
23:55:32 <clokep> Mook: Is that something the JS linter in Komodo should pick up?
23:55:44 <clokep> I even just turned on all options and it stil doesn't seem to give me a warning or anything.
23:56:01 <clokep> (Not trying to blame someone else! Just will file a bug, if so.)
23:56:28 <flo> clokep: if you receive blahblah\x02\x02blahblah, what's the expected HTML?
23:56:39 <flo> or do we don't care at all in stupid cases :)
23:56:47 <clokep> blahblah<b> </b>blahblah
23:56:56 <clokep> That's what the code will produce.
23:57:00 <clokep> It's a stupid case, yes.
23:57:05 <flo> it will add a space?
23:57:15 <clokep> No, did you not have a space there?
23:57:33 <clokep> Ah, my window size must have broken it in a "bad" spot.
23:57:33 <flo> no :)
23:57:45 <clokep> It'll be blahblah<b></b>blahblah
23:57:56 <clokep> Which is stupid, yes. but I wasn't sure if we really cared about that case.
23:58:05 <clokep> It's not really /invalid/. :)
23:58:42 <flo> as long as it doesn't cause an error to occur for some obscure reason, I don't care much
23:59:21 <clokep> I think it'll be fine, but I haven't actually tried it.
23:59:23 <flo> "Contributor(s): *   Mark Yen" shouldn't there be an email address here?
23:59:47 <flo> "Portions created by the Initial Developer are Copyright (C) 2010" really? 2 years ago?
23:59:59 <clokep> Yes, really. Two years ago.