#instantbird log on 12 22 2011

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00:02:31 <flo> Mook_as: yes! :)
00:02:38 <Mook_as> yay!
00:02:56 <Mook_as> now to ask memoserv to un-send that message I sent myself to make a debug build.... :p
00:04:28 <flo> we may find more leak bugs if we do less common things, but at least it doesn't leak any more for actions as trivial as connecting/disconnecting accounts, opening/closing conversations, sending/receiving messages
00:05:01 <Mook_as> now, to write automated tests... :p
00:05:15 <Mook_as> (somehow mozmilll just fills me with a sense of dread instead...)
00:05:28 <flo> are you volunteering? :-P
00:05:49 <Mook_as> I think finite-scrollback is higher priority at this point?
00:05:58 <Mook_as> (as in, non-infinite-infinite-scrollback)
00:06:35 <flo> there's *always* something higher priority than writing tests.
00:06:45 <Mook_as> fixing failing tests? :p
00:07:51 <flo> and for that slow case, I think hiding the browser and putting a panel with a progress bar, and returning to the event loop every 100ms, until we have displayed all messages would be acceptable until we have infinite scrollbar
00:08:44 <flo> maybe even no progress bar and just a trobber with "loading..." would be enough
00:09:08 <flo> (if we are confident it won't take more than a couple of seconds)
00:10:18 <Mook_as> if it takes _that_ long, the computer is probably somewhere outside the window
00:11:26 <flo> anyway, I'm going to bed. Talk to you later :)
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09:15:04 <Mic> Hi
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11:03:40 <Mic> Hello flo
11:04:56 <flo> hello :)
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11:28:27 <Mic> AIO told me that there are a few (I think five or six) add-ons nominated to become public and waiting for review.
11:28:59 <Mic> I'd volunteer to review some if that helps
11:29:40 <flo> I see 6, + 1 pending update
11:33:29 <flo> I would be ok with adding you in the editor group on AIO. I would like Even's opinion before attempting to do it from the admin UI (just in case he would be aware of some brokenness of that UI that I've never used)
11:37:50 <flo> Mic: ok, you are now in the Editor group
11:38:32 <flo> Mic: I'm not sure if that take effects immediately or if you need to log out and back in to see the "editor tools" link appear
11:44:33 <Mic> OK, I'll check it tonight
11:44:47 <Mic> Lots of tutoring to do this afternoon ;)
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12:31:47 <flo> clokep: hello :)
12:31:53 <clokep> Hello flo.
12:31:58 * clokep is reading a backlog of emails.
12:42:45 <clokep> Ah, my patch was good enough this time! :-D
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12:44:44 <flo> clokep: yeah, during my testing it didn't work, until I noticed I wasn't recompiling chat/
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12:48:17 <clokep> Ah-ha! :) glad you got it working...
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13:30:00 <clokep> Hm...I just updated and no one is showing as away or idle or mobile...and I doubt ALL of my friends are available.
13:30:31 <clokep> No errors in the console anywhere.
13:31:39 <flo> do you have DOMi installed?
13:31:57 <clokep> No. :(
13:32:03 <flo> (wondering if the status attribute is set correctly and the icons missings, or if the status attribute isn't set)
13:32:16 <flo> I'm trying a Thunderbird build with tabs on top
13:32:24 <clokep> I just updated to get that. :)
13:32:26 <flo> looks nice (although I would like to polish some details on Mac :-])
13:32:50 <flo> my Thunderbird-build-with-tabs-on-top also has IM support ;)
13:32:53 <clokep> :) Yes, it makes a lot of sense in Tb, even more so then in Fx...though it took much longer to get.
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15:15:08 <instantbot> clokep@gmail.com requested review from the wind for attachment 1087 on bug 976.
15:15:11 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=976 enh, --, ---, clokep, ASSI, Support Microsoft Office Communicator protocol (SIPE)
15:15:49 <instantbot> clokep@gmail.com requested review from the wind for attachment 1088 on bug 976.
15:16:50 <instantbot> clokep@gmail.com requested review from the wind for attachment 1089 on bug 976.
15:17:50 <flo> "Additionally, a few files from libxml2 are necessary that weren't available" did you mean glib?
15:17:56 <flo> I don't remember removing anything from libxml2
15:18:26 <clokep> No, I mean from libxml2.
15:18:35 <clokep> I didn't have to modify glib, I don't think.
15:18:59 <flo> what's the difference between the locale files and the properties file?
15:19:47 <clokep> There isn't one.
15:19:58 <clokep> I mean even the English version might need to be updated.
15:20:16 <flo> oh, ok
15:20:43 <flo> for libpurple plugins the en-US files are pretty useless
15:21:17 <flo> is attachment 1087 a patch?
15:22:10 <clokep> It should be. :)
15:23:23 <clokep> (It is now.)
15:25:55 <flo> do you remember why you ifdef'd out #include "win32/win32dep.h" ?
15:27:56 <clokep> flo: I think it's because it's only needed to get LOCALEDIR?
15:28:00 <clokep> (Does that sound even reaosnable?)
15:28:18 <flo> I don't remember that part of the code enough to know :)
15:28:29 <clokep> I think that's what the comment above that #if 0 implies.
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15:59:37 <clokep> Do you have just XMPP in Thunderbird or Twitter too?
15:59:53 <flo> I will have twitter soon
16:00:12 <flo> I just need to fix my mess with the jar.mn files for the browserRequest.* files :)
16:02:31 <clokep> Ah! :)
16:05:09 <flo> I started moving files around this morning while my thunderbird build was recompiling
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17:38:11 <clokep> (Btw should I have CCed Even on bug 976? Does he get all bugmail anyway? He might have an opinion on the *nix dependencies.)
17:38:15 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=976 enh, --, ---, clokep, ASSI, Support Microsoft Office Communicator protocol (SIPE)
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17:39:21 <flo> clokep: he doesn't get all bugmail, and I suspect he doesn't read most of the bugmail he gets ;)
17:39:33 <flo> otherwise your AMO patch wouldn't take so much time to get reviewed
17:43:44 <clokep> I'll just ping him incessantly next time he's online. :)
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17:45:34 <flo> you just need to get in hist gtalk list
17:45:50 <flo> it's hard these days though, as JS-XMPP can't send invite, and can't show invites :-/
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17:48:47 <clokep> I started letting you be able to add them! http://pastebin.instantbird.com/4226
17:48:53 <clokep> Unfortunately that doesn't do much. :(
17:51:44 <flo> clokep: I think addBuddy should only send the stanza
17:52:00 <clokep> Ah, and then if it's successful, you add it.
17:52:01 <flo> and we should add the accountBuddy when the server sends us a roaster update
17:52:17 <flo> (this way it will be added to all your connected clients at once)
17:52:44 <flo> the callback for the stanza is probably useful only to display an error message if the server rejected the request
17:55:13 <clokep> Makes sense.
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18:25:07 <instantbot> New Instantbird (UI) bug 1212 filed by jahkae@gmail.com.
18:25:09 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1212 nor, --, ---, nobody, UNCO, Contact Status icon in Contact Window not showing true status.
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19:10:08 <igorko> guys
19:10:13 <igorko> need to confirm bug
19:11:44 <igorko> after joining to jabber conference few first seconds when you send message it's not displayed in conversation(but it's sent)
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20:38:41 <flo> clokep: does it also happen with your own build?
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20:46:54 <clokep_wp7> Flo: i haven't tried yet, could it be from bug 1199?
20:46:58 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1199 enh, --, 1.2, clokep, RESO FIXED, Only notify prplIAccounts of status changes when enabled
20:47:13 <flo> no?
20:47:25 <flo> you all said it affects all protocols
20:48:02 <flo> oh wait, I thought that was in jsProtoHelper
20:48:17 <flo> well, that's still extremely unlikely
20:48:21 <clokep_wp7> No, imAccounts.js.
20:48:36 <flo> that patch changes the way we notify of status changes of the user, not of his contacts
20:48:47 <clokep_wp7> Was the only change i remembered seeing that seemed likely.
20:49:11 <flo> any reasonable explanation should also explain why it works for me
20:49:14 <clokep_wp7> Yeah, i thought it was unlikely as well.
20:49:43 <flo> could it be that we messed up the jar.mn file that package these status icons for aero?
20:49:54 <flo> I think both deOmega and you are on Windows Aero
20:50:42 <clokep_wp7> We both are yes. I can try sisabling it later (on my phone now)
20:51:33 <flo> no you can't
20:51:47 <flo> aero = WinNT >=6.0 in this context
20:52:13 <clokep_wp7> Ah, that's not aero. Aero is the graphics layer.
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20:52:32 <flo> that's still the aero/ folder in the skin
20:53:26 <clokep_wp7> I wonder if Mic is seeing this. He runs Win 7 too.
20:54:12 <clokep_wp7> Well I'll see if i can investigate. About to lose service though. Bye!
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20:54:24 <flo> I've observed mis-reported status changes on some gtalk contacts during my testing
20:54:35 <flo> the contact appeared offline, but the tooltip showed 2 available resources
20:54:43 <flo> would love to have steps to reproduce!
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21:15:57 <iLobster> Greetings
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21:23:36 <iLobster> Want to check do me only have glitch with "Show offline buddies". If i check "Show offline buddies" - all buddies from my list looks as online (fullcolour icons) but they are not online (it's even text status "offline" next to some of them).
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21:33:21 <flo> iLobster: are you on Windows 7?
21:33:59 <iLobster> flo: yes, last nightly @ win7 x64
21:34:18 <flo> did it start happening today?
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21:34:57 <iLobster> i'm not sure 100%, but i think yes
21:41:02 <flo> 2 other people reported problems today with wrong status indications, but we haven't understood yet when/why it happens
21:46:31 <iLobster> Yes, I can confirm it too. Idle online buddie (gtalk) do not have idle icon, have "normal" icon with grey nickname. Away online buddie (gtalk) do not have away icon, have "normal" icon with "normal" nickname.
21:48:51 <iLobster> And there is no such glitch on WinXP 32-bit.
21:51:47 <flo> so with the exact same build (up to date nightly) you have the problem only on win7?
21:51:52 <flo> that's interesting! :)
21:54:11 <iLobster> Yes, it's last nightly on both computers, one computer - Win7, another - WinXP.
21:55:09 <iLobster> Profiles are different, but same IM accounts are used.
22:08:53 <iLobster> nn
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