#instantbird log on 12 03 2011

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00:00:38 * clokep1 is trying out pymake.
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00:05:16 <Mic> Good night
00:06:10 <flo> Good night :)
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01:34:27 <clokep> flo: I give a default message with the away command because you HAVE to give a message. Sending AWAY without a message REMOVES the away status.
01:34:33 <clokep> (Just re-read the spec.)
01:42:41 <Mook> yay, I'm about a quarter of the way through your patch (just starting ircCommands.jsm)
01:45:00 <clokep> Mook: Anything crazy so far?
01:45:12 <Mook> no, just a lot of dumb comments (that is, dumb on my part)
01:45:43 <Mook> I am not familiar enough with the whole ib structure to be able to have enlightening comments
01:46:18 <Mook> joinCommand sure looks hard to use
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01:46:35 <Mook> does this seem right? /join channel1,channel2,channel3 key1,,key3
01:46:43 <clokep> Yes.
01:46:50 <Mook> that's pretty horrible :(
01:46:51 <clokep> That's libpurple's structure, I'm no married to it.
01:47:04 <clokep> (That's actually the exact command you send to a server btw.)
01:47:06 <Mook> I'd have though something saner would be more like...
01:47:18 <clokep> JOIN channel1,channel2,channel3 key1,key2,
01:47:22 <Mook> /join channel2,key2 channel2 channel3,key3
01:47:42 <Mook> yeah, I'm a user, I don't have to think about the insanity that is the IRC protocol XD
01:47:53 <clokep> I agree. :)
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01:52:00 <Mook> man, I so wish JS String.split() worked like the python one
01:52:13 <clokep> What's the Python one do?
01:52:22 <Mook> (so if you give a number, the last one is the rest of the string, instead of just some random thing in the middle)
01:52:56 <Mook> i.e. "foo bar baz".split(" ", 2) -> ["foo", "bar"] (js) vs ["foo", "bar baz"] (python)
01:54:15 <clokep> Interesting.
01:54:28 <clokep> I guess that'd help in a few situations, but Idk about in IRC. ;)
01:54:44 * Mook is looking at kickCommand right nwo
02:04:03 <Mook> yeah, messageCommand looks broken for aMsg starting with (name) (space) (space)?
02:04:24 <Mook> and I really, really am starting to hate the ircAccounts global now
02:04:43 <clokep> Mook: I hate it too. :( Do you see a way around it though?
02:04:54 <Mook> what's aConv.account?
02:05:00 <Mook> (where you look things up via .id)
02:06:57 <clokep> Mook: aConv is http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/chat/components/public/purpleIConversation.idl#53
02:07:18 <Mook> and who implements the relevant .account?
02:08:16 <clokep> That's in irc.js.
02:08:25 <clokep> Which is where you should have started if you didn't. ;)
02:08:27 <Mook> I guess it's the aImAccount arg to Account in irc.js?
02:08:33 <clokep> Yes.
02:08:39 <clokep> So that comes from the core.
02:08:40 <clokep> Somewhere.
02:08:43 <Mook> (I'm trying to see if you can get a useful .wrappedJSObject)
02:08:45 <Mook> I guess not :(
02:08:57 <clokep> I tried wrappedJSObject.
02:09:06 <clokep> But it just confuses me and I couldn't get it to work. :-/
02:09:38 <Mook> I guess a global method (or stashed on the protocol), getIRCAccount(aImAccont), might look better :(
02:09:58 <Mook> it doesn't really change anything, of course :(
02:10:22 <clokep> But I wouldn't be able to access that method once it goes through the XPCOM layer, no?
02:10:43 <Mook> I think .wrappedJSObject there would help?
02:10:54 <Mook> (remember you need to set .wrappedJSObject = this in the constructor)
02:11:50 <clokep> Hmmm....maybe. :(
02:11:57 <clokep> That would be not as gross.
02:12:44 <clokep> (At least it's not a random global floating around! :))
02:12:46 <Mook> I guess it's from http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/chat/components/public/prplIProtocol.idl#119
02:13:14 <clokep> Yes, that sounds right.
02:13:32 <Mook> also, http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/chat/components/public/imIAccount.idl?mark=84,203#78 is insane
02:13:49 <Mook> oh, this is plain-lxr, you'll have to read the mark= yourself
02:14:00 <Mook> brb, dinner
02:14:19 <clokep> But I don't actually implement an imIAccount, I just implement a purpleIAccount.
02:25:59 <clokep> I'm not sure what that mark is. :) What are you trying to point out?
02:33:36 <Mook> oh, just that imIAccount derives from prplIAccount, and yet prplIAccount has a .imAccount property that's a imIAccount
02:33:50 <Mook> which, if it makes sense, would just return itself...
02:34:07 <Mook> (but I guess not, because things are Weird)
02:34:13 * clokep shrugs.
02:34:17 <clokep> I like flo worry about those details.
02:34:41 <Mook> okay, so the comment near line 200 explains things, then
02:35:01 <Mook> a imIAccount is implemented by the core, knows about it's related prplIAccount
02:35:20 <Mook> (and has a .prplAccount attribute pointing, hopefully, to your account)
02:36:30 <Mook> so looking at aConv.account.prplAccount.wrappedJSObject _might_ do the right thing; or it might be null if it hates you..)
02:37:45 <clokep> Hahah. I'll give it a try in a minute.
02:37:45 <Mook> in function Account, remember to add | this.wrappedJSObject = this; |
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02:37:50 <clokep> Mook: Inside the constructor that is?
02:37:54 <Mook> clokep: yeap
02:38:07 <Mook> haha, I just misread that as Marion (the name of the office manager at songbird) has left moznet :p
02:41:04 <Mook> hmm, I think /chanserv is actually implemented on the server
02:41:20 <Mook> in chatzilla, ' /quote CHANSERV :help ' does things
02:41:27 <clokep> Yes...
02:41:41 <clokep> But you have to send the message to chanserv still...
02:41:52 <Mook> no, I didn't /query chanserv
02:42:03 <Mook> /quote = /raw = raw IRC commands
02:42:08 <clokep> Yes.
02:42:10 <clokep> I understand that.
02:42:28 <clokep> But /<blah blah> doesn't send things as raw in Instantbird.
02:42:29 <Mook> okay. I probably don't; I'm not as deep in IRC protocol guts as you are :)
02:42:40 <Mook> right. I guess it can't, in ib
02:42:50 <clokep> And why would we not send the PRIVMSG if it works on more servers? ;)
02:43:12 <Mook> right :)
02:43:39 <Mook> bah, I'm not on a network without chanserv :p
02:43:49 <clokep> I think efnet doesn't have a chanserv.
02:43:59 <clokep> I only usually use freenode and moznet though.
02:44:07 <Mook> I'll not deal with it, rather than test against efnet :p
02:44:19 <clokep> Haha.
02:44:55 <Mook> hmm, I guess it can't do aliases (and therefore you have separate /j and /join).
02:45:18 <clokep> Yes, we don't. I wanted to ask flo about that.
02:46:11 <Mook> ah, you do the same for memoserv, and I know that oftc hasn't got one
02:46:30 <clokep> oftc?
02:46:40 <Mook> irc.oftc.net
02:46:48 <Mook> where, apparently, gcc folks hang out, or something?
02:46:55 <clokep> ...
02:46:58 <clokep> Ah, interesting...
02:47:04 <clokep> Never heard of it before. :P
02:48:19 <Mook> not surprised; it's just some random server that I happen to be on :)
02:48:36 <Mook> I guess the server there just does nothing when faced with an unknown command... 
02:48:38 <clokep> I'm just on freenode like 14 times and moznet once. ;)
02:49:05 <clokep> They actually provide their cert though! http://www.oftc.net/oftc/
02:49:27 <Mook> (for chatzilla, /msg memoserv help says that the nick doesn't exist; but /memoserv help just does nothing)
02:49:39 <clokep> On moznet?
02:49:45 <Mook> no, on oftc
02:49:50 <Mook> because they don't have a memoserv :)
02:49:50 <clokep> Oh, OK.
02:49:57 <clokep> Ah, I see. :)
02:50:07 <Mook> (moznet understands /memoserv and /msg memoserv reaches a real... bot.)
02:50:16 <clokep> Yeah I had never seen MEMOSERV as a command send to the server.
02:50:38 <clokep> I haven't read all the documents on "IRC services" yet.
02:50:41 <Mook> and I keep doing it every time I interact with it :D
02:51:17 <Mook> I imagine reading that may have effects similar to reading the necronomicon.
02:52:50 <clokep> Idk if it can be worse then reading the 4 conflicting CTCP specs.
02:55:38 <clokep> I actually had to print them out and annotate them. :p
02:55:44 <clokep> Was a good way to not get my work done.
02:56:58 * Mook -> afk
03:02:31 <clokep> So flo after looking a bit I think the join/chat messages could go in http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/instantbird/content/conversation.xml#925 but you had suggested putting them in imConversations.js I didn't really see anywhere in there for it.
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05:13:26 <Mook> do you really need to /part the channel you're not currently in?
05:14:09 <clokep> Mook: All the commands are pure translations of what's in libpurple.
05:14:13 <clokep> Probably not.
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06:19:31 <Mook> oops, wrote a giant drive-by review... for an obsolete patch
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08:10:36 <flo> Mook: I don't understand what you say is insane about http://log.bezut.info/instantbird/today#m60
08:11:11 <flo> except maybe not reading the comment above the interface definition is insane :-P
08:12:20 <flo> "so looking at aConv.account.prplAccount.wrappedJSObject _might_ do the right thing" if you are inside the implementation of a JS prpl, you probably don't have XPConnect wrapper around things, so aConv._account should give the unwrapped object directly
08:12:51 <flo> but I'm not exactly sure of where you have that code, so I'm not sure if there are likely XPConnect wrappers in the way.
08:13:34 <flo> in most objects implemented by jsProtoHelper, I tried to have ._account pointing to the actual prplIAccount implementation (unwrapped), and .account a getter for the imIAccount
08:14:42 <flo> "in function Account, remember to add | this.wrappedJSObject = this; |" this looks better as a getter in the prototype. |get wrappedJSObject() this,| at least this way it can't accidentally be set later to another value :)
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10:42:43 <instantbot> New purplexpcom - General bug 1189 filed by raynaudquentin@gmail.com.
10:42:44 <instantbot> raynaudquentin@gmail.com requested review from florian@instantbird .org for attachment 1048 on bug 1189.
10:42:49 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1189 nor, --, ---, raynaudquentin, NEW, conftest.exe deletion on windows >= Vista might take a while and cause a bug in autoconf
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11:14:52 <instantbot> raynaudquentin@gmail.com cancelled review?(florian@instantbird .org) for attachment 1048 on bug 1189.
11:14:54 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1189 nor, --, ---, raynaudquentin, NEW, conftest.exe deletion on windows >= Vista might take a while and cause a bug in autoconf
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14:58:15 <clokep> OMG Mook left a long review...
15:05:38 <flo> clokep: yeah, he wanted to keep you busy during the week-end :-P
15:05:51 <flo> even reviewing the review took a long time :-D
15:05:57 <clokep> Yeah I can tell!
15:06:54 <clokep> I agree with you about the regexp btw, I originally had it as a set of indexOf and stuff, it was more confusing. Although this way is more magic.
15:15:14 <clokep> flo: What's your opinion about having aliases for commands?
15:17:48 <clokep> IRC has lots that do the same thing (/join & /j for example)
15:24:37 <flo> what's the proposed implementation?
15:28:51 <clokep> That I have no idea about. :(
15:29:38 <clokep> I was even thinking you could just have the registerCommand function accept an array of names and then expand it into multiple commands at that point.
15:29:59 <clokep> But that might be too magic.
15:30:29 <clokep> Bleh, never mind, I forget that it takes an imICommand: http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/chat/components/public/imICommandsService.idl#80
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16:59:18 <flo> clokep: wouldn't it work to just make a command the __proto__ of another, and then change the name property?
16:59:44 <clokep> flo: Yeah, I guess that would work too.
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18:25:43 <clokep> I got SIPE compiled on my work laptop. :) So I'll be able to test it connecting soon!
18:32:22 <flo> is the prpl registering correctly?
18:32:36 <clokep> Yes.
18:32:56 <clokep> I had to do a full recompile (on my other laptop), I just can't connect because I'm at home.
18:39:26 <flo> :)
18:40:07 * flo remembers some mumbling about the core being broken around prpl registration :-P
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18:43:06 <clokep> flo: It's still broken for Skype and Steam. :P
18:43:25 <flo> yeah, if null and sipe can register, it's definitely the core that's broken
18:43:42 <clokep> OK, OK. I was wrong. No need for sarcasm.
18:44:04 <clokep> I didn't think SIPE was working either and I thought maybe null is so simple it's not a good test.
18:44:26 <clokep> Btw this is what I get when trying to make with pymake: http://pastebin.instantbird.com/1247
18:46:06 <flo> and that failure doesn't happen with gmake?
18:47:16 <clokep> Nope.
18:47:47 <clokep> Sae tree I just built on my othe rlaptop in fact.
18:47:49 <flo> probably something that pymake didn't like in the way we link glib and libpurple together
18:48:11 <clokep> Should I ask in #pymake?
18:48:39 <clokep> Although not sure if people are there on weekends.
18:50:05 <flo> Or maybe motivate me to try it on my fast linux box to figure out the specific line it doesn't like ;)
18:50:26 <flo> uh, wait, we don't build glib on linux (we use the system glib), so that won't be executed anyway :-/
18:52:11 <clokep> :(
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22:25:15 <instantbot> New Instantbird (UI) bug 1190 filed by aletheia2@fastmail.fm.
22:25:17 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1190 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Unknown circumstance breaks Instantbird
22:26:37 <flo> Hmm "Your mercurial account has been disabled due to inactivity. Please file a bug at https://bugzilla.mozilla.org (or http://tinyurl.com/2aveg9k) to re-activate your account."
22:26:43 <flo> I guess I'll use checkin-needed again
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22:57:40 <flo> aleth: do you have any idea of steps to reproduce?
22:57:56 <aleth> no :(
22:58:17 <aleth> I mentioned everything related I could think of and it's a short list
22:58:40 <aleth> It's not the first time it's happened though, so I thought I'd better report it
22:59:00 <flo> have you detached a conversation tab to a new window and then closed that window?
22:59:10 <aleth> No
22:59:20 <flo> sure?
22:59:24 <aleth> Yes
22:59:28 <flo> :(
22:59:57 <aleth> Single conversation window, multiple tabs, then closed those. Error happened/noticed much later on interacting with the contact list.
23:01:28 <flo> the first two things you pasted from your error console look very similar to the shutdown errors I have. I have one of these for each conversation tab still open when I Command+Q my debug build.
23:01:43 <flo> I don't see them when just closing a conversation window without quitting though
23:02:24 <aleth> If the error messages had time stamps it would have been easier to align them with what I did
23:02:49 <flo> I've never seen the last 2 errors, but they indicate that the list of conversation windows contain something broken (= a window without document -> that's probably a window that was destroyed but haven't unregistered itself)
23:03:26 <aleth> Yes, my guess is that they were triggered when I tried to restore 2 remaining conversations from hold after the error happened.
23:03:50 <flo> on which protocol were these conversations?
23:03:51 <aleth> i.e. just a symptom.
23:03:58 <flo> libpurple based? twitter?
23:04:01 <aleth> twitter, irc, xmpp, msn
23:04:18 <flo> irc and xmpp were the libpurple plugins, not experimental JS implementations?
23:04:27 <aleth> Yes, this is just the nightly
23:04:34 <aleth> Unless you landed something?!
23:06:39 <flo> wait, I missed something in the second error messages. It's clearly while opening the conversation binding, not closing it
23:07:40 <aleth> Yes (initConversationUI)
23:08:09 <aleth> But I suppose the real bug will probably be earlier.
23:09:40 <flo> do you remember something about that conversation that failed to open?
23:10:09 <flo> (chat or private IM? protocol?)
23:12:14 <flo> there was probably an error before that :-/
23:12:59 <aleth> No. Unfortunately I didn't even mean to restore a conversation, I was just changing status and must have clicked in the wrong place or too often. So I'm not sure which one was attempted to restore (irc is my best guess).
23:13:34 <flo> do you use the do not disturb add-on?
23:13:40 <aleth> It must have been either IRC or MSN
23:13:59 <aleth> Yes
23:14:06 <aleth> Hmm, could that be related?
23:16:12 <flo> you know that when switching back to available it automatically restore all conversations that have unread messages directed to you, right?
23:16:56 <aleth> I didn't. But there were none, as far as I know.
23:17:22 <aleth> Might there have been some timing issue? A message coming in just as the status change happened?
23:17:56 <flo> I'm wondering if there could be a conflict between dnd and nickserv killer (you also use it I bet? :))
23:18:06 <aleth> Sure :)
23:19:33 <flo> if so, the steps to reproduce would be to have the nickserv conversation be opened and closed automatically while not available.
23:19:38 --> Tomek has joined #instantbird
23:19:56 <flo> likely to happen without you even knowing about it if you just ping timeout from IRC and are auto-reconnected
23:20:34 <aleth> It's possible
23:21:36 <aleth> But the disconnect should show in the log (?), and it doesn't.
23:22:21 <flo> which log?
23:22:42 <aleth> One of the IRC logs of channels open at the time
23:22:44 <aleth> or even chanserv
23:23:16 <aleth> no, there is no chanserv log
23:23:26 <flo> nickserv you mean?
23:25:30 <aleth> either
23:26:00 <aleth> At any rate I can't see anything in the logs of the channels open at the time
23:27:18 <aleth> Oh, I see your point, of course nickservkiller doesn't kill chanserv ;)
23:29:05 <flo> the problem I'm imagining is dnd forcing to open a conversation that has already been closed by nickservkiller
23:32:24 <aleth> If it happens again, maybe things will begin to narrow down a bit
23:38:13 <aleth> What happened to PMO? Why does it just show the nightly page? 
23:38:48 <flo> what do you mean?
23:39:00 <aleth> https://planet.mozilla.org/
23:39:15 <aleth> goes to the nightly download page for me
23:39:20 <flo> remove the s
23:39:29 <flo> https -> http
23:39:50 <aleth> hmm could be https everywhere causing trouble
23:40:34 <aleth> Yes, you're right, that works
23:41:12 <aleth> But the https everywhere rule is not new, so they must have changed something...
23:41:56 <flo> they changed their SSL cert in the last 3 days
23:43:48 <aleth> That might be it
23:46:33 <aleth> nice -> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=675371
23:52:59 <aleth> Trying to read other people's twitter conversations always ends in frustration and fail
23:55:51 <flo> hmm, will this help to make message themes restartless? :)
23:56:26 <aleth> Should do really :)
23:58:01 <flo> aleth: attempting to make sense of public replies to private tweets is especially frustrating ;)
23:58:07 --> clokep has joined #instantbird
23:58:07 * ChanServ sets mode +h clokep 
23:58:59 <aleth> flo: Twitter is like overhearing someone speaking on the telephone in the next room
23:59:24 <aleth> (in that case)