#instantbird log on 10 08 2011

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13:22:31 <v17al> Hey guys, does anyone know how I can dump a javascript to get similar information that you would get from a debugger?
13:22:43 <v17al> javascript object*
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13:28:47 <v17al> Hey cloke
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15:00:15 <aleth> In the log viewer, clicking on the first entry does not highlight it (unlike all the others). Is this a regression?
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15:04:30 <clokep1> I don't know for sure, but I'm also seeing it, check 1.0? :(
15:07:50 <aleth> also think I am missing some logs from yesterday, just checking to confirm
15:09:15 <clokep1> Missing the files so they're not there at all or the files exist but they're not in the log viewer?
15:09:52 <aleth> Just checked, a file is missing entirely
15:10:00 <aleth> However it seems to be a one-off issue
15:10:33 <aleth> i.e. have not yet come up with a second missing file
15:11:38 <aleth> Are the log files only written on closing IB (i.e. could this be due to an incorrect shutdown)? 
15:14:17 <clokep1> Idk. :-/ http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/instantbird/components/logger.js is the logging code.
15:15:25 <clokep1> And it gets called from purplexpcom somewhere. :P
15:16:50 <aleth> Yes, it seems to write to file immediately, as you would expect
15:17:26 <aleth> Strange - so somehow logging got turned off for a while last night :|
15:17:59 <clokep1> Hmmm....that's not good. :-/
15:20:01 <aleth> A system log for the period does exist however
15:20:03 <aleth> weird
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16:15:14 <flo> aleth: how do you decide a log is missing?
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16:15:37 <flo> aleth: if you have not closed the conversation, the log continues in the same file as the day before
16:16:54 <flo> "clicking on the first entry does not highlight it (unlike all the others). Is this a regression?" no. It's been known (and filed) for a long time.
16:20:21 <aleth> flo: I decide a log is missing when a conversation I remember having is not logged anywhere
16:20:38 <aleth> Anyway, I can't reproduce the problem
16:21:36 <flo> "a conversation I remember" hard to automate-check ;)
16:21:46 <aleth> yes :|
16:22:05 <aleth> well, in this case it was yesterday ;)
16:22:25 <aleth> which helps at least in being sure it happened
16:25:33 <flo> it could have happened on a different computer, on a smartphone, with the web UI or whatever
16:26:29 <aleth> nope...
16:27:00 <aleth> as I mentioned above, the session itself has a system log
16:28:13 <flo> on which protocol is ti?
16:28:16 <flo> *it
16:29:23 <aleth> jabber
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18:49:47 <aleth> It's happened again :(
18:50:04 <clokep1> Anything in the error console?
18:50:07 <aleth> A speculative hypothesis: is it possible that no log is generated if the conversation begins when the buddy is offline?
18:50:48 <aleth> No, just the usual depreciation warnings
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18:51:41 <aleth> Will be observing this by the method of checking after closing a conversation if it has been logged
18:52:37 <flo> aleth: you don't need to close the conversation to check
18:52:53 <flo> just right click-> show log on the conversation tab
18:54:55 <aleth> flo: What do you think of the "offline" hypothesis? I've just reproduced it again using an offline buddy
18:55:17 <flo> if it's reproducable it's interesting
18:55:45 <aleth> If you have an offline jabber buddy around, try it and see whether you observe the same behaviour
18:56:02 <clokep1> I can be an offline jabber buddy. ;)
18:56:54 <aleth> i.e. send a message to an offline buddy and check if it is logged
18:57:42 <flo> aleth: it's logged.
18:58:02 <aleth> must be something else then...
18:58:08 <flo> I just tried sending "hello" to florian AT instantbird.fr (yes, that's a jabber buddy)
18:58:26 <clokep1> WFM as well.
19:00:12 <aleth> aha! IB has also stopped logging this MUC channel
19:00:25 <aleth> maybe it's stopped logging altogether for some reason
19:00:33 <clokep1> Is your hard drive full? ;)
19:00:42 <flo> yes, it's the common reason :)
19:00:54 <aleth> lol I actually checked that 
19:01:11 <aleth> you never know with partitions...
19:02:03 <flo> have you touched the prefs related to logging recently?
19:02:13 <aleth> no
19:02:18 <aleth> not since forever
19:03:03 <flo> somehow moved the profile folder, or done anything that could have removed the write permissions somewhere?
19:03:14 <aleth> no, same profile
19:03:19 <aleth> and after all it is still logging - sometimes
19:04:05 <flo> installed some add-on recently?
19:04:12 <aleth> no
19:04:18 <aleth> no changes apart from nightly updates
19:04:45 <aleth> .system log is still being updated as far as I can tell
19:04:52 <flo> the log file isn't created at all and the whole conversation is ignored?
19:04:56 <aleth> yes
19:05:28 <aleth> and of course I don't know if this is new behaviour or if it's always been like that
19:05:51 <aleth> let's see if it resumes logging if I restart IB
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19:08:13 <aleth> nope :(
19:08:50 <clokep1> This is on LInux?
19:09:32 <aleth> yes
19:09:34 <aleth> very strange
19:11:02 <aleth> Not logging this MUC, but is logging twitter and .system afaik
19:16:06 * aleth gets paranoid and checks permissions on .instantbirdf
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19:27:52 <aleth> Wouldn't there be an error message if it tried to create a log file for a new conv and failed?
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19:59:38 <aleth> So how do I get IB to start logging conversations again :|
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20:03:39 <flo> aleth: does it work in other MUCs?
20:05:22 <aleth> flo: it's not logging any IRCs, including ChanServ windows
20:05:33 <aleth> independent of server
20:05:37 <aleth> it is logging twitter
20:08:04 <aleth> This must be recent or I would have more noticeable gaps in my old logs I think
20:08:19 <aleth> (I hope)
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20:10:54 <flo> aleth: does it happen in safe mode too?
20:11:31 <aleth> I'll check - what's the command line parameter for that?
20:11:40 <flo> --help to have the list ;)
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20:12:42 <flo> I wonder what's the state of our locales
20:12:59 <aleth> nope, still broken :(
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20:15:09 <flo> if you create a separate clean profile with only the account that doesn't want to log, does it log in the new profile?
20:15:25 <aleth> It's more than one account that is not logging
20:15:31 <aleth> but I will test that
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20:19:28 <cleanprofile> It's not logging here either
20:19:45 <cleanprofile> "Show logs" is greyed out
20:22:16 <cleanprofile> Btw, while I see them, are these warning messages due to mozilla or IB? (They've always been there, happen during startup): 
20:22:17 <cleanprofile> WARNING: Application calling GLX 1.3 function "glXCreatePixmap" when GLX 1.3 is not supported!  This is an application bug!
20:22:17 <cleanprofile> WARNING: Application calling GLX 1.3 function "glXDestroyPixmap" when GLX 1.3 is not supported!  This is an application bug!
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20:24:35 <flo> I would say Mozilla and graphic acceleration
20:25:26 <aleth> Firefox doesn't produce them though
20:25:46 <aleth> Anyway, they seem to have no noticeable ill effects
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20:27:03 <flo> Firefox 7?
20:27:12 <aleth> FF 9
20:27:37 <aleth> So maybe they will disappear on their own in 12 weeks ;)
20:31:10 <flo> that's possible :)
20:33:21 <aleth> Do you still have copies of previous nightlies?
20:35:35 <flo> they are all on the server (and available)
20:36:03 <aleth> ah, found it
20:36:06 <flo> I've always fought Even's desire to clean up that old junk ;)
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20:39:37 <aleth> and hello! logging is back
20:39:50 <aleth> what a difference a day makes ;)
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20:41:55 <clokep> What are the date it works / doesn't work then?
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20:43:04 <aleth> gah
20:43:06 <aleth> broken again
20:43:12 <aleth> this is weird
20:43:29 <flo> aleth: I'm sure you can make these comments more informing ;)
20:44:09 <igorko> рун
20:44:13 <igorko> hey :)
20:44:14 <aleth> Well, I reverted to the Oct 7 nightly, and #instantbird was logged. I restarted IB, and #instantbird was no longer logged.
20:44:17 <igorko> when release?
20:45:11 <flo> aleth: with the exact same nightly?
20:45:32 <aleth> Yes
20:46:13 <aleth> Looking at the changelog, I am not even sure there are any differences between Oct 7 and Oct 8
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20:48:04 <flo> do you have a machine where you can build it?
20:48:14 <aleth> no :(
20:48:40 <aleth> Now I reinstalled the Oct 8 nightly and #instantbird is logged 
20:48:46 <flo> igorko: not decided yet. I'm not sure how many more locales we should wait for
20:49:33 <aleth> Is there anything that changes merely because IB detects a different version string on start?
20:49:45 * aleth is confused
20:49:58 <flo> no
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20:51:21 <aleth> Intermittent problems are hard to track down :(
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20:52:59 <clokep> Full install could help, although I highly doubt it. :)
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21:00:29 <flo> what would be a good UI to check the status of locales?
21:00:39 <flo> (I'm trying to script something)
21:06:33 <clokep> Progress bars that show the percentage done? :P
21:06:40 <clokep> (And maybe the last update.)
21:06:57 * clokep is trying to convert a messed up svn repo into hg and then rebase and graft branches on top of each other.
21:07:22 <flo> sounds fun ;)
21:13:32 <clokep> The worst part so far was getting svnsync to work. :P
21:13:53 <flo> so just cloning locally all the l10n repositories takes 13s :(
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21:33:46 <v17al> Hey guys does anyone know how I can debug the javascript code modules?
21:34:27 <flo> v17al: hello :)
21:34:39 <v17al> hey!
21:34:43 <flo> unfortunately I don't know any better way than adding dump() calls in lots of places :(
21:34:54 <v17al> yeah I've been playing with that
21:35:44 <v17al> I was trying to paste in a function i found online which will dump all an objects properties/methods but i'm having a real hard time with javascript error
21:35:45 <v17al> erros*
21:36:17 <v17al> errors*****. The specific one I'm seeing right now is that the method is found to be undefined
21:36:40 <v17al> I'll keep tampering and come back here if I'm still having trouble
21:36:55 <flo> you can also stay here and paste some code from time to time ;)
21:37:03 <flo> (paste in pastebin of course)
21:37:19 <v17al> I also was wondering if bugzilla requires special permissions to assign bugs to yourelf
21:37:26 <flo> yes
21:37:35 <flo> except if you filed the bug I think
21:37:37 <v17al> Ok, I was looking at that earlier
21:37:46 <v17al> thanks a lot flo
21:37:58 <v17al> I think I'll fix up this soon :)
21:38:08 <flo> from what I read in the logs, I'm not sure exactly what you want to do
21:38:49 <v17al> I'm trying to modify the sound preferences a little to allow users to fine tune which sounds events they wish play
21:39:06 <v17al> for example I don't mind sounds on incoming messages, however I don't want a sound on outgoing
21:39:40 <v17al> So the debugging stuff was just me trying to get a better understanding of what was going on
21:40:27 <flo> an add-on may be better for what you want to do
21:41:14 --> Mic has joined #instantbird
21:41:14 * ChanServ sets mode +h Mic 
21:41:25 <v17al> It really wouldn't take much work to do though, and it would just add three more checkboxes to the preferences screen?
21:42:20 <flo> v17al: patches *removing* checkboxes from the preference dialog are preferred to those adding more. We do our best to keep the UI as simple as possible.
21:42:21 <v17al> This is a feature which I consider almost expected of chat clients
21:43:52 <v17al> True, but I think we are slightly under the minimum standard for sound customization?
21:44:06 <flo> yes.
21:44:11 <flo> We need to add support for sound themes
21:44:18 <flo> so that all the sounds are changed at once
21:44:23 <-- Mic has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.1a1pre)
21:44:51 <v17al> This is a great feature as well, and would go great with turning specific event sounds on/off
21:45:11 <flo> turning a sound off would just be removing the file from the theme
21:46:17 <v17al> That might be odd to the user's point of view. Consider trying to find a sound theme that fits, and also has the correct sound events included.
21:46:24 <flo> I may be convinced to accept a patch adding an hidden pref per event generating a sound to disable/enable them individually from the advanced config editor.
21:47:00 <v17al> Might I add I'm just throwing out ideas, definitely not barking out what should be done
21:47:11 <flo> v17al: I don't think users trying to decide which event causes which sound are regular users. If you take your example, you seem to be more of a developer ;).
21:47:35 <v17al> :P
21:48:09 <flo> v17al: yeah, it's totally fine (and welcomed!) to share ideas :). I'm just trying to avoid you some future disappointment ;).
21:48:13 <v17al> Can I paste images anywhere?
21:48:26 <clokep>  For upload? I usually use imgur
21:48:27 <v17al> Definitely flo, I just thought I was coming off rude there :)
21:48:42 <v17al> One sec, I want to show an example of what I mean
21:50:18 <flo> what was the website to try directly some HTML code pasted in a textbox?
21:50:33 <v17al> pastebin
21:50:52 <flo> s/pasted/typed/
21:50:57 <clokep> flo: http://htmledit.squarefree.com/ is the one I like.
21:51:03 <flo> clokep: thanks! :)
21:51:13 <v17al> oh cool
21:51:31 <v17al> my bad i thought you were continuing our chat for some reason :S
21:52:01 <v17al> flo: Here's kinda what I mean, I have taken a screen grab from pidgin and Live Messenger
21:52:02 <v17al> http://imgur.com/gwCJW
21:52:47 <clokep> I think the question is whether it's a common user action to disable certain sounds or not.
21:53:02 <flo> v17al: in both cases, that's the UI to change sounds
21:53:22 <clokep> If it's uncommon it's "bad" to add UI and an extension could.
21:53:51 <v17al> I believe that this feature is found in most messaging clients
21:54:00 <v17al> I suppose I should ask, what is the purpose of instantbird
21:54:26 <flo> what's that "Sounds when conversation has focus" option about?
21:54:32 <v17al> Is it for a really simple messaging client, because I know that it is supposed to be an alternative to the big guys
21:55:21 <v17al> flo: I think that's so the incoming/outgoing type sounds only trigger when the chat window is currently highlighted
21:55:39 <flo> v17al: by default it should do what most people want without requiring customization. With add-ons, it customization possibilities should be limited only by add-on authors' imagination.
21:56:55 <flo> v17al: and "found in most instant messagers" (like blinking ads for instance) doesn't imply we should copy it :).
21:57:10 <v17al> Definitely!
21:58:00 <v17al> However I have used many other such as aMSN, Adium, ICQ, Skype, and a couple others and they all have these kinds of customizations
21:58:11 <flo> so if you feel you need to change something to the default configuration, the bug (from my point of view) is that the default sound behavior is not right, not that you can't fine tune it ;)
21:58:42 <clokep> (Or it could be done in an add-on also.)
21:58:49 <clokep> Fairly easily, I might add.
21:58:53 <v17al> Here's the bug I found it from, https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=948
21:58:56 <instantbot> Bug 948 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Finer control over sound notifications (i.e. receiving chat ping vs. instant message)
21:59:49 <flo> that bug doesn't imply we are willing to add several checkboxes though
21:59:58 <flo> as I said, if you want to add hidden prefs, I may accept that :)
22:00:37 <flo> and yes, it would be easy to do an add-on for this.
22:00:56 <v17al> Yeah
22:01:12 <v17al> Easier to comment a few lines in the ibSounds.jsm :P
22:01:33 <flo> not really no
22:01:46 <flo> as your changes there would be lost after each update
22:02:12 <v17al> I suppose :)
22:02:24 <flo> and if you just want to get rid of a specific sound for your personal use, you can take the extremely trivial example of the noblistsounds add-on
22:02:34 <flo> it basically replaces some .wav files with empty files ;)
22:02:46 <v17al> Haha yeah I stumbled upon that one
22:03:01 <flo> v17al: I've just looked at the Skype sound customization UI. It's awful :-D.
22:03:09 <v17al> Oh man it's bad
22:03:16 <v17al> I just saw it too :)
22:03:19 <v17al> Wayyy too much
22:03:50 <v17al> But I think Pidgin has it nice, minus a few oddones ("Someone says your username in chat")
22:04:06 <flo> how is that odd?
22:04:23 <v17al> I figured you call me out there :), I just haven't seen that one before
22:04:24 <flo> it seems to be the most useful sound to me ;)
22:04:52 <flo> "Attention received" is... uh...
22:05:03 <v17al> :)
22:05:14 <flo> I suspect it's the opposed of what it means
22:05:58 <v17al> Yeah, not too apparent for the user to discern
22:06:55 <v17al> Another nice customization pidgin has is the "Enable sounds: (When Available | When Unavailable | Always)"
22:07:44 <flo> the Adium UI is super hard to figure out for me, but it may be due to poor french translations
22:08:02 <v17al> Yeah could be
22:08:19 <v17al> Damn us French people :P
22:08:25 <-- vicnet has quit (Ping timeout)
22:08:50 --> vicnet has joined #instantbird
22:09:05 <flo> you are french?
22:09:36 <flo> the Adium UI for sound notifications may be the closer to what I would like.
22:09:40 <clokep> v17al: We actually filed a bug on that and I plan to make an extension for it...eventually. bug 470 I think.
22:09:42 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=470 enh, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Quiet mode
22:09:47 <v17al> Bilingual; father is French mother is English
22:09:57 <flo> v17al: you are lucky!
22:10:17 <flo> learning English later is harder
22:10:24 <v17al> Thanks, unfortunately it is Acadian French, so not 100% useful in real world
22:11:31 <flo> clokep: isn't that bug a dup of bug 1000?
22:11:34 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1000 enh, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Minimize user interruptions
22:12:12 <clokep> flo: Oops, I meant bug 470.
22:12:14 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=470 enh, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Quiet mode
22:12:24 <clokep> Arg, yeah I had it right.
22:12:25 <flo> same bug number
22:12:42 <v17al> So what are the current plans for 1.1?
22:12:50 <clokep> It's similar, has some other ideas in it that we'd probably want to spin off before duping it though.
22:12:54 <v17al> I guess I shouldn't touch the sound configs yet
22:12:54 <flo> v17al: release it :)
22:13:45 <flo> clokep: "taskbar flashes" I think the interruption manager currently doesn't handle that :-/
22:13:48 <v17al> Is it pretty close, I know it's only pre alpha but I haven't seen any problems yet in half week's usage
22:14:08 <flo> the "add buddy requests" also still suck
22:14:35 <flo> v17al: it's done. We are just waiting on some translations. (and there'll still be a bug fix or two)
22:15:17 <flo> pre alpha doesn't mean much these days, as with "rapid release cycles" we are no longer releasing alpha/betas before the final
22:15:24 <flo> (although we never announced that :-()
22:15:28 <v17al> lol
22:15:36 --> hicham has joined #instantbird
22:15:46 <v17al> How big is the dev team?
22:15:56 <flo> count the participants here :)
22:16:03 <v17al> lol
22:17:02 <v17al> Is there any active tasks which would be good to tackle, or are things going slow with the pending release?
22:17:12 <-- hicham has quit (Quit: السلام عليكم)
22:17:31 <clokep> flo: Yes, I guess the only other non-dup part of it would be actually making some extensions for the use cases.
22:17:38 <flo> yes
22:17:47 <flo> I just re-read it fully too :)
22:18:41 <v17al> So from what I gather you are currently aiming at keeping things really simple, and making extensions for anything larger?
22:19:41 <flo> if by "larger" you meant "with complicated looking UI" then yes
22:21:03 <flo> v17al: extensions are also a very good way to experiment with features we may want to include by default later
22:21:05 <v17al> Well at this stage it could also constitute larger tasks that instant messaging, such as video or file sharing as well, not just the UI stuff
22:21:24 <flo> that will be supported by default eventually.
22:21:50 <v17al> Yup, it is definitely a great idea to be very hesitant on UI change
22:21:53 <v17al> changes*
22:22:33 <v17al> Especially this early you wouldn't want to be putting in features and stripping them later. Best to keep focus on putting in what's needed.
22:22:57 <flo> v17al: I believe if we can't make a decision on something, asking the user to make the decision himself is not giving him freedom but an additional burden.
22:23:13 <v17al> Definitely!
22:23:45 <v17al> I'm not too experienced with open source projects yet, all I've seen were projects which I was given the details of what was needed.
22:25:11 * clokep is confused by the second half of that statement.
22:25:26 <v17al> I'm an idiot one sec..
22:26:09 <v17al> V17al not used to projects without requirements documents
22:26:50 <v17al> Therefore not really used to how decisions are made on what is going to be done next
22:28:10 <v17al> Anyway I guess my big question is; is there anything I could get busy with on this project as it currently stands?
22:28:58 <v17al> I suppose I could start making an extension for the sounds customizations :)
22:29:09 <flo> it's super hard to answer such a question without knowing what you know how how to do, and what you *enjoy* doing.
22:31:11 <v17al> As things stand currently I am free for the next couple of weeks while signing contract/offers with my potential employer. I have spent the last few days looking at projects to contribute to since I've been really bored as I just completed my University degree last week, and am tired of playing video games already.
22:32:08 <v17al> I stumbled upon Instantbird and it seemed really interesting, and I would be up for almost any type of programming work right now :)
22:34:01 <flo> the first thing to do would probably be to scratch your own itches: fix things that annoy you (either as patches if we agree they should be changed or with (even hackish) add-ons).
22:34:13 <flo> make it an application you love using everyday
22:34:42 <v17al> Ok, my itch was definitely the sound thing; I think I'll look into an add-on for it
22:34:53 <v17al> Thanks a lot for the wonderful discussion!
22:35:05 <flo> also, feel free to stay around here
22:35:14 <flo> (come with Instantbird? ;))
22:36:12 <v17al> Good idea, I didn't realize it had the irc capabilities which is hilarious because I looked into an IRC client lol
22:36:30 <flo> also, if you sometimes think things like "I would really like if Instantbird could ...", these are things that are worth thinking more about/debating
22:36:37 <v17al> Also this would make sense where the play sound on username feature would be ideal
22:36:55 <v17al> Thanks a lot flo, I definitely will!
22:36:58 <flo> sure, that feature is for IRC of course
22:38:13 <clokep> Ciao! :)
22:38:16 <-- clokep has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.1a1pre)
22:41:28 --> v17al1 has joined #instantbird
22:41:41 <-- v17al has quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
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22:41:51 --> v17al has joined #instantbird
22:46:17 <-- aleth has quit (Quit: Instantbird 1.1a1pre)
23:21:20 <flo> so, we have 7 locales ready, 6 that need work, and 6 that have never reached completion.
23:22:46 <flo> + one that causes https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=672029 and that I had to exclude from my status-check script :(
23:22:59 <flo> (this one is pt-PT, we have never shipped it)
23:56:59 <ironhead> is 1.1 getting close?
23:57:43 <ironhead> I've really been enjoying 1.0, so I'm sure 1.1 will be even better ;)