#instantbird log on 10 03 2011

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00:21:59 <clokep1> Does magic copy not work if you select and drag and drop?
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08:41:55 <flo> hello :)
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11:35:53 <Mic> Hi
11:42:12 <Mic> flo: what do you think about http://img15.imageshack.us/img15/7473/ibunreadmessagecountmac.png ?
11:42:44 <Mic> The blue is pretty close to the one from the iTunes screenshot and I tried to match the lightness and saturation of the red color to it.
11:43:34 <Mic> That's again the screenshot that I sent a few days ago, just in case you already saw it.
11:53:36 <flo> Mic: is that a real screenshot or a photoshop/gimp mockup?
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12:04:08 <aleth> it's very desaturated - is that normal on the mac?
12:04:56 <flo> not really
12:25:02 <instantbot> florian@instantbird.org added attachment 856 to bug 1052.
12:25:03 <instantbot> florian@instantbird.org requested review from the wind for attachment 856 on bug 1052.
12:25:04 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1052 enh, --, ---, florian, ASSI, Fix search API results (was: Generate Twitter entities if not available)
12:26:09 <flo> this should handle most cases
12:27:13 <flo> I haven't found a way to handle (without making the regexps impossible to read) input like "@@ @test hey"
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13:29:01 <flo> vicnet: is this change intentional http://hg.instantbird.org/l10n/fr/rev/7894d3247448#l6.7 ?
13:29:46 <vicnet> uh… no, I have no idea how that happened… Gonna go fix it right now
13:30:03 <Mic> That's a screenshot. It's taken on Windows and I cropped it to remove the glass parts.
13:30:22 <flo> http://hg.instantbird.org/l10n/fr/rev/7894d3247448#l6.16 shouldn't "room", "server" and "password" be translated here? "raison" does seem like a french word on the next line ;)
13:31:01 <vicnet> :)
13:31:22 <vicnet> Guess I shouldn't do this when I'm tired, huh? ;)
13:31:25 <flo> vicnet: the sametime.properties encoding seems wrong
13:32:25 <flo> http://hg.instantbird.org/l10n/fr/rev/7894d3247448#l8.27 I think you can remove the "désormais" on that line
13:33:11 <flo> http://hg.instantbird.org/l10n/fr/rev/7894d3247448#l8.28 is definitely wrong. You translated "now" as if it was "not" ;)
13:34:12 <flo> vicnet: yeah, maybe tiredness, or just that proofreading is useful and needed :)
13:34:22 <vicnet> that, too
13:39:34 <instantbot> florian@instantbird.org added attachment 857 to bug 1052.
13:39:34 <instantbot> florian@instantbird.org cancelled review? for attachment 856 on bug 1052.
13:39:35 <instantbot> florian@instantbird.org requested review from clokep@gmail.com for attachment 857 on bug 1052.
13:39:36 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1052 enh, --, ---, florian, ASSI, Fix search API results (was: Generate Twitter entities if not available)
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13:51:08 <Mic> What good is the targeted-count on the conversation list when the conversation tab is restored on pings?
13:51:46 <flo> you can have closed it while the tab was blue
13:52:14 <flo> and (in the future), you can have an add-on installed that prevent these pings from reopening the tab at unwanted times
13:53:34 <vicnet> flo: is the first colon in "joinLtRoomServerGtPasswordJoin=join: &lt;room[@server]&gt; [password]:  Join a chat." necessary? It seems to me there should only be the one after [password]
13:54:47 <flo> no. I think you just found a libpurple bug ;).
13:54:59 <vicnet> yay :)
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15:05:55 <clokep_work> flo: I'll review that soon.
15:07:58 * flo smiles at the "It's almost done." comment in bug 1056
15:08:01 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1056 nor, --, 1.1, nobody, UNCO, xmpp autojoin chat room with a password are not supported by the current auto-join feature.
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15:46:56 <clokep_work> flo: Does \B[##](\w*[A-Za-z_]\w*) make sense? Why \w*[A-Za-z_]\w*? Why the first \w*?
15:49:05 <flo> That's adapted from their ruby regexp. As I understood it, the text of a hashtag can contain an arbitrary number of [a-zA-Z0-9_] characters, but should at least contain a character that isn't a digit.
15:49:48 <flo> It's the (#{HASHTAG_ALPHANUMERIC}*#{HASHTAG_ALPHA}#{HASHTAG_ALPHANUMERIC}*) part of https://github.com/twitter/twitter-text-rb/blob/master/lib/regex.rb#L106
15:50:26 <flo> (their regexps are insanely complicated)
15:51:33 <clokep_work> Ah, OK. :)
15:51:42 <clokep_work> I thought it was supposed to be ALPHA followed by ALPHANUMERIC.
15:51:53 <flo> that would make sense
15:51:58 <flo> it's not implemented that way :(
15:53:00 <instantbot> clokep@gmail.com granted review for attachment 857 on bug 1052.
15:53:02 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1052 enh, --, ---, florian, ASSI, Fix search API results (was: Generate Twitter entities if not available)
15:59:44 <clokep_work> Ah if you posted the links in there...maybe not necessary in the code, but at least what they're supposed to match is nice. :)
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16:31:57 <flo> clokep_work: is this enough to satiate your comment appetite? http://pastebin.instantbird.com/998 :)
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16:48:03 <clokep_work> I would maybe mention that twitter usernames are alphanumeric < 20 characters. (It's right there in the expression though, so might be unnecessary.)
16:48:52 <clokep_work> (And again I'm surprised it's 1 - 20 alphanumeric, I though it'd be like [A-Za-z]\w{1,20} at the very least.)
16:49:07 <clokep_work> flo: That's all optional though, looks great. :)
16:49:52 <flo> I'm surprised by that too
16:50:40 <flo> if we wanted to do a really good job on that, we would need to query once a day the list of reserved pages that aren't usernames ;)
16:51:54 <clokep_work> :( They have an API for that?
16:52:00 <flo> sure :-D
16:53:44 * clokep_work shakes his fist at Twitter.
16:55:03 <flo> I can't recall the name :(
16:56:07 <Mook_as> hmm, no non-Latin1 Unicode characters in user names?
16:57:20 <flo> Mook_as: apparently no: https://github.com/twitter/twitter-text-rb/blob/master/lib/regex.rb#L47
16:57:41 <flo> they are possible in the display names of course, though
16:57:45 <Mook_as> boo, that means no homograph attacks :p
16:58:03 <clokep_work> Those really are disgusting regular expressions btw.
16:58:30 <Mook_as> I like how it has both normal and full-width at signs :p
16:58:46 <Mook_as> (but not full-width alphanumeric characters)
17:00:29 <flo> Mook_as: well, it's a different story for hashtags, but I didn't want to bother with that ;)
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17:03:18 <flo> clokep_work: ok, found it! https://dev.twitter.com/docs/api/1/get/help/configuration
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17:04:13 <flo> and I believe querying that will be required to fix bug 1050
17:04:16 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1050 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Take account of URL shortening in twitter character count
17:04:22 <clokep_work> Yes. :)
17:04:34 <flo> but for that we also need to implement their URL detection algorithm (see the other regexps in that file? :-P)
17:04:50 <clokep_work> :(
17:05:44 <clokep_work> I guess we'll need to store all that + the date you last checked.
17:05:46 <flo> on the positive side, even though it's obviously more quirky, it's probably going to give far better results than what we currently use, so we could put that algorithm somewhere in the core
17:06:35 <Mook_as> for tld checking, perhaps use nsIEffectiveTLDService 
17:06:38 <Mook_as> ?
17:06:53 <flo> I think we should cache the result, and setTimeout(update that stupid data, 1000*3600*24);
17:06:55 <Mook_as> though that requires a nsIURI, so... dunno.
17:09:43 <clokep_work> The Mozilla algorithm seems very good at detecting links actually.
17:10:04 <clokep_work> flo: What happens if you restart instantbird though?
17:10:17 <clokep_work> When you start up you have to check when it as last checked.
17:10:35 <flo> wasn't there several edge-cases that weren't handled in satisfying ways?
17:11:06 <flo> "It is recommended applications request this endpoint when they are loaded, but no more than once a day."
17:11:27 <flo> do you think that means we will have an issue with checking it each time the application is started?
17:11:49 <clokep_work> We might. :-/
17:12:09 <flo> https://dev.twitter.com/docs/rate-limiting "Unauthenticated calls are permitted 150 requests per hour. Unauthenticated calls are measured against the public facing IP of the server or device making the request."
17:12:32 <flo> checking the IP sounds fantastic for a company with hundred of employees behind a NAT/proxy :-P
17:13:37 <clokep_work> Haha.
17:13:55 <Mook_as> hopefully it's set up to be a caching proxy!
17:14:23 <flo> :)
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17:57:21 <flo> using an eye tracker to detect that the user is currently reading a line of text and avoiding scrolling new messages into view until he's done would be awesome :)
17:57:47 <Mook_as> until you get a nasty user that scrolls while reading :P
17:57:58 <flo> uh ?
17:58:06 <flo> how so?
17:58:51 <Mook_as> oh, you meant scrolling in new messages automatically, not the user manually scrolling
17:59:03 <flo> when the user is done reading a line, the view should scroll automatically to the next line. And if the user looks further down after reading, the scrolling should be of more than one line at once.
17:59:47 <flo> that behavior is very pleasant. I tried it once at a research seminar. If I could have bought it... I would have.
18:02:10 <flo> (that would also be super nice on small devices. No more need to put the finger above the text to make it scroll on these touchscreens)
18:03:23 <flo> I was also told by a researcher that it has interesting privacy advantages: when there are more than 2 eyes looking at the screen at once, your porn turns into a boring report automatically -> not safe for work content no longer exists ;).
18:03:43 <Mook_as> haha
18:04:04 <Mook_as> also that means you know somebody else is looking!
18:04:18 <flo> yeah, without even having to look back! :)
18:04:34 <flo> another use case was for watching videos on smartphones
18:05:00 <Mook_as> hmm, would be neat to open up a small window showing the face the eyes belong to :p
18:05:04 <flo> if you look somewhere else (to safely cross the street for example), the video pauses, and resumes when you look back at the screen
18:05:38 <flo> well, I guess you can add facial recognition algorithm to detect some known people ;)
18:05:55 <flo> I guess you don't really need to interrupt your porn if the eyes are from the cat :)
18:06:08 <Mook_as> I was just thinking "eyes here and here, so draw a reasonable rectangle that holds the face"
18:06:39 <clokep_work> Won't Windows 7 log you in via facial recognition? Or maybe that's a Windows 8 feature.
18:06:47 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/a44d8b4ec267 - Florian Quèze - Bug 1052 - Fix search API results (generate user mentions and hashtag entities), r=clokep.
18:06:51 <instantbot> florian@instantbird.org set the Resolution field on bug 1052 to FIXED.
18:06:53 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1052 enh, --, 1.1a1, florian, RESO FIXED, Fix search API results (was: Generate Twitter entities if not available)
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18:13:39 <clokep_work> Nice! :)
18:13:42 <clokep_work> What's left? ;)
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19:27:05 <flo> clokep_work: bug 312 answers a question you asked earlier ;)
19:27:08 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=312 enh, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Dragging text from a conversation should use our custom selection serialization algorithm
19:27:59 <flo> and when searching for that bug number, I found again bug 898 :(
19:28:02 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=898 maj, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Copying text from conversations removes leading indent
19:28:25 <flo> I'm afraid it may be late to investigate that for 1.1 :(
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19:32:33 <Mook_as> oh. on a nightly, can you rename a (in my case, msn, but I don't think that matters) contact?
19:32:47 <Mook_as> I somehow did that and the whole contact (incl. the buddy) disappeared
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19:41:36 <flo> Mook_as: "disappeared"?
19:41:48 <Mook_as> I can no longer find the contact in the contact list
19:42:04 <Mook_as> (I checked the offline buddies too)
19:42:18 <Mook_as> I... haven't checked yet it it comes back after a restart.
19:42:26 <Mook_as> .... if it comes back...
19:42:44 <flo> how did you "rename" it?
19:42:51 <Mook_as> right click, rename?
19:42:58 <flo> ok
19:43:00 <Mook_as> there were _severe_ focus problems, IIRC
19:43:06 <flo> ah?
19:43:16 <Mook_as> it showed no indication that I was editing anything
19:43:25 <Mook_as> but I think Ctrl+A managed to select the old text
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19:43:34 <Mook_as> (win7, nightly)
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19:45:00 <flo> I just renamed an MSN contact, it didn't disappear
19:45:12 <Mook_as> okay, so it just hates me :p
19:45:13 <flo> but I can confirm that that feature / the focus is completely broken
19:47:24 <flo> probably a regression from https://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/74d6a3f1d658
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19:48:53 <instantbot> New Instantbird (UI) bug 1057 filed by florian@instantbird.org.
19:48:55 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1057 maj, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Focus broken when renaming a contact
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20:19:11 <flo> clokep_work: how do you feel about http://pastebin.instantbird.com/999 ?
20:20:43 <flo> I feel really bad about not handling these errors in 1.1 and reconnecting accounts with a revoked (or broken by bug 875) token in a loop.
20:20:46 <clokep_work> flo: That seems fine.
20:20:46 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=875 cri, --, 1.1a1, florian, RESO FIXED, Unable to register to multiple Twitter account : 'username incorrect'
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21:27:00 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/9b7b79505301 - Florian Quèze - If we receive at least 2 '401 - Unauthorized' errors while fetching the twitter timelines, reopen the OAuth dialog, r=clokep.
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