#instantbird log on 09 25 2011

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02:42:22 <micahg> is there something that needs updating in Ubuntu?
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08:38:17 <flo> micahg: the instantbird package has been removed from ubuntu when xulrunner was removed, because of the pain the rapid release cycle causes.
08:38:17 <flo> We discussed this here once (see http://log.bezut.info/instantbird/110610/#m159), the conclusion was that a new package needs to be made, including gecko inside the Instantbird package.
08:40:53 <micahg> flo: I'm reluctant to reintroduce it, unless someone is willing to commit to maintaining it in the stable releases as well (package preparation), I'd have to sponsor the security updates, we have someone willing to do this for Seamonkey
08:41:48 <flo> willing to do what exactly for Seamonkey?
08:42:02 <micahg> update it every 6 weeks for the newest security update
08:42:31 <flo> you mean patch the instantbird code so that it builds and works with the latest official mozilla release?
08:43:00 <micahg> flo: no, take the new instantbird release and make sure it still builds with the debian packaging
08:43:14 <micahg> I assume you'll be following the rapid release train
08:43:19 <flo> how much work does that involves?
08:43:52 <micahg> well, it can depends, a couple hours or less w/no breakage, a lot more if there is
08:44:06 <flo> we will definitely release faster than in the past, but we are not sure yet we will release for each mozilla release. We don't expose web content directly, so the security issues are usually a lot less critical for us.
08:44:31 <micahg> also, w/out using system libpurple, we really shouldn't take it back in the distro unless you're patching for all the libpurple CVEs w/each release as well
08:46:09 <flo> we are patching the things that seem important. In the past, almost none of the libpurple CVEs affected us. Either because it was vulnerabilities in regressions in more recent versions than we shipped, or because it's in areas of libpurple that we don't expose (yet), like file transfer, msn custom emoticons, ...
08:47:22 <flo> but for libpurple we have the information in time to make the decision and do a coordinated release at the same time of them if something seems important (I'm in their packager mailing list, where they announce the issues to the maintainers of distribution packages prior to public disclosure)
08:55:02 <micahg> flo: well, I'd like to chat with chrisccoulson about this, he's on vacation for the next 2 weeks, so maybe after that.  I believe the Debian tarballs include the gecko copy as well for instantbird IIRC, we just weren't using it
08:55:51 <flo> micahg: the source code definitely includes it. You just need to remove the --with-libxul-sdk line from the mozconfig file (and maybe change a list of packaged files somewhere)
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15:06:46 <igorko> hey
15:06:58 <igorko> disable please reply to nick :(
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18:45:41 <flo> first regression found with the nightly based on mozilla7: the tooltip appears above the context menu (for tabs, contacts, ...)
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18:48:06 <aleth> only if the tooltip isn't already present (in which case activating the context menu removes it)
18:48:41 <aleth> but it still flickers back occasionally
18:50:26 <flo> yes, it's a bug :(
18:52:12 <aleth> possibly related error message: "Error: aConv is undefined - Source File: chrome://instantbird/content/buddytooltip.xml - Line: 337"
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18:53:12 <aleth> couple of warnings too, but they don't look bad
18:54:29 <flo> if you have steps to reproduce for that error, I'm interested :)
18:55:02 <aleth> I will try ;)
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18:57:28 <aleth> aha! strangely enough, opening a hidden conversation does it
18:57:48 <aleth> but only once
18:58:12 <aleth> I take that back: not every time, but not only once
18:59:17 <aleth> Seems to have something to do with timing (double click vs tooltip appearing)
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19:12:58 <aleth> On instantbird.com, the "What's new" list does not display the latest blog entries at http://blog.instantbird.org/ - is this intentional?
19:14:43 <aleth> What's confusing about it is "What's new" vs "News" (for the blog) sound like the same thing
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20:16:51 <flo> aleth: it's not intentional, something is broken :(.
20:16:57 <flo> Thanks for noticing/reporting it! :)
20:23:05 <aleth> I suppose that explains the lack of comments ;)
20:26:32 <flo> I don't know how often people look at the blog from our homepage rather than from planet.mozilla.org
20:26:49 <flo> or subscribing to the feed directly
20:27:52 <aleth> anyone just visiting the homepage (casual user) won't usually subscribe or be on planet mozilla, I think
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22:22:58 <flo> Good night
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