#instantbird log on 05 15 2011

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03:56:37 <waynenguyen> Hi, when there're multiple tabs, clicking on the right most *drop down* button to see the tab list, right clicking on a random tab and choose close tab doesn't close that tab but instead the current tab. Is it a bug or it is supposed to be that way?
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04:53:22 <clokep> Technically a server tab opens with the message of the day. ;)
04:53:43 <clokep> But IRC commands don't care if you're in a channel, etc. that's BS that you "can't be in a channel" to do the OPER command.
04:54:10 <clokep> More of just that you have no where to type it.
04:54:19 <clokep> But it should all be in UI for the most part anyway.
04:55:04 <clokep> Anything that isn't useful for "normal" users I hope to spin off into an extension that's an advanced/operator extension for IRC that has controls and such so you STILL don't need to type commands. It's not necessary w/ today's technology.
04:55:47 <clokep> I think that's my thoughts on it right now. :) Ping me tomorrow or whenever.
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06:07:55 <iLobster> Сool contact list header, thanks =)
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08:30:34 <Mic> flo: it's a bootstrapped extension for now and I still need to clean up lots of things and/or make them work properly
08:32:20 <Mic> Would you rather prefer it to become a patch?
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09:04:27 <flo> Mic: I would never use it either way ;). But if people like it, the code is clean, and it can't hurt (= it can't be in the way of a user who doesn't understand it), I don't see any reason to not accept a patch for it.
09:13:45 * flo owns instantbird.{com,org,fr} and getinstantbird.com for another year.
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12:57:10 <clokep> flo: What about instantbird.im ?
12:57:13 <clokep> :)
13:00:56 <flo> hmm, I don't know when it expires
13:01:23 <flo> I just bought another year for all the domains I own on bookmynames.com that expire in 2011.
13:01:40 <clokep> Got it. :)
13:01:45 <flo> instantbird.im expires in October
13:09:55 <clokep> Got some time then.
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13:14:25 <flo> yeah, some time to find a good use for it :)
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17:24:21 <weirdo> hello
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17:24:55 <weirdo> does anyone know why instantbird still doesnt support the invisible status?
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17:36:41 <clokep> weirdo: Because not all networks support it.
17:37:14 <clokep> If I mark myself as "invisible" what is a network that doesn't have that status supposed to do? Just stay as "Available"? That's lying to the user.
17:38:02 <clokep> bug 510 is about it though
17:38:05 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=510 enh, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Invisible mode
17:38:16 <clokep> It's possible to make an extension to add it.
17:39:20 <clokep> If you have a great idea for the UI we'd love to hear it though. :-D
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18:22:15 <Mic> I played around with the things in bug 510 but it had some problems in one way or another
18:22:18 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=510 enh, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Invisible mode
18:22:31 <Mic> Somehow the invisible status wasn't really set reliable iirc
18:26:41 <Mic> I think I suspected becoming idle broke it even though I'd expect libpurple to care for such details
18:27:31 <Mic> (or was it the go-away-when-idle that was the issue? No idea..)
18:29:02 <Mic> clokep: the bacon explosion really looks great .. we're even discussing making such a thing ourselves here one day;)
18:29:11 <Mic> I hope it was as good as it looks
18:29:13 <Mic> bbl
18:29:25 <clokep> Mic: It's real good, just make sure you have enough people so you're not eating it all yourself!
18:30:35 <Mic> Sometimes I really pity veggies btw :P
18:31:10 <Mic> Have a nice evening
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18:57:04 * clokep has installed VS, MozBuild, etc. and is having trouble checking out mozilla. :(
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19:36:56 * clokep has a build going. :)
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21:07:17 <flo> Good evening :)
21:07:50 <flo> clokep: I hope this time it will work :)
21:08:18 <flo> has anybody tried to reproduce waynenguyen's bug? (http://log.bezut.info/instantbird/today#m16)
21:09:08 <clokep> flo: It's working OK (and I'm cataloging what I'm doing...) although it's hung on nsWyciwygChannel.cpp right now.
21:09:11 <clokep> Been there for a while.
21:09:35 <clokep> I haven't tried to reporduce that.
21:10:27 <clokep> Can't reproduce that.
21:10:38 <flo> Mic's issues with Invisible vs auto-away are probably worth a bug and being fixed.
21:11:21 <flo> It's annoying that we don't/can't have a trivial add-on to point people who want the invisible misfeature to
21:13:53 <clokep> We could even make it a hidden pref ("Enable invisible" or something).
21:14:37 <flo> a restartless add-on is more UI-accessible and user friendly than an hidden pref :-P
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21:15:25 <flo> what about making them reading through a long disclaimer when enabling that (either the add-on or the pref)? :-P
21:16:08 <clokep> Haha. Can we also have an essay on our thoughts about IM featuresets in there?
21:16:36 <clokep> Yeah, restartless addon would be good though. :)
21:17:36 <flo> what would you like to talk about in that essay? :-D
21:17:55 <clokep> How invisible mode doesn't work and it's a hack?
21:18:01 <clokep> Maybe some other stuff.
21:18:08 <clokep> Actually, more of a rant maybe? :)
21:18:53 <flo> and when it works it *hurts* the whole usefulness of IM over text messages.
21:19:29 <clokep> Invisible mode w/ working offline messaging wouldn't be terrible.
21:19:57 <flo> it defeats the purpose of IM
21:20:36 <flo> but anyway, it's hard to propose something interesting without understanding the use case / what people are actually trying to do with the invisible status
21:20:39 <clokep> Yeah, but you know how those middle school kids want to stalk their friends, etc.
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21:21:15 <flo> yeah. But that doesn't work at all. Because they all do it. So once everybody is invisible... :-P
21:22:10 <clokep> Yup! :)
21:22:57 * clokep is reminiscing about AIM profiles. ;)
21:25:08 <flo> I don't understand Mic's code
21:25:13 <flo> s/code/issue/
21:25:59 <clokep> His issue with vegetarians?
21:26:02 <flo> it would be easy to read http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/purple/libpurple/savedstatuses.c#150 as "'away' is the only status that isn't modified by becoming idleaway."
21:26:24 <flo> but the actually change is done only if the current status of the account is exactly "Available" at line http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/purple/libpurple/savedstatuses.c#179
21:31:48 <clokep> Yeah, pretty straightforward.
21:32:45 <flo> so many typos / wrong words in what I write this evening :-/.
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23:26:18 <flo> Good night :)
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