#instantbird log on 03 12 2011

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00:08:46 <clokep> flo: http://groups.google.com/group/twitter-api-announce/browse_thread/thread/c82cd59c7a87216a?hl=en_US Twitter updated their terms of use about consistency and such in 3rd party apps.
00:08:59 <clokep> Although they seem to confuse "consistency" and "privacy" in that post a ibt.
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08:09:47 <instantbot> New Websites - Addons.instantbird.org bug 728 filed by michal.stanke@mikk.cz.
08:09:49 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=728 min, --, ---, raynaudquentin, UNCO, "Recently Updated" RSS feed isn't taking in all updates
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10:06:47 <instantbot> Just appeared in Pidgin News - default :
10:06:48 <instantbot> http://kingant.net/2011/03/no-summer-of-code-for-pidgin-this-year/ - Mark Doliner: No Summer of Code for Pidgin This Year
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11:45:19 <jd> hi everyone!
11:45:41 <clokep> Hello.
11:45:55 <jd> i'm new here
11:47:14 <jd> is there any hotkey support in instantbird ?
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11:47:35 <jd> like show offline friends?
11:47:35 <clokep> There's some hot keys, what were you hoping to do w/ a hotkey
11:47:45 <clokep> Oh, uhh...I don't think we have one for that.
11:48:20 <jd> I see :)
11:49:28 <clokep> It could probably be added pretty easily via an extension or patch.
11:49:43 <clokep> Actually I find it kind of weird that there's nothing in the menus for it (only the context menu)?
11:50:02 <jd> I agree
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11:52:13 <clokep> You could file a bug about it or see what flo thinks (if he's here?)
11:52:57 <jd> I am currently a student and never joint any open source project before
11:53:16 <jd> do you think instantbird is good to start off
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12:12:46 <clokep> Sorry about that, I walked away. :-X
12:13:15 <clokep> I think it's a good start off jd, there's not too large of a team working on it that you'll get lost easily, and everyone is generally friendly and helpful.
12:13:30 <jd> thank a lot
12:14:31 <clokep> We also might be doing Google Summer of Code (under Mozilla, even though we're not really part of Mozilla): The ideas are listed https://wiki.mozilla.org/Community:SummerOfCode11:Brainstorming#Instantbird but I'm not sure of the status of them.
12:14:57 <clokep> Was there something in particular you wanted to work on?
12:15:01 * clokep is leaving in a few minutes.
12:16:44 <clokep> (Not necessarily off that list, you could also check out the bugtracker: http://bugzilla.instantbird.org or the wiki http://wiki.instantbird.org)
12:17:30 <clokep> Ah, I've got to go. I'd suggest just hanging around in here and checking out some of those links. :) Usually people are around (or just ask questions and we'll probably read the log and answer next time you're on).
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12:19:22 <waynenguyen> I want to work on the import wizard
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12:26:09 <jd> Thank you for useful links, clokep :D . I like the idea of new indexed logs in GSoC. Voice and video support idea seem to be very interesting but maybe to hard for me :p
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13:28:11 <flo> hello :)
13:28:33 <jd> hi, flo!
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14:16:19 <jd> Is there any simple way that I can join a IRC channel automatically when Instantbird starts up?
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14:21:28 <jd> oh, I found out how already
14:21:30 <jd> :D
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22:29:39 * flo tries ChromeBug
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22:39:53 <clokep> How's it work?
22:43:04 <clokep> (ChromeBug that is.)
22:46:35 <flo> it's Firebug for the chrome part of Firefox.
22:46:49 <flo> apparently it can work in other XUL applications (I haven't tried yet in Instantbird)
22:47:09 <flo> I'm trying to update my tab add-on to be compatible with panorama, so I'm trying to understand how that feature works
22:48:04 <flo> if it works in Instantbird, the steps to use it are: 1. Install Firebug and ChromeBug. 2. Restart the application with -chromebug on the command line.
22:48:21 <Mook> duct tape and bailing wire ;)
22:48:43 <flo> is that about panorama?
22:48:50 <Mook> yeah
22:49:17 <flo> have you tried to mess with it already? :)
22:49:34 <Mook> no, I just watched it get implemented :)
22:49:47 <flo> I've just figured out that the tabs that aren't shown are still in the tabbox, they just have the hidden="true" attribute
22:50:13 <flo> ah, so that's a bit like Larry which was the name of a new regression kind at the time? ;)
22:50:23 <Mook> haha
22:51:34 <Mook> for a while, panorama was "the thing that made me curse as it took a second or two every time I accidentally triggered it". then they changed the shortcut key and now I'm happy :D
22:51:40 <clokep> Sorry, I meant "How /well/ does it work?" :)
22:53:50 <flo> Mook: ahah. I triggered it accidentally with the touchpad.
22:54:13 <flo> clokep: it takes 100% of one core almost all the time. Which doesn't matter much as I've 4 of them :).
23:05:42 <clokep> flo: do you kno wif there's a way to send a null from a telnet session? :P
23:05:56 <flo> no, sorry
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23:08:31 <clokep> Hmm...OK.
23:08:34 <clokep> My listener works. :)
23:09:43 <flo> :)
23:10:49 <Chaz6> Hey, have you had any reports of crashes with the win32 build today?
23:11:59 <Chaz6> http://pastebin.com/jTE7ujU0
23:14:39 <flo> Chaz6: it's a JS error at startup, not a crash
23:15:06 <Chaz6> Well instantbird does not start
23:15:44 <flo> anyway, you are the first to report the issue. Thanks!
23:16:19 <Chaz6> Phew
23:16:33 <Chaz6> Glad I checked :)
23:17:07 <flo> anybody here on Windows using the *latest* nightly and not having a startup problem?
23:17:33 <Mook> I'm not, but I _am_ on windows and could test... :)
23:17:51 <flo> :)
23:19:14 <flo> there's nothing Windows-specific in that code and my Mac nightly works well, so I suspect something is corrupted in Chaz6's blist.sqlite file in the profile.
23:19:51 <flo> Chaz6: have you played with merging buddies into contacts recently?
23:20:59 <clokep> flo: Running fine on the latest.
23:21:21 * flo would like to understand how this corruption happend
23:21:25 <flo> *happened
23:21:30 <Mook> I can start, at least :)
23:21:51 <flo> Mook: with some contacts displayed correctly in the list?
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23:22:27 <Mook_ib> hmm, that would require me to have contact
23:22:40 <flo> heh
23:22:45 <Mook_ib> yep. I can see... myself. from here.
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23:23:24 <flo> the buddy list must look really like a broken piece of UI when there's no contact at all to display :-S
23:24:15 <Mook> overlay a almost-invisible label, "you are alone and have no friends"? :p
23:25:33 <flo> if you display facebook friends, it's very easy to have a full list displayed even when there's no one you would really appreciate to talk to ;)
23:26:27 <Mook> sure, but the UI doesn't look broken in that case :)
23:26:31 <Chaz6> flo: yes i have, and something odd did happen
23:26:52 <Chaz6> I ended up with buddies both in the same metacontact, and also individually in the same group
23:27:13 <flo> http://pastebin.instantbird.com/593 this should be enough to make Instantbird still start correctly (and ignore the corrupted data) in this case
23:27:29 <Chaz6> I couldn't get rid of the duplicates without deleting the contacts, as far as i could tell
23:27:43 <flo> have you tried restarting the application before trying to delete the contact?
23:28:21 <Chaz6> Yes i didnt want to delete the contact, so now it won't start
23:28:42 <flo> any idea of how I can reproduce the issue?
23:29:26 <Chaz6> All I can say is that it happened when i was trying to group some contacts
23:29:40 <Chaz6> They got added to the group but didnt disappear so they were there twice
23:30:01 <flo> by "group" here you mean "contact", right?
23:30:05 <Chaz6> yes
23:30:14 <Mook> hmm, addons don't want to install. Warning: WARN addons.updates: Error: Missing updates property for urn:mozilla:extension:flasher@extensions.mook.wordpress.com Source File: resource://gre/modules/AddonUpdateChecker.jsm Line: 472
23:30:26 <Chaz6> I'm sorry i cant be any more helpful
23:30:46 <flo> Mook: nah. It's just that the dialog saying the maxVersion is not good is Firefox-specific in the new add-on manager
23:30:56 <Mook> oh. ha
23:31:04 <flo> Chaz6: well, I'm sorry you are having this issue ;)
23:31:16 <flo> Mook: https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=712
23:31:21 <instantbot> Bug 712 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, No UI feedback when attempting to install an incompatible add-on
23:31:23 <Mook> actually, I think it's "hey, this app isn't in the install manifest"
23:31:47 <flo> heh, yeah, I meant "can't install for whatever reason" :)
23:34:09 <flo> Chaz6: so the buddy you were trying to merge was in the same group as the contact where you dropped it. But the original buddy failed to disappear after being dropped, even though it appeared as part of the contact. Is this what happened, or is there a detail I got wrong?
23:34:38 <Chaz6> flo: yes that's it exactly
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23:35:02 <flo> do you remember what you have done just after that? :)
23:35:12 <Mook> thanks, that fixed it. em:id of toolkit@mozilla.org, <em:minVersion>1.9.*</em:minVersion>
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23:35:31 <Chaz6> I probably tried to do it again with the same result
23:35:50 <flo> it appeared a second time in the contact? Or just changed nothing?
23:36:00 <Chaz6> And then perhaps tried to drag one of the individual contacts onto another individual one to see if they would make a new group, but they did not
23:36:04 <Chaz6> It changed nothing
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23:39:17 <clokep> Mook: I wanted to bug you about upping the max versions of your extensions to 0.3a2pre on AIO. :)
23:39:48 <Mook> oh, right :)
23:39:56 * clokep should probably do that too. :-[
23:40:03 <flo> man, the "group", "contact", etc... words are so confusing :-(. I guess we will need to explain what we usually mean by each of them on a wikipage with some screenshot of the corresponding UI to ensure we talk about the same thing. Especially if we want to have any hope of helping users who aren't as clear as Chaz6 in their explanations :).
23:40:37 <Chaz6> Yeah sorry i should have picked my words better
23:41:01 <Mook> Chaz6: it's okay, you're being a good representative of normal users :)
23:41:04 <flo> your words make sense. It's just that they are not the same was what we used technically in the code.
23:41:43 <flo> Mook: I suspect normal users would be inconsistent in their use of words, in addition to not knowing which words *we* use.
23:41:52 <Mook> exactly! :)
23:42:20 <Mook> oh, I just have nictabam
23:42:51 * Mook is confused. 3 weekly downloads, 6 total downloads... since december 20th?
23:43:18 <clokep> The FAQs should have pictures probably. :-[
23:44:51 * flo hasn't managed yet to imagine a case that would cause such a result in the sqlite file :-S
23:45:32 <clokep> flo: How well do you know how to use the proxy service? :-D My trials at it were major failures.
23:45:47 <flo> clokep: I've never used it
23:46:08 <flo> but some code in one of the socket objects I've read looked like it was almost correct
23:46:23 <flo> it just seemed to have missed the PREFER_SOCKS flag
23:46:51 <Mook> okay, version bumped (without having a new file, though)
23:50:07 <clokep> (That question is open to anyone else to. :-D)
23:51:24 <flo> I suspect what happened for Chaz6 was that the remove transition failed for the contact which should have disappeared. And then further attempts to move/drag that contact which no longer existed resulted in some corruption of the blist file.
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23:54:01 <Mook> clokep: the network proxy, not the thread proxy?
23:54:26 <flo> Mook: yes
23:54:38 <Mook> sorry, haven't touched that one :p