#instantbird log on 01 30 2011

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00:24:49 <flo> Mook: about the floating toolbar, I meant something a bit like what appeared in IE6 (and maybe later) when hovering an image.
00:24:59 <Mook> ah
00:25:03 <flo> I think this also existed on MS Office and was called there "smart tag" or something
00:25:06 <Mook> that would cover part of the message, then?
00:25:20 <Mook> also: requires icons, which is even more style-specific :(
00:25:43 <flo> http://www.dreamingsoft.com/flashcapture/save-flash.htm the 2 first screenshots on this page look related, but I can't find a good screenshot :-/
00:26:06 <flo> Mook: the icons are part of the skin, not of the message theme
00:26:20 <flo> the buttons would be part of the application UI, not of the conversation content
00:26:45 <flo> and as it's a button, maybe in some cases the button's content can be a text
00:27:01 <Mook> but it would have to be usable for both dark and light background colours
00:28:57 <flo> the button/toolbar would have a background color, so dark/light doesn't depend on the message theme but only on the skin
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00:31:21 <Mook> hmm, okay
00:31:30 * Mook tries to imagine something that works with both Bubbles and Dark
00:32:13 <flo> think about simple too, where you have little vertical space ;)
00:33:44 <flo> by the way, if you want to continue on the idea of in-content buttons, what about including them in the html of the message with just a <br/><...(buttons)> at the end of the HTML of the message text?
00:35:51 <Mook> that makes it harder to hook up the JS, but... hmm, possibly.
00:36:12 <flo> I'm interested in the floating toolbar/button because there are other interesting usages like a "copy" button when a selection is hovered, and a button to search the selection in the default search engine (we added search engines in the context menu to reduce the number of user interactions needed to search a selection, but I don't think people open the context menu often enough to get used to it)
00:37:12 <flo> what if you don't hook the JS to the buttons at all, but hack the onclick handler of the <browser> so that buttons with a specific attributes make the code look for an action with the same name in the clicked message?
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00:47:44 <Mic> flo, Mook: did you mean this: http://www.windowsitpro.com/Content/UserStorage/3628229/051010IE8MapBingAccelerator.jpg
00:52:11 <flo> Mic: no. Something less fancy/complicated :)
00:52:44 <Mic> That's the accelerator of IE8 that shows that contextual actions are possible
00:52:54 <Mic> (I thought that was what you were referring to)
00:55:09 <Mic> Ah, there was this toolbar on images (I think it contained things like resize, save as, ..)
00:55:19 <Mook> the one on http://windows-xp-dox.net/MS.Press-Insider.Power.Techniq/6843final/images/f15bp05_0.jpg ?
00:55:40 <Mic> yes
00:57:18 <Mic> flo: Fancy, ok, but I wonder what's complicated on the first one. It's just an icon with an attached menu .. 
00:57:20 <flo> Mook: that's exactly the screenshot I was looking for but couldn't find! :)
00:57:35 <Mic> You could replace it with a less fancy icon of a stylized context menu or something
00:57:43 <flo> Mic: and the preview above in a panel with an arrow pointing to the menu
00:59:40 <Mic> hehe, you're not serious on this, are you? ;)
01:00:34 <flo> isn't that on your screenshot?
01:05:47 <Mic> I thought you'd ignore this since it isn't exactly a useful addition for options like "Copy"..
01:06:13 <Mic> http://www.zhacks.com/images/disable-internet-explorer-8-accelerator.png then, if you like
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01:08:01 <flo> yes, a bit like that
01:08:32 <flo> I wouldn't like to have more than 2 or 3 actions, and I would prefer displaying an icon for each action (so that a single click can perform it)
01:09:12 <Mic> ok, so it's rather the toolbar on images than this
01:09:15 <flo> but that's variations around the same idea, and I think we should try it before discussing the details
01:09:59 <flo> I'm not opposed to having a down arrow opening a menu for more action (or just the standard context menu)
01:11:01 <flo> and arrow like this at the end of the toolbar: http://www.add-in-express.com/images/vcl-docs/smart-tag-in-word.gif
01:11:26 <flo> (I dislike the word 2003 colors, but that's irrelevant for a description of the user interactions :))
01:11:56 <flo> *an arrow like this
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01:20:30 <flo> good night :)
01:37:11 <Mook> (sorry, went afk...) night.
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01:50:17 <Mic> nn
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07:42:12 <joshrl> Yeeeaaaaah, this MSN problem still isn't fixed...
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13:23:46 <igorko> hi guys
13:23:59 <igorko> have info about that topic bug
13:24:23 <igorko> it's related to closing Nickserv tab
13:25:21 <igorko> what is number of bug- want to read comments
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15:14:07 <igorko> flo can you change my email for hg uk locale repo?
15:14:33 <igorko> want to delete current because spam
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15:20:57 <flo> igorko: email me with your new email ;)
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18:18:50 <Mic> hello
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18:38:48 <clokep> Hello.
18:40:43 <flo> I'm afraid http://adblockplus.org/blog/why-you-do-not-want-to-use-the-load_anonymous-flag means we have a problem :-/
18:42:19 <Mic> You're doing this for Twitter or IRC js?
18:42:39 <clokep> Twitter.
18:43:28 <flo> and Omegle
18:43:51 <flo> I don't want the server to be able to set cookies and know the same application uses multiple accounts at the same time
18:44:40 <clokep> Yes, seems like we won't be able to use that then. :-\
18:44:50 <clokep> Is there another flag to kill cookies?
18:45:40 <flo> We may need to add one
18:46:00 <flo> or maybe we can find a way to kill cookies when they are received rather than when they are about to be sent
18:46:20 <flo> (I'm not sure if the LOAD_ANONYMOUS flag also kills received cookies)
18:48:19 <flo> clokep: by the way, you will have a problem with proxies for IRC too, as the current way used to open a socket doesn't take proxies into account
18:48:41 <clokep> flo: I know, it's on my to-do list. ;)
18:49:00 <flo> we should add that to jsProtoHelper I guess
18:51:20 <clokep> flo: We really need to handle sockets in jsProtoHelper and I have no idea how to make it "easier" to use? Maybe something like: http://pastebin.instantbird.com/544
18:52:02 <flo> what's a "socket protocol"?
18:52:39 <flo> I would see that as a "Socket" object exported from jsProtoHelper
18:52:44 <clokep> A protocol that uses sockets. ;)
18:52:49 <clokep> OK. :)
18:52:54 <flo> so you would do new Socket(hostname, port); when you need a connection
18:53:02 <clokep> But the way I did it I made the particular account into the socket object?
18:53:28 <flo> that makes it hard to handle multiple socket in a single account ;)
18:53:45 <flo> what about file transfer for example?
18:54:24 <clokep> flo: That's true, I didn't think of that. I'll have to rewrite it as a separate object I suppose. :)
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19:08:58 <Mic> The list of blocking+wanted is rather long :S
19:09:11 <clokep> That's why we're re-assigning them all to you Mic. :)
19:09:28 <Mic> Not the best way to get things done :S
19:09:51 <clokep> I'll pick some out and look into them soonish.
19:10:38 <Mic> I've picked so many things again and not getting done anything of it. Going to finish the voice out extension first now that I got permission to use the binary component of this other Firefox extension
19:11:21 <Mic> It's a pity that it will be only for 0.2 :(
19:12:20 <clokep> Did you ask them about support for Firefox 4?
19:13:14 <Mic> He said he has no time to maintain it at the moment and that I could use what's there already.
19:13:33 <clokep> Cool. :)
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19:14:50 <flo> is the source available?
19:15:21 <Mic> Unfortunately not but I could ask him if he likes to share it as well
19:15:34 <Mic> Could someone of you compile it for me if I get it?
19:16:45 <clokep> Mic: I can once my other laptop is hooked up again, which wouldn't be until...I move and get internet.
19:16:48 <clokep> Which sohuld be next Friday.
19:18:09 <Mic> :)
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19:27:58 <clokep> Speaking of which...if I disappears for a few days I've probably moved and don't have Internet yet. ;)
19:28:33 <Mic> Have fun
19:29:41 <Mic> I updated and shared whiteboard searches for 0.3 on Bugzilla. They're now specific for 0.3, no idea if there were older blocking/wanted/nicetohave lying around..
19:33:33 <flo> Mic: I usually type my search all the time, it seems faster to me than clicking a link
19:33:46 <flo> for example I type "ib sw:0.3" to see the list of all bugs tracked for 0.3
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19:34:42 <Mic> What is "sw"?
19:35:07 <flo> Status White board
19:35:16 <Mic> Ah:)
19:35:19 <flo> or something
19:35:22 <Mic> I tried "wb" and it failed 
19:36:53 <flo> I use the list at https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/page.cgi?id=quicksearchhack.html each time I need to create a new query that's really different from one I've memorized
19:42:59 <Mic> I have a bookmark for this as it seems :D
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19:58:19 <Mic> Mathnerd314: hi
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19:58:43 <Mic> You were interested in a good first bug if I recall correctly?
19:59:08 <Mic> There should be some tagged as such on Bugzilla now, I think flo added them
19:59:54 <Mathnerd314> ok, will check when I have more spare time
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21:07:50 <Mic> flo: how can I make a label wrap at the size of the window instead of having it increase the width of it?
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21:08:46 <Mic> It wraps fine when reducing the width of the window manually but I don't want the window to change size in first palce
21:08:48 <Mic> *place
21:11:46 <Mic> (I've put the value of the label between opening and closing tags as suggested on MDN (setting it via value="" doesn't warp at all)
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21:31:35 <flo> Mic: is the size of the window changing when you change the text of the label, or is it just the size of the window when opening it?
21:31:56 <flo> if you want a fixed window size, maybe you should just set the size with the width and height attributes?
22:22:46 <Mic> Good point
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22:33:40 <flo> Good night! :)
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