#instantbird log on 01 22 2011

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00:23:42 <flo> Good night! :)
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00:58:42 <Mic> Even: Bugzilla is broken for me (just entered a valid bug number into the quicksearch box), let me know if you can't reproduce. I saved the page (it said to do so).
00:59:11 <Mic> You can hardly miss it when you get it, it's all red ;)
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10:08:22 <Mic> Hello
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10:42:04 <flo> hello Mic :)
10:42:20 * flo is disappointed of not having the results of his push of the libpurple upgrade :-/
10:42:42 <Mic> How are you? At Bruxelles already (that's where the FOSDEM is, isn't it)? 
10:44:08 <Mic> Ah, wrong weekend :D
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10:46:18 <flo> that's in 2 weeks :)
10:46:27 <Mic> flo: AIO and Bugzilla are dead for me
10:46:44 <flo> reaching the machine through ssh too :(
10:46:46 <Mic> Yesterday evening Bugzilla gave me a scary red error screen
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11:42:02 <igorko> hiya
11:42:59 <igorko> where is server?
11:50:23 <mikk_s> Hmm, that's strange. I am able to connect only to http://blog.instantbird.org/ . Everything else is down, also the update server. Loading of the websites is endless - no 'connectiong error' or 'server does not exist' notification.
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12:05:40 <Mic> Yes, there are server issues at the momne
12:05:45 <Mic> *moment
12:12:25 <Mic> What about a two-line blog posting such as "Server issues, working at it (if someone does;), hopefully back soon" ?
12:14:04 <hicham> You can do it since you have blog rights over there :)
12:14:31 <Mic> No, I can't. Flo submitted the posting in my name
12:15:16 <Mic> And more important that I just don't know what's up and if someone's working on it
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12:21:21 <igorko> question
12:21:23 <igorko> contextMenuSearchText=Search %S for "%S"
12:21:23 <igorko> contextMenuSearchText.accesskey=S
12:21:52 <igorko> this will mean Search Google for "blablabla"
12:22:22 <igorko> can i write contextMenuSearchText=Search for "%S" in %S
12:22:29 <Mic> I think so, let me look it up
12:22:34 <igorko> in my language of course
12:22:57 <igorko> change "%S" and %S in places
12:22:57 <Mic> Ah, LXR still works :)
12:23:04 <Mic> I don't think so
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12:23:16 <Mic> It wouldn't know which thing to put where
12:23:51 <igorko> as I thought...
12:24:05 <Mic> What does Firefox have for that in your locale?
12:24:16 <igorko> google
12:24:26 <igorko> ehh what you mean
12:25:00 <Mic> Isn't this item available on Firefox as well?
12:25:13 <igorko> i'll try to translate good with saving that order
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12:25:37 <igorko> it's instantbird string
12:25:45 <igorko> instantbird.properties
12:25:50 <Mic> I know but I think Firefox has the same functionality
12:26:18 <igorko> yes! it has
12:26:43 <igorko> and it works as i want
12:27:27 <igorko> has of course it has another code for it...
12:27:30 <Mic> I doubt it but let me look
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12:30:05 <Mic> I wonder how it should know which thing to put where but if it works for you, then it's fine
12:30:24 <Mic> I thought there were named/numbered replacement characters for this
12:30:41 <igorko> i dont know if i will work for me- maybe Firefox has another order than instantbird
12:30:54 <Mic> http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/instantbird/content/nsContextMenu.js#383
12:31:02 <Mic> http://mxr.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/source/browser/base/content/nsContextMenu.js#1209
12:31:15 <Mic> Ib and Fx, if I'm not mistaken
12:31:19 <Mic> The code is the same
12:32:09 <Mic> I need to go again, good luck
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12:55:13 <igorko> server is up
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13:01:10 <Mic> It doesn't return anything for me yet but at least it doesn't say it can't connect anymore ;)
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13:02:12 <igorko> only hg doesn' work
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14:59:29 <igorko> guys
14:59:46 <igorko> why i can't register at mozilla irc
15:00:04 <igorko> tried twice- it doesn't sens me confirm letter
15:00:09 <igorko> mail*
15:00:17 <igorko> send*
15:00:42 <Mic> I don't think you get one
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15:01:44 <clokep> Yeah I'm pretty sure you don't get one...you just are registered.
15:02:07 <clokep> Just try to identify and see if the nickserv responds? :P
15:31:25 <clokep> I'm gonna go out and a limb and say that since all the servers are down...we don't have nightlies today? ;)
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15:58:25 <igorko> 17:58:24 - NickServ: (notice) Your nick isn't registered.
15:58:39 <igorko> it ayes go fap :)
15:58:42 <igorko> sayes*
16:17:25 <Mic> You've tried "/msg nickserv register <yourpwd>" ?
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16:45:43 <yoh> Hello
16:46:05 <yoh> I think https://wiki.instantbird.org is down
16:46:13 <igorko> Mic: and it sayes you'll recieve mail with conform code
16:46:21 <igorko> confirm*
16:46:39 <yoh> ok thanks
16:46:55 <igorko> and 18:46:54 - NickServ: (notice) Syntax: REGISTER password email
16:47:21 <Mic> brb
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16:56:30 <Mic> igorko: works for me
16:56:58 <Mic> Maybe the emails are marked as spam?
16:57:14 <igorko> maybe
16:57:27 <igorko> i'll try another mail
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17:08:25 <igorko> are here any operators?
17:08:31 <igorko> sendpass doesn't work
17:13:59 <igorko> give me sendpass pleasee
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19:05:30 <Mic> igorko: you can add your password for nickserv to your account in Instantbird
19:05:51 <Mic> There is a password field on the properties dialog
19:06:07 <igorko> Mic: already registered But it sayes invalid password
19:06:16 <igorko> need sendpass
19:06:39 <igorko> and seems on mozilla irc this can do only operators
19:07:02 <Mic> ah, .. sorry. I misunderstood your question
19:08:08 <igorko> Mic: i used another mail for registering- it made ok
19:14:58 <Mic> igorko: maybe try asking in #mozillazine? (topic in #mozilla directs all other question there as it seems)
19:15:58 <igorko> thanks
19:16:18 <igorko> i didn't read that topic :)
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20:16:35 <igorko> f
20:18:24 <Mook> g
20:19:02 <igorko> he
20:19:13 <igorko> hi* :)
20:23:52 <Mook> hmm, the logs didn't like funny characters. http://log.bezut.info/instantbird/110116/#m262
20:24:23 <flo> Mook: instantbot is not a fan of UTF8 ;)
20:25:56 <Mook> hehe :)
20:27:45 <Mook> since I'm still in the middle of skimming logs: hope your flu got better. :D
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20:30:02 <flo> Mook: thanks. By the way, I got better, but the flu did not :)
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20:31:53 <Mook> haha
20:33:43 <Mook> oh, is there a vague guessimate on when 0.3 will get released?
20:33:52 <Mook> ("don't know" is a perfectly fine answer, too)
20:34:34 <flo> I would like 0.4 (or whatever release with a good log system) around november 2011
20:35:01 <Mook> okay. I'm looking more for something I can install soon, whatever state it's in ;)
20:35:07 <Mook> (as opposed to develop on)
20:35:08 <flo> a nightly? :)
20:35:35 <Mook> http://log.bezut.info/instantbird/110120/#m127 <- yeah, I've been thinking about remoting in terms of IRC bouncers too...
20:36:23 <flo> so you are looking for a target for something with IRC invites that work? ;)
20:37:48 <Mook> hah. probably not, the patches are stuck in review limbo ;)
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20:38:09 * Mook can use cz for now, but hasn't got an IM app installed
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20:41:56 <Mook> igorko: Search for "%2$S" in %1$S I think
20:52:27 <flo> Even is actively working on the server issue. The main cause of the problem seems to be a full hard disk.
20:57:52 <Mook> so the solution is that we should say less stuff so the disk doesn't fill up? :p
20:59:08 <flo> instantbot is not on that server (it would have been down too if it were)
20:59:11 <instantbot> flo: Sorry, I've no idea what 'is not on that server (it would have been down too if it were)' might be.
20:59:55 <Mook> ah, it's the bugzilla & aio server? so we should file fewer bugs...
21:00:52 <flo> bugzilla, aio, wiki, buildbot, the main website
21:01:23 <flo> it's everything but the blog, lxr (those two are on my server) and instantbot (on Morian's server)
21:06:32 <Even> Well, it seems a lot better now.
21:06:32 <flo> all the services should be back up (but may be a bit slower than usual for a few minutes)
21:06:40 <Even> ^^
21:07:11 <Even> It's an euphemism. Loading a page is really LONG.
21:07:35 <Mic> Ah, great! Thanks a lot, Even :)
21:08:08 <Even> You'll thank me when the proc hurdle to make some space on the disk is back to normal and all services works seemlessly.
21:08:13 <Even> Before that, no cry for victory :)
21:10:15 <Mic> Ok, no extra load on the machine until then. Bugzilla can wait ;)
21:10:35 <flo> Mic: bugzilla is not that terrible compated to the aio ;)
21:10:59 <Even> Yeah.
21:11:03 <Mic> Does that mean I have no excuse not to look at your underscore-patch? ;)
21:11:14 <Even> The CPU of the server is nothing we should be proud of.
21:11:24 <Even> So right now it's zipping two sets pof files at the same time.
21:11:31 <Even> It's as much as it can handle.
21:22:40 <Mic> Mook: how familiar are you with restartless extensions? I'm wondering what happens when loading one ..
21:23:08 <Mic> (maybe it is silly question but anyways)
21:25:10 <Mic> Is startup called first and nothing beside it is run or is everything outside of functions run before and startup called sometime later?
21:26:38 <Mic> I guess the latter as otherwise things like your |const Cc = ...| assignments wouldn't work on the new code of Colorize
21:27:08 <Mook> it evaluates the script, then calls the startup method, I think
21:27:25 <Mook> of course, nothing guarantees it _won't_ re-evaluate the script on shutdown... ;)
21:28:00 <Mic> I'm fine as long as shutdown is called last ;)
21:28:28 <Mook> might call uninstall after ;)
21:29:15 <Mook> oh, also: it's completely awfully documented, read the source if you want to actually get useful things done :p
21:30:02 <Mook> (same, sadly, applies to ctypes... and that source is all in spidermonkeyese and nearly impossible to read)
21:31:05 <Mic> The other thing I'm going to need now.
21:31:12 <Mic> And I've noticed this too already
21:32:15 <Mook> https://github.com/mook/uploadscreenshot/blob/master/bootstrap.js might be _slightly_ too much evil.
21:32:18 <flo> Mook: isn't the source the documentation? :-P
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22:07:26 * Mic got the feeling that this is going to be ugly ;)
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22:23:12 <Even> I restarted the server. There was still some strange behaviours here and there. Hop it will fix the last mess.
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22:57:19 <flo> Mic: actually, I think you have an excuse for not doing whatever you procrastinate on bugzilla. The network driver still has an issue and most pages don't load fully. Even is trying to upgrade it to see if it fixes the issue
22:58:54 <Mic> Maybe this would be better than doing what I currently do (trying to figure out what datatype to use for a "REFCLSID" thingie on a windows function call)  ;)
22:59:40 <flo> the underscore patch is trivial anyway :)
23:00:15 <Mic> I didn't have an opportunity to look at it yet;)
23:02:36 <flo> there's only one line:
23:02:37 <flo> +        *buf == '_' ||
23:02:51 <flo> the other changes are in comments or debug messages
23:09:23 <flo> Good night! :)
23:09:36 <clokep> 'night!
23:10:55 <Mic> good night
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23:32:05 <Mook> Mic: Components.ID should work ;)