#instantbird log on 01 02 2011

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00:33:26 <Mic> My first steps with Python .. let's see :)
00:34:16 <flo> :)
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00:36:14 <flo> clokep: hello, happy new year :)
00:36:27 <clokep> flo: Happy new year to you too! :)
00:37:58 <clokep> Yes I started after 0.2.
00:38:13 <clokep> Mic: What're you doing in the dread language of Python? ;)
00:38:39 <Mic> Parsing dread plist files
00:39:43 <clokep> Ah, sounds fun. :)
00:43:00 <clokep> And congrats on the car flo! :)
00:43:51 <flo> clokep: thanks! :)
00:44:06 <flo> Mic: trying to convert some Adium themes?
00:44:21 <Mic> Yesw, I finally want to convert lots of emoticons themes
00:44:29 <Mic> Something that was on my list for too long now
00:44:41 <flo> cool! :)
00:44:43 <Mic> And something people can notice :)
00:44:56 <flo> is there something reusable in the message theme convert?
00:45:09 <flo> I'm afraid it keeps the Info.plist file as-is :-/
00:45:15 <Mic> Not to read the plist file
00:45:44 <flo> but we have a JS reader if you want :)
00:46:14 <Mic> hmm,.. 
00:46:17 <flo> if you want to start instantbird with the adium theme on the command line, and have some add-on code output a cool XPI along with a png screenshot
00:47:23 <flo> the code around http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/instantbird/modules/imThemes.jsm#143 may be interesting
00:47:38 <flo> (if you want to do this the add-on way of course)
00:47:44 <flo> +only
00:48:30 <Mic> I'd need to create preview images anyways, so I could do it in one step, instead of creating the xpi and creating the preview image later
00:48:33 <clokep> All the website copyrights need to be updated...:)
00:49:02 <flo> yes, "update copyright year everywhere" added itself automatically in my todo list :)
00:50:06 <clokep> OK. I won't file a bug then. ;)
00:50:20 <Mic> On the other hand this is an opportunity to play with Python
00:50:28 <Mic> And I think I'll take it ;)
00:51:45 <flo> yeah, have fun, that's the important part! ;)
00:52:08 <flo> you probably won't need more than one emoticon theme for your own need anyway ;)
00:55:36 <Mic> One theme is enough for me indeed
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00:56:14 <Mic> I really like that idechix converted/created the apng GMail emoticons
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00:56:33 <Mic> *Google Talk
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00:59:12 <Mic> flo: where did you get the description of the messagestyles from?
00:59:37 <flo> maybe from the website
00:59:38 <Mic> Did you have to parse it from the page of the theme?
01:00:02 <flo> we did that anyway to import the description into the add-on website
01:00:41 <Mic> That's what I meant. You don't really need it on the theme itself imo
01:02:17 <Mic> good night
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01:06:57 <flo> Good night :)
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09:18:30 <lewellyn> hi, does anyone here use QQ in instantbird?
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09:23:10 * lewellyn sighs at windows wanting to reboot at the most inopportune time
09:23:33 <lewellyn> i'll pop back in later when there may be more people around (like when .eu and .us are both likely to be awake)
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13:00:25 <Mic> "09:23:33 <lewellyn> i'll pop back in later when there may be more people around (like when .eu and .us are both likely to be awake)"
13:00:41 <Mic> Good to see that there are people who know how it works ;)
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14:17:38 <flo> Mic: yes, indeed.
14:18:00 <flo> too bad we don't have at least one person who knows how QQ works too ;).
14:36:35 <instantbot> New Instantbird (UI) bug 646 filed by diravan@gmail.com.
14:36:38 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=646 nor, --, ---, nobody, UNCO, Switching between tab
15:10:33 <Mic1> Maybe we should add opening hours to the topic ;)
15:11:33 <hicham> opening hours start when you wake up and finishes once clokep goes to sleep
15:15:06 <Mic1> hehe
15:18:03 <instantbot> benediktp@ymail.com set the Resolution field on bug 646 to DUPLICATE of bug 496.
15:18:06 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=646 nor, --, ---, nobody, RESO DUPLICATE, Switching between tab
15:18:07 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=496 enh, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Add shortcut CTRL+<number n> to access n-th tab in conversation window
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15:59:44 <clokep> Once I go to sleep or go out, like last night. ;)
15:59:51 <clokep> Although Mook is actually awake longer than me I think.
16:00:03 <clokep> s/longer/later/
16:01:46 <flo> my online presence hours are not really predictable these months :-S 
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16:10:58 <clokep> How has the Twitter work been going? Or has it not really been going? :) Holidays and all...
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18:56:28 <flo> clokep: holidays and all... ;)
18:56:42 <flo> and reviews! :-D
18:56:47 <clokep> :)
18:57:10 <clokep> Oh, flo. About the preferences stuff, the list code is still something I'm a little confused at.
18:57:34 <clokep> Is a default value actually specified? Looking at the code there doesn't seem to be one when specified.
18:57:49 <flo> hmm
18:57:57 <flo> you mean the libpurple code, or the purplexpcom one?
18:58:13 <clokep> libpurple code.
18:58:20 <clokep> (Or the purplexpcom code. :))
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18:58:34 <clokep> I checked in the accounts.js code (I think that's the file).
18:58:40 <clokep> But oucldn't even figure out how one is selected.
18:58:47 <flo> it's very possible we mishandled that
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18:58:57 * Mic1 should also get something decent to work on. Shortcuts and stuff are useful of course but ifdefs and special-casing for Mac OS sucks :P
18:58:58 <flo> a list pref is a string pref, with a restricted set of possible values
18:59:22 <clokep> Right.
18:59:38 <flo> Mic1: wanna take over the twitter code?
18:59:39 <clokep> And it has a particular label for each value.
19:00:05 <clokep> Mic1: What about all the participants list stuff? :)
19:00:12 <flo> clokep: so it's possible the default value should just be a string, and we would add something more with the list of values and labels
19:00:36 <Mic1> yes, yes, yes. I have enough things to chose from ;)
19:01:29 <Mic1> *choose
19:01:34 <clokep> You could also do the richtext stuff if you wanted. :)
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19:01:48 <flo> or the systray icon? :-P
19:02:02 <Mic1> One more suggestion and I'll leave :P
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19:02:51 * clokep wonders if you can get bugzilla to assign you a random bug. ;)
19:03:03 <flo> maybe instantbot could do?
19:03:43 <flo> bugzilla would randomly assign you a QQ or Gadu-Gadu bug :-D
19:05:57 <Mic1> Leaving anyways now ;)
19:06:36 <Mic1> *anyway
19:06:47 <flo> Good evening :)
19:07:19 <Mic1> Same to you
19:07:23 <clokep> Bye.
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19:37:04 <DGMurdockIII> flo, why dont you try to bring on get people on board to help with instantbird that for instant like the gfire, msn-pecan ect
19:40:48 <DGMurdockIII> has anyone looked at my autoupdate bug
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22:27:13 <flo> Good night! :)
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