#instantbird log on 12 17 2010

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00:36:34 <instantbot> clokep@gmail.com added attachment 430 to bug 630.
00:36:37 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=630 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Unable to send an IM to someone not on your buddy list
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00:47:52 <Mic> What about this: you click the plus-tab, it extends to full width, showing a dropdown box with autocomplete suggestions right under your mouse pointer. These suggestions are based on most frequent conversations and buddies, online status of buddies, .. There would be a button to open a dialog where you can all cases not covered by this approach
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00:53:16 <clokep> Sounds like it could work.
00:53:24 <clokep> The dropdown is right in the top of the tab?
00:53:28 <Mic> yes
00:53:41 <Mic> where the conversation name normally would be
00:53:53 <clokep> Yeah, that could definitely work. :)
00:56:02 <Mic> The thing is we're talking about anything but fixing this bug here imo
00:56:29 <Mic> I think a dialog box opened from the menu would do for now
00:56:53 <Mic> We even have a bug about this already iirc
00:58:50 <clokep> Perhaps, but if you're going to fix it,w hy not fix it right? ;)
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01:00:04 <Mic> To have it working quickly
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01:00:47 <Mic> bbl
01:02:28 <clokep> Yes, perhaps. If one of us sat down and did it, it wouldn't take too long I don't think.
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02:07:13 <Mic> nn
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04:48:10 <Mook> woo, menu button thinger
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04:49:12 <clokep> Fixing bugs for us now too? :)
04:51:50 <Mook> well, I wanted to play with what Mic wanted
04:52:17 <Mook> oh, hmm, I should fix double click and right click on the menubar
04:52:21 <Mook> s/menubar/titlebar/
05:00:24 * clokep is trying to decide whether he wants to rewrite preferences tonight or not.
05:02:24 <Mook> hmm. can only get there via WM_SYSCOMMAND, and nothing in mozilla sends an appropriate one
05:09:23 <clokep> So you're doing it a different way than how Firefox did it?
05:10:42 <Mook> yeah
05:11:27 <Mook> I didn't quite like how they did it
05:11:51 <clokep> Ah, OK. :) I'm sure it'll be snazzy.
05:13:59 <Mook> what I have is okay, except I have no idea how to do the sysmenu :p
05:14:37 <clokep> Hahah.
05:14:47 <clokep> Anything I can help w/?
05:16:39 <Mook> help figure out how firefox gets it to work?
05:16:46 <Mook> (not the dragging; the context menuing)
05:17:42 <clokep> Oh, the context menuing? I have no idea. :-\
05:20:19 <Mook> otherwise, maybe play with my crappy extension and tell me all the ways it's wrong :D
05:20:46 <Mook> https://github.com/mook/bucktooth - there's a download xpi, though it's really not all that interesting.
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05:21:47 <clokep> I'll brb then Mook
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05:25:34 <clokep> Mook: It's the wrong color! ;)
05:25:42 <Mook> hah
05:26:02 <Mook> what colour is instantbird, anyway?
05:26:14 <clokep> Uhhh...I'm not sure. Bluish greenish I think.
05:26:17 * Mook used hsl, so it should be easier to change
05:26:25 <clokep> http://instantbird.org/ ;)
05:26:41 <clokep> I guess it's blue and like tannish/orange.
05:34:47 <clokep> Mook: Do you want me to file bugs on github?
05:34:57 <Mook> yes please
05:35:21 <Mook> it's, like, 2 hours of work, so I"m sure it's buggy\
05:36:13 <clokep> Just found a bug in Fx's implementation. ;)
05:42:40 <Mook> bah. switching to firefox's impl of moving that I don't like fixes the right click
05:43:21 <clokep> :(
05:44:12 <Mook> http://mxr.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/source/widget/src/windows/nsWindow.cpp#5029 :(
05:48:31 <clokep> I'm not sure,
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05:56:58 <Mook> okay, fix pushed
05:57:09 <clokep> Does that mean I need to redownload! :P
05:57:48 <Mook> well, either git pull or... dunno :p
05:57:55 <Mook> I didn't bother making a new xpi
05:58:07 <Mook> it's just the sysmenu, so you can just not bother :p
06:00:35 <Mook> hmm. double clicking the title bar magically worked
06:01:49 <clokep> :)
06:02:01 <clokep> Yeah I'll switch over to using hg-to-git for it soon. ;)
06:02:03 <clokep> Not tonight.
06:05:21 * clokep thinks he had dreams about parsing IRC last night...
06:20:59 <clokep> Wow I just changed a ton of code, mostly through find and replace and it still works. :)
06:22:00 <clokep> nn
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06:38:50 <flo> Good morning :)
06:41:56 <Mook> hi :)
06:42:06 <Mook> random question: what's instantbird's colour? :D
06:43:26 <flo> pick one from http://www.instantbird.com/ ? :-D
06:43:55 <Mook> win7 seems to think it's brown
06:44:01 <Mook> (this may be because I'm using a nightly...)
06:53:39 <flo> gonna eat something, back in a few minutes
06:53:49 <Mook> sure
06:54:14 <Mook> in the mean time, if you get bored: I wanted to know what colour the button on http://i.imgur.com/s9OfC.png should be
07:18:32 <Mook> oops. sorry about https://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/783fc0cf669c :|
07:31:18 <flo> It's ok ;), I reviewed it :-(
07:56:51 <Mook> at least it didn't go into a release :)
08:01:33 <flo> that's why we do nightly builds ;)
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08:32:29 <Mic> Yes, the Instantbird color .. 
08:35:27 <Mic> In my opinion tan and blue are only background colors (since you need any) and orange is just a noticeable color for highlighted items
08:36:00 <Mic> I think I agree with clokep blue/green/yellow like on the icon, something like that
08:40:54 <Mook> give me something, preferably as hsl() :)
08:41:22 <Mook> (also: yeah, I'm probably not going to stick it in the unified window addon, but have its own instead. seems cleaner.)
08:42:03 <Mic> I tried finding nice colors but I miserably failed;) 
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08:42:40 <Mic> Orange isn't so bad after all, it looks like Firefox then ;)
08:43:54 <flo> ahah
08:46:22 * Mic wants to play with the button style one day
08:49:50 <Mic> I don't like how colorful the button is when Firefox/Minefield isn't even focused
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08:53:37 <Mic> bye
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08:59:49 <flo> Have a good day and week-end :)
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13:12:26 * Mic should write something now that he has a blag.
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14:30:14 <sabret00the> Is there an extension for mail notifications as per bug 606?
14:30:18 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=606 enh, --, ---, nobody, UNCO, Provide mail notifications in buddy window
14:31:42 <sabret00the> With the application button now in (well in extension form). If so I can make IB my full time IM client, I can live without file transfers and cam for a little while
14:36:13 <Mic> sabretoothe, there isn't one yet
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14:38:41 <clokep> Good morning / day / evening / night. Pick your timezone.
14:40:23 <Mic> Maybe mail notification are also something someone could do as extension if it were scriptable though
14:40:35 <Mic> *of course
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14:42:05 <Mic> hello clokep
14:43:08 <clokep> mail notifications aren't even in the interface yet are they? :P
14:43:20 <clokep> But yes, if they were made scriptable we could make an extension for it.
14:43:46 <Mic> sabretothe asked if we had something for it beside bug 606
14:43:50 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=606 enh, --, ---, nobody, UNCO, Provide mail notifications in buddy window
14:44:50 <clokep> I caught up. ;)
14:45:08 <Mic> (sorry for repeatedly misspelling your name)
14:45:44 <clokep> When?
14:46:30 * clokep sadly removed his 1000 line switch statement last night.
14:48:39 <Mic> If you didn't find any misspelling of your name then it most likely wasn't directed at you ;)
14:49:09 <clokep> Touche. :)
14:49:12 <clokep> Did you ever try the JS-IRC?
14:49:24 <Mic> No, too busy working
14:49:35 <clokep> OK. :)
14:49:45 <Mic> Sadly I'm not making the progress I want/need
14:50:29 <clokep> It's due at the end of the semester?
14:50:40 <Mic> 21st
14:51:12 <Mic> and I need like 30 more pages with meaningful content until then
14:51:25 <Mic> So I guess I'll have some pretty short nights until then ;)
14:51:31 <clokep> Lot's of figures. :)
14:51:48 <Mic> These too
14:52:27 <Mic> I have some hand drawn placeholders of my experiment/device. They're too cool but I guess I have to replace them ;)
14:54:31 <clokep> Replace them w/ bigger versions. :-D
15:00:58 <Mic> I'd soo like to add fancy things but it might look like serious work then :S
15:01:24 <sabret00the> no worries mic :)
15:03:21 <sabret00the> i'll stick a mockup for some mail notifications in the bug. i have to do a mockup for bug 632 anyway
15:03:24 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=632 nor, --, ---, nobody, UNCO, Menu Review
15:05:49 <Mic> :)
15:08:52 <clokep> Mic: After using buddy status for a while it's not as obtrusive as I expected...still wish I could shut it off for Facebook though. :)
15:11:30 <clokep> Plus it makes it really easy to stalk people. ;)
15:11:32 <Mic> hmm, that could be a simple thing. I add a box with checkboxes for each protocol
15:12:00 <Mic> *I'd have to 
15:12:40 <Mic> oh, you will like this idea then: a log where you can see who changed status when and how
15:13:22 <clokep> Interesting. :)
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19:17:12 <Mic> https://hg.instantbird.org/experiments/rev/8c968d96e936#l1.395, how is this error shown by the way?
19:24:16 <clokep> It shows on the server conversation.
19:24:35 <clokep> Just looking over revisions or...?
19:24:49 <Mic> Yes, I saw the pushs and had a look
19:25:39 <Mic> Should it also show a message on the account manager to make clear why the account was disconnected?
19:26:05 <clokep> Probably.
19:26:34 <clokep> I have to see how to tell it there was an error as opposed to safely disconnecting.
19:27:12 <Mic> What happens at the moment when the connection fails by the way?
19:27:36 <clokep> You mean if I connect without being plugged in? I hvae no idea.
19:27:42 <Mic> Yes
19:27:59 <clokep> :) No idea.
19:28:04 <clokep> I'd guess crash. ;)
19:30:40 <Mic> Do protocols have to observe status changes themselves or does the interface incldue a function that is called in such a case?
19:30:56 <clokep> I haven't gotten to that yet.
19:31:00 <clokep> But I think it has to observe.
19:31:05 <clokep> It's on my to-do list.
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19:36:47 <clokep> But yes I need to be able to observe status changes so I can set away, etc.
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19:39:02 <clokep> Maybe I should file a bug about that actualy.
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20:30:49 <Mic> Nobody else would take this bug, so I'm not sure that it would be necessary
20:31:06 <clokep> aybe.
20:31:20 <clokep> Maybe. I can always just file when I have a patch. ;)
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21:05:40 <clokep> Mic: Added a to-do comment about putting a ban error in the account manager. :) Thanks.
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21:42:20 <Mic> :)
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22:25:38 <instantbot> clokep@gmail.com added attachment 431 to bug 495.
22:25:41 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=495 nor, --, ---, clokep, ASSI, purpleIAccount cannot access preferences via JavaScript protocol
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22:52:08 <clokep> Mic: Is Buddy Status code available online?
22:52:33 <Mic> Sure, it's javascript :P
22:52:43 <Mic> No, not in a repository
22:52:46 <clokep> OK.
22:53:13 <Mic> I can upload it somewhere but in the end you'd need to unzip a file anyways so you could as well use the XPI
22:53:45 <clokep> Yup. I'll just do that. :)
22:54:32 <Mic> I should use a public repository for this one day
22:55:38 <clokep> Probably. :)
22:58:14 <Mic> I don't want to use a Google service
22:58:21 <Mic> Is there anything you can recommend?
22:58:21 <clokep> I like bit bucket.
22:58:31 <clokep> BitBucket. :P
22:59:33 <Mic> ok, bookmarked and tagged "to do"
22:59:47 <Mic> I even made a Wordpress account today :)
23:00:45 <clokep> Nice. :)
23:03:36 * clokep is trying to see how to observe the status. :)
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23:26:29 <Mic> Very useful: there's a web page on which you can draw a symbol and it spits out the LaTeX name+required package
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23:36:07 <clokep> That's snazzy.
23:38:55 <Mic> And it's even using JS+canvas for this
23:48:06 <clokep> Mic: For protocols. I'm going to observe status changes, do you think I should just have it call some function statusChange with the type and message, or should I make separate functions for available, away, etc.?
23:48:36 <Mic> Where do you want t place this?
23:48:49 <Mic> In the protocol itself or the helper functions?
23:49:03 <clokep> jsProtoHelper, as part of the account object.
23:49:29 <clokep> Really it just means the account has to overload x functions or 1 function.
23:49:39 <Mic> I think it'd say the first
23:50:03 <clokep> Hmmm...alright.
23:50:08 <Mic> So a protocol can react on status that you might not have known when you were writing this
23:50:14 <clokep> I'll ask flo too once he's on again, just curious of someone else's opinion. :)
23:50:23 <clokep> Oh, true. Very good idea. :)
23:50:40 <clokep> I think I'm going to hardcode STATUS_OFFLINE to disconnect though.
23:50:43 <clokep> That seems to make sense. :)
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