#instantbird log on 12 13 2010

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00:00:42 <Mic> Repackage the one from AMO?
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00:03:10 <clokep> Mic: The ghetto way? Run it with a -inspector flag from the command line. :)
00:03:19 <Mic> Maybe we could try to get Ib compatibility into DOMi?
00:04:01 <Mic> Well, which shouldn't be difficult beside convincing someone that it should be there by default ;)
00:04:04 <clokep> There is https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=524113 so possibly...
00:04:55 <Mook> it's also possible to have a menu item that is only visible if DOMi is installed :)
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00:05:34 * clokep thinks we should teach Instantbot to read bmo urls too.
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00:05:52 * Mook can't remember where the place to stop channels from joining on startup is
00:06:02 <clokep> Account manager.
00:06:04 <clokep> Properties.
00:06:44 <Mook> that's got General and Advanced Options tabs, neither of which lists some place #instantbird can go in...
00:06:52 <Mook> except I'm blind, bah
00:06:59 <Mook> thanks :)
00:07:03 <Mic> Maybe we should have a really obvious way to toggle that
00:07:11 <Mook> (somehow I was expecting a list and not a textbox)
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00:07:27 <clokep> Mic: I think they should be like app tabs, you've "pinned" them to always open.
00:07:30 <Mic> Like e.g. making a conversation tab persistent like the app tabs?
00:07:40 <clokep> :)
00:07:55 <Mic> Yeah, I think we discussed that before
00:07:57 <clokep> (Of course that messes up my vertical tabs, but that's my problem to figure out.)
00:08:39 <Mic> but it would be bad imo if that would definitely mean that you lose the description/conversation name
00:08:44 <clokep> Mook: libpurple only supports boolean, string, a predefined list and integer as preference types it seems. I'd prefer a listbox that let's you list channels on the left, passwords on the right. :(
00:08:57 <Mic> Would make it a pretty small target as well if we follow the Firefox way
00:09:01 <clokep> Mic: You'd need to be able to put an icon...wait, didn't you make a mock up for this? :)
00:09:52 <Mic> Yes, I stole Stephen Horlander's Chromatic-pixel favicon for the UX channel mockup :D
00:10:04 <Mic> It just looks cool ;)
00:11:07 <Mic> Making the user set an icon for it is bad imo, it should require any further interaction that just telling Ib to make it persistent
00:11:33 <Mic> *shouldn't
00:11:45 <clokep> Buddies are easy if they have a buddy icon.
00:12:17 <Mic> I don't think so: buddy icons are just not made to be displayed in 16x16
00:12:25 <Mook> clokep: how the UI is presented doesn't have to relate to how it's stored internally
00:12:33 <Mook> _somebody_ parses the string into a list...
00:12:45 <Mic> The might have a terrible aspect ratio, too many details ..
00:12:48 <Mic> *They
00:12:57 <clokep> Mook: Right, but the UI is auto-generated from the libpurple data types, how are we to know that /that/ string is supposd to be parsed that way? ;)
00:13:01 <clokep> ALthough in this case we can...:(
00:13:15 <Mook> oh. huh, didn't realize the autogenerated part
00:13:37 <clokep> Mook: The advanced tab is autogenerated, but actually the general tab isn't...so we could fix that. :)
00:14:03 <clokep> I'll file a bug for it.
00:14:12 <clokep> Mic: Is there a way to touch stylesheets from DOMi?
00:14:26 <Mic> No, I don't think so
00:14:32 <Mook> DOMI: not usefully; it keeps breaking
00:14:41 <Mook> setting the style attribute is more likely to work
00:15:45 <clokep> Alright, thanks.
00:16:14 <Mic> btw did you use DOMi from AMO?
00:16:58 <clokep> Yes.
00:17:01 <Mic> I'm using a pretty old version + disabled compatibility checking to make it work, maybe I should replace that one day
00:17:10 <Mic> Using the command line switch?
00:17:13 <clokep> I'm on 2.0.8
00:17:14 <clokep> Yes.
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00:17:26 <Mic> hmm, I want a menu item.
00:17:30 <Mook> https://wiki.instantbird.org/Instantbird:Notifications says "buddy-added" has a purpleIAccountBuddy subject - that doesn't appear to exist anymore?
00:17:43 <Mic> This page might be outdated
00:17:52 <Mic> since the new buddy list backend landed
00:18:05 <Mook> could be. that's what asking on IRC is for, right? ;)
00:18:19 <Mic> Wait a minute
00:18:37 <clokep> Hmm....
00:18:55 <Mic> yes, it's no longer existant
00:19:05 <Mic> Removed with this change: https://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/bf56c9f22e75
00:19:28 <clokep> It should: http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/purple/purplexpcom/src/imContacts.js#474
00:19:28 <Mic> that's an imIAccountBuddy now, clokep?
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00:19:57 <clokep> http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/purple/purplexpcom/public/imIContactsService.idl is the applicable interface.
00:20:49 <Mook> thanks
00:21:30 <Mic> need to go to bed
00:21:35 <clokep> 'night
00:21:42 <Mook> night
00:22:20 <clokep> I think I just borked my build.
00:23:41 <instantbot> New Websites - www.instantbird.org bug 626 filed by benediktp@ymail.com.
00:23:43 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=626 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Notifications list on the wiki out of date
00:24:06 <Mic> Will do that tomorrow maybe
00:24:10 <Mic> just not now
00:24:15 <Mic> nn
00:24:19 <clokep> Probably don't want to remove the ones there though. :-\
00:24:21 <clokep> Bye
00:24:39 <Mic> No, they are valid for 0.2 so they have to stay
00:24:44 <Mook> Mic: oh, http://sprunge.us/fFSI?xml for DOMi
00:24:53 <Mook> (overlay blist.xul or something)
00:25:58 <Mic> oh, thanks
00:26:17 <Mook> you're welcome. I need it anyway :p
00:26:38 <Mook> hmm, the command ids probably should be changed if I want this upstream
00:32:41 <Mic> One more thing (I sound like Steve Jobs :P): 
00:33:19 <Mic> clokep, did you ask about the window handles?
00:33:45 <clokep> No, not yet.
00:33:50 <clokep> I'll ask now.
00:34:17 <Mic> Ah, thanks. Good night then
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00:35:03 <clokep> Mook: Songbird has a "native window handler" component...there's a bunch of things we need to handle "natively" (in particular we want to integrate with a running Skype instance, which requires this on Windows). Is there better documenation of what's available in that class besides the idl?
00:35:06 <clokep> Our bug is bug 583
00:35:10 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=583 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Need binary component to handle "native windows"
00:38:24 <instantbot> clokep@gmail.com added attachment 422 to bug 625.
00:38:25 <instantbot> clokep@gmail.com requested review from florian@instantbird .org for attachment 422 on bug 625.
00:38:27 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=625 nor, --, ---, clokep, ASSI, Findbar broken on Windows in Conversation window
00:42:21 <Mook> clokep: no, not really
00:42:39 <Mook> it's just basically "stuff we use to hack in talking with the OS"
00:43:34 <clokep> Alright.
00:44:02 <clokep> I know the... setOnTop we'd be interesting in using. ;)
00:44:26 <clokep> We're looking for some way to send window messages and neither of us have had time to look into do ing it from scratch.
00:58:52 <Mook> hmm. if I closed the server view (of IRC), how do I get it back?
00:59:19 <Mook> the accounts window says I'm still connected, and I can /query myself...
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00:59:40 <clokep> You mean the sand.mozilla.org window?
00:59:48 <Mook> yeah
00:59:51 <clokep> Why do you need it up? :)
00:59:59 <clokep> You can just /msg stuff if you need to.
01:00:07 <Mook> I.. probably don't, you're right, just felt odd
01:00:12 <Mook> if it's important enough to show once... :p
01:00:26 <clokep> We have an extension that hides it actually. ;)
01:01:16 <clokep> I want that information to go someplace else (into like a server log UI type thing), but...haven't done that obviously. :)
01:03:00 <Mook> heh
01:03:18 <Mook> now to figure out how to create a fake contact, since I've decided flo's way was better UI... :)
01:05:10 <Mook> haha, the default theme is incompatible
01:05:40 <Mook> is there a JS shell like extension developer's extension for firefox?
01:06:19 <clokep> Not that anyone has ever ported. :-\
01:06:54 <Mook> okay
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01:15:51 <Mook> what's the difference between a contact and a buddy?
01:16:24 <clokep> A contact represents a person.
01:16:28 <clokep> So it can contain multiple buddies.
01:16:35 <Mook> ah
01:16:39 <clokep> I.e. I know Bob and talk to him on GTalk sometimes and on AIM other times.
01:17:05 <clokep> And an AccountBuddy connects a Buddy to an Account I believe? And a ConvChatBuddy is a buddy in a chat room. :)
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05:45:19 <Mook_ib> because reimplementing things is fun: http://i.imgur.com/cJSrz.png. still need to figure out how to convince it to style things correctly though
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10:49:07 <Mic> hello
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12:46:54 <flo> Hello :)
12:55:20 <hicham> Morning
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14:11:09 <instantbot> florian@instantbird.org granted review for attachment 421 on bug 622.
14:11:12 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=622 enh, --, 0.3a1, mook.moz+bugs.instantbird, RESO FIXED, Move menu.xul.inc into an overlay
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16:06:12 <zachlr> Hey guys.  Since this morning I keep getting a "Software update failed: Please make sure there are no other copies of instantbird running." dialog.  I've checked, and it's the only instance running, and I've since restarted windows.  
16:08:19 <clokep> zachlr I haven't had any problems, but haven't updated today yet.
16:08:28 <clokep> It's possible that you got a corrupted download file.
16:09:07 <zachlr> clokep, Hmm, must just be me then.  I'll try downloading a fresh nightly installer and see if that fixes it. 
16:09:23 * clokep is trying the update now.
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16:09:59 <clokep> zachlr: I got it too.
16:11:52 <zachlr> Good, that means I didn't break it :P.
16:17:19 <zachlr> clokep, I just installed a new copy from the FTP site.  It seems to be working; it says there are no new updates now.
16:17:54 <clokep> Oh OK. I'll just wait until tomorrow. :)
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16:35:42 <clokep> Hey flo. :) Posted a patch for one of my graphical flaws, but the other I tried a bunch of different things for and couldn't fix. :-\
16:36:16 <flo> is there a way to reproduce it without buying Windows7?
16:36:32 <clokep> Uhhh....
16:36:43 <clokep> Buy Windows Vista? ;)
16:36:50 <clokep> Not sure if it happens on that though.
16:37:10 <clokep> Are we talking about the findbar or the input box?
16:37:47 <flo> aren't they both the same problem?
16:38:44 <clokep> Yes, but the findbar one can be fixed by applying that CSS to /only/ the conversation input box (which is what the patch does).
16:39:01 <flo> yeah, I saw the patch, it looks good.
16:42:55 <clokep> I think by making it inherit it somehow gets -moz-appearance plain or something applied to it? I'm not sure what's going on exactly. CSS isn't my strong suit.
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16:49:13 <clokep> I think this is the issue we're having: http://markmail.org/message/fyxzm7rcc4aqba2x#query:+page:1+mid:brrzg2a2fixkoiiz+state:results
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17:02:53 <flo> clokep: seems the opposite
17:03:07 <flo> usually when moz-apparence is anything but none, all other CSS attributes are ignored
17:03:28 <flo> what you experience seems (to me) like a bug of the aero native theming
17:04:14 <clokep> Perhaps, is there anything I can try to test it?
17:04:43 <clokep> (Or someone we can ask on IRC/mailing list that might know what's supposed to happen in this case. :))
17:05:25 <flo> I think the first thing to do would be to create a minimized testcase with a data: url that could be tried in Firefox
17:05:56 <flo> or if it's too complicated for a data: url, a XUL file that can easily be tried in the browser
17:09:37 <clokep> OK. I'll give it a try (essentially just put a textbox in a XUL file, then add the styling we're applying? :))
17:09:54 <hicham> xulexplorer may help
17:10:09 * clokep has that somewhere...
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17:28:14 <clokep> Can I not load local XUL files into Firefox anymore? :-\
17:36:54 <Mic> I think they only allow to load XUL from chrome now or something
17:37:30 <clokep> Bah OK.
17:43:50 <Mic> http://blog.mozilla.com/addons/2010/09/14/add-ons-review-update-17/
17:44:01 <Mic> "As mentioned before, Remote XUL over HTTP and over the file:// protocol has been disabled by default."
17:48:31 <Mic> Sounds like there could be a switch to enable it, although I haven't found one
17:51:48 <clokep> Mic: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/235281/
17:53:12 <clokep> And 2 restarts later...it works.
17:57:30 <Mic> Ah, nice
17:57:57 <Mic> Might be useful one day. Sometimes I need the "XUL periodic table"..
17:58:31 <clokep> Yes. :)
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19:49:59 <flo> Good evening
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