#instantbird log on 11 19 2010

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00:36:56 <Mic> nn
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02:45:59 <wutang> I didn't see a timeline for 0.3 release...is there an estimated release date or is it too unknown right now ?
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08:09:46 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/8c4bcf263a8d - Florian Quèze - Let browser elements nagivate through links (somewhat similar to bug 516776).
08:09:47 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/02d87017c8ca - Benedikt P. - Bug 586 - join chat dialog broken (fix regression from 2a42fc158bfd).
08:09:57 <instantbot> florian@instantbird.org granted review for attachment 397 on bug 586.
08:09:59 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=586 nor, --, ---, benediktp, NEW, Account list on "Join chat" broken
08:10:48 <instantbot> florian@instantbird.org set the Resolution field on bug 586 to FIXED.
08:11:25 <flo> s/nagivate/navigate/ :(
08:11:35 <flo> and I forgot the r= on the other check-in comment.
08:11:41 <flo> bah... :(
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12:53:35 <flo> clokep: do you know what are the differences between oauthtwitterhelper.jsm and the original twitterhelper from glazou?
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14:00:16 <instantbot> New Instantbird (UI) bug 587 filed by raynaudquentin@gmail.com.
14:00:17 <instantbot> raynaudquentin@gmail.com added attachment 398 to bug 587.
14:00:18 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=587 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Account manager window messed up
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14:03:57 <Even> Much better :)
14:12:24 <flo> Even: do you think the windows failure may be caused by an outdated version of libtool?
14:13:44 <flo> I thought it was because we use VC2005, but I got a confirmation that Mozilla uses it too: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=556382#c33
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14:16:57 <Mitch> Hey, Morian. flo's the bot, right?
14:17:16 <flo> Mitch: sure :-P
14:17:54 <Mitch> I guess not. Since you're the real Florian, mind seeing if the patch on bug 590996 works?
14:18:28 * Mitch goes AFK for a bit
14:18:55 <flo> Mitch: so it's the same approach as the previous workaround, but nobody knows why we are seeing this?
14:19:51 <Even> flo: Yes, it's perfectly possible.
14:19:54 <Mitch> I thought it was clear that it's matching -L parameters.
14:19:59 <Even> flo: Do you mean I have to update mozilla build ?
14:20:19 <flo> Mitch: what is not clear is why the m-c tinderbox doesn't fail like this.
14:20:32 <Even> flo: Because I'm procrastinating this one since a long time now. I would have appreciated to be able to do it some more :-P
14:20:35 <Mitch> That is weird.
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14:20:52 <flo> Mitch: but if you are inclined to push the fix/workaround if it works for us, it's perfect, we will test it and confirm the result as soon as possible ;).
14:21:03 * Even don't like changes that can break a lot of things
14:21:31 <Mitch> flo: Okay. Just flip the feedback flag on the patch when you do. :)
14:21:48 <Mitch> I'll get shaver or someone to review if it works.
14:21:49 <flo> Mitch: ok, will do! Thanks! :)
14:22:19 <flo> I tried to get some attention in bug 590996 by requesting the blocking flag, but it didn't work ;)
14:24:50 <Mitch> Yeah...that doesn't work if it doesn't affect Firefox.
14:25:19 <flo> approval-2.0? doesn't work either for reviewed patches ;)
14:26:08 <Mitch> Are there any bugs in particular blocking Instantbird?
14:26:08 <flo> I'm afraid pinging someone on IRC is the only way that currently works.
14:27:06 <flo> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=591341 was where I requested approval
14:29:18 <Mitch> It has tests and everything.
14:29:20 * Mitch sighs
14:29:42 <flo> It seem the a- was a mass change without reading the individual bugs
14:30:20 <Mitch> I suppose in the meantime you could find somewhere in Firefox for those new values to be used and go BAM! Important.
14:31:38 <flo> without https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=591837 the other patch is not of much value (the goal was to be able to use instantbird with an unpatched xulrunner. Those are the only 2 patches we currently apply against mozilla that are actually part of the build)
14:32:13 <flo> Mitch: yeah, it's a good solution. Another is to pretend something is a regression caused by a patch for a blocker ;).
14:32:30 <Mitch> rofl
14:33:04 <Mitch> I hope Firefox 4.1 won't be as ambitious as 4.0.
14:33:24 <flo> there will be all the backlog of unapproved patches of the last few months
14:33:36 <Mitch> Sure, OVER 9000 bugs have been fixed, but it's taken ages.
14:34:07 <Mitch> (*note that's not a real statistic)
14:35:28 <flo> and the real statistics include the fixes for regressions caused by the previous bug fixes ;)
14:40:08 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/fa7306c25273 - Mitchell Field - Workaround regression from 'Bug 556382 - Link 32-bit Windows builds with LARGEADDRESSAWARE'
14:40:27 <Mitch> lolol
14:41:55 <flo> I'm not sure of if I can find a blocking bug to blame for our current Mac build failure :)
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14:52:45 <flo> Mitch: the in progress build has already passed the directory where it used to fail. So I guess the patch works. :)
14:52:59 <Mitch> pwnage
14:53:09 <flo> do you think "MSIL .netmodule or module compiled with /GL found; restarting link with /LTCG; add /LTCG to the link command line to improve linker performance" is a warning we should worry about?
15:00:26 <Mitch> flo: That's filed I think. IIRC the response was that it's not important because it doesn't seem to happen in production.
15:00:45 <Mitch> Or it does and someone hasn't written a patch.
15:10:19 <flo> ok :)
15:11:10 <flo> it happens in other places too, but I was wondering if the "-LTCG) continue" part of the patch wasn't responsible for adding some more occurrences
15:11:41 <instantbot> tymerkaev@gmail.com cleared the Resolution 'WORKSFORME' from bug 511.
15:11:44 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=511 enh, --, ---, nobody, UNCO, VIEW menu
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15:29:46 <Mitch> Mic|away: I think you'll find that the fewer menus and menu items the better.
15:31:24 <flo> Mitch: was this actually for Mic?
15:32:21 <Mitch> flo: I got the bug reporter and first commenter mixed up for that bug above.
15:33:16 <Mitch> flo: You could probably get away with amalgamating all the menu items into one menu.
15:34:18 <flo> I don't think that would be an improvement on mac.
15:34:23 <Mitch> An "Instantbird" menu, like the Firefox button in FF4, but just a regular menu.
15:34:47 <Mitch> Why?
15:35:09 <flo> but on Windows/linux, having a way to open a menu containing everything from a button or something would probably save some space :)
15:35:43 <flo> Mitch: on mac it wouldn't save any space, we would still have the full menu bar (at the top of the screen)
15:36:04 <Mitch> Mac adds a Tools menu?
15:37:09 <Mitch> Unlikely, but I guess you mean it adds a native help menu.
15:37:20 <flo> http://queze.net/goinfre/mac-menus.png
15:39:04 <Mitch> Sure, not the Window menu, but what about the others?
15:39:30 <Mitch> I thought Mactards get a kick out of minimalism. :P
15:39:34 <flo> how would it improve things to merge them if we still have the whole menu bar?
15:40:19 <flo> ("Files" and "Tools" are probably seriously mis-named anyway)
15:40:37 <Mitch> Because they're seriously misnamed.
15:41:04 <Mitch> Looking for a function? It's in the menu. *The* menu. ;)
15:41:56 <flo> if merging them is just a way to hide all the crap in one place and the respective items keep being misnamed, there's still a lot of room to get confused ;)
15:42:36 <Mitch> Freeing up space could even make room for getting certain menu items out of the menus and into the menubar itself, if they're really important.
15:43:40 <Mitch> OH GEEZ
15:44:06 <flo> like listing the conversations there instead of in tabs? ;)
15:44:07 <Mitch> There's a status item in the File menu, even though the widget is on the main UI.
15:44:22 <Mitch> I guess that menu's shared with convo windows though.
15:44:36 <Mitch> flo: Possibly.
15:44:42 <flo> yes, and in the future it will be possible to close the buddy list without closing the application
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19:45:45 <Mic> clokep: removed 10% of the lines from buddy status, it's better looking now and has even more comments :) Unfortunately it still doesn't work with the latest nightlies :(
19:47:39 <Mic> Services.jsm is such a useful thing :)
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19:52:12 <hicham> what is causing it to not work ?
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19:52:36 <Mic> Still the new buddy list backend, it hasn't been working since it landed
19:53:03 <Mic> I'm fixing it right now. I even moved it to an own repository and wrote a nice makefile to make things simpler in future
19:53:07 <clokep> flo: oauthtwitterhelper vs. twitterhelper: I do know the differences, I made the. I restructured all the functions to not make a request, but just to return the proper JSON object to make the request.
19:53:15 <Mic> I guess I'll adopt this for all of my extensions
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20:04:51 <clokep> How's everyone doing today?
20:05:17 <Mic> I'm fine thanks, how are you?
20:07:29 <clokep> OK. Sitting inmy friends office while he's in class.
20:07:33 <clokep> Had an interview today near him.
20:07:55 <Mic> How did it go?
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20:08:31 <clokep> Good I think. Not positive it's something I want to do, would need to talk to them more I 'pose.
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20:09:32 <Mic> Looks like "status noise" is back :S
20:10:01 <clokep> In your extension? :(
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20:10:42 <Mic> Yes.
20:12:03 <clokep> Good to hear you removed 10% of the lines (just got to the part of the log. :))
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20:18:22 <Mic> Connection issues :S
20:18:53 <Mic> A truck lost it's trailer here and it rolled back downhill, levelling a switch box
20:19:08 <Mic> We had no connection for almost the whole day :D
20:19:15 <Mic> *its
20:20:56 <clokep> Ouch, that's not fun. :(
20:21:49 <Mic> It's ok. I'm glad nobody was hurt
20:22:17 <Mic> And I noticed how much distracting it is to be online all the time
20:28:30 <clokep> Yes, it can be distracting. :-\
20:29:14 <hicham> you can die in front of your computer ;)
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20:41:33 <Mic> It's working again but it's no nice code yet :(
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20:49:10 <clokep> This might interest flo: http://lifehacker.com/5693745/best-mobile-instant-messaging-application
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20:54:54 <hicham> Mic : the truck is hitting the cables continuously ? :D
20:58:35 <Mic> No, not really ;)
20:58:52 <Mic> That's only the least part of my restarting that you've noticed in here
20:59:21 <Mic> I've done it a bit more excessive with another profile. To the point that I was temporarily banned from ICQ ;)
21:00:17 <hicham> are you on linux now ?
21:00:44 <Mic> No, sorry
21:01:04 <Mic> Remind me on monday, I'll try your extension then
21:02:18 <Mic> (assuming that it's working on 64bit systems?)
21:03:25 <Mic> good night
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21:03:44 <clokep> Night.
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21:55:56 <Mic> wb flo
22:10:11 <flo> clokep: changing the indentation to use tabs was not a great idea :(
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22:26:30 <Mic> It seems that there are still a few people using 0.2b1, 0.2b2 and 0.2pre
22:26:39 <Mic> I wonder what keeps them from updating
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22:44:05 <hicham> Good Evening Monsieur flo :)
22:52:15 <flo> Mic: where have you seen these people?
22:54:25 <Mic> They appear on the addon statistics page
22:56:52 <flo> I guess we should check that the update system works for these versions
23:08:05 <Mic> It doesn't look like a common problem, it's been only one for each of these version in the more recent past
23:08:44 <Mic> (I can speak for Buddy Status users only, of course)
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23:37:47 <flo> Good night! :)
23:37:58 <hicham> Good night