#instantbird log on 11 15 2010

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00:29:31 <clokep> Mic: I actually saw RMS speak at my school. He's exactly what you think he is.
00:29:44 <clokep> And I agree 100%, Linux Package management is awesome, but too many different versions of stuff.
00:31:33 <clokep> And proofreading now...
00:37:31 <clokep> Mic: Done proofreading. I assume it hasn't been posted yet? ;)
00:37:54 <Mic> hi
00:38:02 <Mic> No, not that I'd know of it
00:39:09 <Mic> I'm afraid that won't help when discussing about RMS with someone btw
00:39:47 <Mic> Imagine saying: "... and RMS is really as weird as it seems. That guy on the Internet told me .. " :P
00:40:27 <Mic> Thanks for prrofreading
00:43:29 <clokep> Hahah. Well. I tried. :)
00:43:38 <clokep> I took out some text i felt was extraneous.
00:43:42 <clokep> I still don't like the second paragraph though
00:44:47 <Mic> Thanks for the improvements
00:45:02 <Mic> *corrections
00:48:23 <Mic> The second paragraph isn't good, that's true
00:55:54 <clokep> I tried to fix it, but I think I made it worse?
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01:08:19 <Mic> I rewrote the second paragraph
01:08:22 <Mic> What do you think?
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01:09:59 <clokep> One second.
01:10:39 <clokep> I think it's better.
01:13:29 <Mic> What about "might"? I'm always a bit unsure with auxiliary verbs ..
01:16:01 <Mic> "may" could be better?
01:16:13 <clokep> "Subsequently some tasks, such as posting status updates, will occasionally be performed by people besides Florian, in fact this entry was written by Benedikt P."
01:16:29 <clokep> I think leave out the "I hope you find it as informative as his"? :-\
01:17:58 <Mic> Sounds good, let's take that
01:19:25 <Mic> I wonder if we should announce what additional locales there are for
01:21:28 <clokep> That might be good.
01:21:30 <clokep> Do we know? :)
01:22:44 <Mic> Flo seems to know
01:24:49 <Mic> Good night
01:25:40 <clokep> 'night.
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12:39:38 <flo> Hello :)
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13:00:20 <Mic|web2> flo: some things concerning the status update: which locales will be added and is a Twitter protocol plugin really going to be part of 0.3a1?
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13:01:44 <flo> for the locales, we will add at least es (Spanish), probably nl, and maybe a few others (uk?)
13:01:44 <Mic|web2> I'll fix some minor problems with formulations and add an additional link to the Services.jsm changeset as soon as I can remember my wiki-password.
13:01:55 <Mic|web2> It's fine from my side then
13:02:12 <flo> not really sure about the twitter protocol plugin.
13:02:28 <flo> It's more a "I would like to" than a "we will definitely do it"
13:02:55 <Mic|web2> I could leave the "more visible changes" and the list of locales away to keep the tension for the next update ;)
13:03:12 <flo> hehe :)
13:03:40 <flo> I would say "which will include" instead of "which includes" (as It's not done / commited yet ;))
13:05:11 <Mic|web2> bbl
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13:11:04 <Mic|away> And I'd need to know which markup the blog-software uses. Plain html?
13:11:22 <flo> yes, plain HTML
13:11:58 <flo> the post is included automatically in a <div class="post"> </div> tag if I remember well
13:40:47 <flo> Mic: images for the mac change:
13:40:55 <flo> http://blog.instantbird.org/images/tabs8-macosxactiveinactive.png
13:40:56 <flo> http://blog.instantbird.org/images/tabs8-macosxactiveinactive-trunk.png
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15:53:45 <Mic> hello
15:54:13 <clokep> Hello.
16:22:38 <hicham> hi
16:23:23 <hicham> Mic : using windows or linux right now ?
16:23:51 <Mic> Linux but I'm very busy working at the moment, sorry
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19:51:20 <flo> Good evening :)
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20:54:00 <Mic> I've seen two Windows-Instantbird instances that were unable to connect to ICQ today, can anyone confirm that as well?
20:54:29 <Mic> The account manager displays "Error: Unknown reason"
20:54:38 * clokep doesn't have an ICQ account.
20:54:44 <clokep> But I'm willing to make one if you want. :)
21:10:46 <Mic> I was using it on Linux today already, it either happened after I went hope or is Windows specific
21:11:04 <Mic> If you've got a spare minute to check, why not? :)
21:12:31 <clokep> What's the site?
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21:12:48 <clokep> I found it. :)
21:15:56 <clokep> How can I get my actual username? ;)
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21:16:56 <clokep> I only have my email I used, do I need the number?
21:19:24 <Mic> The number is what you use to set up the account
21:19:34 <Mic> It's a unique number and it's how you identify users
21:20:13 <clokep> I wasn't given it?
21:20:47 <Mic> oh, maybe they emailed it to you?
21:21:02 <clokep> It's saying to log-in w/ the email I used?
21:21:07 <Mic> I haven't registered an account for years, I'm sorry I don't know
21:21:07 <clokep> "You can now sign in to ICQ with clokep@gmail.com and your password."
21:21:26 <Mic> Interesting, maybe that's working since AIM and ICQ merged
21:22:13 <Mic> Iirc you could sign in with "@mac.com" accounts once as well (?)
21:22:44 <Mic> flo: here's the status update with HTML markup
21:22:44 <Mic> http://pastebin.instantbird.com/461
21:23:45 <clokep> Mic: Maybe...but I just signed up ICQ, go the confirm email, etc. :-\
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21:24:11 <Mic> Strange ... maybe that's why ICQ suffers a decline in active users? :P
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21:24:47 <Mic> The posting became pretty long :S
21:28:15 <Mic> Sorry, I forgot adding the style for underline on the last pastebin, here's the fixed one: http://pastebin.instantbird.com/462
21:35:27 <clokep> There's a flash client I'm using. :) http://www.icq.com/webicq/banias/ga/icq/98/WidgetMain.html
21:36:44 <clokep> Mic: I also got "Unknown reason"
21:36:58 <Mic> On Instantbird or the webclient as well?
21:37:16 <clokep> Instantbird only.
21:37:18 <clokep> Web client worked.
21:38:53 <Mic> Let's see if the problem persists
21:39:03 <Mic> Going to file a bug if it's not gone by tomorrow
21:40:46 * clokep should file a bug about not being able to sign in w/ emails.
22:00:46 <Mic> clokep: you're using regexp pretty much, don't you? There was an interesing posting on planet.mozilla.org recently about performace issues that might occur and how to test your regexps to avoid them
22:01:17 <clokep> "recently"?
22:01:29 <clokep> Like today?
22:02:10 <clokep> http://blog.mozilla.com/webdev/2010/11/15/avoiding-catastrophic-backtracking-in-apache-rewriterule-patterns/ ?
22:02:19 <Mic> Yes
22:02:41 <Mic> I only remembered that it wasn't on top when I read it
22:03:19 <clokep> But that's about apache?
22:03:58 <Mic> It links to a more general page
22:04:54 <Mic> And even the article is about regexp matching .. he feeds his rewrite rules into this regexp tool to analyze them, doesn't he?
22:04:58 <clokep> I'm using a couple of regexps in IRC yes, is that what you mean?
22:05:24 <clokep> Yes, but I'm confused about why I'm supposed to be looking at this?
22:05:33 <clokep> Is there a specific reason or just in general?
22:05:39 <Mic> In general
22:06:37 <clokep> Oh Ok.
22:06:48 <clokep> I was confused and thought you meant for a specific thing we had talked about. :)
22:17:11 <clokep> I'll read it in a bit.
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23:26:41 <clokep> Mic1: Interesting article. I've used Regex Buddy before, it's neat.
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23:46:27 <Mic1> I'm impressed on the ongoing popularity of BUddy Status. People really seem to miss this functionality.
23:46:49 <Mic1> There were over 100 downloads last week and there wasn't even an update in this time
23:47:21 <Mic1> I guess we should provide this functionality built-in?
23:47:37 <clokep> Maybe.
23:47:41 <clokep> I don't think there's been any bugs about it. ;)
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23:48:25 <Mic1> There aren't. Let me check the roadmap first, maybe something's planned anyways
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23:48:51 <Mic1> Ah: "configurable notifications for events" for 0.3
23:48:56 <Mic1> Should be it
23:50:35 <clokep> Merge it. ;)
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23:53:54 <Mic1> The thing I like most is the creation of the icons :)
23:54:07 <Mic1> Even though it is just taking two images and creating a new one
23:57:59 <clokep> Yeah, that's nifty how you did that.