#instantbird log on 11 11 2010

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00:00:13 * clokep doesn't understand spicebird.
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00:02:18 <hicham> clokep: it is a collaboration suite
00:02:27 <flo> http://www.spicebird.com/spicebird/license says "The base for instant messaging is taken from xmpp4moz (version: which is licensed under the same licensing terms (tri-license) as above. Some other files related to instant messaging are derived from sameplace which is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL)."
00:04:14 <clokep> "collaboration suite"...isn't it just email, IM and browsing in one though?
00:04:51 <flo> they have something about integrating a CMS (drupal) in their roadmap for 1.0
00:05:01 <flo> so it seems they also want some document editing feature
00:05:14 <clokep> This sounds a lot like SeaMonkey + IM to me. :)
00:07:00 <flo> it sounds a lot like "not competing with us in any way" to me ;)
00:07:11 <clokep> :)
00:07:40 <clokep> I merged your jsProto changes into my code. :) Once I get some free time I'm gonna try really hard to get a working chat open.
00:08:11 <flo> do you want me to look at it?
00:08:19 <clokep> No, not right now.
00:08:22 <flo> I guess twitter will need a MUC too for the timeline
00:08:24 <clokep> I don't even remember the issue I was having.
00:08:38 <clokep> Or a totally separate type of conversation. ;)
00:09:16 <flo> any idea about how it would be separate?
00:10:08 <clokep> Not a list of users that were involved, include more meta-data than just the message (the icon? links to retweet, etc.)?
00:11:54 <clokep> I'm not sure.
00:12:10 <clokep> I'm gonna veto my own idea here actually, it wouldn't fit inot the UI well then.
00:16:10 <clokep> What are you working on now flo? What's the next "big thing"?
00:16:38 <flo> I'm not really sure
00:16:46 <flo> (so, not really working hard on something)
00:17:38 <clokep> Ah OK.
00:17:45 <flo> but, for the near future, I plan to either rewrite purpleIAccountsService in JS so that it also does the duty of the current purpleIAccountBase
00:17:59 <flo> or start playing with twitter
00:18:25 <clokep> Which sounds more fun? :)
00:19:19 <flo> playing more with Omegle and Eliza
00:19:40 <flo> I'd like to have a way to make one reply to the other, and just sit there watching the ongoing conversation :-D
00:20:00 <clokep> Hmmm...
00:22:05 <clokep> I have some kind of enat code I should probably put up somewhere but it's really unfinished. :-\
00:22:07 <hicham> msn frequently disconnect
00:22:19 <hicham> gtalk and yahoo are ok
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00:31:11 <flo> Good night :)
00:32:07 <clokep> 'night.
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01:22:37 * clokep doesn't understand why so many people say "instabird"
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01:37:01 <hicham> a reduced form ;)
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10:30:38 <Mic> hello
10:46:00 * Mic didn't know that you can create a file with the id of an extension in a profiles extension folder and make it point to a different location by just entering the full path as content of this text file.
10:46:33 <Mic> Seems to be called "Firefox extension proxy file" (https://developer.mozilla.org/en/Setting_up_extension_development_environment#Firefox_extension_proxy_file)
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12:26:14 <iLobster> Greetings
12:27:39 <clokep> Hello.
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12:27:54 <clokep> Mic: That's how I do all my extensions. :) Keeps me from destroying them by mistake if the program decides to delete them.
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12:30:24 <Mic> I used to do develop unpacked in the global extension folder in the application directory
12:30:48 <Mic> I didn't like the profile folder for exactly this reason
12:33:10 <Mic> Good to know that there's a better solution
12:34:27 <Mic> I wanted to try this junctions-stuff on windows but was never motivated enough to start
12:34:51 <iLobster> I have one question about jabber and warning in error console. Warning: Could not validate caps info from <some user from my list>. Expected <long row of letters and numbers here>, got <another long row of letters and numbers here>. Is it libpurple issue or jabber server issue (jabber.org in my case)? And is it good or bad?
12:36:52 <Mic> I have no problem with my jabber.org account
12:37:58 <Mic> Could you pastebin the message? Don't hide the rows of letters, since they seem the reason for this message
12:38:20 <clokep> iLobster: Could also be an issue with the other user's client maybe?
12:38:44 * Mic is annoyed by CoCreateInstance() FAILED-spam on the error console.
12:46:40 <iLobster> clokep: Hmm... may be you right... I got this error only from 2 of "buddies" and one of then is using qutIM and another is gate to another IM network. No errors from another buddies from jabber.org
12:48:21 <clokep> Hmm...:-\ Looks like we'd need a bit more testing.
12:52:44 <iLobster> example of warning: http://pastebin.instantbird.com/455
12:57:06 <clokep> I don't know much about the jabber protocol unfortunately.
12:58:36 <flo> this warning doesn't seem scary to me
12:59:00 <flo> I don't understand well the surrounding code of the xmpp libpurple plugin to know exactly what this means
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15:24:30 <clokep> flo: I was thinking in terms of server messages we could really use a better way to show them.
15:25:23 <clokep> Some sort of persistent conversation tab maybe?  Except it's not viewable in the normal tab list?
15:26:21 <clokep> Almost like an "app" tab I think? But like a "server" tab that would include server messages, chanserv messages, etc.?
15:26:31 <clokep> I'm not sure, just a thought.
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16:08:44 <flo> clokep: which server messages do you want to show?
16:08:59 <flo> is this for IRC only, or something that would apply to all/most protocols?
16:08:59 <clokep> IRC ones I guess.
16:09:08 <clokep> Maybe all of them.
16:09:15 <clokep> Maybe my bug about the error console?
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16:14:49 <deOmega> Gm  folks
16:15:09 <clokep> Hello deOmega.
16:15:40 <flo> clokep: are there IRC server messages that are worth reading for the average user?
16:15:46 <deOmega> just stopped by to say that I have been using Firefox beta 7 with the acceleration and have not had any problems with distortion
16:16:00 <clokep> flo: MotD, etc.
16:16:08 <clokep> Auth messages from chanserv, etc.
16:18:34 <flo> do you think people really want to read that? (I don't ;))
16:19:06 <clokep> But I think it's useful to get to sometimes.
16:19:19 <clokep> Like occasionally I want to send stuff to the chanserv, but get no response cause the tab is killed.
16:36:55 <flo> so this would be a bit like the error console (something we check when something looks strange or broken) but more suitable for understanding what happened to IM accounts?
16:38:18 <clokep> I think so. Including status and error messages from the server?
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21:07:18 <deOmega> flo: I am seeing the problem show up  now and then in my browser.  So i stand corrected... guess i  file a bug to  firefox
21:07:43 <flo> ok! thanks for confirming it :)
21:09:04 <deOmega> It is really hard to see  seeing that so many entry areas have drop-down annoyances.. but when  in a place without them, i am seeing it
21:11:10 <deOmega> night
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23:37:04 <Mic> hi
23:37:37 <clokep> Good evening!