#instantbird log on 10 24 2010

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00:01:01 <hicham> s/guro/guru
00:01:40 <hicham> how are search engines used in IB ?
00:01:42 <hicham> k
00:01:48 <hicham> i see no search box
00:04:16 <Mic> Highlight some text in a conversation and use the context menu to access them
00:04:38 <hicham> IB reports my msn buddies as being blocked
00:05:37 <hicham> weird
00:10:39 <skeledrew> what's required for creating a file transfer add-on? where can i get the implementation info?
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00:14:50 <Mic> There's a file transfer API in libpurple as it seems ( http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/purple/libpurple/ft.c ) but
00:14:58 <Mic> it's not scriptable/usable from javascript
00:15:21 <skeledrew> only from C?
00:15:29 <hicham> flo : i remarked that you are bundle libxml and glib headers in the source tarball
00:15:36 <Mic> So I guess you'd need a binary component to access it or write your own file sharing method (ie using a file hosting service?)
00:15:45 <skeledrew> !
00:15:49 <Mic> and send links around ..
00:16:01 <skeledrew> no way
00:16:07 <flo> using a file hosting service for an add-on looks good
00:16:11 <Mic> The latter wouldn't help with accepting file transfers
00:16:18 <Mic> from other clients
00:16:28 <skeledrew> Mic: exactly
00:16:38 <skeledrew> that's the main reason
00:17:18 <Mic> Have you considered changing to AIM or MSN /... as IM client?
00:17:24 <Mic> sorry :P
00:17:32 <skeledrew> lol
00:17:44 <skeledrew> actually, i've never tried them before
00:17:51 <skeledrew> and i'm not interested :p
00:18:27 <Mic> I guess neither is using gtk, so I guess they're better than Pidgin
00:18:28 <Mic> scnr
00:18:33 <skeledrew> so reimplementing the libpurple FT API in JS will make it compat with general clients right?
00:18:47 <flo> hicham: not just the headers, the full glib and libxml2 source code
00:19:03 <skeledrew> hmm
00:19:09 <flo> on Windows and linux we build them and link them statically into libpurple so that there won't be any dependency :)
00:19:25 <hicham> oh
00:19:41 <skeledrew> well at least Pidgin has FT, though it's glitchy
00:19:43 <hicham> i didn't remark that
00:19:59 <hicham> that would make the exception ticket look bad
00:20:14 <flo> ooops
00:20:17 <flo> s/linux/mac/
00:20:22 <flo> (it's late, sorry ^^')
00:21:15 <flo> on Linux if GTK works enough to start XULRunner, we can reasonably assume we will find a usable glib in the system
00:22:21 <Mic> skeledrew: what about using a file sharing service for outgoing file transfers and trying to enable libpurple's glitchy (I never tried it) file transfers for incoming?
00:23:02 <Mic> So you can atleast try to accept incoming transfers and send using a more reliable way?
00:25:17 <Mic> Now I'm talking about things that I have only little idea of:
00:25:45 <flo> Good night
00:25:54 <Mic> I guess you need to create a binary component or to patch Instantbird with an interface definition to support scripting this api
00:25:57 <Mic> good night
00:26:03 <skeledrew> flo: g'night
00:26:05 <Mic> (leaving in a few minutes as well)
00:26:22 <skeledrew> Mic: i was kinda thinking that
00:26:41 <flo> skeledrew: you need to patch purplexpcom to access the libpurple API in JS
00:27:08 <skeledrew> ooh
00:27:19 <skeledrew> never patched anything before
00:27:42 <skeledrew> i don't even know the procedure
00:28:04 <Mic> Neither do I but it could be fun trying
00:28:05 <skeledrew> is there a tutorial for that lying around?
00:28:31 <skeledrew> Mic: i know
00:28:34 <Mic> Maybe try looking at the idl files
00:28:44 <skeledrew> k
00:29:13 <Mic> You might need to add it to some makefiles then and so on
00:29:29 <skeledrew> k...
00:29:42 <skeledrew> that is pretty deep for me right now
00:30:07 <skeledrew> i'll check the IDLs though
00:30:18 <skeledrew> i need a sample patch...
00:30:55 <Mic> I'm not sure there's something like a sample patch for this in Ib?
00:35:50 <skeledrew> i just want general info, do's, don't's, etc. something that works so i can get a better idea of what to do
00:39:45 <Mic> I'm sorry I can't help anything more than this at the moment
00:40:00 <Mic> I need to go
00:40:00 <skeledrew> k
00:40:05 <skeledrew> researching...
00:40:10 <skeledrew> k
00:40:43 <Mic> I'd need to look into how building works, what's the thing with the headers and classes of purplexpcom and the idl's
00:41:02 <Mic> So I guess you're faster waiting for flo being back tomorrow or the next days ;)
00:41:12 <skeledrew> k...
00:41:15 <skeledrew> lol
00:41:20 <skeledrew> alrighty
00:55:54 <Mic> good night
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09:49:59 <hicham> morning flo
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10:06:54 <flo> hello :)
10:09:38 <hicham> flo : http://code.google.com/p/firetray/issues/detail?id=145
10:12:08 <flo> :)
10:13:59 <hicham> once i get back a descent connection, i will try with IB 0.3
10:15:23 <hicham> if you have some time, plz checkout latest firetray trunk with that patch and see if it works there
10:18:33 <flo> ok.
10:18:50 * flo is still fighting a crash he encountered yesterday evening
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11:21:59 <Mic> hello
11:24:56 <hicham> hi senior Mic
11:25:15 <Mic> 'Mic' will do ;)
11:25:24 <Mic> How are you?
11:25:31 <hicham> i am fine, thanks for asking
11:25:35 <hicham> what about you ?
11:25:39 <hicham> still in the lab ?
11:26:23 <Mic> No, my lab is gone. We're moving it to another university, so all I'll until the end of my thesis is theoretical stuff
11:26:32 <Mic> I'm fine thanks
11:26:56 <hicham> PhD thesis ?
11:28:40 <Mic> not yet, a diploma thesis
11:28:53 <Mic> gtg again (preparing lunch)
11:28:54 <hicham> good luck
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14:33:21 <Mic> Shall I take a look at some parts of the buddy list backend patch btw?
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15:58:31 <flo> Mic: if you are interested, yes :)
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16:09:38 <Mic> It was more on a I'd do if it's necessary-basis
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16:12:01 <flo> you probaby want to read the new .idl file
16:12:06 <flo> *probably
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17:02:16 * flo likes bug 542. Both of the suggestions there seem better than the confusing thing we have :)
17:02:18 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=542 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Reformat "Content" Tab of Options
17:06:47 <flo> best idea of the day: put a printf in nsXPCException::Initialize after http://mxr.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/source/js/src/xpconnect/src/xpcexception.cpp#367 instead of writing try { ... } catch(e) {dump(e + "\n");} each time I suspect a JS error is not shown in the error console.
17:09:08 <instantbot> benediktp@ymail.com added attachment 386 to bug 542.
17:09:10 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=542 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Reformat "Content" Tab of Options
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17:43:01 <Mic> clokep: I'm not sure if we should pack all these details into one screen
17:43:29 <clokep> Mic: Half of them are repeats.
17:45:40 <Mic> Would be cool if we had a preview there as well
17:45:58 <clokep> Now that's an idea I like. :)
17:46:51 <Mic> With an ugly, big, pink, comic sans example :P
17:47:17 <clokep> With black background.
17:47:42 <Mic> light green? ;)
17:49:16 <clokep> :)
17:51:10 <Mic> Just to make sure they realize what the web has in store for them ;)
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18:20:59 * clokep thinks he finally has a good patch for bug 543
18:21:03 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=543 enh, --, ---, clokep, NEW, Text Modifier for plaintext formatting
18:24:47 <clokep> flo: For the text modifier bugs, one of lines nearby is over 80 characters, should I fix that while I'm in this code for the ofrmatting?
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18:46:38 <instantbot> clokep@gmail.com added attachment 387 to bug 543.
18:46:39 <instantbot> clokep@gmail.com requested review from florian@instantbird .org for attachment 387 on bug 543.
18:46:40 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=543 enh, --, ---, clokep, NEW, Text Modifier for plaintext formatting
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19:48:04 <Mic> clokep: the patch looks nice
19:48:28 <clokep> Mic: Yeah, managed to whip it into shape. Thanks for your help.
19:48:37 <Mic> don't mention it
19:49:55 <Mic> The last lines were the overly long ones you mentioned?
19:49:58 <clokep> :) I think its clearer what's going on now though.
19:50:00 <clokep> Yes.
19:50:19 <clokep> It was only split over two lines (the first 3 parameters were on the first and the last parameter was on a separate line).
19:50:23 <Mic> Yes, I like that there's only this small if-opart
19:50:28 <clokep> It seemed weird to split the params like that.
19:50:30 <Mic> *part
19:54:43 <Mic> I wonder if we should replace this crude notification theme (on Windows) with something that looks better
19:55:10 <Mic> It should honor user themes though.. (e.g. using the dialog background color and such stuff)
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20:46:29 * Mic is now known as Mic|alsoAway
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21:24:16 <hicham> flo : good evening
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21:26:57 <flo> Good evening :)
21:27:47 <flo> clokep: have you seen that you can keep all the parameters on 2 lines and still comply with the 80-columns rule? :)
21:28:08 <clokep> flo: No...how is that possible?
21:28:19 <flo> just move "null" to the second line
21:28:30 <clokep> That's how it was...one second.
21:29:04 <clokep> Oh, but isn't that improper formatting.
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21:32:38 <flo> why improper?
21:32:52 <clokep> Sorry, one second.
21:32:56 <clokep> Trying to get some food in the oven.
21:33:00 <flo> :)
21:36:52 <clokep> Its just a style thing I guess.
21:37:05 <clokep> But I always either put all the parameters on the same line or all of them on individual lines?
21:38:45 <flo> yeah, that makes sense. But it's not what I've done in most of the code.
21:39:35 <clokep> Ohh OK. :) I didn't realize that. My bad then.
21:39:46 <flo> I tend to put them on individual line only if having them lined up clarifies things (if they are the same times of parameters, with a value obtained in the same way) or if I want to add a comment specifically about a parameter.
21:40:10 <flo> s/times/type/
21:40:16 <clokep> Fair enough. Want me to reformat and attach an updated patch?
21:40:26 <flo> not really, it's a detail :)
21:40:31 <flo> the patch looks nice by the way :)
21:40:41 <clokep> Thanks. Mic helped a lot to make it readable. ;)
21:41:09 <flo> reviews definitely help to clarify and simplify things ;)
21:46:25 <clokep> Yup! :)
21:51:33 <hicham> flo : did you have some time to try building firetray locally ?
21:52:03 <flo> not yet
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22:37:00 <instantbot> New Websites - buildbot bug 560 filed by florian@instantbird.org.
22:37:01 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=560 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Linux nightlies not uploaded (timeout while uploading)
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22:50:09 <flo> hmm, it seems I have a corrupted blist.sqlite file on my testing profile that crashes
22:51:05 <clokep> Will it just be rebuilt if you delete it?
22:51:26 <flo> for the protocols that store the list on the server, yes
22:51:46 <flo> I know (and have fixed) what corrupted it
22:52:00 <flo> I'm more worried about the behavior of the application with the file
22:52:15 <flo> I don't understand why it crashes on my mac and not on my linux machine
22:52:18 <clokep> Oh. :(
23:08:23 <clokep> If it were the other way around you could just say that its Linux and there's no support, oh well. ;)
23:08:27 <flo> I need to find a way to ensure that we don't have duplicated account buddies
23:20:03 <hicham> no support for what ?
23:20:20 <clokep> No support for anything.
23:20:34 <hicham> :)
23:20:47 <flo> hicham: that was probably a joke related to the songbird announcement ;)
23:20:48 <hicham> what do you mean by support ?
23:21:15 <clokep> Just a joke that you don't have to worry about crashes on linux and you can let them figure it out themselves.
23:21:28 <hicham> flo : that led to a community fork
23:21:31 <clokep> hicham: By support I mean "help".
23:22:04 <hicham> clokep: flo provides great support :)
23:22:10 <flo> clokep: there's probably no support for using corrupted blist.sqlite files anyway ;)
23:22:58 <clokep> hicham: I wasn't talking about flo, I was just talking about linux in general.
23:23:28 <hicham> clokep: there is professional support
23:23:46 <hicham> clokep: but you need to pay $$$
23:24:29 <clokep> hicham: It was a joke.
23:24:48 <clokep> I know there are many support options out there.
23:25:04 <clokep> The joke was that people who run linux either don't need help or should be smart enough to figure out their problems on their own.
23:26:40 <hicham> some are smarter than they need to
23:27:08 <flo> yeah, some are smart to *create* problems ;)
23:27:11 <hicham> that they do some weird actions
23:28:03 <hicham> but generally speaking, linux users contribute more
23:28:09 <hicham> at least by filing bugs
23:29:16 <hicham> i am talking from my experience on rhbz
23:29:41 <clokep> rhbz?
23:29:55 <hicham> RedHat Bugzilla
23:29:56 <flo> redhatbugzilla?
23:30:11 <flo> I would be surprised if people who have never used linux contributed bug reports there :)
23:30:34 <hicham> flo : there is ABRT
23:30:35 <clokep> Doesn't it not make sense for non-linux users to post there? ;)
23:31:15 <hicham> ABRT detects crashes automatically, and offers to file a bug
23:31:38 <hicham> with meaningful backtraces
23:36:27 * hicham hopes to update to rawhide branch soon to begin packaging IB 0.3
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23:42:09 <flo> ok, I still don't understand the difference of behavior between that linux and that mac build, but now the specific case that caused a corruption is fixed, and if a similar problem ever occurs again (JS error while loading the buddy list -> list only halfway loaded), it will be fatal.
23:42:27 <flo> Error message saying Instantbird cannot start, and offering to check for updates :)
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23:59:54 <hicham> flo : will IB 0.2's purple be updated to current 2.7.3 ?