#instantbird log on 10 06 2010

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08:31:10 <Mic> hi
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08:35:45 <Andrey> hi
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09:38:50 <instantbot> New Instantbird (UI) bug 536 filed by benediktp@ymail.com.
09:38:52 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=536 enh, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Mass-convert Adium emoticon themes
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09:48:18 <Mic|web> clokep: you were interested in having formulas in chat iirc? Maybe it's possible to transform this into an extension: http://www.maths-informatique-jeux.com/blog/frederic/?post/2010/10/05/An-XPCOM-component-to-parse-mathematical-expressions-into-MathML-%28part-2%29
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12:13:00 <Mic|web> Even: are there problems again? I can't reach neither bugzilla nor the AIO at the moment..
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12:53:08 <Even1> Mic|web: None that I can see now.
12:53:17 <Even1> Maybe it stopped since. I can't tell.
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13:52:31 <clokep> Mic: Yeah, I saw that...but Ideally I'd want it so it can find them "on the fly", ya know? But that's really tough.
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14:01:21 <clokep> Well according to xkcd, Skype is the most used message, followed by (what looks like) Windows Live Messenger, then AIM, the Yahoo, GG, GTalk, IRC. ;)
14:01:33 <clokep> Oops and QQ is bigger than all of them. :)
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14:42:03 <flo> hello :)
14:45:42 <Andrey> hi
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15:18:34 <clokep> 'morning. :)
15:19:12 <clokep> flo: I got my getParticipants problem fixed...by not attempting to inherit from GenericConversationPrototype, it'll work for now but isn't really "right."
15:19:37 <flo> uh... ok.
15:19:49 <flo> I should look seriously into this once I'm done with teh buddy list
15:21:18 <clokep> Its probably me doing something wrong, I just can't figure it out.
15:21:44 <clokep> Don't attempt to run my stuff right now though -- I broke it (I know where, just haven't had time to fix it.)
15:23:00 <flo> what makes you believe I have right now a build that could run anything? ;)
15:23:30 <clokep> Well I don't use the buddy list so...;)
15:23:35 <clokep> Just comment out lots of stuff. :P
15:27:40 <clokep> Guess this aspect of it isn't working out sa easily?
15:30:06 <flo> the buddy list?
15:30:13 <flo> I'm rewriting nearly all of it.
15:30:34 <flo> the parts that are already rewritten work :). I even have some buddy displayed in my buddy list! :)
15:30:43 <clokep> Ohh, I thought you had some of it done and that it worked on the first try?
15:30:52 <flo> but so much of it is commented out (= the old code) or contains "FIXME" that it's not usable
15:30:54 <clokep> Ohhh I see, I guess I misunderstood and thought you had most of it done. :)
15:31:33 <flo> what worked the first time was reading the existing storage in JS and creating an "enumerable" list out of it
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15:34:53 <hicham> hi flo
15:35:55 <clokep> Ohhhh, I see. Just a small part. ;)
15:49:43 <flo> I've got to go. Sorry I couldn't spend more time here today :-/.
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19:30:56 <Mic> evening
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19:43:18 <clokep> Hi
19:48:34 <clokep> What've you been working on Mic? Buddy Status was finally updated, right?
19:51:38 <Mic> Nothing really, I was a bit more busy than usual lately
19:53:30 <clokep> Yeah, me too. :(
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20:02:28 <Mic> Buddy Status notifications look better now :)
20:02:54 <Mic> At least the same-buddy-multiple-notifications-bug is gone
20:03:15 <clokep> :) That's good.
20:03:19 <clokep> Maybe I'll give it a try again. ;)
20:03:29 <clokep> Although the thing is signing into like Facebook always kills me then.
20:03:33 <Mic> Once I've updated it then ;)
20:03:45 <clokep> Cause people sign in and out all the time, but I don't usually talk to them.
20:05:06 <Mic> hmm, I'm not sure ..
20:05:29 <Mic> Either I have a problem in my code or notifications aren't send when they should be sometimes
20:05:59 <Mic> or timeouts don't work or ..whatsoever
20:08:10 <clokep> :-\
20:16:15 <Mic> I'm not sure how I could do a usable UI for editing notification settings on a group and buddy basis
20:17:00 <clokep> I think the way to do it would be to use the tags system.
20:17:01 <Mic> Any solutions I've seen for this problem so far were just bad
20:17:17 <clokep> Have a list of all tags on the left, and a list on the right for the tags to show notifications for.
20:17:50 <Mic> So far flo hasn't even convinced me that tags are a thing that could work somehow :P
20:18:14 <clokep> I'm mostly convinced. :)
20:19:32 <Mic> I could imagine it might be ok to edit settings in buddy list .. 
20:20:22 <Mic> .. that is: showing a column with a way to toggle the setting, e.g. a small speaker that could be muted or not or something like that.
20:21:02 <Mic> Something I really didn't like about the other solution was that they were opening new dialogs and recreated something like a buddy list
20:21:29 <Mic> or even worse: two lists to move buddies between
20:22:37 <clokep> If you're gonna do it w/ a speaker or something I'd think you should be able to toggle a group as wel.
20:22:44 <Mic> sure
20:23:43 <Mic> selecting multiple buddies could be useful as well, but this isn't supported by the buddy list at the moment
20:24:46 <Mic> For several buddies I imagine it could cycle through the options like "toggle on -> toggle off -> restore old state" or so
20:25:10 <clokep> Mmmm. :)
20:25:41 <Mic> No ":)", it's not coming anyways
20:25:45 <Mic> ;)
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20:26:09 <clokep> Hahah, it sounds nice. :-D
20:26:32 <Mic> Was your attempt with the txttohtml component successful by the way?
20:26:42 <Mic> *experiment
20:27:53 <clokep> Oh. I had trouble getting it to give me the start and ends and once I figured it out I had to go work on some other things.
20:28:44 <Mic> Sometimes it seems as if the notification popup are stuck somehow and that interacting with the application would make them appear all at once ..
20:28:50 <Mic> *popups
20:29:19 <clokep> I have no idea if that would happen.
20:29:28 <Mic> bah, my typing sucks sometimes
20:29:52 <clokep> Its fine, mines been very bad recently too. :)
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20:48:19 <Mic> clokep: could you confirm or wfm a bug for me? will take another minute to be sure of the report.. though
20:48:36 <Mic> (just to make sure you'll be there in another minute ;)
20:48:58 <clokep> Mic: Yes.
20:49:08 <clokep> I'll be here for about a half hour then 3 hours of grading exams. :P
20:50:30 <Mic> can you confirm this: when becoming idle the idle icon is only shown on the buddy list if you have "change my status to away" enabled in the settings
20:50:39 <Mic> it will stay as it is otherwise
20:53:08 <clokep> Where's that setting?
20:53:49 <Mic> On the privacy pane of the settings dialog
20:54:01 <Mic> Idle after 1 minute is very useful for testing this btw ;)
20:54:27 <clokep> OK. Gonna test it .
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20:56:21 <clokep> Mic: AFAI can tell I never go idle?
20:56:29 <clokep> I have "Let my contacts know after 1 minute"
20:56:35 <clokep> And unchecked "set away"
20:56:40 <clokep> And nothing changes after a minute.
20:56:56 <Mic> I go idle even then .. 
20:57:12 <Mic> .. I have myself in the buddy list and it changes status there
20:57:29 <clokep> Oh...I do too, just not on this account. :)
20:57:33 <clokep> Let me sign into tath one so I can see.
20:58:11 <clokep> Trying again.
20:59:41 <clokep> Mic: I can confirm that the "Available" status at the top of the buddy list doesn't change to idle.
20:59:51 <Mic> Same for away btw
21:00:07 <clokep> No. It goes away correctly.
21:00:24 <clokep> (When I tick "set my status as away..." it works.)
21:00:33 <clokep> It does /NOT/ work without that ticked.
21:00:36 <Mic> I meant: when you're away it doesn't change either when becoming idle
21:00:41 <clokep> But in both cases I /do/ actually go idle.
21:00:53 <clokep> What do you mean by "it"?
21:01:52 <Mic> The away icon is shown even after becoming idle
21:02:20 <clokep> OK. I'm getting confused.
21:02:24 <clokep> Where you set your own status. For me.
21:02:43 <clokep> Goes "Idle" when I have "Set my status to away checked", if I do not have that checked then it stays "Available".
21:05:16 <Mic> Goes "Idle" when I have "Set my status to away checked", if I do not have that checked then it stays "Available" when I was "Available" before and "Away" when I was "Away" before.
21:05:37 <Mic> That's what I meant .. too many aways and status changes here... :S
21:05:54 <clokep> Oh OK.
21:05:59 <clokep> Yes, the same happens for me. :)
21:10:29 <instantbot> New Instantbird (UI) bug 537 filed by benediktp@ymail.com.
21:10:31 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=537 min, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Status icon not updated properly when becoming idle
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21:22:51 <Mic> good night
21:23:18 <clokep1> 'night Mic.
21:23:22 <clokep1> Gotta go make kids cry anyway. :)
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