#instantbird log on 09 25 2010

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00:10:57 <Mic> 107 active daily users of Buddy Status last night :)
00:11:45 <Mic> I should really do this update ..
00:11:55 <Mic> good night
00:11:59 <clokep> :)
00:12:00 <clokep> That's a lot
00:12:01 <clokep> 'night Mic.
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00:27:58 <clokep> You know what would be a fabulous way to force myself to work on IRC stuff? If I replace my plugin with it. :)
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10:01:05 <flo> hello :)
10:05:52 <tymerkaev> hi
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11:30:11 <instantbot> New Websites - www.instantbird.com bug 524 filed by raynaudquentin@gmail.com.
11:30:12 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=524 nor, --, ---, florian, NEW, OS icons missing on download page
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13:13:51 <flo> clokep: good morning :)
13:14:06 <clokep> Good afternoon flo. ;) How's it going?
13:14:22 <flo> I can't reproduce the MSN crashes :-S.
13:14:43 <flo> clokep: it will sure be nice once we can start dogfooding your IRC plugin ;)
13:15:10 <clokep> It will be, I worked on it a bit last night, but was convinced to go out so I didn't get that much done.
13:15:17 <clokep> I fixed the regression I was having. ;)
13:15:25 <flo> :)
13:15:34 <clokep> I was using Array.concat instead of Array.join. :(
13:17:33 <flo> is it able to open a chat or not yet?
13:19:41 <clokep> No that bug ^^ took me a really long time to find.
13:19:50 <clokep> It /in theory/ will, but I haven't tried. :)
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13:20:14 <clokep> Although the participants list would be empty. Haven't done that et.
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13:21:30 <flo> clokep: I think we've actually released a version of instantbird that could join irc chat but hadn't the participants list yet ;)
13:21:49 <clokep> 0.1? :0
13:21:58 <flo> couldn't join chats :-P
13:22:05 <flo> I think the list was added in 0.1.3
13:22:14 <flo> maybe 0.1.2
13:22:33 <flo> the "join chat" menu item has probably been added for 0.1.1
13:23:30 <clokep> Hmm...I see.
13:24:18 <flo> I guess I would really need to start a 0.1 build some day to see how far we have evolved :)
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13:24:56 <clokep> That'll be interesting.
13:25:04 <clokep> Gah I just got an unhandled error...one second.
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13:35:22 <clokep> flo: Cannot I not just set this.name to something to change the name of a conversation?
13:35:36 <clokep> Or do I have to have it return _name or something since its a getter?
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13:38:56 <flo> I think changing the name needs to fire some notification to get the text in the tab to update
13:39:22 <flo> so we probably need a setter in the prototype or something like that
13:39:43 <clokep> Right, well I added the parameter name to my constructor then just did "this.name = aName" but it popped up as "Conversation" which is the default. :)
13:41:04 <flo> ah
13:41:19 <flo> is it's when creating the conversation, you don't want to fire a notification :)
13:41:43 <clokep> Right, so does there just need to be a setter or am I doing something totally wrong? :)
13:41:49 <flo> http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/purple/purplexpcom/src/jsProtoHelper.jsm#319
13:42:27 <flo> "Conversation" is hardcoded
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13:43:11 <clokep> Yes, but I can overwrite it (I did before) but doing get name this.account._server :)
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13:44:58 <flo> I think you want something like this: http://pastebin.instantbird.com/405
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13:45:11 <flo> and set conversation._name from your constructor to not fire the notification at this time
13:46:05 <clokep> Nice. Would you ever change the name after it was created?
13:46:11 <clokep> Like is that even OK to do?
13:46:25 <flo> arg
13:46:33 <flo> the name probably not
13:46:35 <flo> the title certainly
13:46:39 <flo> (if the alias of the buddy changes)
13:46:58 <flo> that code is very Work-In-Progress-y you know ;)
13:47:11 <clokep> Oh, I know. :) Just trying to iron some things out.
13:47:41 <clokep> I'm gonna go attach that code you just gave me to a bug so I don't lose it. :)
13:47:54 <flo> I guess the difference between name and title is not even documented anywhere...
13:48:17 <flo> you will probably want or need to fix this a bit more than what I just wrote :)
13:48:48 <clokep> Yeah, I'm thinking I might fork jsProtoHelper for now and provide my own.
13:48:49 <flo> it's even possible that you will convince me to rewrite the way we handle conversations after I've finished rewriting the buddy list handling :-D
13:49:23 <clokep> Hahah. Sounds like you /want/ to be convinced.
13:49:30 <Mic> :)
13:49:54 <Mic> Looks like a fruitful conversation here
13:49:54 <flo> I haven't done it in the js-proto branch because everything was already scriptable in conversations, so it was just possible to create a js object quickly (like it's been done in jsProtoHelper)
13:50:26 <flo> but having separate conversation implementations for libpurple plugins may not be the best long term way to do it...
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13:52:36 * flo thinks we need more tools to gather data about libpurple API usages
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13:52:56 <flo> to decide what's insane to rewrite, and what is really really wanted :)
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13:53:36 <instantbot> clokep@gmail.com added attachment 359 to bug 519.
13:53:38 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=519 nor, --, ---, clokep, NEW, Extend jsProtoHelper to implement purpleIConvChat
13:53:41 <clokep> In JavaScript, can you cascade inheritance?
13:54:01 <flo> yes
13:54:04 <clokep> I.e. can GenericChatConversation.__proto__ = GenericConversation
13:54:04 <flo> it's a "prototype chain"
13:54:14 <clokep> Then when I do Chat.__proto__ = GenerChatConversation
13:54:21 <clokep> It gets all of GenericConversation's stuff too?
13:54:26 <flo> yes
13:54:44 <clokep> OK. :) Then I have a bigger issue. :-D
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13:56:29 <clokep> Oh one other question flo, when you create a chat in Omegle you do self = this, new Conversation(self)
13:56:40 <clokep> Why can't we just do new Conv(this)?
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13:57:54 <clokep> Hey Mic how're you?
13:57:58 <Mic> hi
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13:58:00 <Mic> I guess you could
13:58:01 <Mic> but ..
13:58:20 <clokep> I opened a chat flo! I just get lots and lots of errors now. ;)
13:58:26 <flo> ahah :)
13:58:36 <flo> clokep: this is a keyword of the language, not a variable
13:58:40 <Mic> .. you might need "this" at another place where it is replaced by something else while self is jsut a varaibel
13:58:43 <flo> its value depends on the context of the execution
13:59:03 <flo> self is a variable that keeps the value of this at the time of the assignment
14:01:12 <flo> it's possible that I've used it in a place where it wasn't really necessary (even though I try to avoid it when it's not necessary).
14:01:20 <Mic> https://hg.instantbird.org/addons/file/e03c1f59ee07/omegle/components/omegle.js#l143
14:01:34 <Mic> It's necessary there
14:02:07 <flo> yes, it's inside a function :)
14:02:08 <Mic> (if I'm not mistaken;)
14:02:39 <flo> clokep said "self = this, new Conversation(self)" so it seems the instructions were directly following each other
14:02:45 <Mic> yep
14:02:46 <flo> *seemed
14:03:33 <flo> we may be able to remove it in a few places now that we have Function.apply :)
14:03:43 <clokep> Ah, right you have the timeout there. :) I had remembered it without the timeout, makes sense now. Thanks.
14:03:51 <clokep> I have to go man a lab for an open house we're having. I'll be back later.
14:03:57 <clokep> Hopefully get this into shape.
14:06:14 <clokep> Apparently my protocol doesn't abide to the disconnect button? Eek.
14:06:40 * clokep is now known as clokep_away
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15:13:14 <Amfi> Hello everybody!
15:14:05 <Amfi> flo: I'm trying to update the libpurple translation. However, I am unable to commit changes. Could you help me set up tortoise-hg properly?
15:14:25 <flo> I've never used it
15:14:49 <Amfi> Oh, OK. I guess I need to wait for Wareczek, then.
15:14:55 <flo> but others here have
15:15:01 <flo> so I think you can just ask your questions ;)
15:15:21 <flo> do you have an error message, or something?
15:16:49 <Amfi> While trying to push new changeset, I tend to get the following error: HTTP Error 405: push requires POST request
15:16:49 <Amfi> [command interrupted]
15:17:25 <flo> you are probably trying to push to an http url instead of https
15:18:06 <Amfi> remote: change sent successfully
15:18:11 <Amfi> Thanks a lot :)
15:18:46 <flo> note for the next time: ask the real question first, not if you can get help ;)
15:21:18 <Amfi> I will, thanks again.
15:22:30 <flo> no problem :)
15:38:10 <flo> "mtn: peer mtn.pidgin.im IO failed in confirmed state (success)" hmm :-S
15:38:38 <flo> "failed" and "confirmed state (success)" in the same sentence :-S
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17:17:12 <clokep> Well obviously the there was a failure while confirming. ;)
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17:24:33 <Mic> Somehow I fail to disable compatibility checking for extensions.
17:25:34 <Mic> Shouldn't it be extensions.checkCompatibility.0.3a1pre = false?
17:27:03 <clokep> No.
17:27:13 <clokep> its just extensions.checkCompatibility.0.3a = false
17:27:49 <clokep> You don't have to put the full version Mic, just down to beta/alpha level
17:29:07 <Mic> Thanks, that fixed it
17:29:16 <clokep> No problem. :)
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17:29:30 <Mic> I've tried 0.3 before but it seems the alpha/beta part is required
17:29:37 <Mic> It is working now
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17:29:41 <clokep> It is, :)
17:29:45 <clokep> Eek I got kicked haha.
17:30:41 <Mic> Connecting too frequently?
17:31:15 <clokep> Nah, it crashed the plug in. :)
17:34:26 <clokep> Though that happens frequently too.
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17:45:21 * Mic is not sure if he should change bug 434 into "Use Password manager" or if he should create a new bug
17:45:24 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=434 maj, --, ---, nobody, UNCO, Passwords still in the clear
17:46:29 <clokep> MIc: I think just changing the name would be OK. :)
17:46:56 <Mic> well, I'd change as good as every field as well 
17:49:45 <clokep> Well either file a new one and do that one as invalid or change that one to what you want to be. :)
18:02:19 <Mic> a lot of bugspam later ..
18:03:01 <clokep> Yes. :) I just got 4 or 5 emails. :P
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18:04:23 <clokep> Mic: When you need a server let me know and we'll see if I can work something out.
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18:04:56 <Mic> I'm using Mozilla servers right now .. 
18:05:23 <clokep> Well if you run into problems.
18:05:35 <Mic> Thanks, that's good to know
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19:59:56 <Mic> clokep: do zou know a good waz to debug modules?
20:00:26 <clokep> Mic: I just dump stuff to the error console. :-\ I've never found a better way. They hide all errors and such AFAIK.
20:01:11 <Mic> Yes, they do. I'm try{}-ing everything and it sucks to have to do it to get error messages.
20:01:57 <clokep> Mic: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=459996
20:02:11 <clokep> Kind of related, not exactly what you want.
20:12:07 <clokep> I'd be very interested if you find a better way though. :)
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20:20:14 <Mic> no idea.. maybe try/catch-ing around all of the module works
20:20:36 <Mic> if that works (I'm sceptic)
20:20:50 <clokep> Even so that's just a pain in the neck.
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20:53:38 <flo> venkman is so broken these days :(
20:54:10 <clokep> Was DOM-I ever updated for Mozilla2 btw?
21:11:21 <flo> is it broken?
21:12:21 <clokep> I thought it had never been updated w/ the new component registry, but it probably was by this point.
21:13:29 <flo> JavaScript error: chrome://inspector/content/inspector.js, line 105: document.getElementById("keyEnterLocation2") is null
21:13:30 <flo> hmm
21:13:41 <flo> I was almost sure I used it Friday :-S
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21:50:37 <Mic> :S
21:50:44 <Mic> This is tedious..
21:52:05 <flo> what is "this"? :)
21:52:10 * flo looks at the password manager code
21:56:58 <clokep> Does this mean there needs to be transition code too? To take the password from the prefs and move them to password manager? :P
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21:59:45 <flo> clokep: not when "only looking at it" ;)
22:00:24 <flo> and if we *move* them instead of just copying, we can't downgrade any more :-/
22:01:35 <clokep> But copying doesn't  plug the "security hole". :-\
22:02:30 <flo> for new users only
22:02:36 <clokep> Could also just be the price of using nightlies. ;)
22:02:43 <clokep> You mean for old users only, right?
22:02:44 <flo> old users have accepted the hole already ;)
22:02:58 <clokep> Hahaha.
22:03:11 <flo> or we could make the nightly "copy"
22:03:26 <flo> and the official 0.3 release "move"
22:03:37 <flo> (and the 0.4a1pre nightly "move" too)
22:04:12 <clokep> Or that could be done with any milestone (i.e. 0.3a1 moves and 0.3a2pre moves, etc.)
22:04:21 <flo> that would be a "0.2 builds are still usable on the same profile as a nightly as long as it's the latest stable release"
22:04:52 <clokep> Or back port and release 0.2.1 ;)
22:04:57 <clokep> (Just going over all the options here...)
22:05:05 <flo> I thought about it too ;)
22:05:49 <clokep> Do you know if a lot of people flip back and forth?
22:05:51 <flo> what about the "copy" case if the user changes the password? Do we need to update the old pref-based storage? :-D
22:06:06 <clokep> You should.
22:06:10 <flo> I don't really know
22:06:10 <clokep> It gets confusing. :(
22:06:25 <flo> but I think some people annoyed by the broken add-on manager have probably done it recently ;)
22:06:30 * Mic flips back and forth
22:07:08 <flo> clokep: profile migration plans are always confusing :(
22:07:14 <Mic> Atm I'm trying to keep Sync working on both 0.2 and the nightlies
22:07:31 <clokep> OK, and what happens if it copies it (so my profile has already been "migrated" to the password manager) and now we want to "move" them, but there's nothing to move since mine have alrady been migrated.
22:07:41 <flo> Mic: so if I'm changing the password storage I'm adding even more complexity for you? :-D
22:07:47 <clokep> flo: I know. :( I had some issues with that for my old lightning extension.
22:07:55 <Mic> (well, I might have a strange understanding of 'working' here though :D )
22:08:11 <Mic> no, I think not at all
22:10:13 <flo> clokep: I think as long as we still have the migration code in place, we will overwrite the passwordmanager password with the pref password each time we start the application and read the list of accounts from the preferences
22:10:25 <Mic> I can add the password sync engine of Fx to get this to work I think. The part so far is intended to synchronize the pref branches of accounts.
22:10:37 <flo> otherwise we don't get the upgrade if the user has changed the password from a 0.2 build
22:10:41 <Mic> If there's no password setting anymore I wouldn't even notice that ;)
22:15:10 <clokep> flo: I'll just leave the migration path to you. I can never wrap my mind around it. ;)
22:15:24 * flo was thinking the same :-D
22:15:38 <flo> "I'll just write the patch without migration, and let someone take it over" :-D
22:18:53 * clokep can't wait until he posts a patch will a 600 line switch statement for review. ;)
22:20:33 <flo> as long as the review comment doesn't need to be as long, it's ok! ;)
22:21:54 <flo> it's a bit sad though. One of my goals to show how nice JS protocol plugins were was to write a full protocol plugin in less than 500 lines. I guess IRC won't be it if you have so many edge cases to handle
22:22:26 <clokep> I can shorten it a lot if I just have a catch all at the end to catch cases I don't care about.
22:22:33 <clokep> But it was easier for me to start w/ everything. :)
22:23:30 <flo> I'm not sure if it's significant enough to matter, but with a switch statement, it's probably more efficient to put the common cases first
22:23:59 <clokep> Mmhmm.
22:24:14 <clokep> Well all the errors are last, so we shouldn't really have to run through more than the first....Idk 50 or 100 usually ;)
22:24:23 <clokep> Honestly 90% of the time its the first like 7 statements.
22:24:35 <flo> :)
22:24:42 <flo> "ping" ;)
22:25:02 <clokep> Yes, that's in there.
22:25:13 <clokep> Although it doesn't occur unless you're just sitting there.
22:25:54 <clokep> OK so irc.c msgs.c and parse.c from libpurple for IRC are ~3100 lines.
22:25:57 <clokep> I think I can beat that.
22:31:28 <clokep> Although a lo tof lines would also drop out w/ like a lot of the sockets stuff abstracted.
22:35:45 <flo> yeah, in JS we don't malloc/free and don't to so much bullshit with string handling, so I hope we can divide by 10 the total length of the code :)
22:36:11 <flo> s/to/do/
22:37:49 <clokep> 310 lines? That'd be rough. ;)
22:40:06 <Mic> Only 80 characters per line make that rough :P
22:41:43 --> DetoritLibertyPenguin has joined #instantbird
22:43:18 <flo> clokep: an, I forgot to add the mess the C code does with sockets and timeouts ;)
22:43:56 <-- GeekShadow has quit (Quit: The cake is a lie !)
22:44:01 <flo> but yeah, for IRC it might be difficult because the libpurple code is not the worse ;)
22:44:36 <clokep> Its hard to read, but I'm sure its not terrible.
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22:51:08 <flo> ok, I've posted the results of my password manager investigations in bug 434
22:51:11 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=434 enh, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Use toolkit password manager
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23:01:14 <clokep> Looks good flo! Looks like a lot of work. ;0
23:01:32 <flo> the first or the second comment? ;)
23:02:26 <clokep> Should I respond in the bug?
23:02:58 <flo> if you want :)
23:03:40 * flo wonders if "rewrite the account storage code in javascript" is a good additional project to put on the table for 0.3 :-D
23:06:32 --> GeekShadow has joined #instantbird
23:10:08 <Mic> bug 257 ;)
23:10:11 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=257 enh, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Don't necessarily save passwords / add prompt for password
23:10:34 <clokep> That should be fied by bug 434 then? :)
23:10:36 <flo> Mic: ok, I should relearn my bug list ;)
23:10:36 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=434 enh, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Use toolkit password manager
23:10:52 <flo> thx :)
23:12:43 <flo> once we have a correct storage for everything (accounts, passwords, contacts, logs, ...), we will be ready to start the project of the import wizard for the first run :)
23:13:20 <clokep> Accounts are being changed how they're stored?
23:13:56 <Mic> Accounts are stored in preferences only atm if I'm not mistaken
23:14:01 <flo> not in the near future, (except the passwords) except if we discover things that are stupid
23:14:33 <flo> Mic: the key, name and protocol id are duplicated in blist.sqlite
23:14:36 <clokep> Where'll they be moved though? SQL?
23:15:26 <flo> I don't know yet if we will move them
23:15:42 <clokep> Ah OK, I must have misunderstood. :) They're probably Ok where they are.
23:16:21 <flo> but we could just add a json thing with all the advanced prefs of accounts in the accounts table of blist.sqlite, and they would fit
23:16:59 <flo> it may make more sense to have them only in one place
23:22:18 --> rikki has joined #instantbird
23:26:05 <flo> maybe we should not use the password manager after all
23:26:19 <flo> and just use nsILoginManagerCrypto to crypt the passwords before storing them
23:26:44 <flo> store them in .passwordEncrypted instead of .password, and keep everything in the prefs
23:27:26 <flo> may be better than abusing the password manager database we don't really need with protocol names instead of URLs
23:28:10 <Mic> good night
23:28:14 <flo> good night :)
23:28:17 <clokep> 'night.
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