#instantbird log on 09 11 2010

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10:23:04 <flo> the waterfall is all red. I guess I just need to become color blind and it will look perfect! :)
10:54:13 <flo> the gnome terminal doesn't even have a search feature :(
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12:28:32 <flo> 5424 seconds later, it turns out the configuration used by my local mac build was completely wrong.
12:28:35 * flo sighs
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14:19:51 <clokep> I guess that means no nightlies today. :( Config difference between your machine and the  server?
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15:03:32 <flo> clokep: I think a package is missing on the linux machine, the windows build failed because of https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=590996, and I'm not sure yet of the exact cause of the failure on mac, but I've just reproduced it on my development machine :)
15:04:37 <clokep> Wow. I'm always impressed you can find this stuff.
15:04:48 <clokep> Build problems are one of the things that give me a lot of trouble debugging.
15:05:54 <clokep> Ah I remember reading that windows one before. The patch seems non ideal. :-\
15:07:52 <flo> yeah, I tried to push a "better workaround" but it didn't work
15:12:04 <clokep> Hmmm....welll you cold use the one they have though, it'd work, right?
15:14:25 <flo> that's what I'll do next ;)
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15:28:08 <clokep> Good! Then I can start complaining about Mozilla 2 features. ;)
15:33:00 <clokep> Wow, this assignment is making me realize how much C++ I've forgotten.
15:33:01 <instantbot> c++ sucks
15:33:01 <sumobot> c++ is evil
15:33:13 <clokep> I'm agree at the moment instantbot! :)
15:58:00 <flo> the build I'm trying on linux is so broken that I'm almost relieved that it didn't build this night for the nightlies :-D
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16:00:53 <clokep> Ah, data loss?
16:01:22 <flo> I'm not sure it would have been able to start a conversation correctly
16:02:25 <clokep> That's an issue. :)
16:04:48 <flo> certainly not on gtalk or facebook at least!
16:05:54 <clokep> Eh, those aren't real networks anyway. :P
16:42:32 <flo> that mac build failed after 6656seconds.
16:42:43 <flo> It's so much easier when it fails at the beginning ;)
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17:05:29 <clokep> Makes sense. :) Its much easier when it doesn't fail even. ;)
17:07:13 <tymerkaev> flo: have you announced about moz-border-radius was renamed to border-radius, and -moz-box-shadow to box-shadow? You need to update them for mozilla2.
17:07:26 <tymerkaev> if they exists
17:07:59 <flo> has that changed in the last few hours?
17:16:52 <tymerkaev> yes
17:16:59 <tymerkaev> check m-c
17:17:32 <tymerkaev> from #developers:
17:17:35 <tymerkaev> firebot>	http://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/rev/26bfc0860822  - L. David Baron - Simplify storage of computed calc() as a result of removing min() and max(). (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking2.0:beta6
17:17:35 <tymerkaev> [23:28]	<firebot>	http://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/rev/11cf38adabf3 - L. David Baron - Rename -moz-box-shadow to box-shadow: mechanical changes. (Bug 590039) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking2.0:beta6
17:17:37 <tymerkaev> [23:28]	<firebot>	http://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/rev/830111e10951 - L. David Baron - Change the blur radius for -moz-box-shadow and text-shadow to match what is specified in css3-background, and the blur radius for canvas to follow what is specified in HTML5. (Bug
17:17:39 <tymerkaev> [23:29]	<firebot>	590039) r=roc a2.0=blocking2.0:beta6
17:17:40 <tymerkaev> [23:29]	<firebot>	http://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/rev/7e330021ce68 - L. David Baron - Change blur radii in themes and in some tests to match change in how we interpret text-shadow and -moz-box-shadow blur radii. (Bug 590039) r=dao a2.0=blocking2.0:beta6
17:17:42 <tymerkaev> [23:29]	<firebot>	http://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/rev/83a79e1e035b - L. David Baron - Rename -moz-box-shadow to box-shadow: manual changes. (Bug 590039) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking2.0:beta6
17:19:26 <tymerkaev> I can add you to cc to bugs for these changes ;)
17:20:00 <flo> nothing in this is about border-radius
17:20:41 <tymerkaev> I says that because you may have it with message styles
17:21:15 <flo> 18:36:37 - NeilAway: dbaron: is that renaming immediate (i.e. does c-c have to rename its box-shadow too?)
17:21:16 <flo> 18:39:11 - dbaron: NeilAway, there's an alias, but the alias will go away after we branch, assuming the patch sticks
17:21:32 <tymerkaev> yes
17:21:36 <flo> so, no rush :)
17:22:50 <tymerkaev> you may improve your 'bubbles' theme by using these effects
17:23:03 <flo> they are already in use there ;)
17:23:15 <flo> http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/search?string=box-shadow
17:23:44 <tymerkaev> what about border-radius?
17:24:13 <flo> I guess you know how to change the lxr query ;)
17:24:31 <tymerkaev> ;P
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17:37:20 <flo> anybody knows where the mozconfig used for Thunderbird are stored?
17:37:37 <flo> I'm looking for the Mac mozconfig used for Thunderbird nightly builds
17:38:32 <flo> the tinderbox log has this line: cp configs/thunderbird/macosx/comm-central/nightly/mozconfig .mozconfig
17:38:48 <tymerkaev> http://hg.mozilla.org/build/buildbot-configs/file/default/thunderbird/macosx/comm-central/nightly
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17:38:57 <flo> ah, hg clone http://hg.mozilla.org/build/buildbot-configs configs
17:39:01 <flo> tymerkaev: thanks :)
17:39:05 <tymerkaev> np
17:39:06 <Mic> evening
17:39:10 <skeledrew1> :(
17:39:18 <skeledrew1> Mic: evening
17:39:45 <skeledrew1> i can't find logger.js :(
17:39:45 <hicham> evening Mic
17:40:00 <clokep> Hi Mic.
17:40:02 <flo> skeledrew1: where are you trying to find it? :)
17:40:31 <skeledrew1> where is says it is in the lxr: components\
17:40:59 <skeledrew1> darn
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17:41:46 <skeledrew> hmm
17:41:47 <clokep> skeledrew: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/file/31a037eea8b5/instantbird/components/logger.js
17:42:05 <clokep> Or at http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/instantbird/components/logger.js if you want lxr
17:42:38 <skeledrew> clokep: yeah. i know. but i'm trying to find it in my dir
17:42:51 <clokep> Ohhhh. What version you on?
17:42:53 <clokep> Its only in nightlies.
17:43:04 <skeledrew> oh
17:43:08 <skeledrew> darn
17:43:27 <skeledrew> but i need to access the log writing function
17:43:38 <skeledrew> i'm still on 0.2
17:44:38 <clokep> Uhh...its part of libpurple, not sure if you can. Flo would know.
17:45:07 <flo> update :)
17:45:19 <skeledrew> if it's a part of libpurple, i can't access it
17:45:25 <skeledrew> flo: lol
17:45:28 <skeledrew> fine
17:45:36 <flo> it depends how/why you want to access it
17:45:52 <flo> with a C compiler, it may work :)
17:46:13 <skeledrew> flo: i want to fix the date issue in the logs
17:46:27 <clokep> skeledrew: Work with logger.js though, since it replaces the old one.
17:46:28 * flo should have look at the thunderbird mozconfig before, instead of adding a stupid hack that doesn't fully work
17:46:38 <skeledrew> really getting to me now
17:47:53 <flo> http://hg.mozilla.org/build/buildbot-configs/rev/9ecf99e68b31 this is what I needed to do, instead of https://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/b183f2d996a0
17:48:52 <clokep> Well at least you know the problem! :-D
17:49:06 <Mic> Especially the build system/make files are a closed book to me :S
17:49:30 <flo> it's a skill that needs some training ;)
17:49:38 <clokep> Anybody know if I can import a current repo I have on my computer as a sub directory of the experiments repo?
17:49:47 <flo> but the documentation on MDC is rather good for the build system
17:49:51 <clokep> I can import it OK, but it ends up as part of the top directory.
17:50:00 <flo> (otherwise it would be really impossible to get started)
17:50:25 <clokep> The build system scares me...a lot. :) I don't touch it or look at it. Its a magic black box to me.
17:50:36 <flo> as long as it works...
17:50:54 <flo> I had to spend a lot of time on it to include libpurple and its dependencies in it
17:51:21 <flo> it was a fantastic improvement when for the first time we could just type "make" and have (a few hours later on Windows) have a build that just works :)
17:51:51 <hicham> mozilla's buildsystem is fairly complex
17:52:10 <flo> hicham: the source code too ;)
17:52:28 <clokep> Finished my homework programming assignment! That means more IRC. :-D
17:52:41 <flo> clokep: great! :)
17:53:00 <clokep> Yeah, I got it working last night...except the conversation wasn't popping up, so I needa look at it more. :)
17:53:30 <Mic> clokep: do you want to keep the version from the other repository or just some 'flat  snapshot' of the current state?
17:53:41 <Mic> *version history
17:53:51 <clokep> Mic: I'd like to keep the version history, a flat snapshot is easy. ;)
17:54:22 <Mic> hg or tortoisehg?
17:54:32 * skeledrew can't find the nightly d/l link :(
17:54:50 <skeledrew> been away too long
17:54:50 <Mic> On TortoiseHG there's a move files button somewhere iirc
17:54:53 <flo> skeledrew: it's in the topic ;)
17:55:08 <skeledrew> lol
17:55:10 <clokep> Mic: It doesn't matter. I can do it from the command line too.
17:55:15 <clokep> I thought there was a "move" but I couldn't find it. :-\
17:56:03 <clokep> skeledrew: Unfortunately the latest link doesn't work from bug 452. :(
17:56:06 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=452 maj, --, ---, raynaudquentin, NEW, latest-<version> links no longer working since the new buildbot configuration is used
17:56:08 <Mic> hmm, it was somewhere where I didn't expect it. On the commit dialog maybe?
17:56:32 <skeledrew> flo: sooo where's 0.3pre?
17:57:02 <skeledrew> or whatever build uses logger.js
17:57:10 <Mic> https://wiki.instantbird.org/images/8/81/TortoiseHG_Commit.png
17:57:58 <Mic> I've got no T-Hg here, so I can't test what it does, but it's next to the Add/Remove buttons so it could be it
17:58:19 <skeledrew> oh
17:58:26 <skeledrew> never mind
17:58:33 <Mic> Strange though .. what if you'd like to move an otherwise unchanged file?
17:59:35 <clokep> Mic: I'm not sure. I look in the hg docs but couldn't find a "move" command. :-\
18:03:27 <flo> when I move files usually I just move them, then use the hg addremove command with the -s parameter
18:04:10 <clokep> Mic: Apparently its in "File status" in TortoiseHg.
18:04:16 <DGMurdockIII> 2(flo2): what do you think of using flattr as a way to donate to instantbird
18:04:25 <clokep> flo: But does the -s parameter make them into "moves" instead of a "remove" and an "add"?
18:04:56 <flo> DGMurdockIII: we need to create a non-profit organization before we can accept that people donate "to instantbird"
18:05:15 <flo> clokep: " -s --similarity  guess renamed files by similarity (0<=s<=100)"
18:05:19 <DGMurdockIII> have you looked in to that yet
18:05:32 <flo> clokep: by the way, there's an hg rename command
18:06:02 <flo> DGMurdockIII: what's "that" referring to in your question? :)
18:06:03 <clokep> flo: hg rename seems to remove and then delete the file.
18:06:34 <DGMurdockIII> 2(flo2): looked in to creating a non-profit organization
18:07:02 <flo> we looked at it several times
18:07:21 <flo> there has always been serious unanswered questions, so we have never created it
18:07:26 <flo> I think we will do it this year though.
18:08:22 <Mic> Isn't there something like "hg mv" btw
18:08:34 <flo> Mic: it's an alias to rename :)
18:08:43 <Mic> hehe
18:09:09 <clokep> Whatever, I'm just gonna do that. :P
18:09:24 <DGMurdockIII> http://www.knowhownonprofit.org/
18:10:41 <clokep> Eh actually I don't need the history, its only two commits. :)
18:11:23 <flo> DGMurdockIII: I think the legal and tax details will differ a lot between the US and France
18:11:46 <DGMurdockIII> yeah i now
18:12:09 <DGMurdockIII> but that what you need to be perpaird for
18:12:33 <clokep> flo: I'm pretty sure they'd be very different. :(
18:15:17 <flo> by the way, if you are interested, the questions that are open for discussion:
18:15:17 <flo> What's the purpose? Is it only a matter of collecting and spending (server costs, ...) money? Is it a marketing tool? Does it own whatever can be owned that I currently own (some copyright, the domain names, the trademark on the logo)?
18:15:57 <flo> who should be part of the organization? As few people as possible (I think that 3) to keep things simple? As many as possible to show we are "big"? (-> marketing purpose)
18:16:30 <flo> who should have the decision powers in that organization? How do we ensure it's both transparent and something we keep some control on?
18:17:38 <flo> dinner time :)
18:18:41 <clokep> flo: I wonder if SeaMonkey's organization could help at all? Although they're sort of part of Mozilla? Not sure exactly what their deal is.
18:21:07 <DGMurdockIII> http://www.seamonkey-project.org/about#council
18:22:17 <DGMurdockIII> http://www.seamonkey-project.org/donate
18:22:36 <DGMurdockIII> The Mozilla Foundation is a California non-profit corporation exempt from federal income taxation under IRC 501(c)3. Donations are tax deductible for U.S. citizens. For donors outside of the United States, please consult with your tax advisor about whether your donation will be tax deductible.
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18:24:44 <clokep> Right, but the question would be if a French non-profit is tax-deductible in the US? ;)
18:25:23 <hicham> If it has an office in there, so yes
18:27:36 <Mic> clokep: I'm curious what are you going to add to /experiments/
18:28:16 <clokep> Mic: IRC in JavaScript stuff I've been working on. Going to commit in a minute, even though it only sort of works.
18:28:53 <Mic> well, I wasn't even able to test my push since I can't 'make' things here on Windows
18:29:26 <Mic> No problem imo since it's only the push to make sure the code is there
18:29:56 <clokep> Bah my send messages aren't working. :-\
18:30:13 <clokep> What does "making" hvaing to do with pushing? ;)
18:31:52 <Mic> Nothing beside that I should maybe make sure that things are working before I upload them. And for that I'd need make which I don't have
18:32:20 <clokep> Ohhhh. Do you not have mozilla-build?
18:32:32 <Mic> No
18:33:00 <clokep> :(
18:33:11 <clokep> I have it, but that doesn't help with the code being on your machine. :)
18:33:41 <hicham> building mozilla code on linux is easier than on windows
18:34:01 <Mic> Definitely
18:35:54 <Mic> My configuration is different than the one that is necessary and my computer can't run a VM decently as it's rather old
18:36:27 <clokep> What's necessary about it thoug? It just unpacks a bunch onto C:\mozilla-build?
18:37:32 <Mic> Doesn't it require all this VS stuff, right service pack and .Net version and so on?
18:38:00 <clokep> Oh, I forgot about all that stuff. :)
18:38:01 <Mic> I thought it would. If it's just a matter of installing mozilla-build and no other requirements necessary then I'll gladly try
18:38:06 <clokep> It requires a few things. I don't remember what.
18:38:18 <clokep> You're right though.
18:39:50 <Mic> "Installs to c:\mozilla-build", bah that sucks ..
18:40:01 <clokep> You can change it. :)
18:41:16 <Mic> Since I have absolutely no experience with it, it's better to do it by the book ..
18:41:51 <DGMurdockIII> https://sites.google.com/a/chromium.org/dev/developers/design-documents/gpu-accelerated-compositing-in-chrome
18:44:03 * Mic : installing mozilla-build now.
18:44:32 <Mic> No VS and no other requirements met, but that would make things too easy anyways :P
18:45:01 <clokep> You might be able to make without some of those. ;) Any reason you can't install them?
18:45:38 <Mic> Yes, it says Windows XP SP2 .. I definitely won't downgrade just for this ..
18:46:04 <clokep> What do you mean? I'm running it on 7?
18:46:45 <Mic> No, I run Windows XP but I have SP3 ofcourse
18:46:53 <Mic> It says SP2 and not >= SP2 there
18:47:47 <clokep> Oh, hmmm...I'm not sure.
18:48:36 <Mic> well, I'm not interested in compiling c code anyways
18:49:10 <Mic> It either works without or it doesn't.
18:49:21 <clokep> :)
18:51:20 <hicham> mozilla tree is a beast
18:51:31 <hicham> but webkit is worse
18:54:53 <Mic> Win! :)
18:55:26 <clokep> Get it to work anyway?
18:55:39 <Mic> It 'make's the addons from the addons-hg atleast
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18:59:22 <clokep> That's good then.
18:59:33 <clokep> Is there binary components in Sync?
19:01:00 <Mic> No longer afaik
19:01:34 <Mic> They replaced the cryptography binary components with js-ctypes replacements
19:02:08 <Mic> That were the only binary components if I'm not mistaken
19:03:16 <clokep> Awesome. :)
19:03:53 <Mic> Not working on Sync yet .. it says something about being unable to override some folders. Let's see
19:04:31 <Mic> At least it could work now and I guess everthing else is just getting through some initial problems hopefully
19:05:59 <Mic> My brother is using Instantbird now as well. He refused any of the addons I offered but asked for "this cool video thing" ..
19:06:33 <clokep> Haha the in-line content one?
19:06:36 <Mic> yes
19:08:35 <Mic> Let's see if it works on an unchanged clone of the Mozilla Services/Sync repository
19:09:27 <clokep> :)
19:10:34 <Mic> Same error
19:11:08 <clokep> Do you have spaces in the path or anything?
19:11:53 <Mic> Lots of :S
19:12:11 <Mic> How can you have decent path names without spaces ..
19:12:31 <clokep> You can't, but a lot of make files cough on spaces.
19:12:48 <Mic> Thanks for the pointer, I'll try to change it
19:12:50 <clokep> Windows 7 you can though. :)
19:13:10 <clokep> My path I built off of is C:\Users\clokep\mozilla\instantbird
19:14:14 <Mic> :)
19:14:53 <Mic> Seems it really choked on the spaces
19:15:01 <clokep> Glad that it works!
19:15:43 <Mic> It's not giving any errors at least
19:15:55 <Mic> though I haven't found the xpi yet
19:21:31 <clokep> flo: I'm having trouble sending messages, wasn't sure if you could take a look for me? :)
19:22:12 <clokep> Eek, tabs dn't work well in this situation. :)
19:22:46 <Mic> No xpi, but a folder with the flat contents of the xpi ...
19:22:50 <Mic> Fine with me :)
19:24:42 <clokep> That works!
19:25:00 <clokep> (Or if anyone else knows about transports in Mozilla code, they might be helpful too. :))
19:27:04 <Mic> 'make xpi' would have been a good idea if I'd wanted to have an xpi :D
19:28:41 <clokep> Mic you'll be out of date btw if you try to push, I pushed my stuff.
19:29:21 <Mic> ok ..
19:30:44 <clokep> Bah I'm out of ideas. :-\
19:34:54 <Mic> What's the problem btw?
19:35:18 <Mic> You created a sort of 'IRC shell' so far?
19:35:20 <clokep> I can receive messages fine, but I can't send them at all, or at least not as far as I can tell.
19:35:30 <clokep> Well only half of it. :) Since you can't send messages.
19:35:39 <Mic> Can you point me to the send code?
19:35:51 * Mic is lazy
19:36:06 <clokep> http://hg.instantbird.org/experiments/file/89d10c166bd2/IRC-JavaScript/components/ircProtocol.js#l71
19:36:25 <clokep> Its fine. :) That's the line, but I'm not sure if there's a different thing I'm supposed to do.
19:36:43 <clokep> For receiving messages I used an "input pump" instead of just the "read" function, so idk.
19:38:28 <clokep> Sorry about the bad spacing. :-\
19:39:30 <Mic> You use tabs :P
19:39:35 <clokep> Yes.
19:39:47 <clokep> I find it more convenient. :P I swithced the file to spaces already though actually.
19:40:29 <Mic> Which tab width then?
19:40:45 <Mic> I tried 2,4,7,8 but nothing seemed to be correct
19:40:48 <clokep> I use 4 normally.
19:40:53 <clokep> 4 Should work.
19:41:29 <Mic> ok
19:42:05 <Mic> I'm using only two normally, there's too little space with only 80 characters per line anyways.
19:42:19 <Mic> So no wasting space on 'nothing' ;)
19:42:47 <clokep> Yeah> i changd it to two spaces. :)
19:42:55 <clokep> But I need to reformat some stuff.
19:43:58 <Mic> what does the message look like?
19:44:11 <Mic> Is it a 'raw command' ?
19:44:38 <clokep> I was sending things such as the USER command and stuff.
19:44:45 <clokep> I can't tell if its even sending anything at all though. :-\
19:45:29 <Mic> have you tried something like "PRIVMSG user message" ?
19:45:49 <clokep> Yes, but it won't do anything until you register a user.
19:45:55 <clokep> You have to identify yourself.
19:51:11 <Mic> Is there anything else I have to do to run it tahn copying the code to my extension directory?
19:51:23 <clokep> Make an account. :)
19:51:31 <clokep> And I think right now its set to run off a local irc daemon.
19:51:46 <clokep> (There's a line that says "localhost" and there's a commented out "irc.mozilla.org")
19:52:13 <Mic> It says it can't import jsProtoHelper
19:52:23 <clokep> Are you on a nightly?
19:52:27 <Mic> maybe my Nightly is ways too old
19:52:38 <clokep> I'm on...yesterdays.
19:53:28 <Mic> ok, I guess I found it: build dates to 16th of July for me :P
19:53:46 <Mic> brb
19:53:52 <-- Mic has quit (Quit: Instantbird 0.3a1pre)
19:55:13 --> Mic has joined #instantbird
19:55:18 <Mic> re
19:55:34 <clokep> Welcome back.
19:57:14 <Mic> It says 'stream closed'
19:57:25 <clokep> What says that?
19:57:29 <clokep> Ohhh.
19:57:30 <clokep> Wait.
19:57:34 <clokep> I might be doing something very dumb. :)
19:57:43 <Mic> The error console shows an error when trying to send something
19:57:49 <clokep> Mine doesn't. :-\
19:58:18 <Mic> http://pastebin.instantbird.com/381
19:58:33 <Mic> Account can't be disconnected from the account manager anymore after that
19:58:37 <clokep> Weird that mine does not.
19:59:46 <Mic> Maybe let me change the host to the Mozilla server and not localhost first 
20:00:12 <clokep> OK. You'll need to delete compreg
20:00:46 <Mic> Working now .. I receive messages
20:00:53 <clokep> But can you send them?
20:02:58 <Mic> no
20:06:11 <clokep> I have some ideas. :D Thanks for testing.
20:08:15 <Mic> one minute
20:08:43 <Mic> QUIT doesn't work while it should
20:08:53 <Mic> So you definitely have a problem with sending the commands imo
20:09:23 <Mic> (you should loose the connection after that)
20:09:31 <clokep> Right.
20:11:57 <-- Mic has left #instantbird ()
20:12:01 --> Mic has joined #instantbird
20:13:53 <Mic> Good to have mozilla-build now
20:14:24 <Mic> The next changes are going to be rather extensive, it's good to be able to try it now
20:14:40 <clokep> Commit first? :)
20:15:01 <Mic> What do you mean?
20:15:14 <DGMurdockIII> iis that going to be in the next update
20:15:31 <clokep> Before you make changes commit your changes? So if something is messed up?
20:16:16 <Mic> That didn't exactly help now :D
20:20:23 <Mic> I'll have to do several things like renaming folder and files, replacing chrome urls and stuff like that.. I was planning to commit after each step and want to leave it in a workable state after all steps have finished.
20:22:36 <Mic> Is there a way to merge my commits before pushing them, so that there are no intermediate revisions but one step from 'before changes' to 'working after changes'?
20:23:12 <flo> Mic: I think you need patch queues for that
20:23:27 <clokep> Yes. :) Which are relatively easy to use.
20:24:03 <clokep> I usually just do small commits and don't worry about it. :-\
20:24:19 <Mic> Is there a way to diff between two arbitrary revisions btw?
20:24:28 <flo> clokep: is there something you (still) need help for with the socket?
20:24:49 <flo> Mic: hg diff --rev rev1:rev2
20:24:50 <clokep> flo: Yes. I can't send anything out. :-\ http://hg.instantbird.org/experiments/file/89d10c166bd2/IRC-JavaScript/components/ircProtocol.js#l71 this is where I'm trying.
20:25:01 <Mic> ok, thanks
20:27:44 <flo> you see "send end" in the console?
20:28:26 <clokep> Yes.
20:28:33 <clokep> That's what confuses me. :-\
20:28:55 <clokep> I also tried commenting out lines 93 - 94, that didn't help.
20:29:07 <clokep> For the input stream I use the "pump" I'm not sure if I need something similar for the output?
20:31:13 <flo> is onDataAvailable ever called?
20:31:35 <clokep> Yes.
20:31:38 <clokep> I get two messages.
20:32:17 <clokep> From :sand.mozilla.org, about hostname.
20:33:02 <flo> are they displayed in the conversation or only in the error console?
20:33:19 <clokep> It depends. :-\ There seems to be a race condition.
20:33:29 <clokep> Seems that the conversation doesn't always initialize quickly enough.
20:34:53 <flo> if you see "You're now chatting on IRC!", the conversation is fully initialized
20:35:06 <clokep> I don't see that.
20:37:33 <Mic> I see that
20:37:41 <flo> what are onStopRequest and onStartRequest for?
20:38:13 <clokep> Its part of the dataListener object that the nsIInputStreamPump uses.
20:38:50 <clokep> Got most of the code from: http://mxr.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/source/dom/system/GPSDGeolocationProvider.js#178
20:39:03 <clokep> (along with trawling idl's, etc. :-\)
20:39:11 <flo> ah, right, I missed the inheritance to nsIRequestObserver
20:39:56 <clokep> I probably should have put some more comments in. :)
20:39:57 <flo> have you checked with wireshark if the data is sent when you write to the outgoing stream?
20:40:09 <clokep> No. I keep forgetting to.
20:41:53 <clokep> They're going through the network.
20:42:01 <flo> :)
20:42:03 <clokep> But no response from the server.
20:42:18 <clokep> OH!
20:42:20 <clokep> I think I know.
20:42:25 <clokep> CR + LF is that "\r\n"?
20:42:51 <flo> yeah
20:43:05 <-- DGMurdockIII has quit (Quit: get satisfied! • :: www.unitedservers.de ««« (Gamers.IRC) »»» gamersirc.net ::)
20:43:30 <flo> if you don't want to bother too much reading the spec, you can reverse engineer an existing implementation using wireshark :)
20:43:53 --> clokep_dev has joined #instantbird
20:44:13 <clokep> flo: Yes, I know. I'd rather read the spec.
20:44:15 <clokep> I don't trust other people.
20:44:28 <flo> :)
20:44:33 <clokep_dev> Testing from the "IRC-JavaScript"
20:44:38 <flo> it's a good idea to read the spec when there is one
20:44:46 <clokep> I already read the first one.
20:44:49 <clokep> I only have a couple more to read.
20:44:53 <clokep> Took notes too. ;)
20:45:09 <flo> but reverse engineering and eliminating all the difference in behavior between your implementation and any working existing one is a good way to debug
20:45:32 <clokep> I agree! :)
20:45:36 <flo> anyway, I should debug my new mac failure
20:45:40 <clokep> But I want to start with the spec.
20:45:44 <-- clokep_dev has quit (Quit: clokep_dev)
20:45:45 <Mic> clokep: I've tried adding '\r\n' on the message as well, but it didn't work for me
20:46:00 * clokep is going to push his new code.
20:46:02 <Mic> The spec says that it has to be there
20:46:41 <clokep> Thanks for your help flo! :)
20:47:21 <flo> clokep: I haven't even found a single bug in your code ;)
20:48:08 <clokep> flo: You suggested using wireshark which somehow made me realize I wasn't sending \r\n ;)
20:48:21 <clokep> Mic: Changes uploaded. :) Yo'll be able ot read it now too.
20:49:06 * clokep is realizing he put a really vague commit message.
20:49:21 <clokep> This was the fix: http://hg.instantbird.org/experiments/file/21602e71847b/IRC-JavaScript/components/ircProtocol.js#l69
20:51:56 <Mic> hmm, I did exactly this here and it didn't work for me
20:52:02 <Mic> -here
20:52:10 <Mic> Using your code does
20:52:11 <flo> the new indentation is much better :)
20:52:14 <clokep> Mic: I also removed a couple of lines in onStopRequest.
20:52:21 <Mic> ah, ok
20:52:35 <clokep> (They were closing the connection. I really have no idea why I put them there.)
20:52:43 <Mic> I see
20:52:46 <flo> I think we should abstract out all the socket related code
20:53:02 <clokep> flo: I agree.
20:53:02 <flo> that's something that will be useful in all protocols that need more than HTTP
20:53:14 <Mic> Being able to send raw irc commands makes it better than the libpurple irc plugin already :P
20:53:20 <clokep> Most protocols can probably be broken down into sockets or XHR type thing, no?
20:53:25 <flo> well, more or "less". HTTP is pretty high level :)
20:53:58 <flo> clokep: yeah, we need to define a very simple API that is likely to work for most protocols
20:54:48 <clokep> flo: Right, two -- one for HTTP AJAX type requests and one for raw sockets. All the protocol needs to provide is port & server I believe.
20:54:49 <flo> one thing that I don't really know yet how to handle well is how we can give access to the received data at the bit level (some binary protocols may pack the data they send so that several values are in the same byte)
20:55:11 <flo> clokep: there's also all the possible SSL usage ;)
20:55:58 <clokep> flo: True, I didn't worry about that yet. :) The streams also have all those segment sizes/counts. Not sure if that'd be useful.
20:56:23 <flo> I think it's all in bytes
20:56:33 <flo> playing at the bit level is insane :)
20:56:43 <clokep> Usually to do that you have to get bytes and do masking.
20:56:55 <clokep> (At least that's how RS232, etc. works.)
20:56:56 <flo> yeah :)
20:57:06 * clokep has much more experience with low level protocols than networking ones.
20:57:11 <flo> that's also how you can mess up your code really well :)
20:58:25 <clokep> flo: Should I file bugs when I come across stuff that can't be done (i.e. not accessing the server/port from purpleIAccount)?
20:58:39 <clokep> Or do you know a lot of what needs to be done still for the jsProtoHelper.
20:58:48 <flo> it's a good idea
20:59:03 <flo> of put all the stuff you block on in a wiki page
20:59:16 <flo> there's still a lot to do on the js-proto project
20:59:23 <clokep> I'll do bugs and a tracking bug I think?
20:59:28 <flo> lots of things are completely unusable for JS plugins at this point
20:59:31 <clokep> Easier for me to get emails when necessary.
20:59:35 <clokep> Buddy lists? :)
20:59:43 <flo> yeah
21:00:05 <flo> statuses (well, I guess you can listen for the status-changed notification, but that's really hackish)
21:00:11 <flo> commands!
21:00:28 <clokep> commands?
21:00:32 <flo> it's a long time that I want to rewrite that so that libpurple doesn't decide which command is executed :)
21:00:42 <flo> now I have a good reason to do so: it's incompatible with JS protocols :)
21:01:13 <flo> the commands starting with "/" that one can write in the input box ;)
21:01:27 <clokep> I thought those were handled by the protocol directly?
21:01:33 <clokep> Like if I do /whois ?
21:01:33 <flo> nope
21:01:44 <flo> they are all registered in libpurple
21:01:57 <clokep> Ah. I'm gonna need help with that then. :)
21:02:05 <flo> there are protocol specific commands, and app global commands, with priorities to decide which one takes over which one
21:02:18 <flo> (the /away global command overrides the IRC /away command for example)
21:02:59 <clokep> Ohhh, I see.
21:03:15 <clokep> What about osmething like....PRIVMSG is that handled by libpurple also?
21:03:23 <clokep> /PRIVMSG instantbot hello
21:03:26 --> hicham has joined #instantbird
21:03:28 <clokep> Or just not handled at all. :)
21:03:29 <flo> all commands are handled by libpurple
21:03:40 <flo> clokep: it's case sensitive ;)
21:03:49 <clokep> /privmsg instantbot test?
21:03:51 <clokep> Haha.
21:03:58 <clokep> Message works I know. :)
21:04:01 <clokep> I mean /msg
21:04:32 <flo> I think the offline status is currently incompatible with JS protocols
21:05:09 <flo> I have 17 items remaining in my "js-proto" project of my todo list. Most of them are related to the buddy list
21:05:18 <flo> some are cleanups and optimizations
21:06:04 <instantbot> New purplexpcom - General bug 495 filed by clokep@gmail.com.
21:06:05 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=495 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, purpleIAccount missing server information
21:06:27 <clokep> Ah, I see. :)
21:06:45 <flo> so basically, all the protocol specific preferences are unusable with js-proto ?
21:07:10 <clokep> Yes.
21:07:11 <clokep> I think so.
21:07:19 <clokep> Not that I could find a way at least.
21:07:54 <clokep> (I was hoping there was a "getString" preference, but there's not. :()
21:09:07 <flo> if you don't mind a little touch of uglyness, you can perfectly get all the values you want ;)
21:09:18 <flo> it's all in a pref branch, just take directly the info there :-D
21:09:49 <clokep> How do you get the account #?
21:10:07 <flo> you have it somewhere
21:10:21 <flo> isn't there a .key or .id stored somewhere in your account object?
21:10:46 <flo> the aKey parameter of the getAccount function
21:10:59 <clokep> There's an id.
21:11:06 <flo> just look in GenericProtocolPrototype/GenericAccountPrototype where it's stored :)
21:11:08 <clokep> Hmm....Ok.
21:12:04 <flo> arg, that script is in perl :(
21:12:20 <flo> (the one where my mac build now fails)
21:12:38 <clokep> Perl is ugly.
21:12:46 <clokep> I didn't realize that that key was referring to the same thing. :)
21:15:08 <clokep> So in the account this.id should get e that proper #?
21:16:33 <flo> yes
21:17:02 <flo> you can look at the code in account.js (used by the Account properties dialog)
21:17:32 <clokep> OK. Thanks. :) Now I have to remember how to read prefs. :P
21:17:45 <clokep> Which is probably in that file as well.
21:18:15 <flo> I suggested that file so that you don't have to remember and can just lazily copy and paste ;)
21:19:07 <clokep> :)
21:24:54 <clokep> flo: Is the server stored as "username@server"?
21:28:11 <flo> for the current IRC protocol, yes
21:29:11 <clokep> Appararently when you make a new account from the UI for a js-proto nothing is saved.
21:29:19 <clokep> So even though I typed in irc.mozilla.org, it doesn't exist in my prefs.
21:31:50 <flo> then you have a bug somewhere :)
21:33:05 <clokep> :(
21:38:46 <Mic> :)
21:38:54 <Mic> So great to have mozilla-build now
21:39:03 <Mic> it makes things so much easier
21:40:38 <-- tymerkaev has quit (Ping timeout)
21:47:48 <clokep> :) Glad they're working out.
21:48:20 <hicham> you build xulrunner+instantbird ...
21:48:26 <hicham> which would take a lot of time
21:48:51 <hicham> libpurple takes some time to build too
21:50:37 <flo> hicham: if you are annoyed by the libpurple build time, it's possible to remove almost all the protocols if what you want to test is not related to them :)
21:51:23 <hicham> flo : and use the protocols from the system ?
21:51:47 <hicham> i guess there might be an incompatibility
21:51:57 <flo> hicham: if you take into account the time that is likely needed to debug that, I don't think it saves time :)
21:52:14 <hicham> flo : I agree
21:52:51 <flo> I'm not sure if you have seen that patch, but I did some work toward making instantbird use the system protocol plugins for debian
21:53:07 <flo> it somehow worked for some protocols, and there were issues with some protocols
21:53:19 <hicham> given that libpurple's version is the same
21:53:20 <flo> it didn't seem to be reliable enough to advise anyone to use it
21:53:27 <hicham> ?
21:53:55 <flo> you cannot expect the libpurple version to be always the same
21:54:09 <flo> we start beta testing a new libpurple version a few days before it's released in Pidgin
21:54:09 <hicham> that is the problem
21:54:19 <flo> so it's not going to be released in Instantbird at the same time
21:54:31 <flo> libpurple updates are crashy ;)
21:54:48 <hicham> I seen that
21:55:20 <hicham> I somewhat got it to build against the system's libpurple, but it didn't connect to any protocol
21:55:37 <clokep> flo: You haven't integrated the new libpurple at all, right? That's fater mozilla2?
21:55:45 <flo> the system libpurple or the system libpurple plugins?
21:56:08 <hicham> the system's libpurple
21:56:09 <flo> clokep: right, I'll do it after we have a nightly or two on mozilla2
21:56:24 <flo> hicham: I would be curious to see how you did that
21:56:58 <flo> clokep: my plan is to have one "stable" nightly on mozilla2, then integrate all the patches that have been in bugzilla for quite some time
21:57:08 <flo> then upgrade libpurple
21:57:34 <clokep> Ooooo, is there a lot of patches sitting around in bugzilla?
21:58:17 <flo> I think Mic has a few of them
21:58:52 <Mic> A few .. 
21:59:24 <Mic> hmm, I could make a search for them and share it if you like
21:59:52 <clokep> Nah its fine.
22:00:03 <Mic> :)
22:00:22 <flo> idechix also has at least one patch in my inbox
22:00:30 <flo> another starred email I'll get rid of :)
22:01:23 <Mic> Instantbird Sync "make"s from the repository and installs from the created xpi. It doesn't seem to have much more problems than the first version I created from the extracted extension
22:01:38 <Mic> :)
22:02:05 <clokep> That's good! So you were able to make the same changes? ;)
22:03:01 <Mic> well, and some additional ones to the makefile and manifest and whatelse was necessary (removing fennec and seamonkey files for example)
22:09:58 <clokep> Oh, right. I forgot it had all that stuff in it.
22:15:36 <clokep> flo: So how do I have it so my JS proto can request a URL/port when its created?
22:16:06 <flo> you mean have protocol specific options?
22:16:26 <clokep> I mean that when I create an account in it, it asks for a username, a password.
22:16:31 <clokep> And that's it.
22:16:47 <clokep> (And a local alias)
22:20:01 <flo> make them part of the username
22:20:04 <flo> with username splits
22:20:09 <flo> but that's ugly :)
22:20:23 <clokep> Hahah OK. :) So its all part of the same thing then.
22:32:11 <Mic> clokep: /experiments/ changed
22:32:39 <Mic> Though I guess we don't have a real problem either way since we're working on different directories anyways
22:33:22 <clokep> Yup! :)
22:33:24 <flo> Mic: you have a problem only if you commit and hate both merge and rebase :)
22:33:55 <Mic> I've never really merged, I think I didn't like the tool
22:34:22 <clokep> Merging is kind of annoying but it ain't so bad.
22:35:18 <clokep> But we're not touching the same files right now so its all good.
22:36:26 * clokep thinks its time to read another RFC.
22:38:05 * flo thinks it's time to disable MOZ_IPC
22:38:54 <clokep> Is that OOP stuff?
22:39:46 <flo> yes
22:41:28 <flo> hmm, or enable the fake ipc on PPC :)
22:42:50 * flo rebuilds again
22:58:44 <-- hicham has quit (Input/output error)
23:35:25 --> hicham has joined #instantbird
23:36:49 <-- Mic has quit (Quit: Instantbird 0.3a1pre)
23:39:36 --> Mic has joined #instantbird
23:41:44 --> rikki has joined #instantbird
23:50:14 <Mic> good night
23:50:41 <flo> good night
23:50:53 <Mic> Managed to setup a new account from the Sync pane on Preferences.. that's good enough for today;)
23:51:04 <flo> pushed lots of "build bustage fix"
23:51:12 <flo> let's hope we will have 2 nightlies tomorrow :)
23:51:37 <Mic> :)
23:51:38 <flo> (the Mac can't magically work as the builder disappeared and I'll need to reboot the machine when I get back to the office Monday)
23:55:58 <-- Mic has quit (Quit: Instantbird 0.3a1pre)
23:56:28 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/c0d6076bffb8 - Florian Quèze - Use the patch from bug 590996 to fix Windows build, and revert 71343d64da5f that didn't work.
23:56:29 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/c55634bb773d - Florian Quèze - Fix errors in the package manifest.
23:56:30 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/6fa501e5fc92 - Florian Quèze - Fix build error for Mac universal builds.
23:56:31 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/d624d3be6a73 - Florian Quèze - Fix JS error in imTextboxUtils.jsm (query the nsIPrefBranch2 interface in the prefs getter).