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00:28:40 <flo> my problem was https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=590996
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00:42:46 <flo> good night :)
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10:17:38 <Mic|web> flo: I read last nights logs and your problem with making money
10:18:32 <Mic|web> What about offering extra services like storing logs online so that people have access to them from anywhere (would require proper integration ofcourse)
10:19:05 <hicham> nice idea
10:19:19 <Mic|web> and similiar things? Maybe this 'pastebin for files' for file transfer that just work, .. 
10:19:42 <Mic|web> So making money from services offered around Instantbird and not through the program directly
10:21:45 <Mic|web> Maybe these extras would have to be quite cheap, so people are not repelled by the price
10:22:34 <hicham> or just put ads in the software
10:22:44 <Mic|web> Ads are bad imo
10:22:50 <hicham> why ?
10:23:00 <hicham> helps funding the project
10:23:09 <Mic|web> For me they'd throw a bad light on it
10:23:21 <Mic|web> I'd never donate $10/12/15/20 or whatever extension authors suggest on AMO
10:23:54 <Mic|web> but I wouldn't mind donating.. let's say 3 € for an extension I like without much thinking
10:24:24 <Mic|web> (Maybe that's different if you're having a proper job and earning more money though ;)
10:25:39 <Mic|web> A problem might be micropayment systems .. I've no real idea about them but afaik it's a pretty heterogeneous and incompatible world 
10:26:31 <Mic|web> that's just my 2 cents on this topic
10:26:45 <Mic|web> (what a pun:P)
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10:54:12 <Mic|web> Somewhere I read an article about web comics and musicians and how to make money of the success on the web
10:54:53 <Mic|web> and the basic statement was roughly: "don't be about selling t-shirts"
10:56:00 <hicham> selling t-shirts doesn't pay off
10:56:11 <hicham> it is just a way to do marketing
10:56:53 <Mic|web> There are a few self-sustaining web comics and they live from selling t-shirts and other things like that
10:57:54 <Mic|web> And I think you took my comment too literally. I was pointing out that you should offer things that you can actually sell if you can't make money from your "main product"
10:58:03 <Mic|web> directly
11:00:28 <Mic|web> Lunch time
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17:21:03 <Mic> hello
17:23:47 <clokep> Hey Mic.
17:23:49 <clokep> How goes it?
17:23:59 <clokep> Actually you can ignore that, I have to run to a TA meeting. :)
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18:33:13 <instantbot> leeraccount@yahoo.de added attachment 345 to bug 484.
18:33:16 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=484 enh, --, ---, leeraccount, NEW, Changed icons for Options dialog
18:33:43 <instantbot> leeraccount@yahoo.de added attachment 346 to bug 484.
18:46:18 <Mic> idechix: I like the red/blue icon best
18:50:26 <idechix> mic: I think the one I like the best is the white one
18:51:55 <idechix> hmmm, I think Flo wants to tell us what he thinks about all that stuff :-D
18:56:01 <idechix> ... he escaped...
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19:02:15 <instantbot> New Instantbird (UI) bug 485 filed by leeraccount@yahoo.de.
19:02:16 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=485 min, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Not possible to re-order / detach tabs using the keyboard
19:04:12 <Mic> The white bubbles are so noncommital .. they'd go well with any look 
19:04:28 <Mic> That's why I'd prefer the others .. they are more specific
19:11:33 <Mic> The ones with the colored bubbles on Windows and the other with the pen aren't really so nice, I guess we don't need to talk about them anymore
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19:13:18 <Mic> I'll 'obsolete' them if you don't mind
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19:21:19 <idechix> Mic: ok
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20:12:00 <deOmega> mic: hi.
20:12:19 <deOmega> Fantastic idea  on those icons in the bug u posted
20:12:33 <deOmega> They really look very nice
20:12:49 <Mic> Thank you, ncie that you like them:)
20:13:42 <deOmega> It  makes sense to move away from teh firefox icons
20:13:51 <deOmega> do u know when they  will be implemented/ 
20:17:25 <deOmega> *?
20:19:19 <deOmega> I would have thought colorize would get more attention
20:19:47 <deOmega> (was just going over the addons page)
20:19:55 <deOmega> anyway, have a great evening all.
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20:37:45 <instantbot> New Websites - www.instantbird.org bug 486 filed by leeraccount@yahoo.de.
20:37:47 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=486 min, --, ---, nobody, NEW, "bonsai.instantbird.org"
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20:55:55 <Mic> I've got problems with a XMPP buddy, it doesn't show on the buddy list neither when available nor when away
20:56:10 <Mic> This error is on the console: http://pastebin.instantbird.com/368
20:57:28 <Mic> Let me know when this is bug-report-worthy
20:57:34 <Mic> *if
20:59:23 <flo> do you have a way to reproduce this error?
20:59:32 <flo> I would suspect an add-on by the way ;)
21:01:56 <Mic> ok, so you say this is not known yet
21:03:11 <Mic> brb
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21:06:02 <flo> Mic: usually this error happens when some JS code is executed in a window which has already been destroyed.
21:06:17 <flo> This is because some code forgot or failed to remove observers
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21:09:11 <Mic> No, it's not really reproducable
21:09:38 <Mic> The buddy was hidden even in safe-mode, but the error message didn't appear
21:10:58 <flo> the error probably came from a window that has been closed before
21:12:45 <flo> and it's a window where there's a tree
21:15:49 <Mic> Invisible Status seems to be working so far :) Some protocols don't seem to support it (XMPP?) and OSCAR complains that it doesn't like status messages when being invisible but beside that, it's ok
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21:18:27 <flo> I don't know about libpurple, but on Gtalk it's not possible to be invisible if you are connected from another resource
21:19:31 <Mic> I'm only connected from one resource if you mean that
21:29:45 * skeledrew wants to get back to IB programming soon, but college is a real time consumer...
21:30:18 <flo> what do you study? (sorry if I've already asked that question)
21:31:06 <skeledrew> no you didn't. i just started couple weeks ago
21:31:17 <skeledrew> and it's Philosophy
21:31:23 <skeledrew> well, that's my aim...
21:31:42 <skeledrew> for now
21:31:59 <clokep> Not computer science? ;)
21:32:07 <skeledrew> nope
21:32:15 <flo> clokep: too boring ;). I study sociology instead.
21:32:18 <skeledrew> i'll do that for my master
21:32:24 <flo> (I'm not even kidding :-D)
21:32:25 <skeledrew> lol
21:32:36 <clokep> flo: I didn't do comp sci cause its something you can pretty esaily teach yourself.
21:32:46 <skeledrew> flo:  i DON'T believe
21:33:02 <skeledrew> clokep: good point
21:33:13 <flo> skeledrew: i've done my master in computer science
21:33:20 <skeledrew> :)
21:33:21 <flo> and last year I started over in sociology
21:33:28 <skeledrew> oh?
21:33:36 <skeledrew> so you're doing another masters?
21:33:44 <flo> no
21:33:54 <skeledrew> back to Bach?
21:33:55 <flo> I don't know how it's called in english though :-/
21:34:04 <clokep> Ah, I have two bachelors in Mechanical & Electrical engineering and I'm doing my Master's in electrical.
21:34:12 <skeledrew> hmm
21:34:22 <skeledrew> clokep: whaaat???
21:34:26 <clokep> Should probably have done computer & electrical engineering, oh well.
21:34:35 <skeledrew> exactly
21:34:56 <clokep> My concentration is actually real time control systems, so...my majors make sense. :)
21:35:28 <flo> in France the diploma at the end of high school is "bac" (baccalauréat), 3 years later we have a license, with 2 more years a master, and with a few more years and a thesis, PhD.
21:36:42 <flo> skeledrew: I don't know where "Bach" fits in that.
21:37:23 <clokep> In the US you finish high school, 2 years is an associates (which a lot of people don't do), 4 years is a bachelor's, 1 - 2 more years over a bachelors is a master's, 1 - 3 yeras past that is a PhD.
21:39:05 <skeledrew> flo: sounds like you do a year out of your bachelors from high school... 
21:39:05 <skeledrew> clokep: k
21:39:12 <flo> according to wikipedia the english word for "licence" is "Licentiate"
21:39:24 <clokep> flo: I've never heard that word before.
21:39:30 <flo> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Licentiate
21:39:53 <clokep> Oh, its still just a license. :P The Licentiate is the person who holds the degree.
21:40:03 <clokep> A lot of licenses in the US require a bachelors as well.
21:40:29 <clokep> Maybe. :)
21:40:30 <flo> poor wikipedia links :(
21:41:04 <flo> usually when I don't know the english word for something a dictionary is unlikely to be helpful with, I look at the french wikipedia article and then click on the english article in the list of other languages
21:41:38 <clokep> Mmhmm. Makes sense.
21:42:39 <flo> "The traditional bachelor's degree is the equivalent of the French "Licence" 3 years degree. Since the new European system of 2004 "LMD" Bologna process was founded, it has become standard to recognize a Bachelor's over three years, a Master's over five years and a doctorate over eight." hmm
21:42:40 <skeledrew> i still don't get that license thing
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21:42:54 <skeledrew> never heard of it in Ja
21:43:03 <skeledrew> though now i'm in the US...
21:43:05 <flo> skeledrew: according to wikipedia it's a bachelor in 3 years.
21:43:12 <skeledrew> oh. k
21:44:59 <flo> so. I'm starting my second year (out of 3) of my bachelor of sociology (which is perfectly useless except for the "entertainment"(I can't find the word I'm looking for) when coming from a computer science background).
21:45:25 <clokep> psychology kind of makes sense. :P A lot of AI people do that I believe.
21:45:47 <flo> I would have preferred psychology
21:46:01 <flo> but it's in another university
21:46:19 <skeledrew> flo: i think you'd more likely say "leisure"
21:46:21 <flo> sociology is taught on the campus where my office is.
21:46:34 <skeledrew> clokep: yeah. very much. i want to do that too
21:46:52 <skeledrew> wonder if i should go for like 3 bachs...
21:47:00 <flo> I'm interested by starting a PhD in human computer interaction.
21:47:29 <flo> but I would have to work seriously on it.
21:47:36 <skeledrew> nah. masters in comp sci would be more appropriate. so 2 bachs and a master
21:47:47 <skeledrew> flo: true
21:47:53 <clokep> flo: PhDs just take a longgg time. :( And a lot of money.
21:48:04 <flo> clokep: no :)
21:48:53 <flo> there are scholarships for that
21:49:11 <clokep> I never found a research topic I wanted to do for it though.
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21:49:50 <flo> I've been contemplating the idea of doing it about instant messaging, and using it to fund my work on Instantbird development for 2-3 years.
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21:50:36 <clokep> Sounds like a good way to combine school and hobbies.
21:50:55 <flo> I've found only half of the scholarship though, so this doesn't work
21:51:12 <flo> clokep: well, Instantbird has stopped to be a hobby when I started to work full time on it
21:51:42 <clokep> True. :)
21:51:49 <Mic> PhD in physics rarely take less than 3 years btw :(
21:51:53 <skeledrew> wow. i'm really needing Vertical Tabs right now. finding it pretty hard to manage a bunch of convos...
21:51:56 <flo> It's just too bad I can't get paid for it ;)
21:51:56 * clokep needs to start looking for jobs.
21:52:21 <clokep> flo: You need to marry someone rich. ;)
21:52:31 <flo> Mic: I said 2-3 years, because there would probably be some that to do things that don't benefit Instantbird in the 3 years. Like writing the thesis.
21:52:32 <skeledrew> lolz
21:52:52 <flo> s/that/time/
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21:53:15 <flo> clokep: and who loves free software ;)
21:53:39 <clokep> flo: Of course! That's a must.
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21:54:49 <skeledrew> MEEEE!
21:54:53 <flo> that may not be the easiest way to fund the project ;)
21:55:29 <clokep> You told me to say if I thought of anyways. :-D
21:55:39 <flo> I know :)
21:56:00 <clokep> Go hang out w/ the soon to be doctors or lawyers. ;)
21:56:18 <flo> they don't get rich in France
21:56:28 <clokep> Ah, damn. I don't know then.
21:56:42 <instantbot> leeraccount@yahoo.de added attachment 347 to bug 480.
21:56:44 <flo> surgeons do. But not many women there 
21:56:44 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=480 nor, --, ---, leeraccount, NEW, Reconnection timer not stopped when deleting account
21:57:22 <clokep> Oh. Is anyone have trouble reconnecting after sleeping?
21:57:23 <skeledrew> why delete an account while it's reconnecting?
21:57:41 <flo> skeledrew: to find bugs?
21:57:44 <Mic> That's not the question here :D
21:57:58 <clokep> My computer goes to sleep and when it turns back on it says I'm "Available" but nothing is trying to reconnect.
21:58:28 <flo> clokep: are you on a nightly before my "offline status is broken" fix?
21:58:40 <clokep> version 0.3a1pre (20100831042128)
21:58:44 <skeledrew> lol
21:58:44 <clokep> So, no.
21:59:01 <Mic> uh, don't ask me when I use single quotes or double quotes, btw
21:59:28 * Mic just read his comment on the attachment again and noticed he used both within one and a half lines
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22:04:48 <flo> Mic: doesn't matter when it's not in the code
22:04:57 <flo> there's not coding style for the bugzilla comments :)
22:05:02 <flo> *no
22:07:12 <clokep> flo: Have you looked at # of users again since 0.2 release? Just curious...
22:07:24 <flo> no
22:08:00 <skeledrew> clokep: Vertical Tabs feels GREAT :)
22:08:10 <flo> I guess we should create some automated ways to have that information
22:08:14 <clokep> skeledrew: I'm glad you like it.
22:08:17 <flo> I'm not sure if it should be public or not
22:09:07 <clokep> Dinner time.
22:09:18 <skeledrew> darn
22:09:36 <skeledrew> still got those drag issues :(
22:09:56 <skeledrew> i can't see the vertical scrollbar
22:13:32 <clokep> It shouldn't have drag issues.
22:13:39 <clokep> Do you have the newest version?
22:13:43 <clokep> And there is no vertical scrollbar?
22:13:46 <clokep> I'm not sure what you mean by that.
22:14:08 <skeledrew> the bar used to scroll the message pane
22:14:15 <skeledrew> hmm
22:14:24 <skeledrew> lemme check the version
22:14:36 <skeledrew> i did my install from within the addons window
22:14:56 <skeledrew> v0.3
22:15:16 <skeledrew> that the newest
22:15:19 <skeledrew> ?
22:16:13 <Mic> AIO is your friend :P
22:17:08 <skeledrew> Mic: using an EXTREMELY crappy laptop. not much good running a browser on it. prob take a year to load a site...
22:17:19 <Mic> ok
22:17:29 <skeledrew> all i have it for right now is chatting in my room
22:17:41 <Mic> yes
22:17:43 <skeledrew> i'll visit the computer lab later though
22:17:53 <Mic> AIO says that it is 0.3
22:17:56 --> Tonnes_ has joined #instantbird
22:17:57 <clokep> Mic: Yes that's the newest.
22:18:04 <clokep> Oops, sorry that was for skeledrew.
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22:18:16 * Tonnes_ is now known as Tonnes
22:18:19 <clokep> The bar used to scroll th emessage pane is gone? I don't think that's from me.
22:19:26 <skeledrew> it's an old issue
22:19:50 <clokep> What extensions do you have installed?
22:20:10 <skeledrew> whenever i drag the gripper, the pane doesn't resize properly. think i'd also said it was a core issue
22:20:52 <clokep> The gribber between the tabs and the message stuff or between the message box and the input box?
22:21:15 <skeledrew> Buddy status, MinTrayR, My Status (of course), Pidgin-Smileys, Reply to Nick and VT
22:21:30 <skeledrew> tabs and message stuff
22:22:08 <clokep> You have a custom theme? What version of Ib?
22:22:14 <skeledrew> it also shows itself, but isn't as bad, with the message/participants gripper
22:22:25 <skeledrew> 0.2
22:22:50 <clokep> skeledrew: I haven't done a ton of testing on 0.2, but never had problems on 0.2pre.
22:23:22 <skeledrew> k
22:23:53 <skeledrew> hmm
22:24:01 <skeledrew> lemme try doing a screenshot
22:26:27 <skeledrew> interesting. it's working almost fine now (it's still jumping though)
22:26:27 <skeledrew> i'll get a screenie next time it really acts up (maybe when you aren't around)
22:27:16 <clokep> skeledrew: Sounds good, leave me a message or email me or make a bud on my site. :)
22:27:33 <skeledrew> your site?
22:27:35 <skeledrew> uhh...
22:28:19 <clokep> http://code.google.com/p/vertical-tabs/
22:28:21 <Mic> Could it be a problem that the window is too narrow maybe?
22:28:21 <clokep> Its on the AIO page. ;)
22:28:59 <skeledrew> oh
22:29:00 <skeledrew> lol
22:29:01 <skeledrew> k
22:29:02 <clokep> Mic: That does do it if its super narrow.
22:29:13 <clokep> But its like unreadable narrow.
22:30:38 <flo> I think my windows build finally arrived to the "expected failure"
22:30:46 <flo> after 2 unexpected ones I had to fix :)
22:30:53 <skeledrew> Mic: it's just that the message pane doesn't get smaller when you drag the tab gripper right, so the right side of the pane goes beyond the window's border
22:31:24 <skeledrew> and of course i can't see anything over there
22:31:54 <clokep> skeledrew: When I drag my tab gribber left/right everything resizes and stretches properly.
22:32:17 <skeledrew> not for me though. not always
22:32:48 <clokep> Interesting...
22:32:58 <clokep> Sorry, did you say if you have a theme going?
22:33:09 <skeledrew> and yes, it always stretches ok, but it doesn't like being shrunk...
22:33:23 <skeledrew> Pidgin-Smileys
22:33:28 <skeledrew> my very own
22:33:34 <skeledrew> well, not theme
22:33:37 <skeledrew> emoticon
22:33:43 <skeledrew> nothing to do with it
22:33:56 <clokep> I see....
22:36:01 <skeledrew> wish there was a hotkey to jump to specific tabs...
22:36:27 <skeledrew> apart from ctrl+tab
22:36:30 <clokep> How would it know which to choose? ;)
22:36:37 <clokep> Or do you mean like Ctrl + 1 or 2 or 3...
22:36:42 <skeledrew> yeah!
22:36:42 <clokep> Which are the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.
22:37:08 <skeledrew> or alt+n like Pidgin...
22:37:43 <clokep> Ah, didn't realize Pidgin did that. :)
22:38:49 <skeledrew> yep
22:39:02 <flo> ah, I need to port the patch from https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=570689
22:39:17 <clokep> Worst part about college: The textbooks. :(
22:39:44 * skeledrew can't open any browsers :(
22:40:08 <clokep> skeledrew: "Bug 570689 - Convert preprocess-locale.pl to a python script"
22:40:10 <clokep> Nothing exciting. ;)
22:40:13 <skeledrew> clokep: lol. mine were included in my scholarship
22:40:21 <skeledrew> oh
22:40:26 <skeledrew> i hate perl
22:40:35 <skeledrew> though i've never tried it
22:40:49 <clokep> skeledrew: That's lucky for you I spent...$723 this semester? Although that's by far the most I've spent. Damn graduate classes.
22:41:00 <skeledrew> but just looking at the syntax gives me nightmares
22:41:03 <clokep> Perl and Python I never got the hang of.
22:41:07 <skeledrew> lol
22:41:15 <skeledrew> Python's more my style
22:41:17 <clokep> That's what Python does to me...with its white space matters technique.
22:41:25 <skeledrew> yeah :)
22:41:31 <Mic> skeledrew: Perl is write-only :P
22:41:37 <Mic> Don't try to read it :P
22:41:42 <clokep> Perl is so, so. I'd rather use PHP for scripting.
22:41:55 <skeledrew> Mic: lolz
22:42:21 <skeledrew> clokep: i need to learn PHP sometime...
22:43:50 <clokep> PHP is what I really learned on, at least all my self-learning. Good "real" C syntax, but its untyped which makes it easy to use.
22:44:00 <flo> skeledrew: what about you file a bug to get better keyboard navigation in tabs?
22:44:44 <skeledrew> k
22:44:50 <skeledrew> will do :)
22:44:59 <skeledrew> clokep: oh
22:45:18 <flo> I often wish they would behave like the terminal tabs of the system I'm on
22:45:32 <skeledrew> k
22:45:43 <flo> I especially miss moving between them with some key modifier (that depends on the system) + horizontal arrows
22:46:26 <flo> Command+shift+arrow on Mac to move between the tabs of a window, Command+arrow to move between windows
22:46:41 <flo> on Linux (Gnome at least) it's alt instead of Command I think
22:46:51 <skeledrew> yep
22:47:38 <skeledrew> maybe a generic hotkey mapper could be made, so it's not just for tabs...
22:48:34 <flo> I'm not sure of which additional use cases you see
22:49:04 <skeledrew> opening some windows
22:49:14 <skeledrew> eg. join chat
22:50:26 <skeledrew> that reminds me
22:51:32 <skeledrew> would be nice to be able to automatically grab buddies from your account's contact list and add them...
22:52:08 <skeledrew> ... and also a way to get information or something on buddies that're requesting you add them...
22:54:20 <clokep> skeledrew:Grab them from accounts contact list and add them where?
22:56:36 <skeledrew> to IB's contact list
22:56:44 <skeledrew> from the server list
22:56:47 <clokep> Its supposed to do that...
22:56:50 <clokep> Does it not for you?
22:56:54 <skeledrew> nope
22:57:02 <clokep> It does it for me.
22:57:03 <clokep> One sec.
22:57:17 <-- Mic has quit (Quit: Instantbird 0.3a1pre)
22:57:20 <skeledrew> only if i manually add them or they request that i add them
22:58:06 <clokep> bug 444 or bug 443?
22:58:08 <skeledrew> i got people showing in my web Yahoo that don't show in IB...
22:58:10 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=444 cri, --, ---, nobody, UNCO, doesnt load contacts
22:58:11 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=443 enh, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Allow to subscribe to rss feeds from instantbird.com
22:58:19 <clokep> Oops.
22:58:25 <skeledrew> 444
22:58:28 <clokep> I mean bug 445
22:58:30 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=445 nor, --, ---, nobody, UNCO, Buddy list loads, but doesn't show
22:58:33 <clokep> 444 or 445, yes.
22:58:40 <skeledrew> 444
22:58:49 <skeledrew> not 445
22:58:59 <clokep> flo: Any opinions?
23:00:22 <skeledrew> bug 444's kinda vague though
23:00:34 <skeledrew> not sure it's ref to my issue
23:00:41 <flo> are you on a nightly?
23:00:59 <skeledrew> i want IB to get ALL my contacts from the server, esp if they come online
23:01:04 <skeledrew> flo: nope
23:01:11 <flo> no idea then
23:01:19 <skeledrew> k...
23:01:51 <flo> If it was since the merge of the js-proto branch, there could be some regression to investigate
23:02:12 <clokep> You could try nuking your profile and remaking your accounts. ;)
23:03:09 <skeledrew> Pidgin didn't do it either...
23:04:18 <flo> that's on Yahoo?
23:04:19 <skeledrew> i remember going into the web interface for Yahoo and seeing people online i've never seen online in Pidgin
23:04:33 <skeledrew> flo: at least
23:04:42 <skeledrew> not sure about other protos
23:04:47 <flo> I guess we will need a volunteer to reimplement the yahoo protocol in JS :)
23:04:50 <clokep> That a libpurple issue probably then?
23:05:02 <flo> probably
23:05:05 <skeledrew> clokep: maybe
23:05:17 <flo> but wasn't at least one of the bugs on bugzilla related to oscar (AIM or ICQ)?
23:05:21 <clokep> flo: For some reason I think it'd probably be difficult to download buddies to show in the contact list when that hasn't been implemented in js-proto yet. ;)
23:05:29 <clokep> Yes, one of them was AIM.
23:05:45 <flo> clokep: tsss ;)
23:06:10 <instantbot> leeraccount@yahoo.de added attachment 348 to bug 380.
23:06:11 <instantbot> leeraccount@yahoo.de requested review from florian@instantbird .org for attachment 348 on bug 380.
23:06:12 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=380 enh, --, ---, leeraccount, NEW, Show findbar on log viewer content
23:06:16 --> Mic has joined #instantbird
23:08:48 <skeledrew> findbar shows on mine
23:09:04 <skeledrew> my beef is that it only searches the selected convo
23:09:13 <Mic> It's about always showing it
23:11:00 <skeledrew> k
23:11:17 <skeledrew> why always show it?
23:12:05 <Mic> It's not discoverable at the moment
23:12:23 <Mic> If we show it from the beginning, everyone will see it
23:12:42 <Mic> if we show it from the beginning, we should keep it open
23:13:22 <Mic> Someone might close it otherwise and might not be able to get it back (reason: only via hotkey reachable and hotkey is not shown anywhere)
23:13:32 <skeledrew> or show by default but give the close button anyway?
23:13:42 <skeledrew> aha
23:13:51 <skeledrew> menu option
23:13:55 <skeledrew> context
23:14:16 <flo> we are not limited by the space in that window (there's no other UI in there), so I don't see the point of closing it
23:14:32 <Mic> that would have been next :D
23:15:06 <flo> Mic: it seems you agree with my arguments in my previous negative review ;)
23:15:17 <flo> or at least you pretend very well to do so ;)
23:16:25 <skeledrew> hmm
23:16:29 <Mic> Why would I argue when they are reasonible?
23:16:35 <skeledrew> am off for supper...
23:16:36 <skeledrew> bbl
23:16:45 <Mic> *reasonable
23:16:50 <flo> :)
23:17:33 <clokep> Wouldn't adding a set of file menus make it more discoverable?
23:17:57 <Mic> I think it won't get any more discoverable than with this patch :P
23:18:00 <flo> uh, stupidest ads campaign I've ever seen: somehow they managed to open a popup-under window to open, and it displays "sorry, the site is currently down for maintainance"
23:23:25 <Mic> good night now
23:27:29 <flo> good night :)
23:28:45 <flo> grr, why is bugzilla down, just now??
23:29:22 <clokep> BMO? WFM.
23:29:50 <Mic> BIO and BMO are working for me too
23:30:02 <flo> yeah, it's not really bugzilla, but my ssh tunnel :(
23:30:09 <flo> is lxr usable?
23:30:22 <flo> (my tunnel is on the same server)
23:30:50 <clokep> flo: Checking now.
23:31:04 <clokep> Seems to be done.
23:31:06 <clokep> *down
23:33:39 <flo> thanks
23:33:39 <flo> :(
23:33:47 <clokep> flo: http://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/rev/556f27f56d14
23:33:53 <clokep> Which you probably also just got that email. :)
23:34:40 <clokep> I.e. you can delete a patch now haha.
23:34:57 <clokep> Possibly?
23:35:26 <flo> I'll port the Firefox patch, so yes, we can remove the patch against mozilla :)
23:35:52 <flo> I'll have to add one for https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=590996 though :(
23:37:43 <flo> thanks, by the way ;)
23:38:00 <Mic> flo: I like how I got around treating the ESC key specifically :)
23:38:20 <Mic> btw I think you could remove the brackets around the function block as well
23:39:30 <flo> that's not strictly equivalent in this case
23:39:52 <flo> I'm not sure if the close function is expected to return a value, nor if the focus function returns something
23:40:49 <Mic> I have to admit that I haven't checked either
23:41:13 <flo> keep them like they are, it's well under 80 characters anyway :)
23:41:57 <Mic> so you say this short version has an "implicit return"?
23:42:21 <flo> if you write function() a, it's equivalent to function() { return a; }
23:42:42 <Mic> ah, ok. Good to know
23:46:23 <flo> crap, why is lxr down? :-D
23:50:26 <-- Mic has quit (Quit: Instantbird 0.3a1pre)
23:53:01 <flo> I need https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=566125 too
23:54:04 --> hicham has joined #instantbird