#instantbird log on 08 25 2010

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03:51:53 <mortisha> hello
03:52:14 <mortisha> is any body here?
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04:01:16 <rikki> hey flo, are you planning any time to add BNC support for the irc protocol?
04:01:53 <rikki> well not just you but for any one
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09:20:19 <Mic> Hello
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09:27:06 <Mic> If there were only more people here ..
09:27:25 <Mic> Tonight someone came in here again, asked if someone's there and left after no response ..
09:27:44 <Mic> .. would be interesting to know what they wanted to say or ask.
09:44:17 <flo> Mic: maybe the bot should reply "ask your question please"?
09:51:07 <Mic> I thought of something similiar, where the user would be asked to just say what he wants to say/ask telling him that someone checks the log files
09:51:20 <Mic> And maybe a way to leave a message for the user? 
09:51:30 <Mic> Memos won't work for unregistered nicks though
09:53:12 <Mic> Like leaving a message with Instantbot that gets delivered if the one comes back again?
09:53:34 <Mic> No idea how complicated that would be and how high the return would be
09:53:57 <Mic> Return in the sense how many would actually use it
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10:00:12 <flo> this night it was at 5:51am in our (European) time. I'm not sure how many Americans were there at that time, but we certainly weren't there ;).
10:00:25 <flo> rikki: what's BNC?
10:01:07 <rikki> BNC, a peice of software that allows a connection to be persisted to a server even when you are not connected
10:01:51 <rikki> for IRC, a BNC server can keep your nick on a server and manage connection or even turn into a bot
10:02:01 <rikki> also most can auto ID against nickserv
10:02:56 <rikki> does that help you flo?
10:03:57 <Mic> A "Bouncer"
10:04:15 <Mic> I think they're used on networks were you can't register your nick
10:04:23 <rikki> no
10:04:37 <rikki> they are used even when there is services like nickserv
10:04:40 <Mic> To keep your nick in case you disconnect
10:06:24 <flo> it seems like a proxy set up on a different server. How does that require special support on the local client?
10:07:17 <rikki> because it requires a commands not suported by the irc protocal from memory
10:08:02 <rikki> but it depends which software you use
10:12:08 <Mic> I've read a bit about and I'm not sure I like the principle
10:12:22 <rikki> i use 1 on another network
10:12:25 <rikki> they are quite usefull
10:13:08 <flo> I don't really see why this should be limited to IRC
10:13:43 <rikki> i havn't known a BNC for msn to be widely used
10:14:08 <flo> the use case would be the same
10:14:20 <Mic> It increases idling (ie people being in the channel who are actually offline), it might even work against the services or the spirit of the network (which might be not allowing to take nicks permanently (ie registering) for some reason), ..
10:15:01 <rikki> your right it does
10:15:40 <Mic> ok, sometimes I'd also like that I could restart Ib without dancing in and out here
10:15:48 <Mic> but that's rare
10:16:09 <flo> that could be useful for people having a poor connection
10:16:15 <rikki> yes
10:16:24 <rikki> or those who are worried about there privicy
10:16:24 <flo> or annoyed by a proxy that only allows some ports
10:16:36 <rikki> like some networks that do not allow for hiding ip
10:16:51 <flo> you can already use a proxy for that
10:17:02 <rikki> yes i know that
10:17:08 <flo> I usually proxy all my IM connections to a server in a datacenter, through an ssh tunnel
10:17:59 <Mic> The increased privacy by hiding your actual host/IP is positive, indeed
10:18:26 <flo> only if you control the server
10:18:44 <flo> if not, you are just giving all your messages to some third party...
10:19:18 <rikki> generally BNC providers do not log your conversations without you wanting them to
10:19:36 <flo> how do you verify that?
10:19:39 <rikki> and the only reason you would want them to is to have a buffer play back of the last messages whilst you were offline
10:19:56 <rikki> i host my own.. i know what can be set and it is obvious
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10:22:30 <rikki> there could be a nice feature to fix this, a feature that allows you to specify actions upon e.g. connect
10:33:26 <Mic> If you like to do an addon that performs some actions "on connect" you should observe "account-connected" notifications
10:33:29 <Mic> (cf https://wiki.instantbird.org/Instantbird:Notifications)
10:34:05 <rikki> i won't get work on this for a while
10:34:08 <Mic> Bad thing is: you can't send commands in the background so to speak
10:34:40 <rikki> this is the sought of thing that should be hooked into the scripting engine
10:36:28 <Mic> (example for a background job: sending "/mode" to the IRC server to determine if topics are protected or so and adjusting UI accordingly (ie disabling the "set topic" UI if the user isn't op..))
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12:22:16 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/dd9527ca1720 - Florian Quèze - Insert messages after potential scripts of Footer.html have been executed.
12:22:17 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/7127f7c6af70 - Florian Quèze - Port build config change from bug 559961.
12:22:18 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/02c94a5bad5f - Florian Quèze - Fix bustage after bug 580407 landed on mozilla-central.
12:22:19 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/cc4e902cbd70 - Florian Quèze - Port build changes from bug 579178 (Don't enumerate components/*.manifest and chrome/*.manifest)
12:22:20 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/9729f5cfc89c - Florian Quèze - Remove purpleContentPolicy.
12:22:21 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/314c57c4a806 - Florian Quèze - Remove obsolete xpcnativewrappers directive in branding jar.mn files.
12:22:22 <instantbot> Check-in: http://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/6999d97d3db1 - Florian Quèze - Initialize the conversation content in a way that is compatible with the new HTML5 parser, and executes scripts contained in Footer.html.
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12:57:01 <deOmega> Since Stephen Lau left Songbird...  just seems so dead over there.  I wonder how many others have left?  How  sad.
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13:22:17 <flo> deOmega: they have hired Brian King, don't they?
13:24:06 <deOmega> I do not really know,  but i  do realize that communication in the community seems to have vanished
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13:25:10 <deOmega> sorry for the in and outs.. was trying out some themes
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13:27:50 <deOmega> ok
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14:00:39 <deOmega> a lot of these themes are working fine
14:01:37 <deOmega> They could all do with some tweaking.. but.. teh text in terms of spacing are now great
14:01:52 <deOmega> there was a problem with that before.
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14:08:16 <deOmega> Pixol is a very nice and clean theme
14:08:36 <deOmega> except it  only allows for one color messages
14:08:41 <deOmega> well, message style
14:09:36 <deOmega> I wonder if one can overwrite that in a message style? i will look and see
14:11:01 * deOmega not working today
14:23:51 <deOmega> seems like  if i want to see someone message in  black.. i choose message body  color as 111
14:24:26 <deOmega> if i want to  see a variation depending on what the sender has set on their side.. is there a code that goes  there instead?
14:25:35 <deOmega> would it be instead of color: #111;, be color: #variant;
14:34:02 * Gizmokid2005 is pretty sure that Instantbird is going to have a mac tester very soon :)
14:35:33 <Gizmokid2005> (another one at least)
14:39:17 <flo> Gizmokid2005: does this mean you are buying a Mac? ;)
14:39:23 <Gizmokid2005> flo: I've had one
14:39:26 <Gizmokid2005> for 3.5 years now
14:39:34 <Gizmokid2005> but I'm starting to get really fedup with Adium
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14:40:50 <flo> Gizmokid2005: what's wrong with it?
14:41:56 <Gizmokid2005> I don't like the developers attitude for one...and two, just the random issues I find...the Buddy list doesn't seem to follow it's options very well...and is hard to keep visible and act properly with expose, etc.
14:43:29 <flo> I think it's the first time I see complaints about Adium's developers attitude.
14:44:52 <Gizmokid2005> Yep, they seem to have a "holier than thou" attitude in general...
14:45:06 <Gizmokid2005> I'm used to OSS software being pretty laid back, and ok with accepting comments, etc...
14:45:23 <Gizmokid2005> I've been using their "dev" builds for a while now...and one time I loaded it up and it crashed on load
14:45:37 <Gizmokid2005> and they basically said "Piss off, it's a dev snapshot, it doesn't have to work"...
14:45:40 <Gizmokid2005> that was a HUGE turnoff for me
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15:51:27 <deOmega> well, i was able to tweak a  message style to my satisfation
15:51:33 <deOmega> kudos
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17:38:17 <Mic> evening
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18:56:06 <deOmega> hi.. in  one of these message styles
18:56:18 <deOmega> it has '' buddy icon Blocked
18:56:46 <deOmega> how does one change that?   i mean... i would assume remove teh entry  totally?
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21:52:08 <clokep> 5:30 in Europe is 1:30 here, still pretty late. ;)
21:52:22 <clokep> Or rather 12:30. Still past my bed time.
21:55:52 <flo> yeah, by the way, on that topic: good night! :)
21:57:24 <clokep> 'night.
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