#instantbird log on 08 23 2010

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01:39:41 <rikki> is there any plan / plugin for javascript in message text box to be evaled?
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08:06:45 <Mic> Morning
08:07:07 <Mic> rikki: no
08:07:39 <rikki> hmm looks like im going to have to get a compilation environment working then
08:08:27 <Mic> What's the goal with javascript in the text box?
08:08:42 <rikki> are you using mirc right now?
08:08:52 <rikki> its more the same type of effect
08:09:05 <Mic> no, I haven't used mIRC for a long time now. Instantbird only ..
08:09:12 <rikki> ahh
08:09:17 <Mic> What does it do?
08:09:28 <rikki> it allows expressions to be executed
08:09:58 <rikki> also to create alias other words functions and then call them later
08:10:30 <Mic> What can this scripting/these commands do?
08:10:36 <rikki> like if you had a complicated password algorithm to login to nickserv and you didn't want to type out a long password for each network
08:11:04 <rikki> for like mirc, u can do quite a huge range, irc bots for example
08:11:18 <rikki> grr even webservers
08:11:45 <rikki> and no im not a mirc fan, just using it as an example useage
08:11:58 <Mic> Have a look at the variety of extensions for Firefox .. 
08:12:08 <Mic> .. you can do the same with Instantbird
08:12:11 <rikki> there is 1 that might work
08:12:23 <rikki> imacros i think its called
08:12:25 <Mic> It uses exactly the same framework
08:12:50 <rikki> yeah i saw that you can convert firefox extensions to instantbird
08:13:06 <rikki> but even then i would need to hook into the message text box
08:13:18 <Mic> That's not a big problem .. 
08:13:31 <rikki> true
08:14:59 <rikki> just out of interest what IDE's do people compile instantbird with?
08:15:26 <Mic> I've no idea what IDE they use for the native part
08:15:43 <Mic> You can use any editor for the javascript/xul parts
08:15:50 <rikki> yeah ik that
08:16:02 <rikki> i had a read at the js files
08:16:10 <Mic> One with things like completion and highlighting is recommended ofcourse ;)
08:16:20 <rikki> yeah
08:16:38 <rikki> but ehh somehow i think i need to do this in my VM not windows
08:17:05 <rikki> o wait, just remember mingw does has make
08:17:29 <Mic> You don't need anything like that to develop an extension
08:17:34 <rikki> true
08:17:42 <rikki> but i do like to c how the thing works
08:17:44 <Mic> it makes packaging easier ofcourse but it's not necessary
08:18:07 <rikki> i have a really bad habit of trying to learn the whole app before doing anything with it
08:19:47 <Mic> If you like to compile IB yourself, I recommend doing it on Linux .. 
08:19:57 <Mic> I've only done it a few times but it worked fine
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08:20:11 <rikki> yeah i use ubuntu on my VM
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08:20:33 <Mic> You only need to follow the steps on the Wiki
08:20:52 <rikki> for the porting of the extension
08:21:16 <Mic> You might want to check out some extensions to see how they work
08:21:29 <rikki> yeah, i will before i get to work on this
08:21:30 <Mic> https://hg.instantbird.org/addons/repos/
08:21:43 <Mic> There are some example addons which do interesting things
08:22:14 <Mic> There should be a section in an wiki article that summarizes what they are
08:22:38 <Mic> https://wiki.instantbird.org/Instantbird:Extension#Examples
08:23:14 <rikki> ahh colorize that could be usefull
08:23:23 <Mic> back to work now ..
08:23:35 <rikki> and thank you
08:23:48 <Mic> .. you can still ask me questions but it might take some time to get an answer.
08:24:11 <rikki> it'll be a while, learning c atm
08:24:12 <Mic> flo is the main developer btw, I'm a mere contributor
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10:52:01 <flo> rikki: you don't need C at all to create instantbird add-ons ;)
10:54:18 <rikki> i know
10:54:39 <rikki> i just love finding out how the app works
10:59:07 <rikki> damn just looked at imacros, closedsource
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14:28:58 <deOmega> good morning
14:29:46 <tymerkaev> deOmega: hello
14:29:47 <deOmega> I was looking at   about:config and it appears i can disable logging Chats  (which i assume is multiuser chats), aand just  keep regular im message logs?
14:29:58 <deOmega> is that right?
14:30:11 <deOmega> purple.logging.log_chats;true
14:30:20 <deOmega> purple.logging.log_ims;true
14:35:01 <Mic> Wait a minute
14:36:54 <Mic> yes, it seems so
14:37:13 <deOmega> that is really Good.
14:37:25 <deOmega> Maybe it  should be added to the log  options
14:38:34 <deOmega> under privacy and records
14:39:58 <deOmega> Mic: Thank u very much
14:40:22 <Mic> you're welcome
14:40:31 <deOmega> most of teh stuff in IRC  rooms, i do not  really care to log
14:40:39 <deOmega> actually, all of them
14:40:42 <clokep> Its all logged anyway. ;)
14:41:00 <deOmega> i meant in all the irc rooms
14:43:45 <Mic> clokep: I guess that's why he's looking for a way to turn it off ;)
14:44:10 <deOmega> Ah, I did not know that.    Awesome
14:44:23 <deOmega> wait i misread :)
14:45:11 <deOmega> I thought u were sying flo is looking for a way to turn off IRC specifically
14:45:45 <deOmega> But u were referring to my desire :)
14:47:45 <clokep> I was referring to it being online. :)
14:49:17 <Mic> I thought u were saying ..
14:49:25 <Mic> seems I misunderstood you as well
14:52:43 <deOmega> i figure that irc and conferences are all consider multiuser.. and so if i turned off  chats.. i would be turning off both.. which i would not want to do
14:52:44 <Mic> bye
14:53:09 <deOmega> so  if the option is  readily avaiable.. when   doing a conference i would just enable it
14:53:16 <deOmega> Mic: bye 
14:54:03 <Mic> hmm.. is there a Firefox extension that allows you to customize a menu with switches for settings?
14:54:08 <Mic> Could be a nice idea
14:54:29 <Mic> bye
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14:55:41 <clokep> deOmega: Oh, I misunderstood, you want to disable /only/ IRC (or some other protocol)?
14:56:06 <deOmega> correct
15:49:09 <deOmega> haha.. was my answer  specific enough?
15:49:25 <clokep> Yes?
15:49:46 <deOmega> ok
15:50:00 <deOmega> i was just making sure
15:52:37 <deOmega> such a relief to have that log bug fixed
15:53:58 <clokep> :) Any bug being squashed is good.
15:54:21 <deOmega> really  is incredible  how  important technology is in our lives
15:55:58 <deOmega> I was so frustrated over that bug.. i almost went to another IM in the interim.
15:57:56 <deOmega> (Not out of  disgust with IB, just the inability to work effectively)
15:58:29 <clokep> Yes, the woes of using nightly builds.
15:58:43 <deOmega> geez.. i did not even think about that
15:59:05 <deOmega> HA!  All i needed to do was  go to the offial release.
15:59:37 <deOmega> The simplest things  escape us
16:01:20 <deOmega> I will remember that
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17:12:37 <flo> deOmega: I'm not sure why you want to not log IRC channels. Assuming you will never need them, how does it hurt to have them anyway? (disk space is usually cheap, and you probably don't have privacy sensitive content in these specific logs)
17:17:00 <deOmega> I can give a long winded response, but i think teh best response is to say it is  simply a personal preference  in terms of controlling what  one has on one's pc
17:19:08 <flo> would an expiration policy solve the issue for you? (like "chats are kept on the disk only 60 days" or something like that)
17:19:52 <deOmega> that would work for  all of it actually
17:19:54 <deOmega> yes
17:20:36 <deOmega> you know.. when teh global search comes out :)....  a lot of the keywords i will be searching for, will be  also found in IRC forums
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17:42:04 <clokep> I assume you'll be able to filter a search by account though, wouldn't that solve the issue?
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17:43:25 <deOmega> it should
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18:02:00 <clokep> Bah I can't find a newsgroup post I found a few weeks ago that I need. :(
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18:17:56 <Mic> Good evening :)
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18:34:21 <clokep> Hey Mic. How're you?
18:34:30 <Mic> Was that a buddy pounce?
18:34:36 <Mic> I'm fine, thanks
18:35:14 <Mic> brb
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18:37:01 <Mic> re
18:37:52 <Mic> shownick needed some css tweaking imo .. let's see if it's fine now ;)
18:39:23 <clokep> Haha, no it was not a buddy pounce. I'm just quick. :P
18:39:45 <Mic> Ah :)
18:40:16 * clokep is installing shownick
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18:40:34 <clokep> Let's see how this works. ;)
18:40:43 <Mic> clokep: it works fine :P
18:41:19 <clokep> Haha I'm sure it works fine, but depends on whether I like it. :P
18:41:31 <Mic> I removed the border and the bold font, it was too obtrusive
18:41:54 <Mic> Reduced the border radius and made the names the same size as the surrounding text
18:42:03 <clokep> That's exactly what I was thinking it needed. :) What were your tweaks?
18:42:28 <clokep> The border/etc looks very out of place with the "Simple" theme.
18:42:58 <Mic> I'm using Bubbles at the moment .. the content preview looks out of place with the simple theme
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18:44:12 <clokep> Bleh, switching to bubbles one sec.
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18:44:31 <clokep> Would be nice if I didn't have to quit and rejoin to change the theme. :)
18:45:01 * Mic won't try to bring up the bug number from memory now ;)
18:45:13 <clokep> I know its in there somewhere haha.
18:45:34 <clokep> I thought shownick highlighted everyone's nick not just when they're mentioned but also when they talked?
18:46:43 <clokep> Or does everyone already have separate colors even without the extension?
18:46:45 * clokep is confused.
18:48:00 <clokep> deOmega: Can you say something with my name in it? ;)
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18:48:54 <deOmega> clokep: hey
18:49:09 <deOmega> what are you up to clokep
18:49:22 <deOmega> :)
18:49:33 <clokep> I'm trying out shownick and it doesn't seem to be doing too much. :P
18:49:45 <clokep> Or maybe its cause everyone who talks here seems to have the same color haha.
18:49:56 <Mic> Yes, the nick color issue ;)
18:50:08 <deOmega> it just highlights  nicks in a sentence
18:50:09 <Mic> instantbot: hi
18:50:10 <instantbot> Mic
18:50:23 <clokep> Ah, that worked nicely. Good idea. :)
18:50:29 <Mic> sumobot: hi
18:50:30 <sumobot> salut Mic
18:50:49 <clokep> I find it weird that my color doesn't match the one given in the list though. ;)
18:51:51 <deOmega> clokep: the three of us are red in teh nicklist
18:51:58 <deOmega> and so  we show up red
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18:52:11 <clokep> Right, but I show up blue to myself?
18:52:45 <deOmega> hmmm
18:52:48 <deOmega> interestig haha
18:53:00 <clokep> Do you not show up blue for yourself?
18:53:04 <deOmega> no
18:53:07 <deOmega> i show up red
18:53:13 * clokep is switching back to Simple.
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18:53:34 <clokep> And now I think you all show up with the same color which is kind of silly.
18:53:37 <Mic> The own nickname is always blue .. but not because it's set as buddy color
18:53:44 <deOmega> i figure u are referriing to  our color in nick list
18:53:45 <Mic> It's special-cased
18:54:05 <clokep> Hmm...I was wrong, they're just different shades of red. :) OK.
18:54:07 <Mic> shownick uses the "buddy color" instead, ie the one showing on the participants list
18:54:38 <clokep> Mic: Right, I'm' just saying it doesn't match, its confusing. :)
18:55:34 <deOmega> clokep: I would think that because we all use different  mseeage style  themes or whatever they are called
18:55:52 <clokep> Mic: Sorry, what were those CSS changes you made?
18:55:58 <deOmega> there woud be no consistent way of  determining our  nick  color no? and so therefore it  just uses the  color in the nicklist?
18:56:08 <Mic> Let's see
18:56:08 <deOmega> the color generated in teh nicklist
18:57:32 <Mic> http://pastebin.instantbird.com/364
18:58:02 <clokep> Thanks. :)
18:59:53 <Mic> You're welcome
19:00:30 <clokep> Now if there was a way to do that without editing the files. :(
19:02:58 <clokep> Gonna restart again...
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19:04:52 <clokep> Let's try this out: instantbot
19:05:13 <clokep> And I didn't rezip the jar. :( Ouch.
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19:06:24 <clokep> Let's try that one instantbot!
19:06:27 <clokep> Much better. :)
19:06:39 <deOmega> can u posta screenshot of what you see?
19:06:59 <clokep> Mic: So if you have the moz-border radius without a border...does it just make it non-square?
19:07:04 <clokep> Yes, deOmega: one second.
19:07:07 <Mic> yes
19:08:43 <clokep> deOmega: Uploading...
19:10:08 <clokep> https://wiki.instantbird.org/File:Shownick.png
19:11:14 <deOmega> ah, i see
19:11:36 <deOmega> i see why u  were wondering about the color of yoru nick in the message.. being blue
19:12:06 <deOmega> that is  definitely yoru message style
19:12:10 <deOmega> as you know
19:12:24 <clokep> Yes, Just thinking it should match. :P
19:12:50 <deOmega> but  on my theme  it is  white :(
19:13:00 <deOmega> my text is white
19:13:07 <deOmega> name
19:13:16 <clokep> I see.
19:13:39 <clokep> I also find it kind of strange that the color doesn't actually match the one given in the particpants list. :-\
19:14:49 <deOmega> lol.. pink is the new Red
19:15:20 <clokep> :P
19:22:31 <clokep> I don't care what color it is, just find it weird they don't match.
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19:30:34 <Mic> Ah, much better nick colors :)
19:31:01 <clokep> Mic?
19:31:03 <Mic> Applying the nick color algorithm backwards on the nick name
19:31:30 <Mic> So people with similiar letters in the beginning of the name won't get similiar colours anymore
19:31:47 <Mic> (most likely .. as same last letters are important now)
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19:32:58 <clokep> That makes sense.
19:33:17 <clokep> Right, but the color & first letter being the same is more likely ot be a mistake then color and last letter I think?
19:34:37 <Mic> I think if two names start with same letters then they shouldn't get similair colours too
19:34:44 <clokep> I agree.
19:35:02 <clokep> hash the name and then do it on the hash?
19:35:22 <clokep> Like do md5(nick)
19:35:36 <deOmega> i do not know aqbout all of that, but   makes sense  to me lol
19:36:35 <Mic> If two people have names that look similiar then it's not good to give them colors that also match
19:36:40 <clokep> Blah there's a bunch of stuff in here I don't like that showNick does.
19:37:13 <Mic> because then they can still be confused easily. If they have different colours then it's easier to tell who is who.
19:37:39 * Mic should have read deOmega's comment before posting.
19:38:00 <clokep> The stuff going on w/ the hue I think is making the colors look very different?
19:38:22 <Mic> You're familiar with the color system of hsl?
19:39:57 <clokep> Not really. :-\
19:40:01 <clokep> I really only know RGB.
19:40:13 <-- tymerkaev has quit (Ping timeout)
19:40:21 <clokep> (Or CMYK, but that's really the same thing. :))
19:40:33 <Mic> ok, hue is the 'color'
19:41:18 <Mic> Or just look through this here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HSL_and_HSV
19:41:27 <clokep> I think its the "lightness" part I don't like.
19:41:31 <clokep> Yes, I'm on that. :)
19:41:46 --> skeledrew has joined #instantbird
19:42:06 <clokep> Like why are there different "lightness" used for different colors?
19:48:56 <clokep> Hmmm....I'll see.
19:52:31 * Mic just made the download manager popup in Ib
19:52:53 <Mic> Unexpectedly :D
19:53:25 <clokep> Hahahah, how'd you manage that?
19:54:36 <Mic> Trying to add "Save Conversation As..."
19:55:06 <Mic> Well, it saved something .. unfortunately it was "instantbird.xul" instead of the conversation
19:55:52 <clokep> :(
20:00:40 <clokep> Mic: Do you know where the message themes are in the source?
20:01:20 <clokep> I found it. :)
20:01:23 <clokep> Hidden under themes.
20:01:25 <Mic> imThemes?
20:01:36 <Mic> oh, the actual themes, not the code managing them?
20:03:48 <clokep> Yes.
20:05:49 <Mic> Works now :)
20:06:02 <-- Mic has quit (Quit: Instantbird 0.3a1pre)
20:06:41 --> Mic has joined #instantbird
20:06:59 * clokep wonders what is working for Mic.
20:07:09 <Mic> "Save conversation as..."
20:07:26 <clokep> Ohhhh, sorry.
20:07:31 <clokep> My mind is scattered. :) That's sweet.
20:07:34 <clokep> I believe there's a bug about that?
20:08:34 <Mic> No, I think it is an extension idea
20:09:19 <Mic> "Export as HTML" in https://wiki.instantbird.org/Instantbird:extension_wish_list#In-chat
20:10:50 <clokep> I see. :)
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20:11:33 <clokep> Let's see how this one works instantbot
20:12:26 <clokep> Oops.
20:12:31 <clokep> I added an extra % sign.
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20:13:04 <clokep> Hey instantbot
20:13:05 <instantbot> bonjour clokep
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20:15:28 <clokep> Hey instantbot. :)
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20:16:13 --> Mic has joined #instantbird
20:18:51 <clokep> Do you know where the actual coloring of the names is calculated? :)
20:19:53 <clokep> Eh I found it.
20:19:58 <clokep> Needed the proper brightness. :)
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20:22:21 <clokep> Hi instantbot
20:22:22 <instantbot> g'day mate
20:22:25 <clokep> Perfect. :)
20:22:54 <deOmega> i want to see perfection
20:22:59 <deOmega> clokep: hi
20:23:17 <clokep> deOmega, OK its for the "Simple" theme though.
20:23:44 <deOmega> that is ok.   Just curious as to your thought process if it is ot a hassle
20:24:24 <clokep> My thought process of what? :P
20:24:34 <deOmega> on how it ought to work
20:25:03 <Mic> THe colors need some tweaking ... you two have light green and pink at the moment. It goes extremely well with each other but is not exactly my colors :P
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20:25:21 <deOmega> hahaha
20:25:37 <deOmega> I am truly laughing outloud
20:25:56 <clokep> https://wiki.instantbird.org/File:Shownick.png
20:26:01 <deOmega> BUt i would think   though that the color d should not matter so much as long as what you want it to do has worked out
20:26:29 <clokep> Message themes should be able to override the generate hue algorithm. ;)
20:26:47 <clokep> deOmega: That link is how mine looks now.
20:28:24 <deOmega> ah, it does show a difference indeed
20:29:00 <deOmega> I  woud bet flo will be happy
20:29:07 <clokep> I like that the name in the message is now the same color as the original name. I might actually remove the background too.
20:30:04 <deOmega> I think he  did it  rather quickly too, so i feel  confident hewill be happy about the  tweak.
20:31:15 <clokep> Mic: Where is the buddy color algorithm? Is it part of libpurple or Instantbird code?
20:31:25 <Mic> conversation.xml iirc
20:31:59 <Mic> Yes. Method "addBuddy"
20:32:51 <clokep> http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/instantbird/content/conversation.xml#777 ?
20:33:01 <Mic> Exactly
20:33:17 <clokep> Interesting.
20:36:00 <clokep> I feel like it should actualy be part of the buddy code, but that's all libpurple stuff i believe.
20:39:36 <DGMurdockIII> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOHkRk00iI8
20:42:05 <Mic>  argh ... I wondered where the music came from.
20:42:09 <Mic> Content Preview + Autoplay 
20:44:23 <clokep> Hahaha.
20:45:14 <Mic> I should disable Autoplay at least .. it might end embarassing if someone sends a wrong video
20:45:24 <clokep> Yes, I think so.
20:53:40 <flo> the reason why the color is similar for nicks that start with the same letters is an attempt to show the same color when someone uses variations of the same nick
20:56:54 <clokep> Actually looking at y participants list the colors vary a lot. I think its just unlikely that most of the people who talk in here end up with a reddish hue. :(
20:58:28 <Mic> well, the 'rainbow'-participantslist doesn't look so bad after all. The problems are only in the conversation content ;)
20:58:59 --> tymerkaev has joined #instantbird
20:59:56 <clokep> Right, but the names really aren't that close. :)
21:00:32 <flo> there's probably some bad luck somewhere ;)
21:00:44 <clokep> flo: Any Feedback on bug 207?
21:00:47 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=207 min, --, ---, clokep, ASSI, URLs should not contain Smileys
21:01:38 <Mic> clokep: that's the thing.. you never know if "no comment yet" is a good or a bad sign ;)
21:02:16 <flo> the last time we discussed this we got lost
21:03:43 <clokep> OK, wasn't sure if you had looked at it and there was something you didn't like about the way the patch was done or if you still weren't sure which way to go about fixing it.
21:04:51 <clokep> Mic: Exactly what the issue is. :-D
21:05:29 <flo> actually, I'm not sure of what we are trying to fix
21:11:03 <clokep> Like not sure what the bug is asking about or...?
21:11:12 <Mic> ouch ..
21:11:20 * Mic is going to file bugs now.
21:11:43 <flo> each new patch/approach for this issue seems to have a new definition of what it means to "work" ;)
21:12:36 <clokep> Hahah. True.
21:12:59 <clokep> Mine simply separates it by "words" and checks if it seems to be a URL, if it is then it doesn't apply the smile code, otherwise it does.
21:13:03 <flo> I'm trying to read the patch and I don't really understand it either
21:13:25 <clokep> Do you want me to add comments or explain it here?
21:13:36 <clokep> Or forget about it since it should be done a different way. :)
21:13:49 <flo> no, that's enough (though having that in a comment before I started reading would have helped a lot)
21:14:08 <flo> in which case is it useful to separate words?
21:15:00 <flo> if you are dealing with the case of <a href="URL">URL</a> which is the only one where the "expected behavior" seems really clear, isn't the whole URL a single word?
21:15:33 <clokep> I think I use a "word" as anything separated by whitespace.
21:15:44 <clokep> So in that case it would have href="URL">URL</a> as a word. :-\
21:15:58 <flo> no, you only have "URL" in the textnode
21:16:10 <flo> the code is only applied on DOM Text nodes
21:16:19 <clokep> Oh, right.
21:16:56 <flo> so if this is really the case you want to fix, you can simplify the code a lot
21:16:56 <clokep> In that case if it looks like a URL it /still/ won't link it.
21:17:27 <flo> if the whole string looks like a URL, you can avoid the loop completely and return early
21:17:37 <instantbot> New Instantbird (UI) bug 480 filed by leeraccount@yahoo.de.
21:17:39 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=480 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Reconnection timer not stopped when deleting account
21:17:55 <flo> and you can be pretty sure there won't be any URL in the middle of the string, because that would be a different text node
21:17:59 <flo> (unless there's something I'm missing)
21:18:43 <DGMurdockIII> http://technologytosoftware.com/css-javascript-cheat-sheet.html
21:19:08 <clokep> There's something you're missing flo.
21:19:33 <clokep> Let me make sure I'm talking about the same thing. :)
21:20:40 <instantbot> New Instantbird (UI) bug 481 filed by leeraccount@yahoo.de.
21:20:43 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=481 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, "Connect account now" working in "Offline Mode"
21:21:53 <clokep> OK so it loops over each Node seperating it into chunks that might contain a smile.
21:22:06 <flo> I guess I'll have to rewrite the code around the offline mode. It's mostly broken since the js-proto branch is merged.
21:22:22 <flo> I worked around some of the issues quickly recently, but the code is still messy
21:22:36 <clokep> Then it checks if that chunk matches a URL, if it does it breaks the loops, otherwise it'll go through the linking code.
21:23:02 <instantbot> New Instantbird (UI) bug 482 filed by leeraccount@yahoo.de.
21:23:03 <flo> wait, we create the links after we add the emoticons?
21:23:04 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=482 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, "Connect now" from the "Autoconnection disabled" abr doesn't obey "Offline mode"
21:23:39 <-- DGMurdockIII has quit (Quit: get satisfied! • :: www.unitedservers.de ««« (Gamers.IRC) »»» gamersirc.net ::)
21:23:48 <clokep> flo: I don't do anything with creating links. I just check if it /looks/ like a link.
21:24:57 <Mic> flo: we add links before smilies
21:25:14 <flo> Mic: :)
21:25:41 <Mic> https://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/file/8315f77af576/instantbird/content/convbrowser.xml#l289
21:26:32 <Mic> Linkification comes first, textModifiers are applied during cleanupImMarkup iirc
21:27:20 <Mic> hehe, I should have asked before filing these bugs as it seems
21:27:50 <flo> bugs are fine ;)
21:28:11 <flo> and 480 is unrelated (and I wasn't aware of the issue)
21:28:18 <flo> probably easy to fix (I hope at least)
21:28:45 <flo> I would think it's not the reconnect timer (it's in the C++ code), but only the timer to refresh the display of the remaining time
21:28:46 <instantbot> c++ is evil
21:28:47 * sumobot mumbles something about c++ being evil
21:29:16 * flo mumbles something about sumobot being useless here
21:29:28 <Mic> I'm glad they don't respond to each others messages
21:29:51 <flo> one of them would quickly get banned ;)
21:30:20 <clokep> That would be nice. :)
21:30:40 <flo> that's what happened to firebot  ;)
21:30:52 <clokep> flo: I think I might be having a coming back from standby issue again. (Like what you fixed earlier.)
21:32:31 <Mic> Is "Instantbird default theme should have a preview image" bug-worthy?
21:33:26 <flo> only if this preview image still exists with the new add-on manager
21:33:29 <clokep> Mic what does your comment in bug 475 mean? (o_O)
21:33:31 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=475 min, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Download URL leads to Mac version on System Requirements page
21:34:30 <flo> ah, I should push the fix for that!
21:34:32 <Mic> oh.. I just wanted to say that I'm not sure if I'm not confirming the bug a second time 
21:35:06 <clokep> I had confirmed it a while ago? But OK. :)
21:35:20 <Mic> oh, was it you? I'm fine with that
21:35:31 <clokep> Yes.
21:35:53 <clokep> https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/187588/ is great. :)
21:36:29 <clokep> Although I modified it to work with BIO.
21:37:18 <instantbot> New Instantbird (UI) bug 483 filed by leeraccount@yahoo.de.
21:37:20 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=483 min, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Instantbird default theme has no preview image
21:40:54 <Mic> flo: make sure to check if reconnection obeys the offline mode. Right now it doesn't.
21:42:54 <tymerkaev> Mic: ping
21:44:13 <instantbot> florian@instantbird.org set the Resolution field on bug 475 to FIXED.
21:44:15 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=475 min, --, ---, florian, RESO FIXED, Download URL leads to Mac version on System Requirements page
21:44:48 <tymerkaev> clokep: ping
21:44:55 <flo> tymerkaev: why do you ping people who have talked less than 5 minutes before? You can go ahed and ask your question
21:47:17 <tymerkaev> flo: I just don't want to ask people first and then wait half of hour for answer.  You're my teacher with that. ;)
21:47:36 <clokep> But usually if someone has talked reently they're either here or actively looking at the chat.
21:47:45 <flo> I won't answer anymore "ping" requests that don't have a question before ;)
21:48:47 <flo> very often someone else can answer the question, that's also why we discuss things in public :)
21:48:49 <Mic> well, the ping can include an actual question
21:48:51 <tymerkaev> clokep: looks like you're interesting in tb bug 569400 too, right?
21:49:27 <clokep> tymerkaev Yes, considering I posted on it today. :P
21:49:51 <tymerkaev> Mic: thank you for report that bug. Let me fix it?
21:50:29 <Mic> Sure, but which one are you talking about?
21:50:38 <tymerkaev> bug 483
21:50:42 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=483 min, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Instantbird default theme has no preview image
21:50:53 <Mic> I guess I currently have reported about one third of all open bugs ;)
21:51:01 <Mic> ah, ok
21:51:05 <tymerkaev> instantbot: ping
21:51:06 <instantbot> tymerkaev: pong
21:51:09 <tymerkaev> instantbot: pong
21:51:12 <instantbot> tymerkaev: I haven't ping you!
21:51:31 * tymerkaev thinks that works as well
21:51:42 * flo has 26 items tagged "bug to file" in his todo list
21:52:07 <tymerkaev> Mic: set me as assignee?
21:52:59 <Mic> If you like
21:53:48 <tymerkaev> Mic, flo: how it must looks?
21:54:25 <Mic> jsut give it a try
21:54:58 <flo> no idea, that's the kind of thing I would assign to idechix if I needed to find an assignee to get if fixed asap.
21:55:17 <flo> you may want to ask him for feedback once you have some proposals by the way :)
21:55:35 <flo> *get it fixed
21:57:05 <tymerkaev> idechix: could you help me?
21:58:35 <idechix> for what ?
21:58:47 <tymerkaev> bug 483
21:58:49 <instantbot> Bug https://bugzilla.instantbird.org/show_bug.cgi?id=483 min, --, ---, tymerkaev, NEW, Instantbird default theme has no preview image
21:59:11 <clokep> Shownicks makes my conversations so much more colorful. :)
21:59:47 <tymerkaev> Mic: please use small 't' for my nick.
22:00:35 <Mic> I'll try to remember for next time
22:00:38 <tymerkaev> idechix: ?
22:01:01 <Mic> clokep: I'm not sure if it's not too colorful (in combination with the bubbles theme)
22:01:19 <clokep> Mic: I don't use the Bubbles theme. :)
22:01:24 <flo> Mic: it's not! :)
22:01:41 <flo> it really helps me understand what's happening
22:01:50 <flo> especially in channels where I'm paying very little attention
22:02:27 <idechix> tymerkaev: hmmm... I don't know what to do for that
22:03:00 <tymerkaev> hmm, I'll try to show something
22:04:42 <Mic> ah :) What about such a thing like the IRCParser, only live, on a canvas?
22:04:56 <Mic> Who's talking how much with whom?
22:05:22 <clokep> What's IRCParser? No idea what you mean by that.
22:05:27 <-- idechix has quit (Quit: Instantbird 0.3a1pre)
22:05:33 <Mic> I'm talking to flo atm
22:05:39 <flo> too bad it doesn't know who is saying something interesting ;)
22:06:53 <Mic> clokep: http://www.bezut.info/c5/Progz/1
22:06:59 <Mic> Look for IRCParser
22:08:32 <clokep> Interesting.
22:10:23 <-- Mic has quit (Quit: Instantbird 0.3a1pre)
22:10:31 --> Mic has joined #instantbird
22:10:42 <clokep> flo: Show Nick doesn't highlight join messages?
22:10:46 <-- tymerkaev has quit (Ping timeout)
22:11:05 <Mic> clokep: the buddy is not in the list yet at this moment
22:11:12 <flo> clokep: no, they are displayed before the add-user signal is fired :-/
22:11:29 <clokep> Can I consider that a bug? ;)
22:11:39 <clokep> Ah dinner time.
22:12:16 * clokep is now known as clokep_away
22:15:30 <-- Mic has left #instantbird ()
22:15:34 --> Mic has joined #instantbird
22:22:44 --> skeledrew has joined #instantbird
22:27:40 <Mic> flo: at which place is the color for own messages set/special cased?
22:27:52 <deOmega> good night  all
22:27:59 <Mic> Good night
22:28:04 <-- deOmega has left #instantbird ()
22:30:45 <flo> Mic: http://lxr.instantbird.org/instantbird/source/instantbird/content/conversation.xml#232
22:32:06 <-- skeledrew has quit (Quit: Instantbird 0.2)
22:32:54 <Mic> So aMsg.color defaults to blue and gets replaced for incoming messages from others?
22:33:08 <flo> it defaults to empty
22:33:13 <flo> the blue is part of the message theme
22:33:59 <Mic> Ah, ok
22:35:07 <Mic> Well, on the themes I use it was always a shade of blue ;)
22:36:16 <Mic> Good night now
22:36:36 <flo> good night :)
22:46:42 <-- Mic has quit (Quit: Instantbird 0.3a1pre)
22:52:16 <-- clokep_away has quit (Ping timeout)
23:19:44 <-- GeekShadow has quit (Connection reset by peer)
23:48:17 --> hicham has joined #instantbird